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I don't know what really to say here....Fabric was stupidly cheap back home, here in the UK its silly....but meh what can you do XD
I got into cosplay properly when I moved over here, and went to my first convention (Auchinawa 08) and did my first cosplay....Meg from Bakuretsu Tenshi. I had known about it and wanted to try it for a long time....but there wasn't really any events to go to.
Anyways, it has continued from there! I love it! Love being able to portray characters I love....usually firey females! Most of my fav animes are fantasy based....swords...dragons...epic battles (Claymore <3)
Ciao ;)

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Thank you for the showcase!
Uploaded a few pictures I forgot about!

Completely blitzed through this. MAde in 6 hours
Black is duchess satin, red trim is some red shiny fabric I found in my fabric box.
Black an red is a poly cotton I had to cut in awkward ways to make it sit diagonally.
Some nice lace added to the bodice also!

hand dyed some white lace to lilac for the sleeves

Also ruffled a hell of a lot of tulle

added lace and ribbon to the collar I made and to some black ribbon for the straps

decided to paint them as it was the only way to get th gradient effct she had
purple duchess satin with silver bias binding

bought a victorian style paraosol
Sprayed it black (as it was green)
sprayd the ruffles on the edges silver
added lace and ribbon

final notes
Robes made from a red raw silk and a white cotton
All detail done with ribbon
Bottom skirt was held in place with body tape for my dignity

Gold beads were all spraypainted and strung together by hand and each one on my waist has a little bell also attached. So I jingled hen I walk.
Since she was inspired from Asian mythology, bells wards off evil spirits. I thought it would be fitting
Quite proud of this when I look back on the photos. When I was making it I thought it was awful lol

Needs more photos.

made from pvc pipe, pipe insulation foam and sintra.
Gessoed, then spray painted then dirtied up.

Little collage of how I made the headdress
Combination of paper template, caraboard base. Then craft foam, expanding foam and worbla....oh and a pencil and some beads

Made from pale yellow cotton. Not lined because my lining didn't show up in time (it still is nowhere to be seen)
The chest ruffle was a bitch to figure out....I kind of did it okay but I fucked the waist the way I did it, so I've added some improv waist ties which just make everything sit a bit more flush.

Started as cream fur, dyed using acylic ink!
Burnt orange to bright!

Added the fur trim around the outer skirt and the collar. Also added more bling trim to the sleeves and skirt
Really happy with how this looks.
A little bit more to do for the corset/obi at the front but it's done :)

I got an amazing deal on a batch of burnt orange raw silk!
So I bought that for the kimono outer layer!
In this pic sleeves aren't sewn up yet as I have more bling to add
Inner skirt is a dark red satin with gold lace trim.

Gold lining on the sleeves and top half

I have embarked on making a full corseted bunny suit for this!
Sewing level up!
It will have an inner layer of cotton, a canvas layer with boning and outer pvc layer, which can be seen here

Covered a corset with ivy and made a halter top for the top of the dress
I've also finished everything else but this is the only photo I'm going to upload! :D

I also made my best friends coat who will be Dante with me
We bought a size 16 long leather coat and took it apart completely. Made it fit her tiny size 6 self, relined it with red cotton and red sheepskin added the hood collar and red leather designs to the sleeves!
I'm super happy with it considering its the first time sewing proper leather with my shitty home machine that reeeeeeeeeeeeeeealllly struggled bless it xD

Coat nearly done!
Just needs hemming.
Made from a paisley printed black silk lined with the same blue on the quilted lining and also with a heavy canvas layer for weight!
Probably one of the most complicated pieces of sewing I've done as I've never made a coat before and made this pattern for this one from scratch.
Design also needs to be painted on and later when I have more time embrioded

Vergil coat tail! Its currently 3 layers: lining, wadding and canvas. I'm going to sew the quilting pattern in then add the outer layer. I made it a (kind of) half (more like 1/3) circle skirt for more flow and flare! Instead of thee random rectangle he has just hanging xD

This is basically my under layer. Still to make the fabulous jacket. I finally found the perfect fabric so just waiting on it.
You can see the only thing I've changed is traded his pinstripe nacy trousers for a pinstripe pencil skirt. :)
Baby blue leather gloves were such a lucky ebay find XD

Made from Taffetta in a red and black colour.
Added a super long fabulous trail.
Lines with dark red cotton
Roses made with flexfoil.

Top is the hair chain.
Left is the finished necklace....let's not talk about how many hours were involved in this O____O
I think it's pretty spot on to the reference. Considering I only have 1 to work from.

Roses were made by rolling ribbon and twisting it then hot-gluing. And repeating until I had an adequate number of hot glue burns....or until the roses were the size I wanted.

I also made a pair of earings with smaller roses and little dangled beads

cut up one of my Marceline wigs. Styled it into hime-bangs with the sharp pieces at the cheeky Yuuko has.
Hair loopies were polystyrene rings which were covered in paper mache, sprayed black and then black wefts glued around.Very fiddly.
They attach to the wig by wire.

I was keeping this secret on my FB if you guessed correctly....well done!
Anyway because I'm mental I bought a ridiculous supply of beading supplies in an attempt to recreate her blingtastic jewelry. This is the beginings

This is my genderbent Auron from Final Fantasy X (Fav character from fav FF :D)
I hand drafted my own pattern for the coat and made it out of a dark red suede lined with red cotton. The trim is blue silk. One sleeve will be wrapped under bandaged as he has, I just wanted to make it symmetrical even if you weren't going to see half of it XD Obi made from stripey green fabric!
Still to make another obi which sit on top of the green one and attach the belts to the sleeves. Also armour, neck piece and gold detailing on the body suit
I am pretty happy with it though! Pretty swanky coat! I can even do the cool arm sling thing he does

Oh also my wig! Face hidden as no makeup but I streaked grey through the black base wig ponytail to mimic Auron's salt and pepper style

Finding a reference that showed all of this and not just one side = ridiculous.
In the end it was based of fan art!

