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Last parts being added and I am making a new tie

First attempt at wig. The drill curls I was trying to do have not worked out this time so I will be curling the wig I have and hope to update it another in the future.

Almost finished the main parts. Just got to add some trim to the jacket and ribbon in the sleeves

Started to put the jacket together. Pinned it so far but it needs to be shorter

made a pattern for the helmet, now making it out of foam

Finally made a start in the swords. Layering paper mache. Almost finished with everything.

made the belt, got to add the pocket, and finish the back straps, then on to the boots and helmet

back to making costume , trying to print pattern onto bodysuit.. first attempt

hand painted the pattern on the purple fabric, put the hooded part together

After changing the pattern many times finally happy enough to start.

Making updates to the costume and changing what I didn't like, starting with the wig I wanted it to be a bit darker.

making the gi still waiting for the wigs to turn up so i can style it

Started cel shading and making all the details on the jacket

started making the gi , began with the trousers

I made the actual jacket, now need to dye it , hasn't come out as the colour I wanted first time. will dye it again tomorrow along with the trousers

waiting for the material to turn up still so started on some more of the jewellery

Been working on the wig and started the hairband

Made a start on the top and ordered material to make the jacket and trousers

trying it on for fitting needs work still , might have to line it with thicker material

All fabric to start making has been ordered, searching for a base wig

Gabumon turned up .. he is a little small

top is finished, i have the boots and gloves on their way , next to style the wig and make a start on gabumon, digivice and crest

had to put progress on hold while I was busy with uni

but now I have the base I will be using for the leg guards just need to colour them

I have the material for the top, and gloves and now want to start making , had to put off sorting things around exam time so now the madness has stopped I think this costume should be quite quick to sort out

Got the wig needs styling but I really like the colour,
today I will be doing a test for the pattern I have to make the top

ordered the wig, and all the material I will need for making the clothes

first try at working out a pattern for the main armour

put together something to wear under armour and got the foam to start building the rest

got the wig I picked need to style it a bit, but I think it will work

made both , still lots to do with them

I started trying to work out a template for the boots

this will be my improved wig for next year .. hopefully after I style it

The material turned up so now going to make the belt, then the last big thing to do is the wig

Cutting the panels from the leotard

Had to take a bit of a break , but finally got to start putting the rest of the costume together .. starting with the cape

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