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I can't believe how long I've been doing this now

The trim is going on very nicely but it's nearly four in the morning.

It worked fine? Making it made sense of how it's actually tied. What a RELIEF

But there's only so many hours in the day.

Trying to quickly plot out a design for the gloves

For once something was straightforward and went right first time?

Spent an hour just grooming and trimming my Rem wig.

Made the main part of the gloves. Made them wrong. These decorations should work on the next round though...

I'm not the most practiced embroiderer...

Time to panic over Asirpa while this dries then.

Though I'm still waiting for the pens in the post...

Darkened the cogs to blend them with the studs.

I got the clasp to work symmetrically~

Just needs a couple of stitches to fix that rucking.

The trousers looked so perfect, but I had to gore them up T_T

Hand stitching the soles of the boots.

Doing all the tidying and embellishments before I attach them to the main shirt. Possibly a risky plan...

This won't be the worst job this MCM but it's the one I hate the most.FINALLY

The soles of Fushi's boots are assembled and coated with Mod Podge, for grip and waterproofing. I learn from my mistakes, eventually.

Colouring and painting the fur for the boots and cloak. Used a fork and watered-down acrylic for the high and lowlights.

I can't really buy them - my hands are really whack dimensions.

Had to go out, so I quickly ran some gloves up so I could work on them on the go...

Why can't I have Thursday's post TODAY? Still need more purple thread before I can continue.

Staying hydrated while I plan the appliqué for the attus

Sneakily ran these up at work out of more scrap light cure resin~

Made most of the kimono. Totally ran out of purple. Can't finish - INFURIATING

My wife shows me the amount she thinks I should trim out of the attus

I made the sleeves! But I realise now they must have a fastening, since he can roll them up in warmer climes.

Made the cloak but still have to add the fastener and hood with straps. Not to mention colouring the fur!

Okay who's stared at Asirpa's character design for long enough to notice this? The tiny gold details on her choker appear to be backed with red enamel. Scrap paper, Mod Podge, iridescent topcoat - and some cheap cogs I bought off eBay by weight.

Compared to Fushi this is nice and straightforward to be honest. I did bother to make a pattern though!

The tea staining has worked! The boots won't look so modern and artificial now.

The two clasps are currently drying. Made from leftover dental light cure resin.

Testing different tea stains for her boots

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