Made this so quick I didn't have time for CI journals XDD
Made a red leotard from lycra, cant tell because of the skirt but it is a body suit.
Skirt just a simple circle skirt for maximum poof.
All the gold armour bits are floor layering foam (name?) covered in gold spandex.
Guantlet worbla.
Cape red lycra and gold trim with embrioded iron on stars which did not stay on ...had to glue them later
The boots are my fav part. They are boot covers also out of lycra, then made mini boots covers for them. white stripes and belts are white pleather

Sword made from wood, details made from worbla handle wrapped in real leather

Lasso actually glows but was too bright to see it.

Finished the cloak, I splurged a bit and made it from a cashmere wool . SO SOFT. But its quite heavy its pinned at my neck atm, but it will be pinned at the shoulders later with the cross pins.
Lined with a maroon red satin linning.

Finished the base outfit as well. Since taking this picture I have sewn the top to the skirt, this was just for fitting XD
Just made from black cotton, simple circle skirt and top.
Just to make the corset now and finish the petticoat and that will be her

I wanted to make the hat giant but because I will be indoors judging the cosplay competition and didn't want to take anyones eye out I settled for this XD. I might remake it later.
Still to add the ribbon and make my gloves
Also waiting on boots to modify these are my Luigi boots to see the overall look so far

Found a lovely 2 tone red and black wig online and gave it a little cut and style
Ended with this
I'm pretty happy considering I'm not the best at wig cutting!
Just needs a little bit of touching up once its on my head!

Unfortunately because I live in the middle of the city with no garden I do not have the space available to make big props!
And this a big one! 2m high and 1.5 m long!

I also can't get it made and posted to me due to the size!
But lucky I found an awesome man in Scotland who said he would commission it for me :)

Made both the dresses from a pattern i drafted myself made up of a bodice and a ful circle skirt
Fabric was a lovely royal blue cotton drill
Wearing petticoats for extra pooof
Hats from ebay as are the mushroom friends :D

Also our boots are adorable, best ebay find <3

Attached the skirt, gave it a big trail
Just needs some hemming

Also attached the ring/ suspenders to my boots XD

My pattern worked out realy well! I am happy with how this has turned out!
Just need to add the gold beads down the seams and attach the skirt :)

Made from purple duchess satin, the corset has interfacing on the inside to give it a more stiff look as because the seam lines were really weird I didn't want to try boning this time XD
Maybe with a more normal corset XD

Wrapped ducktape all around my mannequin, which was wearing a padded bra.
Drew the seam lines on and cut it off my dummy crefully!

This was the only feasible way I could think to make his....the seam lines on her dress makeno sense XD There no way I could have bought a mod a pattern for it, and nomway I could have done it without a pattern!
So yes!

Lol disaster the morning I was to wear this. I burnt a hole through 2panels of my skirt whilst ironing them XD
Had to quickly make 2 new pleats and sew them in....hence why the skirt sits a bit weird in some photos...
Was a pretty okay repair job considering I had 15 mins to do it in XD
Also lost 1 of my earring and had to make some in the car on the way there

Still was lots of fun! Learnt alot for Pluto :D

easiest wig style ever.

Might need to brush the curls out a bit more

Also purple contacts <3

Started with a base white shirt and cut it all up!
Added the purple corset panels.Still need to add eyelets and corsetting ribbon for the front
Made the ruffle front, still to do the rode at the top

purple panels also need gold detailing which will have to be painted on

Armour will be made seperate to sit on top!

Bought a lovely scarlet red duchess satin
Made the butt bow, Its sitting a bit weird in the picture but I'll adjust it.
Also made a start on the skirt. Got all the pleats, just need to cut the v in the front and hem it

Unfitted, not hemmed, not lined.
Works perfectly for Mor. XD
Easiest thing I have ever made XD

I used a an offwhite linen look cotton, its rough looking and has nice texture :D

Mad a start! Got my god they are ridiculous. Cannot walk in them.. I will be doing alot of sitting at Expo XD
I have the rings to attach to them to make them boot garters (Magic y u so silly)

Also bought my fabric. Purple Duchess Satin. Cost alot XD
I will get patterning soon!

FINISHED BITCHES. Well the bright green fabric at the sides needs to be replaced with leather which I will dye gold like the front part and was recently added on the try onb due to the amount of almost crotch I was flashing.

So breakdown of how it was made.

I patterned the corset myself out of real leather. I bought a whole cow hide for this project XD
It laces at the back with leather thonging and at the back and front which sits open to reveal the front panel which was leather dyed gold. Bra cups where sewn into the corset using a forest print fabric which I feel in love with.
The bracers are also made out of leather dyed gold.

Fur was all originally white, its 2 inch pile fur.
Dyed it with browns greena and black to get a forest creature mossy hide look.
The cloak fastens with a leaf broach.

lol I haven't uploaded any progress of this XD

Anyway this is my staff done, it looks pretty badass.
Made from tree branches for an authentic woodland druid :D

Made my boot covers ages ago but forgot to upload. This is the dress...just needs the black stripe at the bottom and the design added.
Then just gloves to make and she is done :D
The dress is made from this really really soft fleecey material, oh my god its so soft <3

Made a circle skirt out of green drill and add the white ruffle. It might be a bit big looking at it now, but its fine XD
Also made my polka dot top. Its a salmon pink apposed to the crazy neon pink that we originally ordered XD

We both made our Fleece jackets today!
The fabric is so soft and wooly! Its pretty perfect!

Ignore the spotty fabric underneath, it was just for effect. I've got much nicer stuff coming to do them properly. Also mine was slightly squint which I didn't notice till after the photo.....have fixed now XD

Lined the hood and added the front design

Made some trousers and a shirt from a very woven looking fabric, for an authentic look.

