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I'm the queen of unfinished costumes and planning new ones. Sue me!
I'm ashamed to say I go to too many events! Have a provisional list of what I'll be cosplaying to upcoming events, it helps me remember what I've got planned too:

~Kupocon 2018~
Saturday: Garnet (Final Fantasy IX)

~Umicon 2018~
Saturday: Jeanne (Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne)
Sunday: ???

~Minamicon 2018~
Saturday: Shampoo (Ranma 1/2)
Sunday: Tae (Persona 5)

~Dokomi 2018~
Saturday: Jeanne (Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne)
Sunday: Performance!!

~London MCM Expo May 2018~
Saturday: Sakura (Card Captor Sakura)
Sunday: Performance!!

~Japan Expo 2018~
Thursday: ???
Friday: ???
Saturday: ???
Sunday: ???

~Hyper Japan Summer 2018~
Saturday: Hao (Shaman King)
Sunday: ???

~EGX 2018~
Saturday: ???
Sunday: ???

~Hyper Japan Winter 2018~
Saturday: ???
Sunday: ???


I found out about cosplay around 2005 but didn't have the guts to start cosplaying myself until around 2007. I sort of tried to cosplay as Kyo Sohma from Fruits Basket but without knowing what binding or wigs were it was a pretty shocking attempt. My first real cosplay was Duo Maxwell from Gundam Wing.

Everything about cosplay is very new to me and I still feel I'm not great at it. However I'd like to think that after every costume I make, I've improved and have learnt from the mistakes I've made in each project. I love learning about new techniques and challenging myself. The social side of cosplay is what makes it all the more enjoyable as once the costume is finished and I'm there at the event, I can just properly relax and enjoy the event with good company. I don't think I would have continued cosplaying if it weren't for the friends I've made in this community, I probably would have gotten bored from making stuff and find a new hobby!

My greatest achievement is being selected as the UK's soloist for the European Cosplay Gathering in 2011. I thought I'd give it a go and didn't expect any outcome but I got through to the finals in France! I learnt a lot from the experience, being one of the youngest there it definitely opened my eyes to the world of competitive cosplay and helped me realise how much more I have to learn. While I don't have much time or money on me whilst at Uni, I hope that if competitions are still running after I leave and have the time then I can enter again, because I had a lot of fun competing and met some fantastic cosplayers abroad!

My dream cosplay is to make a version of Princess Garnet from Final Fantasy IX that I am happy with. I've made two attempts now, third time lucky?
I'd also like to remake a lot of my older costumes because I love the characters too much to not do them proper justice!

My last dream cosplay is to get a full La Corda d'Oro group filled with musicians and to perform something on stage together. This... I can't see happening at all, ever. But it's a dream okay? ;D

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I made this top in 3hrs just for a dance video so it's "accurate-enough" for the video but there are small details I didn't want to finish because actually, I didn't have the right coloured thread to do any top-stitching!! So I'll finish that off whenever (if I ever) decide to take shoot photos!

Everything is scrap fabrics as I spontaneously decided to make this. The top is the dull side of some satin I had and the collar is the dull side of duchess satin with interfacing sandwiched in. I used Simplicity 8160 as a base pattern for the entire thing and because it was fairly loose I didn't install any fastening.

The skirt I already owned, from American Apparel, the tie is a standard Japanese school tie.

I'm not particularly in the mood to do any sewing today so I did some wig styling haha.

It's originally an Alex in Matt Dark Brown from Coscraft. It's a very thick wig which was perfect in me trying to get her massively thick plait without extra wefts! This wig is quite old and has been through a lot I'm glad I managed to tame it to a decent quality again! I pin the tufts when it's on my head and also cut the fringe when I'm wearing it so... The fringe is more or less unstyled right now haha.

I did a costest!!! I really like how it looks! But... The dress is a little short on me after hemming it ahh. I've also run out of fabric so I'm going to have to turn it into a top and skirt combo oooops, the cardigan hides all ahaha, you won't know the difference!

The buttons are sewn on!! I didn't want plain pink so I got fancy buttons haha. The brown buttons are literally just pleather glued on... It works... For that cartoony effect

I cut the pom like a wig to try and make it as natural as possible! I think it's quite cute!

I want to show you my chaotic pompom before I gave it a trim! Because premade pompoms (especially of this size) are super expensive and I already had the fur, I just made the pom myself. It's a circle, gathered and stuffed. I've also finished hand sewing the details onto the beret!

I levelled out the dress and took it in so that it flares out far less!!! Everything is overlocked and fits me nicely so it's ready for hemming, fastenings and the collar!!!!

But... I'm done for the night. So I'll continue tomorrow!

I bought the beret off eBay and for now I've pinned the felt... I'll hand sew this on probably tomorrow!

I used McCall's M7373 as a base but took in the flared skirt part (I took it in even more after this photo!)

I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night so I’ve only sewn like 40% of one glove (I need to cut out half of the red thumb to stitch it together, maybe part of the lower part of the red glove too so that it covers more of the top of my hand!)

I bought two identical gloves in red and black so that the pattern would match up although after splitting them at the seams I realise it’s quite weirdly patterned so I might have to Frankenstein it together!

I didn't finish the leg accessories due to time, but here's a first look at the costume!

Photo by PhotoGoku

Hearts were airbrushed on the inside

Drafting how the collar should sit.

I didn't like what I made back in 2011 so in 2015 I remade everything, out of cotton haha! This was a pleated circle skirt.

Close up of the hood. I still had to finish making the bow at this point as it was just pinned together.

Just the hand sewing of the sleeves to go so that you can't see any top stitch!

It's such an ugly colour hahaaa, maybe one day I will finish it!

I think I made this too big because it doesn't quite match the group, but it took SO LONG to sew each individual stripe that I'm leaving it as is XD

The skirt is around 1.5 circles to give it its volume, although I might shorten it because it's rather long. I've also never really been fond of using elastic in waistbands so I might gather it into a fitted waistband instead.

The bow tails aren't hemmed yet, just pinned in place to see how they fall!

Fingers crossed I finish this for Hyper Japan!!

My wig didn't arrive in time so I borrowed Ichigo-chan's (the school uniform Amu)! She borrowed my Amu wig, it was a fair trade, haha!

Also featured in this picture is Kanriku (Amulet Clover), Angel Tear (Amulet Diamond) and InsanityFish (Ikuto). We had a mini squad to go invade the Peach-Pit meet and greet, they were so shocked! :D

We didn't get a proper shoot because we were cold and tired, but next time :>

Missing the small details in the photo itself (e.g. eyelets, white trim on skirt, etc) but otherwise, it's pretty good considering the three evening rush job!

Fabric and coutil sewn together and marking out how much excess to cut off ready to punch the eyelets in!

Sleeves added in! Yes yes my mirror needs a clean >>;;;;

Bodice and skirt sewn together, this photo shows the before and after of horsehair braid!

I may keep the skirt at this length after all because my weight is all over the place so I don't feel too comfortable showing off my stomach in cosplay right now! We'll see when I try it on earlier in the day as I've just eaten dinner xD
The costume fits me like a dream though! I've pinned it at the back for it to fit my waist but otherwise it fits me as expected :>

I don't know why the picture won't rotate orz v.v

Patterned out the top out of newspaper and made a mock up out of calico. Then made the top double layered, I sewed it together along the collar, turned it inside out then top stitched the bottom. I'm going to make some matching bias binding for the sleeves as I think it will look better.

For the skirt, I've made so many pleated skirts in my lifetime I can do it with my eyes closed (maybe not, I need my eyes to look at the measuring tape and to not sew my fingers through the pointy needle ;P).
It's a basic pleated circle skirt. I measured below my waist where I wanted the skirt to sit, times this by 1.5 and cut out two circle skirts by this measurement. Pleated it into 2" pleats, hemmed it then added on a waistband with interfacing inside.

Everything so far is made from cotton, everything needs to be pressed and ironed but I'm about to man handle it again so I didn't see the point just for the photo.

Considering I haven't sewn anything in ages, everything is ridiculously neat! Especially my waistband!
I may need to shorten the skirt as there will be a trim along the bottom. I'll do that when I dye the trim and ruffle it.

This cosplay will be put on halt until I dye my fabric to a dark pink, there's not a lot I can do otherwise.

Made my own pattern for the sleeves using maths.

The puff sleeve is roughly three times the circumference of where it is on my arm and box pleated. The middle section fits my arm exactly and then the floaty sleeve is a circle with an inner circumference of twice the circumference above my elbow and gathered in.

I used the scallop stitch technique to see how it looks and I like it, I'm quite pleased with my sleeves! Attaching it to the bodice has caused me such grief though, I just was not understanding how to do it until I looked up tons of images of different bodices, mainly ballet ones as I know they have the most movement! I think I understand it now, but as I was running out of time, I've already taken apart all my mock ups so my final test will have to be the real thing, haha!

I've cut out most of my fabric and I've sewn up the bodice out of the main fabric, but I'm waiting on more fabric to arrive... As well as me finishing up an essay I need to write which is due the Monday after MCM Expo, so naturally that takes priority. Help XD

I modified Simplicity 1215 to complete the bodice mock up. The bodice mock up must have taken me three tries to get right, it's such a pain to pattern out!

I modified Simplicity 1345 to get this look! Added in a couple extra panels for the lacing she has.

Euphie's hem isn't straight anywhere! Luckily my machine is primarily used for quilting and it has this funky scallop hem.

I set it to stitch length 1 to get the wider scallops.

For the final thing I'll be using fray check to go over the scallops before cutting it!

I decided to rewear this cosplay for the EGX Cosplay Grand Championship because I liked the 1st place prize and this was my best costume that I had readily available as I didn't have the funds for anything new (nor the time!). I'm usually very against doing anything anime related at a gaming event and so I wore this for a grand total of less than 2hrs, haha! (It's also incredibly uncomfortable and I can't pee in it, sorry not sorry for the TMI ;P)

I decided to fix up the things that required improvements from Hyper Japan. This included adding even more sparkle to the bodice with some beading! This was my first time beading, please forgive me if it looks terrible in parts but I'd like to think I got better as I went along!

Not in the photo I also glued on more feathers to the bodice as the glue I used discoloured, I used hot glue this time as I know that does not discolour (I don't think I owned a hot glue gun back when I first started the costume, I rarely use it, ever).

I also re-tacked down the top layer of the tutu as I took it off as I did it too tight originally but forgot to re-tack it for Hyper Japan, oops xD

Unfortunately, I lost an incredible amount of weight and I have no idea how (I guess it's because I was preparing for Rikku from FFX-2, but I then stopped dieting and thought I gained the weight back...) and so the bodice and tutu are a little too big. I had a /massive/ breakfast before wearing it which helped, but it's still a little too big xD;;

I think this costume needs a photoshoot and then needs to be retired unless I can put the weight back on again v.v;;;

Excuse the lack of makeup, I was doing Uni work and then I got this and had to stop everything and try it on! My friend has my boots atm and I need to buy some gloves, but I managed to make do just for a test!

