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JoshuaCaptain 'Mal' Malcolm Reynolds15 September, 2011 - 15:51
Love this film, nice to see it cosplayed.
Hannah-KiwiiSyaoran2 August, 2011 - 23:04
At the risk of sounding patronising... I am SO proud of you. This was a complex costume for your first attempt, and you did a really good job. Time was your only enemy, and with a little more of it I'm sure this costume would have been perfect, as everything you managed to complete looked fantastic! Well done <3
zabuza89Cotton29 June, 2011 - 14:05
lololololol i must cosplay the captain xD
zabuza89Dread Pirate Roberts29 June, 2011 - 14:04
lol winner
Anime_AngelDread Pirate Roberts18 June, 2011 - 23:33
lol that is dark lol
LimegreenjellyCaptain 'Mal' Malcolm Reynolds18 June, 2011 - 23:24
Awesome and jacket was worth the money you spent on it :3
Kitsune MisaoDread Pirate Roberts18 June, 2011 - 22:58
I drew my sword on someone and security took exception :P
TallulahXxZidane Tribal18 June, 2011 - 22:58
nice id luv to see this cosplay
Anime_AngelDread Pirate Roberts18 June, 2011 - 22:42
how did you get arrested exactly? did they just assume you was gonna raid a shop or somat??? lol
Anime_AngelCaptain 'Mal' Malcolm Reynolds18 June, 2011 - 22:41
Heyo I'm Man Misa, how you doing^__^ good to see you gots a cosplay island profile aswell now^_^
InfiniteJesterSyaoran16 June, 2011 - 15:06
such a cool outfit!
majinmarronCotton11 June, 2011 - 10:22
kit this is epic , i'll be laughing all day XD
CyanideCustardCotton10 June, 2011 - 21:49
squack! wind in the sails!
Hannah-KiwiiZidane Tribal10 June, 2011 - 10:24
"Doing this purely to fill time and on recommendation :P" Nuh uh! :P
NewdlesCaptain 'Mal' Malcolm Reynolds23 May, 2011 - 15:25
Love it!
NewdlesDread Pirate Roberts23 May, 2011 - 15:23
Awesome costume! You look amazing! What Buttercup wouldn't fall for that?
J-PoDread Pirate Roberts23 May, 2011 - 15:00
omg i love this film you look so cool :D
naurarwenDread Pirate Roberts22 May, 2011 - 15:06
Oh my Dread Pirate Roberts for the win. I've done this costume before but it was a rush jobby and no many pictures so haven't put it on my profile but wow you look fab.
Captain_MarvelousDoctor Horrible20 May, 2011 - 15:02
why oh why arent I wearing captain hammer for expo! your gonna look fab!
CyanideCustardDoctor Horrible20 May, 2011 - 13:55
welding...or heat up noodles =D (in case of ordering a overflow on pizza is out of the line)

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