Making for my man~
We made the cowl and tabard from a lovely wool fabric that was stupidly expensive >> We were aiming for it to look like old monk robes (Borgia inspiration go~)
Cowl need lined once we get some goldy brown fabric, as the deity we have picked symbol is gold, so that is the colour scheme. also he will be wearing brown/beige shirt and trousers underneath, symbol attached and obviously armour. But its a start XD

Worn to Ame 2012 :d
Hopefully will rewear with a full group at some point with the Scottish girls :)

Amazing spear made by SunsetDancer. Its MASSIVE

I wasn't going to do a makeup test XD
My face paint came and I wasn't sure of the colour so I did a little patch on my cheek and it just evolved from there XD
Its yellow snazaroo and orange fardel creme
Yellow circle lenses....not sure on these, might wear red ones instead.
Flamey eyes :D

Messily cut flames/rips along the 2 sides and front and back....might try to burn them for a cool effect. Can;t destroy it too much as I need to mod it for Flame Princess

Made from orange red taffetta

Not a makeup test as I couldn't be bothered XD
But this is my finished styled wig....was going to maybe add some red/orange orgasnza to it, but I think it looks pretty awesome by itself

(Also using this wig for Moltres as I am wearing the costume the day before XD


Also my wig for Flame Princess..
Basicallly I have Moltres on saturday and Flame Princess on Sunday XD Didnt want to restyle the wig in between, so just styled kit for Flame Princess...
I think it works for Moltres as well...might add some feather :D

Made the skirt from a tartan I found thats pretty awesome
Added some bias to the shirt. Still needs patch.

I made this quite quickly.
Its quite good considering XD
I am very proud but I will make to improve it, especially the smaller details. Here are the final details on its contruction.

The dress is raw navy silk, its utterly gorgeous. The photos do it no justice whatsoever, it float between black navy and a bright dark blue.
I cutup an old cheongsam I had for the pattern to save me stress.

Designs are all bondawebbed on.

Necklace and broach made from clay.

Looks kinda cool :D

Cloak pattern all cut out and sewn together. Just needs hemmed/lining.
Also the designs bondawebbed on.

Buit I am mega proud of the corset :D
IT ties at the back. It isnt boned or anything, but the pleather is thick enough that it holds a good shape :D

Pattern cut out
Going to be made from black leatherette, with a cool twist
I'm going to keep progress on this one kind of secret. Just a random photo of bases ever now and again, but no details :D

30 m of hand ruffled fabric

30 meters

hand ruffled

30 meters


Fucking Magical girls.

This took far longer than it should have
I had to mke the pattrn from scratch, in the end I got so annoyed I just cut up the real red fabric and pinned it until it sat okay XD

Just need to add the ruffles and the buttons and its done.

All thats left is the blak under shirt and boot covers if I have time

Design bondawebbed on
Lined in white cotton.
Very lovely and light, good for dancing....will make sure it sits better on the day XD

All I need to do is dye some of my white tabi pink and goo to go :D

Cut up my old Dita wig to make this happened
Which had been lying in a tangled it isn't the prettiest thing in the world...but I did my best. Hopefully it will look okay on...
Its pretty heavy.

Throew this together quickly
Made the purple under dress from scratch, cut up an old top for the white vest part
Fav part about this entire costume is that I didnt have to hem anything XDD

The fur cape is so so soft, its 2inch pile has molted all over my living room XD
I made a detachable hood for it as well.

Made the skirt with the help of Bing
First pleated skirt I have made!
It sits a bit funny at the back because ~I made it to my normal measurments and then discovered I had lost a shit load of had to remove and entire pleat XD
But hopefully he back of the top will cover it :D

Finished and had an awesome shoot with my Harley <3

Forgive the slight inacccuracy in the addition of gloves.
But Glasgow is cold XD I wanted some form of warmth
So I sewed them up quickly :D

Thats the shape done!
Modified version of the pattern below. I added some cups and had to amke the back higher to hide my bra XD

Just needs the leaves sewed on!

Think I have managed to sort a wig without buying a new one! Using my old Dita wig :D also my contacts arrived makeup test soon :D

I made a pattern for the tiny item of clothing she wears.
It doesn't even deserve to be called cothing....I donteven. We will see how it works

Same as my other Mari :)
Might put some more eyeliner on for the evening though and some sparkle :)

Not sure if suit.
The wig is super purty though. I wish my real hair was this colour XD

Dark eyes, but light rosey cheeks. Trying to catch both sides of her.
Wig styled by the amazing Charlotteluna! I stared at it for ages before I sobbed and gave in and she rescued me :D <3 <3
Wearing pink circle lenses.
Can't wait for the shoot <3

Hot wire cutter for the bass never turned up in time.
But Like I said, will be doing more versions so hopefully when they turn up it will get finish
Also my top was lighter than expected. I will need to dye it then get some more photos. Also might mix my paint so its more white that grey.
Live and learn :)

I made the base of the skirt a while ago, trying different things...
Its a really strange design because it looks ruffled but its too tight fitting to her to be....if that makes sense?
The best way I could thing of doing it would be making it out a crinkle looking fabric.
So I made the base out of a lilac thai silk and i am going to layer it with this fabulous material....just look at how god damn sparkly and glittery it is *_*

These puzzled me far more than they should have @_@
In the end I sewed and lined each layer individually, then they are held in place by the side seem and a little bit of well placed fabric glue. Just because in the references the layer all seem to move seperatly so i didnt want to sew them together at the bottom and I didnt have enough of the purple fabric to sew them o=together at the top...also it would have made the sleeve quite tight up there.
Red and purple are thai silk and black is a duchess satin

Stat of her awesome axe bass. Made from thick foam, its about 2inches thick
Just needs smoothing out. The blades sides narrowed to a point and the details added before it can be sealed and painted.

I got a nice fuchsia gingham fabric for the bow because in the references they are checkered. I hand dyed it using pink fabric dye just to tinge the white checkers so they weren't so "in your face"
Just waiting on it to dry.

Made from Fimo light
Just waiitng on them to dry so they can be sanded smooth and painted.

Did the bit at the end of the sleeve
Blue is Thai silk, gold is duchess satin, lined with black polyester just so they keep their shape

Cutting out those triangles was so much fun :/
Need to go do 1 million more for the other sleev and trim. XD

rufffles not sitting so fab but yea its finished :)
but finished

Brought all my fabric back from Thailand. It is all beautiful and elegantly shiny :)
Thai silk <3

This is the start of Miku's skirt, for Nakedsalad.
Light green is Thai silk and the dark green is cotton.
Just need to sew the waistband and add elastic and then sew up :)

Pretty much bought everything on ebay xD

Just need to make the skirt once the fabric comes and add the patch to the uniform and the green trim
Simple costume is simple

Will do a test when my glasses come in the mail and see if I can get away with using my real hair

So I originally bought this wig for someting else, but I havent got around to doing that cosplay yet
I teased it and wefted it out... and I thing it has a nice thickness and wildness to it which is what I'm after....but the only thing that is bothering me is that I don't think its long enough? I intend to make it more thicker but its the length that is a the problem


Can I get away with it? I don't really want to buy another black curly wig that is only a couple of inches longer..

