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i have always loved anime and manga. i met my friend kitsune fox at uni and we decided to go to our first ever anime expo!! in london oct 2006. my first ever cosplay was card captor sakura (of course!) in her white and pink dress with wings. i was soooo nervous in the masquerade but i love it so much! since then i have made loads of cosplays mainly from the Clamp series. i also help my sister make her cosplays. its just so amazing getting to be your favorite character for the day. My greatest cosplay achivement so far has to be my Angel of Death cosplay, it took around 200hrs to make and around £200 in materials. It was extemley uncomfortble to wear, but it was worth it! I also love my Alvin and the chipmunks fursuits, i got to do a promotion for the showcase cine de lux in Bristol at cabot circus, please have a look at the video on you tube.

October 2009 - Judges award for originality - Darren Shan group
May 2010 - Neo Magazine cosplay corner 2nd place - Neytiri / Avatar
October 2010 - Judges Award for Scariest costume - Hellboy group
October 2010 - Neo Magazine cosplay corner 1st place - Hellboy group
9th april 2011 - Cosplay Island Showcase - The Angel of Death (hellboy)
October 2011 - Best Performance - Donkey and Puss in Boots.
October 2012 - Judges Award for best Engineered costume - Princess Mononoke
October 2012 - SFX magazine best group Cosplay - bubble bobble
February 2013 - best costume runner up - digimon group
10th November 2013 - Cosplay island showcase - Lightning FF XIII-2
March 2014 - 1st Place at Kitacon Invasion - Repede and Estelle TOV

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Fizzykat - Anna - 19th June 2017

Pattern for cape details

I have used my original pattern to make a pattern for all the cape edging details.


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