Anime events this January and February!

Article by Tom Phillips (drowned_panda) posted Wednesday 6th January 2010

Well the party season is now behind us along with a great year of events. With more conventions then ever before, anime fans were definitely spoiled for choice and it was encouraging to see such a varied calendar throughout the year. Hopefully 2010 will turn out to be event better!

Included below is a quick run down of all the events you might be interested in throughout January and February.


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Anime events this December!

Article by Tom Phillips (drowned_panda) posted Monday 14th December 2009

If you thought the Grand International Cosplay Ball was the last anime event of the year, and December was a quiet period for anime events, then worry not! You don't have to spend this festive period just spending all your cash on presents and partying with work colleagues you don't like. There are two party events happening this month - WOTA London and the Bristol Cosplay Night.

WOTA London takes place on Friday 18th December and will feature a mixture of J-Pop and anime themes, or anything else otaku related. Held at Juno nightclub in Shorditch, London and running from 9pm to 3am, it is a great chance for anime fans in London to party, or anyone wanting to make the journey. Cosplay is not essential but I'm sure most of you reading will be anyway!

The Bristol Cosplay Night will be running for the seventh time on New Years Eve. What better way to ring in 2010 then dancing to a range of anime themes with a host of cosplayers? Held once again in its regular venue of the Cavern Club in The Crown pub, Bristol, the cosplay night will be held from 8pm to 3am so just as well we will all have the New Year weekend to recover! It is worth noting that you will get a discount if you show up in cosplay, which I am sure you all will!

So the 2009 anime calendar ends with two big parties. Lots of cosplay events have already been confirmed for 2010 and it looks set to be a great year!

News provided by Animetion


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Documentary featuring UK cosplayers

Article by Richard Perrin (PerrinAshcroft) posted Tuesday 8th December 2009

I don't normally post cosplay related updates but this came in at 1 in the morning and all the more sensible members of the CI team are asleep so here we go.

NHK's TV documentary show "imagine-nation" is broadcasting a 30 minute episode about Cosplay in London. The show apparently includes interviews from cosplayers taken at London MCM Expo including Emily Bastian (Orihime), El Angeles (Rosiael), Ling Duong and Lilith Borgia in their Axis Powers Hetalia costumes who take part in a special behind-the-scenes feature on the London cosplay scene. On top of which they interviewed a bunch of other cosplayers so keep an eye out for people you know.

You can watch this in the UK on channel "NHK World" if you have Sky Digital (Channel 516) or Freesat (Channel 209) or watch a streaming feed on their website. It's going to be first shown tonight, Tuesday at 23:30. And then repeated on Wednesday at 3:30, 7:30, 11:30, 15:30 and 19:30. So with 7 showings you've got very little excuse not to check it out.

We're going to try and get a recording of this ourselves and if some nefarious individual naughtily puts it up on YouTube we'll let you all know. Not that we approve of that sort of thing of course.


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A Time To Look Back

Article by N J (Tak) posted Thursday 26th November 2009

Well it's a been a while since the big summer convention, Aya Revolution 09. Hope you all had an awesome time, and it was great that so many of you dropped by our Cosplay HQ room. Aya should hopefully be back in 2011 and we can't wait.

Of course I imagine right now most of you are hard at work on last minute fixes for costumes you'll be wearing at this weekend's Grand Cosplay Ball. There's also a special event running on the Saturday at TokyoToys (as you can see from our new banner ads) including a signing session by Yaya Han and Giorgia Vecchini. We will of course be at both events bringing you the best coverage.

Speaking of coverage, now that we're nearing the end of the year, why not read back and remember some of the fantastic events held over the last 12 months in our articles section.

Our resident ninja nert has written round-ups for both May London MCM Expo and Aya Revolution.

And if that wasn't enough we've also got the Cosplay Island video shown at the opening of the Aya masquerade, looking back on a recent history of UK cosplay.

Take a look!


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Cosplayers Take Over Oxford Circus

Article by N J (Tak) posted Monday 2nd November 2009

London's Oxford Circus was taken over by cosplayers this morning as they assisted with the opening of a new diagonal pedestrian crossing, inspired by the famous scramble crossing in Tokyo. A team of British cosplayers held red banners across the road before Mayor Boris Johnson made it official by hitting a giant gong, backed up by a troupe of taiko drummers.

The Cosplay Island team were on hand to record footage of the opening ceremony before testing out the crossing ourselves.


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Cosplay Island is now in the clouds

Article by Richard Perrin (PerrinAshcroft) posted Sunday 18th October 2009

We're very sorry for the downtime over the past few days, the popularity of the site finally outgrew the limits of our hosting provider. So to deal with this we've been hard at work over the weekend and have done two things:

  • Firstly I spent the weekend going through a lot of very old code on the site cleaning it up making it run more efficiently.
  • Secondly, Peter Chan (aka AyaCon Chairman) was roped in to help us migrate the site to an Amazon Cloud Server. (Very cool and powerful techy stuff)

That may all sound very boring, but what this means to you is hopefully the site should now run a bit faster and be more reliable. However running on the cloud could potentially be a lot more expensive for us so we're going to be trialing it over the month and see how costly it turns out to be. Regardless of the results of the trial there will be another few days of down time next month as we finalise which server we're going to run on.

If you find any new bugs I've managed to create in the process of cleaning things up, drop us a line in the feedback forum and I'll try and get them resolved asap.

For now though we're glad to be back online.


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