I got the leggin online. Such an awesome find.
I'll need to wear black tights or something thicker underneath as they are slightly opaque.

I will prob make a new skirt...a bit rougher and shorter, this is one I have had for ages, just gives me some ideas what materials to make it out of to get a similar look, it has a see through black veil-y material over it which has a nice effect...

So still to make the top....I havent decided to go for the halterneck and seperate fingerless gloves....I need oppinions on this.

I managed to get a purple coat off ebay which I modified by adding big black buttons and also the darker purples around the collar.
Think it turned out rather well considering the coat was 0.99p! Its a total stunner! I'll wear its normally! <3 purple

so I eventually decided to wear this to the Halloween cosplay meet in Scotland despite me having 10000 million issues with everything XD
I gave up making it after I tried it on and hated it and was convinced I wouldn't wear it....but on the day an awesome awesome man (who knows who he is <3) Asked me to try it on and made me believe it was okay~
Its not 100% finished but I am marking it as so as I doubt I will ever go back to it.
It was cute and fun and got some beautiful photos (like actually stunned me) by bryoz,. So thank you to him as well <3

Totally couldn't find my choker on the day...epic fail XD

So I wore this on Saturday, and for a bit on Sunday at Expo.

Made on a whim after I dropped out of all my other cosplays due to...well tough times lets say.
Sunsetdancer and Phantomshadow had been planning a jedi and a sith for the sunday. I was invited to join in on the saturday as Sunsetdancer was wearing his but Phantomshadow was not :) and I didn't have a cosplay to wear

I made everything bar the cloak....but I will probably go back and make one because they are so fucking epic! Borrowed the lightsaber from Phantomshadow, its a custom built one from JQ sabres

Makeup scar done by Charlotteluna <3

By far the most simple cosplay I have made, but def had the most epic time wearing it <3

Still alot to do, But i have the basuc skirt shape, all lines just needs the ribbon and proper fastening. white top is done.
Just the little details to be added and the armour....oh joy

So proud XDDD

It took a week, 3 wigs, fuck tons of red dye and half a bottle of vodka to make my bathroom not look like a murder scene, but I have made the most awesome wig ever. Don't think I suit her very much but dear god I am proud of this wig!!!!

Also orange contacts that are Uv sensitive! Could amke some cool photos!

Stage one of the epic fiery wig!
So I started with a lovely curly pale pink wig and have gradient dyed it to a fiery red. I think it fades nicely...might give it another touch up| near the tips.
My plan once its dry is to sew it to my rapidash wig so that it will fade to pink then red then have the yellow and orange underneath. Like her fiery mane D
Trust me to pick silly characters with silly hair on fire that is difficult to replicate xD

Put off to another date due to personal circumstances. Still really want to do this, but I just can't atm. :(

Going through a bit of a shitty time atm. Mostly my own heads fault...
Completly destroyed my creativity and will to do stuff.....but not for this Cosplay
Must be because magic is such a big part of my life and finally get to show it some love.:)

So rant over.]lmost finished the top. Got ahold of some lovely white leatherette for the top layer and sleeves.
Also got everything I need to do the wig!
Really excited for this!

So completed the dress shape, just the add the trim
Also made an under petticoat out of netting which gives it SO MUCH POOF It actually makes the skirt ridiculously I will see about wearing it or not XD
Also made the front and back bow so literally all Ihave left to do is tackle the boots of DOOM

Nearly finished the part, just need to add the detail to the back
Its not as crinkle as it looks here its just the way i was leaning forward to take the photo OTZ

Just finishing the skirt now

Got everything to make this!

Gonna be a hastily made thing! Hope it turns out okay XDD

Not sure about this....I added ribbon to the edges, but its a tad thick, so I have folded in over on itself on one pic and left it unaltered in the other
Obviously it would be neater if I did it for real XDDD
Sit alot better at the bottom when folded over....but I don't know I like the thick effect....Thoughts?

Why can I style gravity defying wigs awesomely yet can't make my own hair do what I want??! O_o

I don't suit her at all!!!!! OTZ
Oh well, at least it just for a small meet of friends and not a big deal :)

Weird to see my natural eye colour for once XD

Wasitband added and lining added!
The lining really gave it extra volume! So it poofs out at the waist like hers does!
I was thinking I was going o have to wear some sort of peticoat, but this skirt shapes itself xD Epic XD
Bodice still incomplete.

That's the basic shape done! Just need the white detailing and tidying up
Added a zipper to the back. Working on sleeves now.
Never made anything like this before but I think its going okay

This is my pattern for the bodice.
I never used a pattern before xD usually I just make it up as I go along XD
Just an old top cut up
Cutting the dark green out now

Made from a pale green cotton. All pinned atm. Needs lining.
My phone camera doesn't do tje colour justice. Its lovely

Hoping I can get awa with my Morrigan wig for this, its seems the perfect colour and length...Wondering how to get the braid though...hmmm

Finished her! Not putting any more progress pics up because everyone else is hiding theirs from me XDD
So there :P

Finished the outfit, and threw it together with my wig I styled in to a funky half up-to. Very layery and nice. Made the hair accesories from wooden chopstick painted black and the flowers glued on :) love my Luka contacts

Finished outfit. Bustle skirt, under skirt and halter top :D

Bustle and under skirt together
Bustle needs to be attached to a waitband.
I decided to do them seperatly as I wasn't sure about putting this thickness throuhg my machine.
So I will handsew the waistband of the bustle. But I am happy with it :)

Under skrit completed
Made from a cream satin lined with the 2 tone tafetta and also edged with it
Made long in the back and shirt at the front to give a rapidash tail effect.


Added the top layer of the gold :D

Comign along nicely :D

Still miles from finihed....needs tidying up, ironing to set the hems etc...