I also want to trim the fringe on the wig a bit more, it looks a bit funny!

I'm half tempted to make my own wig TBH but we'll see how much spare money I have!

I made the flower using my usual candle method! (Tutorial on my cospage, I'll post it in the main description aha)
I hate burning duchess satin however, because it's not really great for flower making but I wanted it to match the main fabric, argh!!

I had some leftover feathers from Princess Tutu so I glued them onto the flower which is glued onto a hair claw that I had kicking around (I really liked that hair claw too but it's from Primark so I can buy another...)
I want to buy some proper feathers for the three that stick up at the top. I didn't have time to make the pink bow either so that will be a future thing for my next rewear...

Finally cut and styled the wig, it was pretty long before!

It's done enough for shoot purposes...

There's no waistband on the skirt (I ran out of white thread hahaha!), the tie needs remaking as I top stitched it together, I need to finish the waistcoat (I left my blue fabric at my parents' house so I can't finish it, borrowing Bernie's for the shoot!) and tidy up the peplum attachment of the shirt on the inside because it pisses me off that that is literally the only part on the inside of my costume that's messy XD

Time Taken: 15hrs (two evenings)

Ruffles sewn on! I changed my ruffle technique for each of the sides so they're not symmetrical, because I clearly wasn't thinking LOL (one is two rows of thread and the other is single... I was running out of thread!!).
Both are hand pulled ruffles though, it took so long D;

Made a start on the shirt and waistcoat! The fur is just sewn on the lining so far, I need to hand stitch it at the top for neatness when I get the chance! (I just folded it over to look like it's done haha)

Hand made the bias binding from bi-stretch. This skirt takes up so much, arghhh!!! I ran out towards the end of the top layer so I had to dash off to cut out a few more strips, tack them onto the end and then continue sewing.

I top-stitched the bias binding because I'm a bad person and I have Uni work to do, it already took me 4hrs to get this far so if I were to hand sew the bias binding like a good person then it'd take me forever ahahaha xD

This is why I don't enter competitions anymore :P

Time Taken: 4hrs

Pretty boring progress, sorry! It's just a standard circle pleated skirt, each pleat being 3" wide.

I took a before and after shot of inserting horsehair braid to show the effects it can give!

I just need to buy a zip, sew on a waistband and sew on the bias binding I'm about to make.

I think I was half asleep when I was cutting the fabric for this skirt because the top layer has like 5 different panels because I derped up and originally cut out a load of panels for half the skirt, so then I had to cut out another full circle for the other half because I was cutting multiple panels to save on fabric but I used it up anyway, oops!

Time Taken: 2hrs

Made a circle skirt and sewed it on the bodice and sewed an invisible zip at the back.

Sewed a thick black waistband with interfacing into the skirt and sewed a zip into the back. The bow is made by inserting thick wadding into a rectangle and then gathering it in the middle to create a fake bow.

Here's my tulle monster! 6 layers of tulle, all sewn into a hand with elastic threaded through. Needless to say I sorta bled all over the waistband of it because it was tough getting that safety pin through the waistband!

I'm never neat with my petticoats as you never see them, aha. So long as it's functional I don't particularly care about it!

6 layers of tulle in different lengths, four quarters in each layer so that it's easier to gather. Two rows of straight stitches along the top of each quarter, this is like making another tutu...

No more sewing for me this week until my report is done, booo!
I also lol'd how my original deadline was Amecon 2012... Only two years later. See, I DO go back to my planned costumes!

I literally followed the pattern, nothing special about it...

I used the duchess satin as a guide for marking out the black polycotton lining. All sewn together and turned inside out. Ready for a zip to be sewn in, waistband and the lace!

Sewed the white bits altogether!

Modelled by my mother :3
(I worked on this at home home so I didn't have my mannequin on me, luckily my mother was around but she's so tiny it falls to the floor and her waist is also much smaller than mine!)

I used the McCall's M6838 to create most of this costume.

The overskirt was the hi-low skirt pattern however I modified it by extending the semi-circle into more of a 3/4 circle. I did this because I felt the pictures didn't give it enough volume as I will have a giant petticoat underneath.

What you see in the picture is two out of four panels in the overskirt and the bodice panels at the top!

All hand stitched on with white and nylon thread.

It was a bit of a monster before I tacked it all down. I've also shown a picture of the hooping.

Sadly I took no pictures of the panty or basque, it's not very exciting to look at anyway.

So much poof the sewing machine sported a fetching tulle scarf.

I used two layers of straight stitches and gathered them altogether. Look at how much space it was already taking up and it wasn't even all of them...

12 layers of tulle (although I only used 10), all labelled and ready to use!

All done - embroidery sewn on with metallic thread. Feathers glued and sewn on, gem sewn on.

Bernie created the embroidery for me and posted it. I've never done this sort of thing before and she told me to cover the back of it with PVA glue before stitching it on, and so I did.

Tidied up and then filled in with no gaps so that it's easier for the embroidery software.

I was so proud of how neat I sewed on the bias binding I decided to take a picture of it...

Drew on the mock up for the embroidery pattern, then I traced over it with A3 paper before scanning it into the computer and editing on photoshop.

Made a mock up out of calico to test the fitting of the pattern. The pattern is from and is the Russian bodice style.

Drafted the pattern from scratch onto calico and pinned it altogether to see how it looks (except one side panel at the back because I lost the will to do any more cutting... xD)

Looks alright - I can start making now!
I mainly made the mock up for two friends who are being Yukiko and Chie with me in Japan. Otherwise I would have just dived head first into this cosplay TBH :P

Time Taken: 1hr

I made the pencil skirt super quickly because I'm busy tomorrow evening. Fits like a dream first time round! I cut on the bias just in case aha. Not that you can really see the khaki skirt, the small details will always go missing in this cosplay ;;______;;

Time Taken: 3hrs


It was originally a long belt which I shortened and sewed in button holes on both ends to fasten into one of the buttons. I thought well if the pockets are inaccurate I should make an effort to make somethingggg about the coat accurate!!

It's the stupidest design ever, it takes that much longer to put on the coat. SAKI, WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME!?

Made from suiting, medium weight interfacing and buckram!

Follow my tutorial on my deviantART, I cba to go through it again XD (Who knew my tutorial would still come in handy 4 years later!?)

As Saki has a baggier hat, I made the width of each panel 8" and the height to be 10" and gathered it into a 25" band, because my head is massive like that...

I don't have a white scarf yet, gonna go into town at some point and buy one!

But yes, I have cut the wig, poured hot water over it so straighten it and then finished off the trimming.

I've also made the hat using suiting with medium weight interfacing. I used my old old tutorial that I made years ago which is still very useful to this day aha ;D

I bought the pink turtleneck off eBay.

Time Taken: 1-2hrs

I had my eye make up done for another test and I thought ehh, I finally have all my Miku stuff gathered so lets do a test!

Not gonna lie, I feel slightly ridiculous because it doesn't really fit me properly, I might switch to Luka at some point but if I have a group I would happily wear this out!

The base wig is so niceeeeee, I love it! But alas, it needs to be straightened and cut, sobbbb.

I'm super happy with the colour match, you wouldn't believe just how long it took me to find the perfect match. Looked all over eBay and Taobao because I was just determined not to have to dye a wig just for what should be a super simple costume. I found this in the end and now I wish I hadn't, I want to wear it all the time haha XD

I'm not really wearing make up, just eye make up and brows because I always look a bit dead if I don't have huge eye lashes when wearing a wig. I'm also using this opportunity to try out which lashes will suit Saki!

I bought a red coat on eBay and I'm changing all the buttons with self cover buttons and some red jersey. When I went into town earlier however I didn't think about the shoulder and cuff buttons! So I need to get a few more self cover buttons... But no, I think I got quite a good match fabric wise! Just slightly annoyed that none of the off cuts I have were quite the right shade of red.

I will be modifying the belt as well because it's a long belt which ties together, I will be shortening it and making it so that it has button holes.

I cba to mod the pockets TBH, I'm leaving that as it is.

If the weather is nice next weekend then my photographer friends are free to help me to a shoot, ahhhh that means I gotta crack on with the sewing ahhh!

I wanna redo the trim so bad but I'm running out of time D;

I cut a load of white suiting on the bias and sewed it on. I don't think I have enough for the triangles though, may need to improvise :x

Base dress is more or less done, woo! The zip I bought is a bit too short so I'm going to go buy a new one tomorrow after work.

I also think the skirt is pretty damn long so I'm going to trim it up!

I made bias binding out of the same material as the dress to go along the top hemline because I'm pretty rubbish with hemming curves haha. I think it looks nicer this way!

I've cut out the circle skirt and sewed the top together. It's a bit late now so the machine would be a bit noisy to carry on with! So I'm just going to cut out the sleeves and pin the zip and skirt to the top and I'll call it a night m'thinks :)

I drafted the top pattern with newspaper as always. It's the same pattern as my Alice in Wonderland cosplay however, I just lost it somewhere so had to do it again, aha!

Tme Taken: 2hrs

Decided to try it on to see if it fits before putting on the straps, and then took a picture hurr.

I should have used this opportunity to try out the look with all the bling I've gathered too but oh well, maybe next time XD
Excuse the totally wrong bra with this cosplay, I have a strapless one to wear but couldn't be assed to change it just for the picture.

My shoes are at Charlie's house atm. So I can't wear the whole thing until Kita anyway XD

Just need straps, woo!!

I think the dress is a bit full oops. I flared it out so much that it was a circle skirt, not realising that a circle skirt would be too full. Oh well! There's horsehair braid in the hem as well which I took the idea from Rufflebutt Cosplay. I would have never thought to stiffen the hem!

Basically I fell in the past couple of days so I really didn't have time to make Fly Away, so I thought hey, the red dress is super simple, I can make that in a few hours! And so voila, a red dress 4hrs later...

I patterned it by taking a standard bodice pattern and a circle skirt pattern and Frankensteining the two together.

Time Taken: 4hrs

Lol it fits me at the bust fine but at the waist it's several inches out so it makes me look huge XD Gonna take it in if I have time but otherwise yay, it fits! I have the hat too but couldn't figure out how to put it on... I'll do a full makeup and wig test when the socks come. Which will be a while as they're from China!

GOOD ENOUGH. Some small details missing but I wish to rewear anyway because dat wig man...

My mannequin is being occupied and it's actually very tight fitting in parts so it's hard to get over the mannequin! So I laid it out so you can see more or less the whole costume is doooone!

I just have to sew in the waistband but my blue thread has gone walkies so Charlotte is kindly bringing some to Minami (and her sewing machine bless her ;;____;; ) so that I can just top stitch that in. All pinned just need the thread LOL.

Time Taken: 2hrs

Omfg I'm finally getting somewhere with two solid evenings of sewing.

I'll post close up and shizz like after Minami probs because I'm running out of timeeeee!

