My very first convention was Fuyucon back in 2009. I cosplayed as Akita Neru from Vocaloid, Hoshina Utau (Dark Jewel) from Shugo Chara and Mio Akiyama (Don't Say Lazy!) from K-On. It was an incredible experience and in fact one that changed my aspirations. I'd finally discovered something I was passionate about and wanted to excel at. I was now hooked on Cosplay! So ever since, I've always aimed to improve my skills and learn new techniques, and one day hope to achieve all of my dream cosplays, gradually becoming braver and more ambitious with them :D You can keep up to date with me and check out more of my work on my Facebook page and other social media.

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DarkShine Cosplay - Cerise Wolf - 5th April 2016

Kitacon Karnival

I haven't even officially started on this costume yet but I didn't have any costume for the Friday of Kitacon, so I threw some things together that I had at home that I thought could look like Cerise Wolf and it didn't turn out too bad! hehe XD


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