I decided I wanted to make a bustle skirt for Rapidash :D
It will have 3 layers, plus the main skirt part
I made the second layer first for some weird reason.
The flash on the camera shows the gorgeous colour changing fabric I thought was perfect for the flames.

The way I have it layered out is
1st layer -gold
2nd layer-orange (this one)
3rd layer -red
Main skirt - beige...longer at the back and lined with the fire fabric :D

All the ruffles along the bottom are made with the fire chaging fabic as well

Need to get all the layers then add the waist band

Also meet Sally! my new maniquin! Toshi-chan was kind enough to sell her to me :D
She makes things SO MUCH EASIER!!!

Made flames out of a variety of taffetaa fabric. (so shiny and pretty)
Sewed 2 layers together then arranged and attached them to a pair of beige fingerless gloves
I might dye the tips opf the gloves black for a cool effect....but other than that I am quite happy with them and the fire effect :D

I painted the tips of a pair of gold dolly shoes black
Just to give a hoofy effect :D

So yea!
Can't really see the side ponytail...but it reaches past my butt!! XD

Descided to doa test shopt with some makeup as I needed practise as I am doing everyone in the groups makeup XDD
So I hink its alright XD
Wearing my hairpiece as well, but its so tall XD Couldn't get it in any photos XDD

Wasn't goingto upload pics or any progrss because evryone else is keeping theres from me....inhopes to surprise me on the day....its kind of sweet in an INFURITATING way XD....but then I realised there was no point a its not like I am hiding it from myself XD

Made from craft foam and fimo
The paper bit is actually interfacing I had left over XD
I need it to be strong (ie not rip if it was windy) yet still be floaty and hold the shape.
Worked out alright :D

As sometng extra for Aya I made some feather wings :D
Made from blue craft foam and paistakingly glueing a fuck loads of blue feathers, long ones and little fluffy ones
They are so cute XD
They curve inwards but you can see from this pic...

20% cooler

I realised I don't have the extra week to make this that I thought I did(between Ayacon and the meet which is on Saturday the 27th)
This is due to my work sending me to Germany for a week straight after Ayacon (I actually leave Ayacon to go to the airport XD)
So I am having to make this now and quite quickly alongside my Aya cosplays.
It wont be quite as details as I wanted it to be but I am still gonna try to make it look WOW! XD

Had an amazing brainstorm yesterday :DDD

Simple circles skirt
Made from red cotton, then overlayed with some lovely red taffeta!
I wanted to do this because it made the skirt very floaty and lovely, and fitting for a goddess of the wind!
And it works when i spin its so floaty <3 <3 Will get some nice twirl or windy shots in it :D

But OMG.....heming taffeta is like retarded and was driving me nuts -_- So i cheated slightly and added another bit to the bottom which is a nice ruffle :D

I commissioned this from a girl who needed money for an operation for her kitty.
Just to give me some more ideas....and its awesome! My design won't be exactly like this...but it will be pretty similar :D
Art by

In progress because I started the skirt with the help of the wonderful Charlotteluna! Ma lil sis <3


The first volume of the manga is out!!!
Which give me sexy sexy reference images!!!!
Doing this for October Expo with ma Jace :DDD

Worn to the cosplay scotland pony meet for lulz.
I am still not happy with the outfit....but I am brainstormign new ideas for Aya....but maybe wont have time
I dunno....I don't really like it....also I just look fugly and fat in pretty much every photo that was taken that dayXD yay!

I had a near diaster with this...
I wanted it orginally to be long with with some layers to it
I fucked it up horrredeously and the only way I could think to save it was to go for a pixie cut!

I must say....
It turned out far better than I was expecting and suits Dash more! I am very happy!!
I have my contacts as well
block pink/purple lenses! They are quite vibrant :D

So I have been spending alot of time researching this. And I think it is doable.
whether I do it well is another matter

I have a lot of Warhammer nerdy friends (love) and have been looking at Witch Elf models for the table top game.
One caught my eye in particular which is similar to the one I have up except one of her legs is wrapped in barbed wire
I think this would be a wicked effect so I am gonna try and pull it off.
So first step will be making barbed wire that I can't kill myself/cut myself with XD
Pic like sooooo

So I was thinking light blue short, which I add the cutie mark to both back pockets and light blue top which will also have the cutie mark large in the centre.

I also found some Rainbow suspenders/braces which I LOVE. I think they suit Dash's tomboish nature to a T
Still; thinking up some thing its still very much a WIP, but I am def liking the idea of shorts, or crop trousers

Any comments/feedback would be nice :)


I'm really bad with snazarooo XD
If someone has any tips I am all ears O_O
Love my wig though....I'll improve my eyeliner on the day, this was slightly rushed

Hope I'm recognised and not just "some goth girl" XD

Quite excited about this one!
Def one of tje simpler cosplays I've done but still awesome!
Comiccon is next weekend so I've made a start ^o^

Started with the ankh...due to it beong her symbol
Just waiting on it to dry before I paint it silver.

Also got my wig. Its gorgeous and pretty much needs no styling :)
Do a make up test tomorrow

So thats the blue added!
And such a pretty blue!
It makes the whole wig IMO....
Anyways its still not finished.
Needs tidying up and also needs styling, going to cut it all punky and layer-y hopefully :D

Green and yellow.
Yellow is kinda.... fluorescent almost. I was annoyed when I first saw it, but it blends in I don't think its too much of a problem

Orange side bits.

Also I am not styling it until all the colour is added.
So it will be a mess until further notice
Have a good plan for styling

To tackle this beast of wig I did a lot of researching
Did I:
*Buy a dyeable wig, part it and dye each section seperately
-No. this is stupid idea. Overly complicated and overly expensive. Also lots of things can go wrong.

*Sew wefts
-I liked this idea alot more. So I went with this
Except half way looking for wefts and different colours to sew, I came across coloured streaks!
And went with those

So using my old purple Saeko wig as a base, I got a clip on red fringe extension and added that. For the beginings! And I think it looks quite good :D

Nearlyu completed finished mine
Black trim added to bootm
Just needs to go on sleeves and neck now!

Also big bow! yay!

