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ToroSonyCatMarian Hawke6 June, 2015 - 16:54
Ohh I didn't know you were on the panel! I will probably wear Sera on that day also since I wanted to attend it but idk yet ;u; We can get double Sera pics if you do though maybe? Double trouble tbh
Enchanting_ELKMarian Hawke5 June, 2015 - 16:01
@ToroSonyCat YES I am!! ouo Omg yeS I can't wait to see your Sera! I'm doing Hawke on 2 days, possibly Friday and Saturday if Sunday is our Inquisition day uwu Doing my Sera for a possible Inquisition panel with friends so!! Basically on my group's Origins day I'll be Hawke lurking in the background lmAO.
ToroSonyCatMarian Hawke5 June, 2015 - 02:17
Wait are you doing this for Alcon? I just went on the Alcon page and saw this omg! I'm doing Sera at Alcon! You look great as her in the lolita verison btw, I can't wait to see this one :D
Sunny-DSera30 April, 2015 - 12:18
Oo good to see another DAI cosplayer will be at Kita! - I'm currently making a Bard!Josephine costume :D
Lady-AiraViola28 April, 2015 - 13:26
Eeeeek Viola! <3 All the best with this! Cannot wait to see progress -^^- If you ever did get a pokemon group together I'd love to be Korrina again :D
Enchanting_ELKSera27 April, 2015 - 21:23
Eee thank you! :D Yesss not enough people do!
x-Blade-xSera27 April, 2015 - 20:54
I'll have to keep an eye out for this! <3 I love Sera 8D
InfiniteJesterRegulus Arcturus Black13 October, 2013 - 19:00
Looking forward to seeing this! Never seen anyone cosplay him before!
Ranma1-2Tony Stark23 October, 2012 - 20:10
Wow, well done on your makeup and hair.. is totally convincing!!
Enchanting_ELKIce King22 October, 2012 - 20:54
Thank you Hannah <3 yes omg if I do this( super duper want to ) I will be so proud of myself and will wear it like everywhere BD stealing all dah princesses~
KiwiSharkIce King26 September, 2012 - 17:21
No idea when you're going to do this Char, if you'll ever do it but hot damn. I look forward to seeing it should you do ;u;
cowieeYui Hirasawa26 July, 2012 - 23:37
More K-On! Can't wait to see pictures :D
Enchanting_ELKJohn Watson26 July, 2012 - 23:13
asdfghjkl I'm so late finding this omg I'm sorry ;w; Because we have yet to get proper photos Husbando! (;`д´;。) But you're biased though ;D haha, abububu thank you m'dear ~ ヽ(o3o)ノ
AnnnielJohn Watson5 May, 2012 - 20:44
Omg Waifu why do you not have any love for this yet? ;3; You are like a perfect and magnificent John and you are my favourite hedgehog. 8'D /shot.
Enchanting_ELKGlaDos15 February, 2012 - 12:10
Thankyou~ ;w; unfortunately I'm not going to kitacon anymore nor am I doing this cosplay any time soon. DX
CyanideCustardGlaDos8 February, 2012 - 22:09
like the design~what day will this be for? i wanna stick you in a potato!
Devil_TriggerYumi/Sayaka16 August, 2011 - 13:06
I can't wait to see you do this! 8D I've recently decided I wanna do Ape Escape cosplay's too xD almost finished with Hikaru c: I plan to follow with Spike afterwards c:
Enchanting_ELKJames Potter18 July, 2011 - 16:28
@Nachtangel Thank youuu! :D Haha! Really? x'D I think I prolly look weird full stop, because of the black wig! o3o @rosieroo ^_^ Haha, thank you! Next Saturday wwe're having the photoshoot, so there should be some even better ones! ^_^
rosierooJames Potter18 July, 2011 - 16:15
awwww the group pics look so sweet - hugs
NachtangelJames Potter11 July, 2011 - 20:41
It's looking great! and I must say you look so different in the photo with the cloak! I barely recognised you XD

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