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I have been cosplaying since October 07 and my first hand-made costume was KHII Kairi made in 2009.
I'm a picky cosplayer. The type that will fuss over all the little details and isn't happy if something isn't quite right. This means I would be happier with one accurate costume over 3 that weren't so correct. I would rather buy a costume than make it if I felt my effort wouldn't be accurate enough. An example is my Rinoa boots had to have exactly 5 shoe-lace holes but she only ties them up to the 4th.
Yes I'm a tad picky XD
My dream cosplay is the Dead Fantasy version of Rinoa and it is my aim to cosplay all versions of Miss Rinoa Heartilly as I love her character (if my username didn't give that away).

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Leonie Heartilly - Anna - 3rd April 2016

Wig restyled- Again

My wig kinda fell apart on the journey to KitaCon even though I kept it pinned to my wig head in a separate bag. The lovely Frederica la Noir restyled it for me whilst I was wearing it so it wouldn't stretch afterwards.


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