Forgot to add some details

The kimono is fully lined with white cotton and the outer pink is polyester cotton blend and so silky!

What is it with me and kimonoes lol.
I love make them XD kimono queeeeeen!

Also have just made a black silk obi to go with and big bow :D

So decided to make this in a night to cosplay with my boys at ayacon in a mini group.
Ihis is how far I got. I also made one in blue for a Kaito in our group.
Pretty okay for 1 night.
Frees me of a costume to make and leya me focus on Kazegami for Okami :D
Just to add the trim

Threw together a quick make up test
I have learned something very important!
I need to put my makeup on FIRST, and then put contacts in!
Because I literally cannot see out them XD
Its like looking out into thick fog XD

So I am going to apologise now! If you see me at Expo in this cosplay and I ignore or blank you, its only because I can't actually see you XD

So this will be hilarious!

I also think this was quite a successful cosplay because I managed to creep my bf out whilst wearing all the makeup XD

Need to possibly varnish and add clips to keep attached to ma head.

Next update will prob be make up and wig test sine my contactss also came :D

Didn't like the didnt give the smooth feel I figure the horns have, so I went over them with Fimo clay.....the non baking one because baking something witha wire metal frame inside it= bad idea XD
They have been painted now as well

That's them both had a wire frame made and been paper mached.
Next to paint them!
If I had more money I would resin them before painting....but alas I do not....hopefully they still look okay...

Just a wireframe.
Didn't want to make them out of clay alone as there shape won't support themselves.
I haven't decided whither to paper mache them of clay them.

MFW when it costs more to buy socks like hers than it does to make my skirt

Make up test :D
This was fun to do XD

Got 1 blue lens in and 1 purple one. Just cause :D

Hoodie is still in process, and I have a good idea what I am wearing on the bottom part of it
Gonna get some interesting looks walking through Glasgow XXD

Well I have 3 days to do this before the meet.
But its simple
I have an awesome hoodie that I didn't mind editing because I will still happily wear it everyday with that funkey design XD

Anyways the colour is sort of washed out by the flash but its purple with a sort of acid wash pink.
I thought it was quite cool and would suit the upbeat crazy nature of the song
Also I saw another cosplayer online who did a Matryoshka Luka with a plain puple hoodie and I just think the colour suits her much better than the lime green.

Its painted on with fabric paint....I also bought black and white felt to sew it on, but I think the paint looks alot better.
Anyways should be finished sooon as I find time.

I'm alopt happier now
Just need to fix the band at the top one i get more paint.
Thansk to my bf for painstakingly painting them whist i wore them, to get the stretch painted.

The darker bands beneath the pink were just me wearing the old pair of socks to stop painty soaking through to my legs XD
Wont be theree on the day

Thats this cosplay pretty much finished save a few little details :D

Purple wig and contact lenses
I think I died and went to heaven XD

Heavier makeup for Saeko, heavy black around the eyes for the dark, slightly possessed look :D

Also this wig was a fricken bitch to style.

<3 Dita XD
Love my new wig, its so long and a gorgeous colour, I need to fix the fringe a little bit on the day, but other than that its good.,
Also cool contacts :D

Revamping this to wear with my Hibiki <3

I fixed the skirt and trook it up a bit, fixed the side slits, made it so the waitline sat better.

I didn't remake it from scratch because the fabric i used orginally I got in Dubai and for the life of me I couldn't find a match here...
This applies to the boots
They were originally a pile of crap and they still are >>
I hemmed them as much as I could...but like I said I didn't have the material to make them completly new...or the time to be I am sorry for shitness

Just went with some very soft make up for this costume, light eyes, not overdoing it with the eyeliner.
I detangled my wig, its a bit rough, having lost some of its silkyness but it still looks quite nice.
Also got a hold of some blue circle lenses, which are quite vibrant. I love them

My fav pair of purple heels, which are lovely and comfy and danceable.
Just added some left over flowers to them to match them to the cosplay :)

Stabbing self with wire= Not cool.
Happy with the results. Its more....flamboyant....than tje ref....but hey. I figured if I have to have flowers on my head theyu could be epic XD
Its quite a simple Cosplay so little ooompth doesn't hurt.

In tje midst of detangling my wig....

Thats it finished!
The design took ages to make and pin into place O_O
The ribbon around the cuffs and the bottom was simple.
Also was fun taking out stress on the torn sleeve XD Mwhaha
Still need to make the claw and attack it to the monstrosity of a chain I purchased!

Design on the back of the vest complete!
Just cut out from red fabric and sewed on. Needs some tidying but other thn that...complete.
Have cut the same shapes out for the kimono and just need to attach them

I must say.
I am quite happy :D
The scar needs a little adjustment, its sits well in some pictures and less so in others. Also my forehead is a bit red due to me screwing up a few times and having to wipe what I had done off. It will be neater on the day.
My depth perception is fucked in this cosplay XD

Finbished the skirt by adding the red ribbon to the skit sides.
Also decided to take some pics with my awesome boots :D

Also can see I've made a start on modifying an old shirt I had for her shirt
Done the light green panels on the sides. still need to make the sailor collar and add dark green ribbon to the edges ^^
But other than c'est fini

Fricken high do they work?!?!!?
Anyways I am quite proud of this.
Made with the base wig and a clip on pony tail I had lying about for another cosplay
I'll do a test wear oncer I get my eye scar and makeup sorted for her...
Making the scar out of liquid latex then glueing it to my face someehow....should be amusing...

EDIT: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU for still. sideways pictures!!

Sewed the skirt today out of a lovely black silky material. Has a nice shine to it.
Was aiming for a sort of Chinese dress fabric look.
Still need to add the red ribbon. And give it an iron.
Also srry Fr shit photos and typing...ding this from NY phone due to no interwebs

I likes making Kimonos XD
They are awesome

Anyways basic shape done, goes all the way to my ankles.
I made the right arm alot longer so that I can hack away at it and rough it up.
Needs the sun designs like the waistcoat and also ribbon details which shouldn't be too time consuming or difficult.

Also I got my liquid latex to start playing about making my eye scar.

