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SaffronJayGamora9 July, 2015 - 11:14
You look great! Gamora is such an awesome character and you've really done her justice. I look forward to seeing more.
MothfoxHarley Quinn4 July, 2015 - 08:07
Awesome harley ^_^ you've really done great with her :D
TsuchinokoRegina26 May, 2015 - 23:02
Glad to see Regina cosplayed, Dino Crisis needs more cosplay for sure =)
TsuchinokoClaire Redfield26 May, 2015 - 22:59
I love your photos, they feel very much like the games =)
The_Deadly_UnicornGamora12 April, 2015 - 02:08
Can't wait to see more of this~! Looks like its going to be an amazing costume :)
Lt_BruceRimmer31 March, 2015 - 15:28
Thank you for your reply. I really appreciate your help. I'm just keeping an eye on eBay at the moment, there isn't anything really suitable. But I'll keep waiting. Once again, thanks.
Jen TateRimmer30 March, 2015 - 23:32
I made it and bought the fabric from ebay which was really cheap, I'm hoping to make some more to sell on my etsy store
Lt_BruceRimmer30 March, 2015 - 10:53
Excellent cosplay! I just so happen to be doing this some time in November. So if you don't mind my asking; where did you get the dress? Or if you made it where were the materials supplied from. Thanks
Jen TateBlack Widow13 March, 2015 - 08:11
Thanks guys ☺️
Ashy-kunBlack Widow12 March, 2015 - 14:02
This looks brilliant. No wonder it's on the showcase. You deserve it.
brigade-chiefBlack Widow12 March, 2015 - 12:58
This is so awesome! You look great!! :D
SephirayneBlack Widow9 March, 2015 - 14:00
Amazing Widow. Loving the costume and the photos. Congratulations on the showcase.
MungojerrieSheena Fujibayashi15 February, 2015 - 17:03
I love your Sheena! The wig is absolutely spot on :)
KitkaCatwoman8 February, 2015 - 20:47 awesome. Love it.
Jen TateBuffy Summers8 February, 2015 - 20:07
You can buy the masks on eBay and they just glue on :-)
TracyBuffy Summers8 February, 2015 - 19:52
Wow, I love the make up, how in the world was the make up done on the vampires as I see you haven't let any description. Amazing, I did love Buffy show so much. :)
InfiniteJesterBuffy Summers8 February, 2015 - 19:29
You and your group look great!
ArcaneArcheryRegina31 January, 2015 - 13:01
Awesome to see such a rarely cosplayed character done so well
Ranma1-2Jessica Rabbit21 January, 2015 - 23:50
MoonchildJessica Rabbit20 January, 2015 - 13:44

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