Top is fully lined though (in the shittest way possible hahaha, I am so not proud of the construction) and I'll add the waistband on the shorts now. I made the sleeves on the blouse too short FML, too late noooow!!

My tights arrived today but I cba to change into them.

Time Taken: 2hrs

Woohoooo I have progress! I just need to add a waistband and the shorts are done. I really don't have the time to waste on pockets, they're too fitted to store anything anyway!

It's been a while since I've made shorts... In years actually! I drafted the pattern myself but I had to redo one of the panels like 3 times cause I kept making it too small LMAO. This is what happens when I don't make them in a while...

I went to FabricLand today after work and managed to buy more cotton for the top because it was really pissing me off with how inaccurate it was (says the one that cba to make pockets...) so I went ahead and remade the sleeves. It's the easiest bit anyway!

Time Taken: 3hrs

I've made a few flowers in the past. Now I actually have pictures on how I do it!

I cut out circles of varying sizes and then cut slits into the circles depending on how many petals I want. TBH I make this a random number each time for roses.

I then melt the edges! I use my hands because if your hands are getting burnt, you are too close to the candle because if your hands can't take the heat, your fabric sure can't! You just want to slightly melt the edges away and then the fabric should curl up.

Then proceed to hot glue each piece together. For the most outer layer you may want to hot glue the petal corners together and then fold it half way out. This gives it a more 3D look.

Time Taken since my last journal is probably around 3hrs
I've also sewn together the ribbon pieces for the hat. Now I just have to assemble everything together by hand sewing and I think that's me done!

Nearly done now! I really like IchigoKitten's Washu wig where it was a more natural fluffy look so I'm trying to imitate that! The bump was created by hot gluing two Primark hairbuns on top of each other, gluing the remaining wefts I have left to cover it and then backcombing like mad!


Time Taken: 2hrs

Little set of pictures to show how I created the bump. Thanks to Cosplex for the inspiration from her She-Ra cosplay!

I haven't used hot glue in so long hahaha. There's no other glue that would be suitable for this though!

I essentially made a hugeeeee top and then gathered it in at the neckline. I love how poofy it is! Unfortunately 1m of fabric just wasn't enough and I ran out so the sleeves are't very poofy.

If I have time I'll remake them because I have to do to the fabric shop one more time for more bias binding anyway, but otherwise for the time being I've sewn on the ones I've made as a just in case I don't have time to remake!

I've cut out the shorts as well but I'm so hungry as I haven't eaten much all day so I'm going to take a break for dinner XD;
Also please excuse the moody expression. I've got a swelling in my mouth atm so it's a struggle for any sort of facial expression OTLLLL.

Time Taken: 2hrs

Oops, sorry I forgot to post this! This is sort of a before image before I get the scissors out. This is two wigs in here, so heavy and thick but it doesn't look it in this photo! My wig head can't cope so I put it on my dressform for the time being haha.

I haven't been keeping progress, oops!

Made from cotton, fleece and felt. The cotton is there as lining so that I can create a channel for the millinery wire to feed through. This helps the ears pose however I want!

I think... I am more or less done with this sewing of two wigs together. IT'S SO HEAVY!!!

There are still two more pieces I could sew into it but I'm going to give it a trim over the weekend (as I don't think I'll have a lot of spare time this week) and see if it needs more wefts before backcombing and styling. The fun part can finally begin XD

My fingers hurt so much from hand sewing, guhhh ;;______;;

At the front I chopped off part of the fringe from the other wig and sewed it on backwards to the base wig and tacked the middle in place. This is a bit of a cheeky method of making the wefts point in the right direction so that it makes it easier to get that scraped back look Washu has going on.

Time Taken: 1.5hrs

Nearly there! I needed more ruffles so I cut and hemmed more cotton together and then pleated it onto ribbon. I did consider pleating it onto some interfacing first but TBH I'm getting lazier and lazier now hahaha. Most of it will be hidden by the ears and flowers.

I also hand sewed the top together to make it flatter.

My fingers are still apparently tough from yesterday's buckram session because it was less painful hurrrrr. That's not a good thing XD;;;

The fun part of the hat is finally coming next. Flower making and ribbons!!! Bunny ears not so fun, I dislike fleece but hey, at least it's not much XD

Time Taken: 2hrs

I just sewed on the top with the machine. The rest I have to hand sew in place and I am nooooot looking forward to it. Gonna wait til 7 before I start cause that's when the student debates start tonight, then I have something to watch whilst working on this... XD

I need to stop being really stupid with this hat and wearing it everywhere. It's going to get destroyed before I even wear it XDDD

Time Taken: 1hr

My fingers hurt :'(

All completely hand sewn together, and it's all buckram and I had no thimble so sobbbbbb my fingeeeeers!!!

Nice thing to do whilst watching my student election debates though. I'm glad I got to the hand sewing stage in this cosplay!

Time Taken: 2hrs

I was going to do more tonight like sew the blacks together but I got distracted by Eurostar bookings whilst trying to find my pins. So this is the only progress I've done!

Cut out all the buckram shapes and sewed in the millinery wire. I'll need to hand sew it together, something I'll do mid-week after work because I can do that in the living room whilst watching TV. I never fancy facing my machine after a long day's work!

Time Taken: 3hrs

On the anime version this was so quick to do! On the manga version, as far as I'm aware there isn't a striped fabric like this so I had to sew on each stripe individually with ribbon. THIS TOOK SO LONG!

I melted the edges once they were done and then sewed on some bias binding and finally pleated in the ruffles.

Time Taken: 3hrs

For the past couple of weeks I've been sewing two wigs together on and off. One wig is 51" which goes down to my knees and the other is 40". I've only got 3.5 pieces left to sew but I am so so tired right now I need to stop ;_____;

Whenever I sew the wigs together I like to put TV on in the background, so I've gotten through a lot of Breaking Bad lately... XD

Time Taken: 9hrs

I pleated the white ruffles because they appear box pleated rather than gathered, made my life easier as I could have messy pleats! I sewed the ruffles on only the top bit just as a placeholder because the belt would be sewn over the top anyway.

The belt is made from the crepe side of crepe back satin covering some buckram for stiffness. I sewed this directly onto the white ruffles (there is a zip at the back so the belt is fake). The details are hand stitched on and the eyelets were done with the worse eyelet puncher in the world. It's a cheap little thing and I don't really ever use eyelets, I'm thankful there was only two in the reference!

I did some sewing before leaving for a concert today but didn't have time to sew the waistband of the skirt today. I just got back from the concert to find the skirt on my bed and well, I could just put it on the floor aside but then I run the risk of the pins coming out and that would have been heartbreaking, so I just manned up and did the sewing so that I can SLEEP.

I took off all my makeup and put my hair into lazy bun mode already but I still felt the need to try it on in case the skirt didn't fit. And then I decided to yolo a costume test by trying the top on as well. The socks you see there aren't the ones I'll be using, I've ordered some stockings which still haven't arrived yet!

I'm sorry, I've eaten a lot today so feeling slightly bloated OTL. I will look normal at Minami ;>

EDIT: Oh my gosh please excuse my laundry in the background as well XDDDD;;; Student life yo. I have constant laundry in my room FML.

Time Taken: 1hr

It's kinda wonky because I need to sew in the zip, which isn't here yet as I've only ordered it today. But progress!! It's made exactly the same way as my old Meroko cosplay, a boob tube with darts XD

Time Taken: 3hrs

Just need to buy a zipper and make the belt!

I put horsehair braid into it because Meroko's skirt is pretty flouncy, not stiff. But when the skirt wasn't ironed down (left) it looked pretty dead so I sewed in some horsehair braid and you can see the difference (right)!

It's two circle skirts sewn together and box pleated to get this sort of volume! My old Meroko cosplay was a rectangle three times the width of my hips and really wide unironed pleats which worked as well, but I wanted to try making it completely differently this time!

Time Taken: 1hr

Trying it all on! These aren't the boots I'll be wearing, well the base are, but they need new covers because these were the start of my Floral ones!

Just need details and to make the sash now!

Zipper is finally sewn in! I can wear it now!

The bodice is more or less 80% done now, just needs a zip and the buttons!

I used the leftover trim I made and sewed it to around 15mm on my sewing machine and then turned it inside out with a safety pin and sewed it in place because bi-stretch is shit at holding its shape - which in turn made it much easier to turn inside out than cotton would!

I turned the bodice inside out again so that the interfacing could be seen and pinned the straps sandwiched inbetween the two layers of bi-stretch and then sewed the top together - this is how I got a clean finish that is pretty neat on the inside as well if I do say so myself.

Not much progress really, just neatening things up. If Fabric Land are still sold out of the length of invisible zip I need then I will scream :P
(Or work on a different cosplay for the time being... XD)

Time Taken: 1hr

I sewed together the other layer and then sewed the two together right side. Then I trimmed the excess (there's a lot of excess!) so that it was easier to turn inside out and voila, this is what it's like! Nice clean edges - they just need an iron and the interfacing inside will make it behave :)

I haven't sewed the top together yet, I'm going to sew the straps on first. But for now I'm going to take a quick break to prep for work tomorrow XD

Time Taken: 3hrs

Some parts need taking in as I cut the fabric out larger than the mock up because the mock up was a little small, now this is too big... XD

But here's one layer and the interfacing sewn together! Going to cut out the final layer and then sandwich it together.

Time Taken: 2hrs


I got super hungry so stopped to post progress and eat some biscuits.

I actually hate cutting things out hahaha, so boring. I'm being lazy and pinning the interfacing and bistretch together but then I'll have to cut out one more layer of bistretch so that the inside is nice and neat and you can't see the interfacing.

Both skirts have their trims sewn on, woop! I'll make a waist band when FabricLand restocks their zips...

Time Taken: 30mins

One skirt finished, just gotta sew the other one as soon as I pin the trim in place :)

Time Taken: 3hrs

Pictures of the trim all sewn into place! See, it does look neat eventually!!!

Don't trim the excess horsehair braid, or else there is literally no reason for you in ever using it as it needs the whole thing to hold its shape.

I sewed in the horse hair braid about 3/8 of an inch onto the back side of the fabric, then sewed the blue trim on the front side of the fabric about 3/4 of an inch. You can be as messy as you want at this point, and oh boy I was very messy XD

But then you fold over the trim and pin it in place using the 3/4inch mark as a guide. The horsehair braid makes it easier to sew in the trim which is why I didn't iron it - it's made from bistretch anyway, which is impossible to iron!

I've done more progress than this but here's a sort of explanatory picture of how I'm making the trim. My lines totally don't line up... I always do this but I'm fairly good at compensating by eye so they do always work out to be the same width for me XD

Tab has done a cracking tutorial on how to make your own bias binding, I've always followed the same method because it works every time and gives you a decent amount :)

You can probably guess what my next progress picture will be. The skirts! The trim is all cut out and the skirts are sewn together so I'm going to be posting close ups of how I've sewn the trim into it.

Happy New Year everyone!!

