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BunnyBonNaruHaruhi Suzumiya30 September, 2011 - 07:41
Awww~ i'm sure you'll make an even better Haruhi than I do x3
Crap Rocket RedHaruhi Suzumiya20 September, 2011 - 14:59
I hope my Haruhi will turn out as good as this one :D
FlissYuki Nagato8 September, 2011 - 11:40
I really like this you suit the cosplay really well! :) Youve done a good job, only thing i would say was the wig looks a little long at the back but other than that its aweseome
BunnyBonNaruTsuruya-San2 September, 2011 - 03:15
oh? :O Aww~! thank you very much~! > w < I've only seen one Tsuruya Cosplayer, but to be honest, I saw her before I even knew what anime was... o . o looong time ago XD'
ToroSonyCatTsuruya-San31 August, 2011 - 16:39
I don't think I've seen anyone cosplay Tsuruya before :o Your cosplay looks great! ^^
ammersXamphetamineYuki Nagato18 August, 2011 - 13:53
this is too adorable! I love it so! :3
BunnyBonNaruTeto Kasane11 August, 2011 - 01:30
thank you very much~! :D
BunnyBonNaruKonata Izumi11 August, 2011 - 01:30
Awww~ :D thank you so much :3 yeah- it just goes down to my waist though :P and yes it would D':knots are really annoying to get out of wigs xDD' haha
Clover-tanKonata Izumi10 August, 2011 - 23:37
You make a great Konata! It'd be cool if your wig was the same length as Konata's hair but that'd be really bothersome, wouldn't it? Tangles and knots in wigs are so annoying. -.-
Clover-tanTeto Kasane10 August, 2011 - 23:34
Very cute! ^__^
BunnyBonNaruHaruhi Suzumiya4 August, 2011 - 01:57
Thank you very much x3 hehe~
BunnyBonNaruYuki Nagato4 August, 2011 - 01:56
Aww~ thank you very much ^ ^ and I must admit too~ :O It actually s the perfect colour- I really need to thank Topwigs for the wig one more time x3
JustPeachyHaruhi Suzumiya3 August, 2011 - 12:50
You make such a cute Haruhi!
JustPeachyYuki Nagato3 August, 2011 - 12:50
You suit Yuki so much! I love your wig, perfect colour :)
BunnyBonNaruTeto Kasane20 May, 2011 - 10:09
I liked it really ;3 hehe~ Feel free to rape me anytime you want ^^ Unless I rapey you first ;D
LittlePidgey4Teto Kasane9 May, 2011 - 23:33
So cute!! Looks great! ^_^
Roxas13Sasuke Uchiha3 May, 2011 - 22:25
Omg?!! :O i didnt you know it was you!" you and me had a photo together and we was both sasuke xD
Roxas13Teto Kasane3 May, 2011 - 22:22
lol sorry for rapping you ^^'
One-Winged-ChaosTeto Kasane13 April, 2011 - 16:52
HEY! :D It's Alois from MCM :D:D
InfiniteJesterKeiichi26 February, 2011 - 23:07
ah wow u make a really good keichi! go u!

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