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2 years on since i first started cosplaying and im finally starting to get the hang of it, group i used to be in sorta...ditched me :/ so i tend to just cosplay on my own, tends to keep others happy and i get to cosplay so everyone wins i guess
but now entering my 3rd year of cosplaying i have my real friends and a more positive outlook on life :)
and pocky and nuttella so im sorted XD

turned 18 recently so i also have my duelist boys and beer :D

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the shopping list is just my estimate pricing probs too much ^^
if anyone can give me any advice on this please do

my new boots arrived
love them! only issue is i made them a little too big but hopefully on the legs if my outfit is as thick as i think should fit well

yeah gonna lose weight than get in shape
have my hair bleached toned cut and styled
have the outfit made and take the pattern so i can make my own versions of the clothing
and this will become my everyday wear ^^

get the tie and i'll do some pics =]

need to get replacement boots because i cocked up the sizing

cancelled boot commission temporarily so wont be done 100% for awhile

.....cant find one anywhere -glares at the manga- damn you

im keeping my hair brown
i dont care if its inaccurate
my costume

went to local cobblers and he is stretching the boots for me
only costed £3.50 :D

ordered the boots they came and they are too tight so i now have to find a cobbler to stretch them or sell them
if you are interested i have a forum up
selling for 60 pound not including postage which should make it 70 (hopefully) if you are interested or can make me a better offer let me know

prince of persia is one of my favourite game series
i adore it
and i love the prince and how much he changes in each game
and when i saw the film
i had to do this ^^

i LOVE hisagi
so i just had to do it
true main reason i went to mcm was to see the lovely silantre
but im glad i finished this outfit in time

gotta be done
nuff said

i bought the haori for my oc
but i couldnt afford a wig
and couldnt make rest of the outfits for him so he's getting redesigned
and couldnt find glasses that suited so i did this version XD

haha this guy is amazing
he is one of the coolest characters, not just in bleach in general
ichimaru gin = epic

i relate to this guy a lot nowadays
i have some of the same outlooks on life and had same issues as him (although im not dead yet, and my sister hates me)

this was my first costume because
he is one of the few characters in naruto who didnt go on and on and on about the same thing for 9 seasons.
i also relate to him...everyone says i am zabuza, in terms of personality =[

favourite tv show
i love love love dr who
classic dr who is amazing
new dr who is ok
but 11 is the best of the new doctors
he brought back the charm of class who
aswell as giving his own spin to the character
his tardis is steampunk
his companion is so different that they work together perfectly
brilliant cast
brilliant crew
brilliant show

i like this guy
true he is a pervert
but he has a deeper personality to him
i like him, i prefer him to tsukune in the show
its bout time he got some love

i love devil may cry
i love dante and nero
but vergil...i just think he is the best
and could have such a deeper character development
that and he is rarely cosplayed
be nice for him to get some love

i like ga rei zero
i find it's concept interesting
and i love the simplicity and of course noriyuki
the most down to earth of all the characters
and those ferrets of his gotta love them

love this show
love his outfit
and i like swords XD

this guy i love
when he first appeared in the manga and anime
i loved him and his attitude
he is my favourite character in tsubasa
and he reminds me of zabuza

gambit is my favourite x men
no contest
wanted to dress as gambit for awhile but never really tried
but than my friend(least hope she's my friend x.x) jaclyn said she was dressing as rogue for mcm manchester and i thought
well good a reason as any :)
so decided id give it a go, than saw the coat in vintage shop and that was that ^^

hey gonna start doing some journals on here ^^
the point to this journal is to say why i wanna dress as throttle
well its in part for a few friends of mine who love biker mice from mars like me ^^ but its also cause throttle was my favourite one of the 3 and i want to try a fur suit see if i can do it ^^

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