I sort of dropped off the face of the planet after #SewNovember. It suddenly got super hectic what with an important University report to write and then flying off to another country for work meetings and ahhh, I just really could not keep up with #SewNovember and keep my sanity/grades ;____;

But I'm back into sewing again! I decided to take a different approach to the bodice and modify a pattern as I figured this would be easier to distribute to people. I'm using Simplicity 3629 and basically using the vest pattern to cut the diamonds into shape and hacking off the sleeves. It works rather nicely actually! It looks more creased because the calico is stupidly creased hahaha.

The seams in the pattern are a handy marker for where the points should be.

Perhaps tomorrow I'll actually put this to fabric and do some proper sewing! But I'm finally pleased with the bodice and skirt patterns so I can zoom along now :)

Time Taken: 3hrs

My wig arrived! I just had to try it on, but all my blonde hair make up is in Basingstoke atm and I'm in Taunton so I probably look reeeeally odd with blonde hair right now but oh weeeeeell 8')

This is the cutest wig ever omg.

I'm on my phone atm but will link a bias binding cutting tutorial I always use without fail (I do it from memory now but when I was learning I would use this one!) And it gives me decent bias binding every time.
I cut my fabric on the bias into a parallelogram shape and I've drawn out the width of my trim. I wanted a one inch trim so I drew out each line into 2.5" widths for extra seam allowance.
It's bloody difficult drawing in a straight line without a straight ruler, had so many mini points to join up with my fabric tape in hope it'd be somewhat straight x.x

Sewed it altogether and tried it on with just a pin at the back. Still needs adjustments but I'll do that later, I wanna get going on proper sewing now so gonna start cutting out the trim so that everything is all cut out and stuff!

I am not sorry for showing off my bunny pyjama shorts, they totally make the costume.

Time Taken: 2hrs

I promise... I will one day cosplay as Dagger. I just want to remake Garnet one more time before then XD

But hey, I bought this pattern because I couldn't be bothered to go to the cash point to get cash out and I just went into the shop to spend £1 which is way below the minimum for card so I just bought this pattern to eventually spur me onto making this costume :P

Made a mock up out of calico, as you can see it was well worth it!

I need to tighten up the bust area but otherwise the pointy bits flare out fine and it's good to see it implemented with fabric rather than newspaper. When I put the bust area to the way I want it I will sew it up and test it on my own body.

Time Taken: 1hr30

I've been slacking already in #SewNovember! Been super busy and tired these past few nights due to having to put on a screening at work one night then an extra long orchestra rehearsal last night. I've been doing research for another costume that's not part of #SewNovember too so ahh, why aren't days 36hrs long!?

Anyway, this is sort of how I begin the patterning process. I do any calculations needed with maths. In this case, most of the maths needed was to do with how far apart the pointy bits needed to be. I measured my waist and then roughly measured how big the area where the pointy bits end is. Divided these two numbers to get a scale factor (in my case roughly 1.5). Then I separated this into my front and back, so I took my front and quartered it and took the middle quarters and this was where the seam lines would be and the centre of the point. Took the point from my centre to the seam line and then multiplied this by the scale factor and then used this value as the distance from the centre to the point and then I joined the lines together to make the first point.
I basically did this for all four panels.
I could have divided my waist equally by four but naturally my back is wider than my front ever so slightly so the proportions would have been off. So I preferred to separate my front and back measurements.

The rest of the bodice I kind of draft by heart as I've done so many bodices now... The pattern is forever engraved into my head so I find it hard to explain OTL.

Not sure if my maths made sense to anyone at all, it's much easier to sketch it out!

Now I'm going to redraw the newspaper cut outs onto calico and see if it drapes right with fabric. I don't normally do this but I want to be extra sure when distributing this pattern as it actually matters this time XD

I cut out a new pattern using the old one as a base (mainly for the waist) and just drew it out to be 3 inches shorter.

Using the new pattern I cut out another skirt!

I only used half the fabric I bought. So if my fellow idols are reading this, only buy 2m of duchess satin and you'd still have room for errors! I'm probably going to make other people's costumes anyway so the fabric won't go to waste for me and I don't mind being the guinea pig at all :)
Ignore what the pattern says, you don't need 2m per skirt. That is ridiculous and I can make two skirts with 2m.

Now I did go to FabricLand today but I didn't intend to so I didn't bring any offcuts with me to get the right coloured thread. But I did go to buy some calico to make a bodice pattern tomorrow evening! I don't leave work til 8pm tomorrow so there's no chance I can buy thread tomorrow haha XD

Still barely any progress but I've been pretty busy today! To be fair I was occupied with cosplay research for something else which took up a lot of my #SewNovember time, but it's all very relevant to the theme!

Only had time to cut out the lower layer of the skirt today. Tomorrow I will trace the pattern onto some newspaper or whatever I can find for the shorter layer and cut that out.

If I get off work early then I will go into town and buy some appropriate thread to start sewing as well! Otherwise it's just more pattern making for the time being.

I'm doing things ever so slowly because I don't have time to go to FabricLand for the next couple of days. So I will run out of things to do very quickly XD

So I cut out the skirt pattern, feel ever so ripped off as it's literally just a circle skirt! But I will still follow it and will see if it's a better method to how I make it with the notches and everything. I feel the need to learn how to use conventional patterns anyway!

P.S. I always cut patterns to the largest size so that if people are bigger than me I don't have to worry about resizing it. Plus it makes it easier if I suddenly gain weight! When I say always... This is the second pattern I've ever used XD

I've had this horsehair braid for ages now because I like keeping things like this in my sewing box at all times. I like getting big rolls from eBay because it works out cheaper that way but for those that will never use it again, get however much you think the hem of the skirts will be!

I always buy from this supplier - the 30mm.

I usually get friends from Birmingham to buy my Duchess satin for £5p/m however as this is for a group I decided to source all my fabric online so that others can buy from the same source.

I will use the powder blue duchess satin for the skirts.

And the royal blue bi-stretch for the top and handmade trim.

I chose bi-stretch for the top because it doesn't crease easily so when we're dancing it won't suddenly crease up, especially as it's so form fitting. It will however make bias binding making a right pain because it's nearly impossible to iron. To work around this problem I've bought 25-30m of horsehair braid so I can just cut the fabric on the bias into long strips and sew that on simultaneously with the horsehair braid so that it won't shift and it will stay in place. It will also give it that extra cute flounce the skirts appear to have!!

Picture is the fabric with and without flash. I'm never at home in the daytime so only have very yellow dim lighting instead!

I'm making this costume as part of the #SewNovember challenge. I did in fact start on the 1st November however this is my first opportunity on a laptop as I had been home all weekend! So I'm already having to catch up with my journals haha.

This cosplay is for a big group at Kitacon and so I put extra effort in researching patterns to distribute to the group. The skirt pattern was the easiest to work out as there are tons of patterns out there. I bought Simplicity 3618 for the skirt as it's separate and drapes the way I want it to.

I'm going to see how short one layer is and then will probably make the second layer shorter.

Didn't want two references spamming up the main photos page!

Okay so I bought a white shirt and cut the wig finally hahaha. I really strongly dislike Mikasa's fringe but oh well, my Sasha wig is lost somewhere in the post ;;____;;

I still need to make the buttcape ahh help me.

I ran out of black thread and am busy all day tomorrow so only have Friday evening to sew everything... I highly doubt this will be done. Ah well, it was a fun 3 day challenge while it lasted... XD

I still need to add in a panel at the back of the bodice as it's a bit small, finish the hem of the skirt, sew the skirt to the bodice, hem the bodice, add in a zip, sew the black waistband... Basically I need a lot of black thread which I don't have.

Time Taken: 3hrs

Everything is cut out except the waist band! Now I just have to sew it all up by my housemate has gone to bed and I don't want to wake him. I should be in bed too to be fair!

There's actually two half circles so that it makes a full circle skirt. I just didn't want to lay them both out.

Time Taken: 2hrs

I went with a more silver ribbon than white as I thought it'd look better. Also went for lace instead of plain ribbon for the choker because I think it'd add more depth to the look.

Unfortunately I couldn't find a dark silver/grey satin bias binding so I have to use polycotton. I'd normally make my own but I really don't have the time or can be bothered!

I don't have a white shirt yet lawl so have an half assed test.
Unstyled wig, no make up, this is me being the laziest I've ever been. I'm not even wearing a wig cap \o/
It's okay, phone camera + instagram doesn't make it noticeable :')

Literally speed drafted a bodice pattern in 20mins as I've made this sort of bodice a thousand times before and I was suppose to be asleep half an hour ago as I only had three hours sleep last night. Oops. Cutting and sewing the fabric tomorrow hopefully!
I was gonna rewear for Expo but I had crazy inspiration for a shoot. What's wrong with me?

Next time I make a bodice like this I might invest in a go-to pattern. So many panels!!

Drafted a pattern out of newspaper and sewed it up.

I just have to press the seams and add some boning to hold it up better.

Now I have to do it all over again for the lining, FML.

Time Taken: 3hrs

Literally just the small handsewn details left, ahhhh!

All the resin casts were made by AngelTear so that we'd all match. She's done a fantastic job right!?

I've only pinned the chains and stuff in place for now, I just wanted to see how it'd all look.
Stephi is also providing me with more chains as I just about ran out, ahhhh XD

Time Taken: 3hrs

I sewn in the lining and the green bit of the collar, as well as the little lapels. Part of the collar is still pinned because I need to change the thread colour! But otherwise yay, nearly done with the jacket - just gotta sew in some sleeves and do the last bit of details!

I fecking hate collars.

Time Taken: 1hr

Wanted to see how it looks with the petticoat. Not sure if overkill or not! I probably will take it because it shows off the underskirt better.

That and I spent time on that damn petti XD

All embellishments will be done last because oh my gosh, the pressure is on!

Working on the jacket next.

Oh, I made the tie as well, it's totally cute x)

Everything in this costume is interfaced I swear hahaha.

Time Taken: 4hrs

Sewn on the jacket details, I double layered the bow and sewn in some wadding to make it puff out a bit because I thought it'd look really weird if it was just flat.

The cosplay finally looks more lively, yay :D

Time Taken: 1hr

I literally just powered through making this. Took me 4-5hrs omfg ;;____;;

I realised that I am crap at sewing in straight lines. Not a good thing XD
So fooking tired right now but I'm going to aim to at least tack the green detailing onto the jacket before bed. Might actually sew it, who knows.

The petticoat looked like such an overkill I'm not too sure about wearing it anymore XD

Time Taken: 4-5hrs

I gotta make two more of the blouse and skirt as commissions FML. After Ayacon I never want to make a blouse ever again. I will make matching skirts in white, buy a blouse and dye them from now on XD

I have shortened it, honest. And taken it in loads. It just doesn't look anyyyyy different OTL.

Oh well, can't do any more sewing now. My limit for using the machine is 11pm these days :P

Time Taken: 1hr

I needed to try on the skirt to see how much to take it in by because I knew I made it too long anyway. I just didn't realise it was a whole 1.5 inches too long :P

It's also obviously going to be gathered more. But otherwise yay, I love how poofy it is haha.

