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DarkShodowOwnerCiel Phantomhive14 May, 2014 - 14:23
Ohhh amazing <3<3<3 really love it and Sebastian cosplay is amazing too <3
dan-danTaichi Yagami15 November, 2012 - 19:46
awsome tai :)
ViolaAmaimon23 August, 2012 - 15:04
You look great (:
eridensmagicwandAustria26 April, 2012 - 10:37
wow~ you look amazing >//<
TsupoGiulio Di Bondone25 April, 2012 - 21:36
I can't wait for this <33333
TsupoNaruto Uzumaki27 January, 2012 - 19:08
You guys are so gorgeous <3
kdelioncourtDrocell Cainz11 January, 2012 - 17:58
Wow, you look fab! I like how you did the detail on the jacket :)
Puppykitten14Ciel Phantomhive28 December, 2011 - 02:31
awesome cosplay!! Love the photo where you look bigger then sebastian :D
PunkXgalNaruto Uzumaki25 December, 2011 - 10:26
Still think you guys looked really great in this ^^
Puppykitten14Gogo Yubari20 December, 2011 - 20:50
Awesome cosplay!! You suit her sooo well. :3
AokageAllen Walker5 July, 2011 - 12:43
>/////< ah thank you!! You're too kind! X3
AokageDrocell Cainz5 July, 2011 - 12:42
Ah thank you! I do love this artwork and I loved making this costume. I have a big love for frills!! :D
AokageDrocell Cainz5 July, 2011 - 12:41
>////< thank you so much <3
PlasticsharkattackDrocell Cainz3 July, 2011 - 16:20
This is amazing, you look epic.
MosquitoastDrocell Cainz3 July, 2011 - 10:57
You look incredible!
WarpyAllen Walker3 July, 2011 - 03:08
SephirayneCloud3 July, 2011 - 02:35
Looking forward to seeing this.
SephirayneDrocell Cainz3 July, 2011 - 02:34
Very cool. Nice to see the variants. Love the photos.
SephirayneDrocell Cainz3 July, 2011 - 02:33
Fantastic Drocell.
Hoshi RaitoTaichi Yagami25 June, 2011 - 19:53
I just flailed immensely from seeing this as I was just talking to a friend of mine yesterday about cosplaying Tai and my love for Digimon, this just makes me want to die from happiness! could you give me any tips on how you did your wig please? it looks AMAZING i want to touch it *tries to put hand through the screen but fails*

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