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Cosplayer since 2001 and before that I was making LARP costumes for a good few years. I love the challenge of recreating some of the amazing concepts we see in anime and games and turning them into a costume.

I am one of the founders of Wessex Anime and the one to blame for getting them started on cosplay. Since then we have performed many skits, won many cosplay prizes and generally gone over the top....a lot. nowadays we produce one performance a year, for Minamicon.

Over the last few years I have become more involved with organizing Anime events so my costume output has dropped to only one or two a year. Currently I am the Cosplay Coordinator for all of the MCM Expo events and the Cosplay Events officer for Amecon.

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Ilpala - Gandalf - 22nd May 2013


Beard progression!
1) Head cast with 4-5 layers of latex to form a face fitting beard wig base...
2) Crepe wool thinned out and slowely applied to the latex base. Attached with latex and dried with a hair drier to speed things up
3) 1 full layer
4) Additional layers of crepe wool applied to suit
5) Tash added
6) Trimmed to suit
(may need some hair spray to keep it together a bit.

Beard wig will now be peeled off the head cast and excess latex trimmed away. It can be stuck to my face with Prosaid.


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