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Jenna13 August, 2009 - 03:57
Aw I saw you! You made me dig out my Golden Sun game when I got back! Awesome Jenna =D
ladywhitetigerJenna10 June, 2009 - 21:27
You were an epic Jenna! I remember seeing you on the sunday ^.^
x-Blade-xJenna8 June, 2009 - 22:33
Really good cosplay! 8D You made an awesome Jenna! Made me wish I was wearing Felix again xD lol
x-Blade-xJenna11 May, 2009 - 00:50
8D Awesome! Looking foreward to seeing this! Great to see some other Golden Sun cosplayers! :)
UnaSpiWeebl and Bob27 March, 2009 - 15:48
Hahaha, oh wow! The nostalgia! :D Great job!
SaffronWeebl and Bob22 March, 2009 - 12:15
Wow, that's really original, well done :D
ZelvyneWeebl and Bob21 March, 2009 - 00:01
I remember you guys! You two looked really great. Ingenious costumes. I was impressed. Shame about the strong wind, but still, nice piccies.
shigures high school girlWeebl and Bob20 March, 2009 - 23:26
Wooow that is actually the most awesome cosplay everrrrr, you guys rock! How did I not see you at expo?
SephNoirJenna20 March, 2009 - 23:11
Yay you found me! I can't wait to see photos of Jenna! Should have Alex done by tonight!
1000014Weebl and Bob20 March, 2009 - 22:14
Oh wow xD

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