Made a start!
This the the black over vest, to be worn over the kimono once it is finished
It was a basic modified waistcoat pattern.
The bottom to be hemmed and the red sun design added to the back, but other than that, c'est finni

Got my skirt, which is lovely. Needs some modding but other than that I'm quite happy.
Socks I am not happy with at all...the stripes are far too thin :/
Might have to go back to the drawing board this this
Prob wont be wearing it for D-con, but def still on for Kita

The shoes are the ones I will be using, just need some modding as well....

Also I look so brown in this photo!
Too tanned to be an ice princess XDD

So one thing that's always annoyed me about other mizore Cosayers is that noone get the socks rogjt. They go purple/black instead of pink/purple...
Maybe because everu colour of stripey sock under the sun exists EXCEPT pink/purple rage....
Anuways got some pale blue/pink ones and are painting them...
Tedious task is tedius....

Styled ma wig. Cause I'm cool like that


I'll fix it on the day as well...give it more....oof?
I was sort of aiming to make the spikes and layers ice maybe worked? Oo
Might get better contacts

So started with a plain white hoody and took some anger out on it ;D
Sewed one sleeve. Need to make and attach the other. Fix the neckline and add the light blue trim.
Aiming for d-con with this....but if not then fed Kitacon!

This is the wig I order, and recieved, a while ago now....thought I would start this cosplay though finally XD
Such a gorgeous colour
Love love!

Pre styling...but it won't need that much ^^

So I am completly and utterly excited for this!!

This is the wig I am thinking of
It can be I wwas thinking of a sort of flame gradient mayhaps.
Will be awesome
and it can be used for other chandra as well :D

I wasn't kidding when I said.
Since this picture it has been fixed so the top sits better and its had some finishing touches added as well :D

and £100 quid spent on supplies later....

I cant make things simle XD

Hopefuly I have the time to make this as epic as I want to

Well with just under a week and a half to go its time to start on my cosplays XD
I'm keeping alot of things from the old costume such as
-Base Kimono
-Rosary bead necklacks
-fluffy leg warmers

What I have in my head to change is
-Redo a big BIG obi, with red satin probably
If I have time painmt some details on the sleevs of the kimono
-Make the shield
-Little detaisl here and there that I'll keep under wraps

Oh also have a new wig and some new makeup for the tribal designs.
Also new contacts.
So Excited :D

No pictures for you but I have:

-Made a sexy cloak to go with the outfit
-fixed the bodice cause it was awful
-done all the armour bits

Haven't slept XD Will sleep on the train to expo XD

Wig and contacts
Yea so I took "silver eyed witches" to another level
Very very silver contacts. Loe them so much *_*
Will touch up the wig on the day as it going to get crushed in my suitcase anyways XD Make it more spikey at the front and back

Sort of everything I have atm
The leather armour bodice and the under dress with alli its little attachments which seriously impeade my movement, but oh well
I am not really happy...but theres not alot I can do :/

Thats the belt finished
all lovely and lacey and its been attached to the dress, along with the shoulder bow...which is on the right shoulder the image is just flipped XD
Just finishing tampering with the headphones
See if they can be made to glow :D

and all that was left was the wings! :D

Still not happy with this
Laura =/= good blonde

Not much left to do for this which is a relief
Got started on my belt
Add the lace when I get in tonight from work ^^

Wig styled ^^
put my very scarily red contacts in and had a makeup test#
Oh god why do I look so awful as a blonde!!!

Made a start on the tail.
Totally was excited about this!
Made a little heart out of my red fabric and attached it on to a piece of wire sewn within more fabric ^^
I've added the white ribbon now ^^

Made a start on the bodice...its pretty much finished as I post this pic xD
Just pinned here, but sewn now
Figuring out a pattern for this was far more fricken complicstd than it should have been
Hurrah for smexy leather armour corset thing :D

So with a week to expo ~I have actually made a start on this
So this is the lovely underdresss
still much to the armour and such
but yes!!

Also have my sexy sword thanks to sunsetdancer *hugs**

Note to self...
serwing whilst intoxicate is fucking awesome.

I have no frikcen time to do anything
I have literally been working a 7 day week and trying to move into my new flat
Ugggh everything is going to be so rushed....I am not happy with this at alll
Literally when I had a moment I just sat down and did it all
It was relatively simple, only complicated part was the ruffles and the addded elatic around the waist, just to give it some shape
I also made it longer than it should be for decencys sake lol

My brain is so frazzled I forget to post the picture....
fail Laura...

So this is what I have done
Gotthe tights and wig, so awesome
Wig is a brighter pink...looks peachy in photos due to crappy light. But its beautiful and wavy and super long. I adore it and I hate pink XD
The dress, believe it or not, is what I wore for my graduation XD
So I didn't need to get it, I need to add the bow at the side, but its like a perfect, its a halter
I still need to:
make the gloves
make the white lace belt for the dress
take the dress up a few inches, its pined here atm.

Add lights to the headphones and the side design.
Thje lovely Charlotteluna is making the butterfly wing part with a really easy sneak method :D

Wouldn't let me attach the image
Grrrrrr >>

Ears finished!
And attahched to the head band ^^
Just waiting on ma wig now

Well this being a simple sorta cosplay I've made a start finally.
HEadphones are on their way to being finshed.
The actual butterfly wing part is beign made for me by the lovely Charlotteluna ^^
But I coated a pair of o9ld headphones in white material and then layer lace over the top
Lace is so purty *_*
Just need to do the design on the side and hopefully if my funds and time allow it, add the coloured light ^^
Shoes I have
I am waiitng for my tights and wig in the mail
Should be starting on the gloves next and the belt for the dress

Started the ears today and heres one finished!
Heres is 1 of the ears done and with the wiring put in to it so it can be bendy.
Ya can see how tall it is without being bent over :D
Also just holding it the now until its attached to a head band.
\making the other one now, should be finished by tonight I imagine ^^

Have made one
Man I hate pleats >>
held up with elastic at the top of my arm, but I might have done it too tight because it likes to fold in on itself. Might go back and fix it if it really starts annoying me

Otherwise quite happy with it....getting the red ribbon today to finish it, also just need to do the bottom pleats for the other one

Got my material....just a sort of white shirt material
I was going to go for a see through white as everytime I see Flonne I think shes wearing some sort of nightgown. But decided against it to preserve some decency.
Also can't decide on my wig...Theres a goldy blonde and more silvery blonde.
I like the silvery one more and I can potentially reuse the wig for another cosplay to save me buying yet another wig of the colour I dislike the most >>
Her hair colour varies fro, art work to meh.

lol I'm much better with this journal thing now XD
I kinda kept it uptodate XD

So its finshed!

