International Competitions: 2020 update

With conventions being postponed due to the current worldwide situation, what’s happening with all the international competitions? If you haven’t been following their individual announcements, we’ve summarised the current state of play below.

World Cosplay Summit

With the Olympics postponed, WCS was sure to follow - and indeed has been postponed to 2021. The finalists who have already qualified (Tsupo and Clood for Team UK) will keep their place and compete next year instead.


Although the team are hopeful that October MCM will still run, due to the fact that most of the qualifying events have been postponed the competition will not run this year, and will instead be held in October 2021. Any finalists who already qualified will keep their spot for 2021. The UK rep had not been selected at this point (planned to be at Manchester), so as long as it is permitted to run this will happen at Birmingham in November 2020.

European Cosplay Gathering

With the host event Japan Expo cancelled, season 10 of the European Cosplay Gathering will now take place in 2021. All previously qualified finalists will keep their places, which for the UK is Felixize for the solo, and Parallel Works Cosplay for the team.

Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup

The final year of this fun competition has sadly also been postponed, but will play out in 2021. Finalists already selected (Nomes and Minney for Team UK) will roll their entries over to next year.

Global Championships of Cosplay

Due to the cancellation of the spring and summer based MCMs, a single qualifying event for the UK will take place at Birmingham in November 2020, to qualify for the Finals in Chicago for 2021.

International Cosplay League

With a large amount of qualifying events postponed, ICL have also taken the decision to postpone this year’s competition to 2021, with any finalists who already qualified keeping their spot. The UK doesn’t currently have a qualifying event for this competition.

Please note all of the above is subject to change depending on how things go with the world! But for now please go give your support to the finalists & event staff who are working hard to bring conventions back when they can. Stay home, stay safe!