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final fantasy
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Kei Lin SamaQuetzacotl29 April, 2014 - 22:11
Never seen a Quetzacotl costume before. I love the way you've gotten the bird's design onto a human form. Beautiful!
KitticusRed XIII16 April, 2014 - 12:13
Thankyou muchly ^^
HeorotRed XIII16 April, 2014 - 09:45
Make-up looks so cool!
KitticusQuetzacotl29 January, 2014 - 09:55
Thankyou kindly :3
WhiteWraithQuetzacotl28 January, 2014 - 19:24
Progress looks great, really love the face paint :D
KitticusSeaking17 October, 2013 - 13:47
Thankyou :3
BlueberryTaleSeaking17 October, 2013 - 11:45
This is a lovely design, great job! ^^
KitticusLevy Mcgarden17 October, 2013 - 08:42
Thankyou :3
nanaharaLevy Mcgarden16 October, 2013 - 21:30
looking perfect with the progress so far ^^
KaerithBelgemine22 May, 2012 - 10:29
We shall have to grab a Garnet and have some summoner photos!! XD Can't wait to see more progress on this! Looking amazing so far!
KitticusBelgemine15 May, 2012 - 20:24
Heheh! Haha i might just have to. I have my best friend going as Summoner Yuna with me ^^
FusionRoseBelgemine15 May, 2012 - 10:45
complete utter legend! When you wear this challenge every yuna you see to an Aeon fight xD x.
SamanthaKaibaBelgemine27 April, 2012 - 19:39
Loving the progress
TsuchinokoBelgemine27 March, 2012 - 21:46
Nice, I don't think I've seen a Belgemine cosplay before =)
Petchy-monAdiane the Elegant1 February, 2012 - 03:44
DEM HEELS! XD Cannot wait when you finally complete this =3
KitticusQuetzacotl30 January, 2012 - 19:14
Good to see that someone else has had a similar idea! I have not thought as far as fabrics yet!
Mighty OdangoQuetzacotl30 January, 2012 - 15:53
Aha, I had a very similar idea a while back, but eventually decided I would never get around to it, so I'm definitely looking forward to yours! Do you have any fabrics in mind?
gaming_goddessQuetzacotl30 January, 2012 - 13:56
Really cool concept - looking forward to progress :)
KitticusQuetzacotl30 January, 2012 - 13:14
Thankyou ^^
Captain_MarvelousQuetzacotl30 January, 2012 - 13:12
Fantastic Idea!

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