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ArcaneArcherySam Vimes21 November, 2016 - 23:24
Awesome to see a Sam Vimes cosplay. The Discworld poster in the background is a nice touch.
ValentineCosplayGamingHellboy13 April, 2016 - 00:20
Looking forward to see progress.
nanaharaKain9 October, 2015 - 16:18
ArcaneArcheryKain13 September, 2015 - 20:13
This is already looking impressive. I can't wait to see the finished result as I'm a big fan of the LoK series.
No thanksUrdnot Wrex28 July, 2015 - 01:58
x-Blade-xUrdnot Wrex14 July, 2015 - 19:04
Literally dying over this perfect progress <3
Clockwork Dandy NoodlesUrdnot Wrex5 July, 2015 - 18:38
<3 Been also secretly watching this project like crazy... your skills are insane <3 I hope I can also high five you like crazy!!!
UlbandiAlucard24 June, 2015 - 11:36
Fab work, you look just like him! :)
KalahiraUrdnot Wrex22 June, 2015 - 11:12
Can't wait to see this!!
NesabiUrdnot Wrex8 May, 2015 - 09:28
I'm so excited for this!
ValentineCosplayGamingUrdnot Wrex11 April, 2015 - 23:21
TaigaclawGlottis30 March, 2015 - 14:26
YES PERFECT I super look forward to seeing this ;u;
ArcaneArcheryUrdnot Wrex28 March, 2015 - 20:28
Looks like this will be as awesome as your Grunt cosplay
x-Blade-xUrdnot Wrex25 February, 2015 - 01:16
These updates, I die <3
ReareyeUrdnot Wrex17 February, 2015 - 22:04
Looking smart! I'm building a wrex like krogan atm myself, tho I'm going with helm (couldn't brave sculpting the face) cant wait to see more pics 😊
WhiteWraithUrdnot Wrex15 December, 2014 - 23:22
Wow this is looking so amazing!
ZomboiUrdnot Wrex18 November, 2014 - 23:06
TaigaclawUrdnot Wrex21 October, 2014 - 01:24
Waaaah he looks great already! I'm excited to see more progress!
x-Blade-xUrdnot Wrex19 October, 2014 - 10:25
This progress all looks amazing *w* every time I see an istagram update, or a post here, I squeal in excitement haha Pics one day? C: I'm hoping to get a full crew together for late 2015 if you'd be up for it!
SephirayneUrdnot Wrex7 October, 2014 - 01:38
Looking epic already. Amazing work.

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