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Ashy-kunKurama4 February, 2013 - 00:17
T_T Damn. So many good Kurama cosplayers. And this costume, no less. I feel so ashamed for my own version.
JustPeachySimca13 July, 2011 - 15:15
Yay Simca! I look forward to seeing this :D
TangleKarkat Vantas7 July, 2011 - 00:52
GoOd KaRkAt, BeSt FrIeNd. :o) No really, this is gonna be awesome. <3
JellybeanGakupo28 April, 2011 - 16:49
Thanks for all the nice comments 8D!
JinxRiddleWolfGakupo26 April, 2011 - 20:15
Love the hoodie XD
JellybeanKurama26 April, 2011 - 17:44
D: NO U And thanks 8D I R proud of myself for actually being able to cut it XD Just needs a little hair spray to control the spazziness XD I R EXCITE FOR DIS
ProbablyHeatherKurama26 April, 2011 - 11:53
You look like a womans c': The wig looks so pretty, though <3
JellybeanYoichi Hiruma24 April, 2011 - 00:58
o: Thank you very much! ^^!
PapercutPerfectYoichi Hiruma23 April, 2011 - 20:34
Great wig!
cowieeGakupo31 March, 2011 - 13:44
Ooooo, awesome :D
ProbablyHeatherGakupo31 March, 2011 - 09:52
Looking good, Husbando 8D
ProbablyHeatherBreak Xerxes10 March, 2011 - 19:56
Dat wig 8D
cowieeWanijima Ak/gito5 March, 2011 - 03:23
aaah, looking good! :D
JellybeanWanijima Ak/gito4 March, 2011 - 23:42
D: So not cute... Hopefully I shall have more pictures up soon, and on my dA, just very busy right now XD
-Wanijima Ak/gito4 March, 2011 - 23:29
cute~ Still love Agito/Akito even now :D
-Bridget4 March, 2011 - 23:28
Yesss~! i can't wait to see this~ Tis gunna be epic
JellybeanRikuo Nura4 March, 2011 - 23:19
@Cheetos: I r excite too /mmm hair is ooft ;w; @Mandi: I most probably will bring him to October! ... I'll be bringing ALOT of cosplays in October XD Though, you can find me at any Expos/Cons, just look out for the dude carrying a stuffed bunneh XD That's how everyone finds me XD
mandi-taichouRikuo Nura4 March, 2011 - 23:15
Whenever you do it i'm sure i'll spot you ^.^ xD if you do it in october I'll join you as kubinashi :P
JellybeanBridget4 March, 2011 - 23:12
XD Shouldn't get too excited, might be fail LOL ><;;;
ProbablyHeatherRikuo Nura4 March, 2011 - 23:12
I'm not a stalker D8 I was about to search something in costumes and this came up c': Regardless, I am excite~

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