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Recently Received Comments

J-PoMay14 April, 2014 - 18:07
this is awesome!
bedheadwolfVidel Satan4 April, 2014 - 21:59
PlasticsharkattackMay1 April, 2014 - 12:50
OH MY GOD THIS IS SUPERB. Guilty Gear love <333 That anchor is insanely awesome. *bows down*
nanaharaMagik25 March, 2014 - 16:56
you look bloody AWESOME XD and the cosplay itself is brilliant
NumtaMagik25 March, 2014 - 09:24
I didnt know you'd done Magik! you look ace! =D
WhiteWraithLeafeon24 March, 2014 - 10:14
Love the design, progress is looking great :)
Ranma1-2Magik9 March, 2014 - 20:03
Wow, this looks Fab!
SamanthaKaibaWakka1 December, 2013 - 23:32
cant believe i missed look fantastic ^_^
YasmiaIdris9 November, 2013 - 16:49
This looks fantastic! You did a really great job. And its always nice when people cosplay the not so popular characters!!
SephirayneJane Porter6 November, 2013 - 16:11
You look great in the photos ^_^
Stubbled GrapesWakka4 November, 2013 - 14:31
Ahh, you guys look awesome. I really love these designs. Wish I'd seen you! Awesome Wakka <3
eternal_aranelWakka24 October, 2013 - 08:09
Bambi.Wakka23 October, 2013 - 23:18
@ArcaneArchery. We'll be around all day on Saturday. We don't have a photoshoot/meet point planned I don't think as we are all going together and staying in the same hotel :)
ArcaneArcheryWakka23 October, 2013 - 23:07
Costume is looking great. I must get photos of your group at the weekend – when/where are you doing the photoshoot?
SilentDragonflyWakka22 October, 2013 - 01:28
Loving that Blitzball.
CALLAMONWakka21 October, 2013 - 22:12
aaahhh all your armour and arm bits look so good! :D
CharlotteLunaJane Porter20 October, 2013 - 04:00
Dress porn *__*
SlimDefinitionCrysta14 October, 2013 - 21:54
Looking forward to seeing this!
nanaharaCrysta14 October, 2013 - 19:10
niiiiiiiiiice XD. All the childhood feels
KitticusMisato Katsuragi11 October, 2013 - 14:08
Misato <3. This is going to look great!

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