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I love cosplay, I really got into cosplaying after I went to my first MCM expo and saw people dressed up, so I thought I'd give it a go and got hooked. After a while I got into competitive cosplaying and I thoroughly enjoy it.
I tend to specialise in animal based cosplay, previous ones include Black Hayate, Alucard, Epona and my most recent cosplay Rainbow Dash which at the moment is the cosplay I am most proud of, but I always aim higher every time :).
My aim is to get to get better and better and maybe one day get into EuroCosplay, but even if I don't get there, i don't care, because cosplay is about community and of course FUN!!!

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Mad Hamster - Edward Elric - 11th December 2014

Why I make a dummy version first

I want to be able to move a bit further along on this cosplay, but I figured that if I really want to improve the quality then I should do a dummy version with some scrap pieces of fabric... and it turned out to be a good call because I made so many mistakes that I'm sure that eurocosplay judges would be able to spot them out a mile away.
For starters, sewing the fabric the wrong way up when using a double needle is NOT a good idea, make sure you sew your fabric the correct way up -_-.
Next make sure that you sew shirt edges as smoothly as possible, the edges around the arm holes and neck are a bit crinkled and don't look very professional, if you have to, bashe it, press it then sew it properly, might give that a go :).
Also and probably more importantly, when doing things like French seams... do them properly, check to make sure that there aren't any fraying bits poking out and pin them properly and for the love of the earth REMEMBER TO PRESS!!!!


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