I love how I just happen to be wearing a white tank top.

It's all pleated, I just have to tack it altogether and then sew in a band so neaten up the edges :D

Time Taken: 2hrs

One skirt pinned!!

I also ironed allllll of the skirts before pleating. Otherwise it will only be harder later.

Decided it'd be easier to pleat each skirt individually and then sew together. It takes 10mins per skirt though and I can't find my other pins and I'm tired. Bed time zzzzz.

Time Taken: 1hr (Ironing actually took forever!)

This took me foreveeeeer to hem! Each skirt is over 6m in hem. Each of them are just two circle skirts sewn together and hemmed. I'm just in the process of pinning them in place so that I can tact them in place ready for pleating.

Time Taken: 5hrs


Chevi helped me pick out the fabrics. I'm basically using the exact same skirt fabrics as her as we went to FabricLand together hahaha. I was going to get duchess satin but she said she used acetate and you couldn't notice the shine on her skirt at all! So thought why the hell now.

Added on another layer! I got lazy and couldn't be arsed to pin the waistband. And it shows at the back XDDDDD It's not like it's going to be seen anyway :P

Looks so much poofier with a second layer!

Time Taken: 2hrs

The skirt is quite short so I felt the need to only make a two tiered petti, works out well for me as it's less effort!

I'm debating adding a second layer because I'll be wearing two skirts. But then I'll have to unpick the waistband of the petti to sew it in because it feels a bit ridiculous having two separate one layer petticoats.

Time Taken: 1hr

Progress wise I have cut out two copies of the jacket (although one is shown) so that I can double layer it later so that it appears lined. I have also patterned out the skirt and cut out the blue skirt.

It's like 4am atm so I can't really do much sewing without worrying about disturbing the neighbours downstairs hahaha, so with everything cut, pinned and patterned out, I'm hoping the next few steps will be a fairly swift one!

Time Taken: 2hrs

Urgh, this took me far too long to pattern! I should have just reused my Tokiya pattern but I didn't think that far ahead and left it at home. So I had to redraft it and those type of collars took me several tries to get right!

Time taken: 1hr

Just made the skirt, horray!

Made from bi-stretch suiting. I'm using Yuki's skirt as a petticoat because the suiting is dense enough you can't see underneath. That and I don't have the time to make a new black petticoat. I lost my old one a while back ;___;

Time Taken: 2hrs

Wooo, everything is hemmed and the collar is sewn on. Basically all I have left to do is make button holes and sew on the buttons. But I can't do that until I actually go out and buy some buttons so I'm gonna move onto making something else now.

I don't get why it looks so odd on the mannequin but it fits me fine so that's all that matters. I like the overall shape though :)

Time Taken: 2hrs

I keep looking at the shirt on the mannequin and it looks awfully unfitted. But on me it's perfectly fine so I thought I'd try it on before I did anything else. I've made the collar, that just need to be sewn on. Then hem everything and sew on the buttons and I'm done :)

I need to go out and buy buttons though. I'll do that later.

Time Taken: 1hr

I need to iron out the seams so bad it looks terrible on the mannequin OTL.
And it actually is a pale blue - not white. Otherwise I would have gone ahead and bought a shirt rather than make one XD

Just need to sew on the collar, hem the thing and interface the buttons area.

Time Taken: 1hr30mins

The wig needs a trim but hey, here's what the whole costume looks like!

It is far too hot to put on the shorts as I literally just put the costume over what I was wearing now and then flung it off because it's just too hot!

I think I suit Rise more OTL.

Next Persona 4 cosplay: Yukiko? XD

EDIT: The camera totally mirrored the image - hence why the fringe is going the wrong way :P
EDIT 2: The camera also darkened everything - I swear the jacket is actually a bright green.

False alarm, forgot about the little zipper detail. I cba to go out and buy zips or create pockets, so I just stitched on the detailing \o/

Time Taken: 40mins

Yay! Only took an hour for the last stripe. Probably because I wasn't trying to hand sew in the dark whilst lying down on the sofa this time \o/ The things we do to try and be lazy.

I have the skirt, wig, shoes and socks already so am gonna call this complete! I just need the badges which I will find in my own time eventually.

Time Taken: 1hr

Just one more stripe left to sew on! I've just pinned it for now as I am tired and each stripe takes me around 2hrs because I am slow and like to watch stuff at the same time. I'm in no mood to watch stuff anymore and just want my bed so I guess the remainder will be done when I move house :'D

I also cba to go put the jacket on the mannequin. The sofa is so comfy...

Time Taken: 4hrs

Honestly this has taken me absolutely ages because I am really slow at hand sewing. And this is why I don't hand sew that often.

Alas I was pretty bored and fancied a lazy day but I can't just sit around and watch TV doing nothing all day but that's exactly what I fancied doing. So I decided to make a start on my Chie cosplay whilst watching a lot of Adventure Time, Eden of the East and the Apprentice ahahaa... My life people...

Time Taken: 5-6hrs

Still got the front panels to do, the side stripes alone took 5-6hrs =_____=;

Cba to move or turn on the chandelier lights for better lighting. I have been plonked on this sofa with the little lamp on since it started getting darker aha :')

Photo by Rebecca (KiraraYumi)

Lawl, I made the gauntlets and half finished the gloves in the hotel room because I ran out of time. I will remake the gauntlets and finish sewing in the inserts to the gloves before Hyper Japan as I don't really have any other time to wear this cosplay!

Also my wig was sliding back like mad because I didn't put enough bobby pins into my hair so this was the best that I could share =_____=;

I honestly have no idea why the white floaty skirt thing is purple. It really is just pure white but my camera captured it purple and then photoshop enhanced this... When you see it IRL it is pure white XD;

Also you can tell I've put on weight over exam season and I wish to get back to normal soon OTL

Little test wear to see how everything looks so far! Except I can't find the yellow top amongst the eruption of fabric I have going on. It will surface as I start packing it all away \o/

So to save me from making shorts I just bought some chino shorts from Primark as all the denim ones in my size were sold out. I cut and hemmed it shorter to make them more accurate. These are just temporary til I have the time to make a more accurate pair.

I then sewed on the white skirt directly onto the shorts which broke a needle, wooooo \o/

The shorts are smaller than my mannequin so I sewed in two belt loops into the pleated skirt and it is literally held on with the belt.

Time Taken: 2hrs

I'm gonna call it a night once I finish sewing the gloves and making the gauntlets.

All I did was hand sew on the ribbon \o/

Cba to wear the wig now. I'm kinda hoping the hat will fit my head even with the wig on... :'D;;;;

Not sure why the picture is tilted to the side OTL. It's fine on my PC =___=;

Yay! All sewn together finally! Most of it took ages as I had to hand sew everything except the collar. However I handstitched it to the top because the top is stretchy.

Time Taken: 2hrs

Still not 100% sure how to attach it. After closer inspection in the reference pictures I think it's suppose to be tucked into the shorts. However I will probably just tack it on. I originally thought the belt was keeping everything up but oh well!

I felt the need to show a picture of me actually wearing it. And because I had only tried it on like once during the making of it and was reeeeeally worried it wouldn't fit hahaha. I've gained weight during exam season and haven't adjusted the mannequin yet. But yay it still fits :'D

I actually cba to make some shorts right now. So I'm gonna use my Sheryl shorts for the time being \o/

My mother has amazing timing and just came home with egg tarts. I CAN CARRY ON WITH FOOOOOD IN MY STOMACH!

The jacket is now wearable!

The 5% that I have left to do is the stitches that can be seen, however I forgot to buy embroidery floss and actually don't have another chance to go into town to buy some so I shall do that on my rewear.

Time Taken: 3-4hrs

I haaaate stretchy fabrics!

Found a nice mustard colour cotton jersey and it's such a pain to work with. But hey, at least it's just two seams. Gonna hand stitch the top later as I didn't want to zig zag stitch on show. Or I might use wonderweb, but I'm pretty rubbish with an iron so it's easier to hand stitch it.

Going to go to town today and buy some black fabric paint for the little symbol!

Time Taken: 30mins

All the bias binding is sewn on. Just gotta do the side flappy bits and finish off the puff sleeves!

Also hemmed the butt cape.

Time Taken: 40mins

I was going to call this a skirt but really it's just a pretty butt cape :L
Standard box pleats. I looked at references and there isn't a band or anything which makes my life easier. I just gotta sew on some belt loops.

Just gotta hem and iron it. I need to iron so much I may just do it at the hotel room Wednesday evening \o/

Time Taken: 40mins

Puff sleeves and collar is now sewn on! As well as the little detailing on the front.

Just need to gather the sleeves into the armband (Gotta find my black fabric first!) and sew on the gold bias binding. I'm probably going to move onto the skirt now so that I don't have to change the thread, then go back to the jacket \o/

I've listened to like 3 Glastonbury acts whilst doing all this. It's taking so long D;

Time Taken: 3-4hrs

Wheeee it's shaping up!

I had to cut out the front panel three times because first time, I forgot that some fabrics are not the same on both sides OTL. And then I forgot to add allowance to button it up so I had to redraft the pattern slightly (and the collar) and finally cut it out!

I need to press all the seams, gonna do that last because I don't have an iron on me. I also need to tidy up all the thread.

Gonna draft out the sleeves and then finally cut and sew on the collar. I hate collars, I'm doing that last haha. It's because I have to cut it out three times - effort XD

Time Taken: 2hrs

Speediest pattern making eveeeeer. Guess the newspaper :P

I usually work out patterns using a load of crazy maths. A) I cba, B) No time. So I just lobbed a load of newspaper onto my mannequin and hope it translates well in fabric form :P

I haven't had this mannequin long so maybe this is a technique I can use for the future \o/ Although it doesn't feel right so erm, maybe when I'm not sewing under time pressure I'll stick with the maths :'D

Time Taken: 1hr

I have had too much fun making awkward faces with those sunglasses. I think they are forever hilarious.

I didn't actually pay £5.50 for that bracelet, got it for basically half price!

Sunglasses are from eBay.
Bracelet is from Claires.

Basically done, woooo!

I lost my sewing needle and all I have left to do is handsew the buttons and hook and eye. And then I need to buy some stick on velcro (because if I use sew on then the seams will show on top).

Time Taken: 1-2hrs

Woooo, my flappity flaps are getting there! One done, other one to go, although the pocket is already made.

I love a cosplay with pockets. And I get to wear a bag (I'm not making it for JE, to much effort!!! But I will carry my normal bag which is the wrong colour but who cares \o/), this is actually the best cosplay ever in terms of practicality omg <3

Time Taken: 2hrs

It will look better when ironed XD

Base is all sewn together! Just gotta make the flaps now. I cocked up the zip because it was such a wide waistband and I cut away too much fabric so had to install the zip funny, but strategic positioning of the flaps will hide this hurrrr :')

Time Taken: 1.5hrs

Had to hand sew the top of the waistband to hide the raw edges and so that the stitches wouldn't be seen on the surface.

