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otakugirlIsaac Clarke22 February, 2015 - 14:09
wow i hope i get to see YOU cosplay one day :D This is gonna be great i can feel it :)
Dax79Robocop16 February, 2015 - 08:38
A full day in foam... no toilet break... could have been worse, couldn't it?
RaineRobocop15 February, 2015 - 23:20
This is amazing! And at the same time looks hard to wander around in, hope you didn't die too much lol :)
ArcaneArcheryIsaac Clarke9 February, 2015 - 19:43
I'd go with the rust coloured version as it is more recognisable as the Dead Space character for those that have not played the game.
InfiniteJesterJames Sunderland30 January, 2015 - 09:31
Looks great!
nanaharaIsaac Clarke28 January, 2015 - 19:07
NamineBorg10 January, 2015 - 19:37
Yea...ditto on what Toptom-kun said xD. I am such a trekkie and that cosplay is awesome. Resistance IS futile xD
Mad HamsterRobocop12 December, 2014 - 15:43
I remember seeing this in the queue waiting for judging. It was so cool :D great job
DarkiekunDr. Egon Spengler26 November, 2014 - 18:41
Templates look good so far interested to see how it goes
Dax79Robocop24 November, 2014 - 11:14
WoW! A showcase!! Thank you to all the people who watched and gave me feedback and advice during this build!
theKillingDollRobocop24 November, 2014 - 08:51
I really liked this. Good job.
ZomboiRaleigh Becket18 November, 2014 - 22:09
Cant wait to see this take shape!
KacelaRobocop13 November, 2014 - 14:57
This looks awesome! Really impressive.
Dax79Robocop8 November, 2014 - 23:32
He looks really good now, slightly worn in areas since the Con but he's in good nick so he will return to the convention floors :) I'm glad people like this EVA foam build and I hope you like my next EVA project! Thanks for all the kind words!
PuddingRobocop8 November, 2014 - 23:19
OMG, this is amazing, really fantastic work there! :D
Maskedbig daddy8 November, 2014 - 10:08
This looks like it'll be an awesome build! Can't wait to see some progress :D
Psychoellebig daddy31 October, 2014 - 18:08
This will be awesome to see!
HorrorFanatic85James Sunderland22 October, 2014 - 13:53
Loved the second game, so looking forward to how you do put the james costume together
HorrorFanatic85Red Pyramid Thing20 October, 2014 - 10:49
Defiantly looking forward how you do the SH2 RPH, defiantly expecting you too match the game
PsychoelleNoble Six15 October, 2014 - 16:33
:O This is AMAZING!!!!!

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