Started in 2004, been at it ever since. Threw my hat into the ring with my own event on the 10th of July 2010, the Cosplay Cruise! We ran again in 2013 and hope to make it a yearly event.

My main belief is that cosplaying should be fun. I've grown bored of the atypical cosplay elitist who criticises people for their 'lesser' costumes. Cosplaying was never meant to be taken too seriously. It's there for people to have fun, relax and meet like-minded folk.

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Hot Beef Injection - Thanatos - 22nd March 2015

March 22nd - progress

The fabric side of things is pretty much done. Need to add the belts and the gloves/boot covers. All the sculpting is done, and all the mould making. Now I just need to pump out all the casts - it's 48 casts in total! That's a lot of fillering and sanding when the time comes. The coffin prep work is nearly finished, and the helmet is somewhat finished too - a light sanding, then the placement of the strapping and she'll be done.


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