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Oh man, it aaall began 4 years ago...I started getting interested in cosplay after watching Princess Mononoke. I had such an uniteresting life and was so obsessed with the series that I'd spend ages looking through images and on my travels found pictures of costumes and was completely inspired. That halloween my dad's girlfriend and I worked on my first costume. It wasn't great and nobody had any idea who I was but I was so proud :P Whereas now I look back and cry XD

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Ashe - Princess Aurora - 14th August 2014

Tiara Saga Part 2

So I took a stanley knife to all those cheeky wee extra bits of worbla floating around and made sure all the edges were parfait. Originally I was going to find something to shape it round because that's what every tutorial ever said you should do when making a round object. BUT I am impatient and wanted it to be round NOW! So I trawled through the flat looking but everything was too small, too big or the wrong material so I just went crazy and did it without a base. REBEL. But it turned out ok! It's not perfectly round but you wouldn't know at all if I hadn't just told's fine nobody will read this, right?

anywho next step is priming and sanding and painting and blinging. I can't wait to bling it up. My bling is ready and waiting.


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