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I've been cosplaying since 2005 and making my own costumes since 2009!
I'm a total sucker for accuracy and I love adding every little detail to costumes!

I have represented the UK in a few international competitions: World Cosplay Summit (2013, with Yuka), Clara Cow's Cosplay Cup (2016, with PopcornKuma) and European Cosplay Gathering (2017, as the Solo rep)!

I love making costumes, learning new things and trying my hand with different competitions! I also love helping out at cons and events with panels and helping new people to get involved in this awesome hobby! ♥

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Newcastle upon Tyne, England

Joined: 21st Aug 2007

Completed costumes: 92

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Exelia - Shallotte Elminus - 8th August 2016

Photoshoot 2!

Now my broom is finished, I fixed some small details on the costume and did a little shoot with Arphrial! Here's one of the examples. From the last shoot I did, there's so much updated and I'm much happier with how the costume actually looks.

(Mostly done incase the broom gets damaged, I wanted at least SOME photos with it while it's still clean and kind of impressive >>)


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