I pinned everything first to see how it would all look. Nothing is sewn or ironed yet so apologise for the pleats. But it's a good indication of how everything looks.

The main bit of the skirt is knife pleats and the waistband is box pleated and will probably be sewn in place so that it doesn't shift.

Time taken: 45mins

Gonna go sew it altogether now and then make the side bits.

This is the same as my Yuki journal hurrrr |D;;;

Need to make a plain black skirt then I can call this complete~

I have the wig as well, I just got out of bed and was still a zombie to the world OTL.

When I first made this costume is was TERRIBLE OTL. I had no idea how pleats work, no concept of patterning and oh my days this costume... This costume XD

I had every intention of one day remaking it because I love Haruhi and wanted to do her justice. But then Keeta (LemonPanda) was selling her costume cheap so I thought why the hell not. And it arrived today 8D

Big package came this morning, I jumped out of bed thinking FabricLand had sent my order off early \o/ But I am still happy and had to throw the costume on as quickly as possible to try it on. It's perfect~ Fits so nicely *O*

Because I literally jumped out of bed with eyes still half shut when opening the door to the postman, I have messy bed head and a zombie face hurrrr. I don't do well in the mornings at all.

Omg it arrived ahhhhh!!! Wig is here too but I literally jumped out of bed when I heard the doorbell to collect my mahoosive package (thinking it was fabric... XD) and had to try on all the shiny new costumes immediately.

Therefore I still have no make up and bed head hurrrrr :')

It's a bit big on me so when I get the chance I may take it in a few inches. I don't know why it's so big OTL.

I made the glove for the wrong arm... XD

Too late to take things in now. My left arm is slightly skinnier than my right arm so it will just have to be a bit baggier and the holes will look funny.

Damn me and my tired/ill state...

One bowl of cereal later and I am done!

My stomach aches so much... The cereal bowls at home are far bigger than the ones I'm use to at Uni but I carried on eating because cereal is just so good D:
What am I even talking about...?

Sorry for the Instagram filter.

I hate fur...

Again, I threw all professionalism out the window due to my rage against prices at my local fabric store. I'd love to line the thing in polycotton or cotton, but I just cba! :P

I'll bring my lint roller with me to the con...

Hi, I have a skirt, I could have made me more professional by using interfacing in the waistband but when the fabric was £7.99p/m I mentally decided to go on strike and throw all professionalism out the window... Thus the hem isn't very neat either. I kinda regret doing this now but what's done is done, I'm still ill and I cba to unpick it at certain points just to make it that much neater. Especially as the ruffles will hide all imperfections!!

Brb, I need cereal.

Took me 2hrs but all the polka dots are painted on :D

I got a bit lazy, especially at the back, but it's covered by the jacket any way. I also made a few splatters by mistake when I wasn't paying attention but again, they're at the back.

Now to get started on the actual sewing part of the costume!

Why did I think hand painting the polka dots was a good idea...?

I'm slowly running out of guilty pleasure TV. Most of the stuff I usually watch on iPlayer are no longer on there :'(

Hello my image decided to error on me... I don't know why.

I remade the glove out of some heavy cotton lycra twill I bought by accident. Works like a charm, fits so nicely now! I was going to remake the boot covers out of the same fabric but I ran out of time. Didn't plan on being in bed literally all day yesterday, oops...

Sorry for my incredibly tired state, I should really be in bed by now but I was so disappointed with my first attempt at the glove that that was the one thing I just had to remake from this costume if I had to do anything.

All I have left to do is to sew in a hook and eye at the top of the zip, sew in some buttons and then make the metal bits and I am doooone!
And unpick a random seam I did in the collar because I thought if I did that it would make it look more authentic looking but I can't sew straight lines to save my life and there's no interfacing in it because it's cotton, not polycotton, so it didn't need it, so it's literally just a random seam in the middle of the collar... Yeaaaaah...

Basically all the sewing machine jobs for the dress is done. I need to make some new boot covers but I'll do that another day.

I'm taking a short picture break because I have to change the thread on the sewing machine... I hate changing the thread so it has become a bit of a long break :P

The boob bit is pinned on for the time being. Just so that I can mark out the pattern for the white collar bit as then I can stitch the boob bit to the collar bit, sew the remaining bias binding to the edges of the boob bit and then finally join it together with the skirt bit.

I love having a dress form. So much easier to make patterns!! The boob bit fits so much nicely now too~ *O*
Best purchase eveeeeer!!

I don't know if it's because I'm really out of practise or if it's because I'm ill but trying to figure out how to sew an invisible zip took me like... 3 tries... I thought it should be like riding a bike - once you learn, you never forget, apparently not :P

Took the whole dress apart and took it in. Because my body had to be annoying and lose weight on me, why would you do that!? D:
Now I have to make some more bias binding (I'm hoping I have enough black cotton spare...) and then sew it onto a new boob thing.

Because hot glue doesn't come off polycotton very well and the white collar bit was polycotton, I have to remake that as well ;;____;;

May as well call this a new cosplay OTL.

Awwww yeah, the wig took me around 6-8hrs to sew together but it's finally done! I quickly cut in a fringe and took a test photo.

I'll hairspray it to death when I get to Gemu probably, I don't think my lungs can cope with the solvents right now ;o;

I couldn't be assed to do a proper make up test which is why I used the webcam. I just put some false lashes on because with such a voluminous wig - I looked awful without /something/ to make my eyes look bigger!

I am in love with this wig so much *O*

Everything is now pinned, it's nearly 4am and I want to go to bed but I thought I'd take a quick picture of how it will eventually look like when it's all sewn down. Thickest wig eveeeeer!!

It's quite nice actually, the two wigs weren't completely identical, probably because I bought the first one exactly a year ago. The first one (that was chopped up) was slightly more yellow than the brand new one. So it has a blended blonde effect going on, quite subtle but it gives it more colour depth.

I'm gonna have fun styling this beast...

Basically when I'm bored and wanting to watch more TV, I'll be hand sewing the rest of the wefts. My neck and back are killing me...

Hi, I'm ill and trying to recover by spending the past 4.5hrs sewing a wig together. It's not helping me recover...

I've only done the bottom wefts ;;____;;

I would fall asleep, but as I decided to sew the wig on my bed whilst watching many episodes of Once Upon a Time, I can't just fall asleep without fear of there being a needle /somewhere/ on my bed and if I move everything then I may get the wefts mixed up. Therefore I must stay up and do as much as I can... I'll at least try and pin everything together before bed.

The handmade costume needed interfacing and I really couldn't be assed and so this was put on hiatus for a very long time.

Then PirateToaster was selling her costume mega cheap and it was exactly my size so I just went for it! I'm such a lazy costumer hahaha. Need to buy red ribbon and some knee length socks and remake some clips (or buy them, I want this to be the laziest cosplay evet haha) then I am done!!

I can't wait to be Asuka :D

Excuse the messy room and dirty mirror.

Not exactly progress, more of a "Hey! Look what I've acquired!" journal entry.
This is basically a repeat of what I've posted on Twitter/Instagram so please ignore, you've already seen this before if you follow me.

It's not as big as I thought, yet still more accurate than my old necklace!

Looking like this won't be done for Gemucon any more so am going to try for Ayacon. Mainly because it's very unlikely I will get a chance to do any sewing until the Summer holidays - too busy with Uni :(

I'm taking inspiration from the anime artwork for colours of fabric. I'll be mixing and matching the two artworks.

Hi, I have a big petal butt.

Ironed it all yesterday, already needs a re-iron. I hate cotton... All the gems are painted with an accidental (nice, but accidental) marble effect and glued on using "SERIOUS GLUE"... They ran out of super glue. So I bought "SERIOUS GLUE", I found it rather amusing.

Made some bias binding from white duchess satin and sewed it all on. Everything is currently pinned in place ready for sewing together, trimming and then sewing on the bias binding. The bias binding is all cut out, I'm literally waiting for my housemates to wake up (i.e. I'll do all this tomorrow morning before rehearsals) so that I can do more on this costume. Damn early sleeping housemates!

Excuse my horrendously messy room. When even I say a room is messy then that's saying something, I've just been very incredibly busy lately orz.

Time Taken: 3hrs

I started off cutting patterns out of newspaper but gave up quickly because it didn't hold its shape any way. Then I started just cutting out pieces of sew in heavyweight interfacing however it didn't hold its shape either. So I quickly ordered some iron on heavyweight interfacing on eBay and it arrived today, cut out each petal to what I thought would be the correct shape (and horray, I can still work out shapes from scratch!) and pinned it altogether and voila. I have a flower butt.

Now that I know the shapes are fine I'm going to proceed to cut out the fabric pieces. No point in posting pictures of that though. I can't actually sew them together until tomorrow because one of my housemate is asleep and I don't want to wake him... Damn.

Made some white bias binding ready though. Going to town tomorrow to buy some superglue ready to glue on the cabochons. With any luck, my pink sharpie should be arriving tomorrow to colour the cabochons in. I still have some dark pink bias binding I made the other day ready for the petal skirt so hopefully fast-ish progress approaching. I sadly have a crazy amount of Uni work this week as well so can only work on cosplay around that work.

Time Taken: 2hrs

Made some really wide bias binding out of the same suiting material as the skirt. Took a lot of patience again because our iron is rubbish so I just had to cut the fabric on the bias and pin everything in place carefully.

Held together with hooks and eyes and velcro, because I can't find an open ended zip short enough for the top.
The straps have heavyweight interfacing inside to hold its shape.

The little pom pom is just placed there for the time being, I need to go out and buy some glue!

Ignore colours, I couldn't be arsed to shoot in manual mode so I couldn't change the white balance.
I would have taken a picture with it tried on, unfortunately it's 1.30am right now and I am freezing and cannot be arsed to wear anything that would make me colder.

I haven't been keeping track of the time like I usually do. I'd say overall so far I've spent roughly 5-6hrs? A lot of it was patterning the petals which I will post progress of once my interfacing arrives... Because apparently sew in interfacing is useless for this kind of job.

I decided I wanted to be neat for a change, so I sewed in the trim at the same time of sewing the two layers together. Cue lots of patience and stabbing myself with pins.

I used the matte side of duchess satin and lined it in cotton.

Trim was bought on eBay. Founded by Stephi (Angel Tear), whom is also being Haruka!

I don't know why I took a photo, I just put in the invisible zip rather neatly and I was quite proud of that. Still needs to be pressed although nobody will ever witness the neatness because it is hidden by petals.

Ignore colours, I couldn't be arsed to shoot in manual mode so I couldn't change the white balance.

I basically literally started yesterday and so feel the wrath of my last minute cosplay making... Again... Hopefully with less broken machines this time.

I have more screenshots on my PC but I'm rather picky when creating collages and due to the different sizes of everything, it didn't look neat. So have a separate reference picture to show the shoes I'll be using! They're the standard ones but I couldn't grab a screenshot clear enough so I uploaded one I found on Tumblr which had the horrible boots accessory attached.