Was easily made with an hold belt I had sprayed silver and cut the design out from card

Well after alot of rage and fits and they still look like shite meh
This is 1 finsihed.
I'm working on the other one now, in between my sewing macheien HATING ME.

So I appologise for failll...but a prop maker I am not >_>

Started as a chalk outline on some fabric.
Same as little wings, sewed the wire frasme inside the fabric and bent them to shape .

Thats them finsihed, and painted with this lovely purply shimmer fabric paint ^^

Also needs ribbon pattern added...which is eveen more complicatted! ;_;
Did the outside though! Shiny orange :D

Made a start to the top
Need to add the ribbon design, which is going to ba a pain...I foresee it!!!
also the funky sticky collar

Started the head wings yesterday and they are about 80% done now.
Just black material sown around a wore frame :D
Quite simple but a pain in a the butt to do
I need to line them with purple material...that was the plan, but I dont think it will work so might have to get some purple fabric paint.

Progress on the wings started with the help of the awesome Narahara :D

Made a serious start on stuffs, and this is what I has.
The feathers were a random chance find, they have some sparkle to them as well.

Also remaking the gloves.

So my wig came yay!

MY last exam is tommorow, and then I AM FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
So I'll stop with the experiments and actually do stuff XD
I have a good idea what I need to make everything.
should be good

I also have to find time to finish Carly Oo

Made the gloves...out of a pair of tights! Wiiiin
I am wearing a corset, a little unhderbust one...I can make it tigher than that, but I had just eaten lol XD

Um tights are a little tooo pink might change them.
Need to add the heart and also the white fur....
Also I'll have clear straps so you cant see my bra on the day ^^

This is the wig I ordered.
I have seen so many different styles of Morrigan with her going from like cyan blue to light bright green *_* So I was confuzzled on what to go with.
But I love the colour on this, nice bluey green, I hope it actually looks like that ^^'
I based it off the animnated ending to the games that the Japanses got :D

I had another experiment today with my corset (which is awesomely purple...good for everything else but not so good for this)
But anyways, I corset-ted and got my waist very tiiiny.
So I am thinking I shall just cover my corset in a stretchy black material, which will cling to the curves and cover up.
The corset should also prove a good way of holding the wings tight against me.

However, this leads me to a problem with the heart though...Not only do I not want to cut a hole out of fav piece of clothing, I do not think I even could due to it being steel boned XD

Kimono lined with red ribbon which was a pain in the arse.

*is awful at updating journals*
I'll just put the WIP photos I have all up then
First the kimono!

H#@%#$^#$ RIBBON SUCKS TO SEW! AE#%@#%%^$!
tis a bit crinkly, but I think it looks alright.

Just need to take the pins out of the waist and sew that so it sits nicely.

Brought back the material cheaply from Dubai as usual and have made a start!
Got the general shape of the skirt finished, my hands are behind my back in the photo tohold it up XD because it needs a little adjustment to sit on my hips a bit better.
So I have lots of lovely orange ribbon!
Which will be used to line the outside and do the funky patterns!

this is for May, but I hav like no time due to university so I am just amking cosplays whenever I have a spare few hours XD

So Aki is finished!
I am quite porud of her =3
Only one thing is that my wig didn't arrive in time due to silly postal strikes, so I had to very quickly make a rough one from my Dita it looks bad ><
So until my proper wig arrives just look at the costume and not at the hair XD

I've been run off my feet with uni work the past 2 weeks, so no progress
Finally a break!! 4th year sucks XD
So done the skirt bottom, and it is finished...just need attached to top and that shall be the red over outfit.
All that left is the gold detail on the belt and arms
Hurrah ^^

Finished the pendant, will prob do the choker tonight. Made a start on the main outfit as well. Pleated the the red material and sewed it, added the white to the edges this morning ^^
That how it will look from the back, though the side bits both curve in and will be at the front, where it sort of steps.
Also made both sleeves, ready to join once I make the vest. I ran out of white thred though, so they are like pink at the edges, but it wont show when they are joined...I hope >_<

Made a start on the pendant, with this clay that you bake and it goes hard.
So now it just needs a coat of gold shiney paint and the green jewel which I have

Yay! I got to take beautiful pictures with my baby girl Shadaid, (who is cosplaying Rin in her horse form!?!? XDDD)
Shes actually quite accurate, with black hair and being a little girl =3
I am so happy with this cosplay ^^

Hurrah! She is finished ^^
I have no idea where she will be worn, but I <3 Rin and she deserved some love so I am happy I did this!
I plan on getting awesome photos tomorrow with a special guest ^^

Hurrah for me finally getting off my arse and doing something XD
So shoes have been started, and are actually already painted just waiting for them to dry and then another coat. I also have aquired super shiney gold material XD

I has material! ^^
Its more "white" than I would have liked. The uniform seems to be creamy coloured in the pics...but then again theres no particulary good referance images due to them only being fan art or manga scans >_<
Maybe I can dye it....if not it still looks good ^^

Well my mum came from Dubai today with my material ^^
So I can starts! But she forgot gold stuff, but that shouldn't be too hard to track down.
Shes also going to help me with the red capey thing.
Also the underskirt and top are annoying me because I can't decide what colour they are >_< Sometime they look black and then they look maroony red, then purpley red. I am confuzzled >_<

I&#039;m really bad at keeping this thing up to date >_<
Well basically Rin is finished

I had some issues with sewing the cross to the jumper due to the fabric being quite stretchy and wrinkling and making me mess up...but fabric glue is my friend ^_^
Wil take pictures tommorow
I attempted to dye my hair darker as well as I refued to get a wig due to me having the perfect hair for her just slightly the wrong colour...but hair dye doesn't like me very much >_<

I appologise for the fail this will bee >_<

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