I wore this for a grand total of an hour at Amecon \o/

Was originally entered for the masquerade but decided to drop out at the last minute because I refused to wear it unfinished. But I thought I'd carry on wearing it regardless to see how well it fares to wear and tear.

I took off the veil due to rage because it drags on my wig. Next time I am sewing it directly onto the wig and then putting in even more grips to make it stay on! You can see the veil on the floor, I call it my chicken head. Yeah, my wig was sliding off due to that veil, didn't realise it slid off that badly though otherwise I would have fixed it!

My con badge is also still on my waist, I keep forgetting about the thing because it feels like it's not there.

I'm going to wear clear straps with the costume next time. I sewed in some loops before lining the bodice just in case it doesn't sit right and I'm so glad I did now because it really, does not sit right.

Now that I have a bit more time I'm going to add one more (maybe two) layer to the bustle.

Then there's just additional detail to the veil and dangly bits on the skirt. Which will take forever mind you, but this cosplay shall be done eventually!

Thank you Spirit of the Stage for this photo~

Full details on how I made them to come in my description.
I forgot to engrave the screws detailing, woops. I'll do that for the next time I wear this.

I made an evoker belt last year for Japan Expo as well, unfortunately I can't seem to find it. Will need to make another one with the spare white leather and buckram I have. Sadly didn't have time to do this for Ame but I shall make it quickly before putting the costume away so I know everything is together.

(Technically later today)

But not without a cheeky journal update!

I've done all the detailing for the bustles now. All that's left is to sew on all the bias binding (I may need to make more), attach it to the skirt and that's that done. Bustles were very quick and easy though it did take a bit of thinking and some quick calculations to try and figure out what's the best pattern for them.

The second layer of the bustle is the most confusing thing ever. I made one side as accurate as I could from a screenshot but then I got bored and did random designs. It just had to look busy, and busy it looks. Though one side looks busier than the other because I got bored and skimped out a bit, you can't actually tell, it's just me!

I've sewn on the bias binding for three of the veils, got one more to do but I need to make more bias binding. I also need to hand embroider the details because paint looks horrible and the detail is too intricate to cut out and hem on duchess satin ;_____;

Embroidery will be the last job I do. Going to fit together all the armour pieces tomorrow, ahhhhhh.

You can see my headdress peeking into the photo as well hah. I need to mix together proper acrylic paints in order to paint the gold detail. The feathers are ready for attaching, just have to drill a hole through the middle so I can attach it onto a comb.

I can finally list /something/ as complete XD

All the bias binding is sewn on and they now have zips!

Well, maybe they're not 100% complete exactly, they just need minor things like cutting away long bits of thread from the machine and ironing the blasted the bias binding. But that's a hotel room job probably as the whole thing will need ironing after being packed away in a suitcase anyway. Although I'm contemplating it carrying it in a plastic suit bag if it's rather fragile for the suitcase, in which case I shall iron it before leaving!

Cba to shoot in manual mode and my light bulb turns everything yellow so please excuse the yellow tinted photo \o/

I'd go ahead and add bias binding to the bodice as well but I'm going to wait til the armour is finished so that I know where exactly it will go.
I was going to finish the veils today as well but going to do that tomorrow whilst armour is drying because dad's in his room and I use his room for cutting large bits of fabric. So for now I'm going to work on the bustles! I haven't even started them yet, woops! But I'm going to applique everything rather than paint so I should get it done quicker.

Meet daddy, mummy and baby 8D

They're not stuck down for obvious reasons that I need the un-raised bits white so I'm painting it separately. But I thought I'd share this family portrait <3

The baby ones are a killer to cut out though and I want to throw them all out the window. In the reference you can't make out what the slightly bigger than the beads bits are so I thought it'd be cool to make everything match. WHY DID I DO THAT? STUPID DECISION. STOOOOOOPID. I have 24 of the things to cut out, this will be a nightmare. I've cut out all of mummy and daddy though, they were pretty easy.

I forgot to buy spray paint today and I'm pretty sure the car shop is closed on Sundays, going to have to buy it on Monday, woops XD;

Going to start sculpting tonight probably!

Guys guys, take a look. It's taking shape 8D

Although I realise that the bottom bit needs reshaping and I think I must have threw a layer in the bin by accident... As it's missing a layer in one of the gaps LOL. Awkwaaaaard... It's not the first time I've done this, I did it before on one of the bits in the middle.

But yeah, have a picture of half the bodice armour! Other half is still being drawn out and in the stage of getting more glue on my fingers than the foam.

You can't tell from the picture but I did a very small bit of engraving to emphasise the different direction of bands (?) in the middle section where the random oval things are. THESE DETAILS WILL PROBABLY NEVER SHOW UP ON CAMERA BUT I MUST DO THEM FOR MY OWN EASE OF MINE OTLLLL.

It's a bad idea to do gluing in my room late at night as despite the window being open, the smell will linger for a while. Therefore if I awake loopy tomorrow, then you will know why 8D

Going to pretty much stop progress for the evening and I haven't taken any real progress photos lately despite pretty much working solidly every day. I just haven't had any photo worthy progress!

All the templates are all drawn and cut out. They've all been drawn out onto the red foam which is the thinner foam and I have yet to draw out the remaining pieces onto the thicker foam. I could have really done with 1mm foam but sadly money will not allow for it and I already had the standard 2mm foam leftover from a big project which never sadly took shape - that project will take shape hopefully but I no longer want to use foam for it anymore so it's all good for Ashe XD

I'm hoping my way of making the details raised and defined works? Please tell me it works, my brain cannot handle all these fumes I've inhaled from gluing the bastards together! It would make me cry if I had to rip it all apart and redo it XD

More things I've done that aren't photoworthy:
Added more tulle to the petticoat, it makes a huge difference! I can turn around full circle on the spot and the skirts will stay perfectly in shape, touch wood. I'm going to add on just a bit more tulle for added security as I may have just been very lucky at the time of trying it on but I'm quite proud! But you don't want to look at it, ugliest petticoat I've ever seen XD

Both skirts are now fully lined but need new zips as the ones I bought were too long. Well I could put them in, but it'd look a lot nicer if I used the shortest zips possible.

I don't think I've mentioned this any where, but I made the veiling ages ago. It's just been sat on the wig head for ages now. I just have yet to alter it so that it has less volume as it looks like a bird's nest on the top as I had to gather it so much, it was really wide tulle! XD

I'm hoping tomorrow I can finish off all the foam bits and PVA it once or twice depending on how much time I have so that I can spray paint it on Sunday. I can go back to plain ol' sewing in between drying time. Assembly of everything will take the longest X____x

The skirts are done! Would have done them quicker but I was watching the Gymnastics at the same time \o/

Picture reposted from my tweet as it's still kinda drying and I cba to wear it right now anyway.

Fun fact: I painted the underskirt by stuffing a shoebox between the satin and lining as I needed a hard surface. But then with the corners I switched to stuffing newspaper inside.
Life would have been a lot easier if I hadn't lined the thing before painting but I needed to know where all the curves were and it would have been too bothersome to unpick it all then stitch it together again after painting!

I've done 2/3 of the underskirt now. Going to do the rest today and make a start or maybe finish the upperskirt if I'm lucky!
I got a flick of paint on the side of the skirt hence why one side is soaked due to me furiously scrubbing it off... orz.

Try and spot the faces on it! There's a face that looks like a creepy clown, one that looks like Akamaru from Naruto (Kiba's dog!) and one that's my cute little monster. And one that looks like a killer plant. I'll have you know I didn't paint these faces on purpose, I did my best to follow the design, with some artistic license D;

Watching the Olympic games have been a huge distraction... But also gives me entertainment whilst painting \o/

My internet decided to pack up on my last night so have a bit of a backlog of pictures!

I only have to make a template for the back dangly bits, the clasp and the biggest side dangly bits and that should be it. Everything else has a template and has been drawn and cut out from foam. Most just need a second layer for raised details and then they're good for PVA and paint!

Showing picture of template as the foam has no detail drawn on so thought this would be easier to look at.

I've sketched out half of it and painted about 1/5 of it in the past... 2hrs??

Now I don't normally repost my silly tweets because the photos I take on my phone are really quite poor quality. But it was just so amusing that I thought I'd share.

Well there goes my excitement.
But if you do see it: 8D

Points to whoever can spot it on my dress when I come to wear it. But there will soon be other bits of lines and stuff so it may not look like a little monster any more, which will make me sad. BUT I SHALL FOREVER HAVE THIS PHOTO PROOF THAT I CREATED A CUTE LITTLE MONSTER.

I think the paint fumes and late nights cutting foam are getting to me... Even though I don't think there are actually any fumes from Dylon fabric paints...

This cosplay is giving me the crazies, please excuse me.


This is all the bits to the side and underneath my boob. I've already drawn out the actual bit surrounding the boobs and it's already transferred onto the foam. That was the easier bit, the harder bit was this whole side bits of armour because it's considerably bigger meaning more detail to work out.

The quality of the videos may be good, but still not good enough to work out because her damn veil or arm gets in the way in a lot of the shots!

Photo to show a very rough sketch which will be transferred onto newspaper to scale so I can transfer it onto the foam. For the boob bit I did it the other way around, used newspaper to get a rough shape and then sketched it out properly onto paper because it's easier to see the details on paper. Sadly A4 isn't large enough for this job and I don't have any A3, so newspaper it is!

Honestly, the hardest bit is trying to work out the design. Once this is all done then cutting out the foam and assembling it all should be fairly easy, note, I said should.

These past few days have been me, staring endlessly at all the different references I've gathered, and just staring... Occasionally trying to sketch out dafuq is going on in the armour pattern, but yeah, lots of staring.

I've lost track of how much time has been spent on this costume now, it's taking me several hours every day to make the smallest of progress!

Have a picture of the circle bits, I've also cut out the oval shaped things which I forgot to take a picture of.

Got the easiest bits out the way, the mind boggling bits are all the detailing on the torso, gaaah!

All of the bias binding! Which I gave up with ironing after like... Half a metre. Duchess satin isn't iron friendly, that and I have little patience and didn't want to turn up the heat too much in case I wasted expensive material!
If I feel like I'm failing to sew it on when I come to do that then I shall iron it properly...

Mainly posted a picture so you can see the colours I'm using for the costume!

Again, you get a picture of the polycotton mock up. Cause I'm far too lazy to take another picture of the satin one XD

I'm currently in the process of adding on the fastenings of the bodice and trying to shape the back. I took screenshots of a HQ video and I noticed that her bodice is even weirder than I thought! THERE'S A RANDOM GAP IN THE SIDE FOR HER ARMOUR, I MEAN DAFUQ SQUARE-ENIX? DAFUQ!?

For once I can sew the lining and the satin together because there's no detailing on the bodice (except all the armour, beads, bias binding, etc... But no painting XD) so when I'm done I may take another picture and call the bodice done, wooo!

Bodice was a quick easy job as when I was making Just be Friends Luka, I copied the bodice pattern onto newspaper so I wouldn't have to spend time drafting it again. I just altered this pattern.

I forgot how rubbish making bodices with polycotton is...

Time Taken: 2hrs

Not gonna lie, I was a bit baffled on how to draft a pattern with the overskirt without darts. So I literally wrapped the fabric around me and pencilled in where the seams should be and it actually fits perfectly... ... ... The one time drawing around yourself actually works LOL.
I was prepared to accept the fact I will need horrible looking darts that no one else would see except me, but it's not needed, yaaaay :D
It probably helps that I don't have much of an ass :x

This is just the polycotton mock up. I always seem to take pictures of the mock up... But you can see the underskirt in all its duchess satin glory now! It looks terribly draped I know. I have plans that will fix this, but first I need to do all the detailing, make the petticoat bigger, sew the lining together then it should drape better once I add some hidden stitches here and there...

Pictures were taken before I changed the shape of the triangles. It's now raised higher up and the back one isn't as big.

The more layers I add the more I can feel the inability to move...
First picture shows it with just all the layers. Second picture shows it without the layers but with denim shorts on, hence the weirdness on the top!

I deeply apologise for messy room. White fabric everywheeeeere. And clothes, and more fabric, and craft materials, and oh God I just hate cosplay making frenzies. I'm a messy person but this is just too much ;;__;;

Time Taken: 3hrs

I've made 14 flowers so far, I can't bring myself to make anymore. IT'S JUST TOO HARD, SO DAMN TIRED. MY FINGERS CANNOT TAKE ANYMORE XD;
I mean my hands were literally cramping up, like that feeling when you've been writing an essay solidly for 1h45 in an exam. THAT SAME HORRIBLE FEEL. Because that's how long I've basically spent making these so far XD; (Not including circle cutting time, but that was rather fun as I was watching TV at the same time).

I have no idea why I thought hand making the roses was a good idea. I have a batch of ivory roses to make too after the pink ones, FML D:

Time Taken: 4hrs

Quick picture to show all the teeny tiny flowers I've melted thus far... SO TINY! My fingers are burnt and there's wax on my tweezers >:

Another journal to follow.

Sorry for crappy mobile photo, couldn't be arsed to get my camera out XD;

Skirt is made from polycotton. This will eventually be used as the lining but after ripping it apart again to use as a pattern for the duchess satin, as the satin will most definitely need lining anyway due to the back looking messy due to the detailing so killing two birds with one stone here!

So this was just rushly sewn to see if my drafted pattern translates well in real life and to see how well the petticoat is coping. I don't think it's a bad attempt? I've already taken it in once where my knees are, might take it in just a bit more because it's still not as tight fitting as I want it (dad asked if I can move, I said "Yes, perfectly fine" - but this is wrong because mobility is suppose to be limited hahaha!). Figured I'd take a picture anyway, you can see all my seams as it's easier to pin things tighter this way and all these seams will be facing that anyway!

No zip hence why I'm trying to hold it up! It'll look a lot better with the duchess satin as it's a much heavier fabric so my petti won't show through the fabric as much. But as you can see, the petticoat definitely needs a lot more poof to support the fabric and the skirt needs to be a tad tighter to get Ashe's silhouette!

On the plus side, this skirt makes my legs look long, omg 8D

Time Taken: 8hrs (roughly... I'm losing count)

All my time! I think a second full petticoat was all that was needed, just from the photos the front was full enough as in the reference it doesn't flow out that much, so this was sufficient! However the back fishy tail needs a bit of extra tulle to poof it out as it's pretty flat, same for the side tails. But I needed to make the skirt first to see how well it copes with fabric on top so the petticoat will be left in progress for a while longer. AT LEAST I CAN GO TO MORE EXCITING SEWING NOW, FINALLY!

Another journal to come.

Picture stolen from Mel's facebook trolololol.

Finally going back to this cosplay a year later. Rewore her last year for Japan Expo but didn't post progress as I made the belt in the hotel room... I'll post pictures when I can find the thing!

For the evokers, I had some A3 foam board spare from when I made Noel's (Blazblue) Bolverk. One A3 sheet was large enough to fit 2 evokers on which was perfect, as I was making two.

I found a vector trace of the evokers on deviantART (will link in actual description) which I enlarged on my laptop by working out the scaling through some odd calculations and then traced it by sticking paper on top of my laptop screen... The things I do to save ink XD;

I then drew out one layer with the trigger, followed by two layers without the trigger onto foam board. Then repeated for a second evoker. This was glued together with impact adhesive then Freyarule used some air fimo to seal the edges of the foam board whilst I cut out all the craft foam layers. Each side has two layers of craft foam so far, which was then covered by air fimo by myself once more.

We'd have carried on but there's barely any craft foam left as I only bought one A3 sheet... Damn XD;

Time Taken: 6hrs

Worn at Japan Expo but I wanted to wear my glasses when watching stuff so whenever I did, the makeup wore off so no good photos unless I can find the French photographers accounts or something hahaha. I managed to get a photo on my phone before going to the con though 8D

Basically bought some light grey snazaroo and some cheap black and light grey eyeshadow from Natural Collection to contour my face. Also used black eyeliner, false eyelashes and pink lip gloss to blend the facepaint with my lips. Everything was sealed with hairspray.

Hopefully can rewear for a UK con and I won't need my glasses :p

Only progress I can show... Cause it's the only thing I made XD

This was before I hemmed the top and glued it all together.

Time Taken: 2hrs

My labour of love for the past 3 days, been working on it on and off around work and stuff!


No petticoat, but I rather like it without tbh. If I can fit the petticoat in my suitcase for Ame then I shall wear one for added poof, but if I can't fit it in then I don't mind too much!

It's a bit too big for me in the bust area hence why it's so loose orz.

Time Taken: 2hrs

My days, next time I'm just buying cotton drill. Had to double layer this as it's a bit see through otherwise and because I'm rubbish, it makes the bodice look kind of rubbish too. I just gave up and I'm settling with this.

But on happier news, drafted the pattern for (a single layer) bodice first time without any alternations. Woooo! Just the doubling of the layers made the seams bulk out and distorts the shape where the bust is. It fitted fine as just one layer D':

To kind of mask this, I gathered the middle slightly so it looks purposely like that. Plus it was accurate to the reference so I would have had to do that anyway.

The two layers are just pinned in place at the moment, will sew them together soon! Then I just have to make the skirt which is easy peasy, saving the easiest bit for last!

I've also made the wire framing for the circlet and bought all the materials (and I got some ivory silk kindly donated from my dad today, amazing dupion silk too! At least I think it's dupion silk, it's just offcuts from an expensive curtain that needed shortening) ready to make the flowers. I left my candle at home though and I do a lot of my cosplay making at our shop so I just have to go home and fetch some candles to make flowers! Hopefully soon.

Time Taken: 3hrs

Half way through making it I noticed that the side tulle looks like little fish the way it was gathered, it amused me for a short while \o/

All my rage, most weirdest looking petticoat I've ever seen. And it just consumes all my tulle, I need to buy more D:
But thought I'd show a picture of the first layer regardless, I've started a second layer but I can't bring myself to continue... Especially as I can't make a full second layer as I just don't have enough tulle!

Me being incredibly stupid I also sewed the petti the wrong way around. So the back slit is now on the side as there's nothing worse than having to unpick tulle. I don't give a damn anymore XD

Time Taken: 3hrs

Excuse messy room...

It's only taken me 4 years later to finally kick my arse in gear and finish this cosplay!?!?!?

Spent about an hour to unpick the attempt at hemming the thing.
Then about another two hours to handsew the bias binding. Guhhhh.

Quick heads up, no I am not leaving it like this! Whole thing is going to be dyed the same colour! Only I can't seem to find the sachet of blue dye I've had for years so I may need to buy another sachet, buhh.

I'll have better boots for when I rewear this too! Although they're still not perfectly accurate, I can't justify spending more money on boots. My safety boots will do for the time being until I want proper fashion boots hah!

Time Taken: 3hrs

I've never made a pencil skirt before... It shows!
Fabric also needs an iron.

Made from cotton and insides are neat as I've sewn the edges twice so that it's hiding inside the hem. I don't even know why I bothered as no one will ever be able to see the petticoat except for the millions of metres of tulle that may be peaking through the edge, but thought I'd try my hand at good craftsmanship for once in my life... Already failing :P
It's not done up yet because I need to buy some velcro for the back, so it's sort of just hanging on me atm.

I've cut out all 3m of tulle as well, each around 6" wide and 60" long. It totals to 24m long when all sewn together. This is going to be one hell of a petticoat!
I have the strongest suspicion that I accidentally bought ballet tulle instead of standard cheapy tulle as it's just so stiff! I don't remember tulle being this stuff! At least it gives me petti extra poof hah.

I couldn't bring myself to sew all the pieces of tulle together as the pencil skirt has already given me much grief. And this is just the start of the construction ;___;

Bought all the veiling fabric, a wonderful 6m worth. Bought 2m of gold duchess satin as well. I have 6m of polycotton ready to line the whole thing as well which Freyarule is bringing down when she comes to visit, many thanks to her <3

I shall post another update when I actually get the petticoat sewn, once I can brave sewing all that tulle. I remember why I dislike petticoat making now ;__;

Time Taken: 2hrs

And yes, I do struggle to walk in this thing.

Sorry, one more reference picture to add!

I'd just edit the main reference but I'm a lazy sod and can no longer be bothered to open up Paint or photoshop.
Plus it's quicker to upload a separate journal entry with the reference than deleting the reference picture, editing it, then re-uploading hurhur.

Nice little picture of the front of the dress without something in the way! AND SO MUCH POOF! POOFY POOFY DRESS!

Because the main reference picture I posted isn't all that clear, it's pretty impossible to find a decent one on Google it seems.

This gives me an excuse to rewatch Book 3 as an excuse to go screencapping...

After food, wanted to try on the wig before putting it in the cupboard to clear up the space so I could actually do some work.

The wig is a perfect length! Yaaay! The fringe is a tad too long and annoying though, keeps getting in my eyes. I'll trim it a bit when I next get the wig out, as well as adding more layers in because it looks a bit boring, but I won't alter too much because I like the length and how it frames my face.

I know she has her hair slightly curled for the wedding but I'll do that when I go back to home home so I can use my other wig head with a hole on the bottom and my old music stand to pour hot water over it. Hence why I'm not fussed on trimming it any more now.

Noooo make up so I look hilarious blonde. Especially with black eyebrows and just how tanned I am... And my skin has been terrible all week so I kinda picked the wrong time to do a wig test, woops.

Collected my wig from reception today, yaaaay~

It's so purdyyyyyy. I wasn't expecting it to have a skin top but after having read the description again they did actually specify. It's okay though, I chose the wig from the pictures because of its side parting so I don't care if it has a skin top, I generally don't like them but for this case I think it's good. Haven't owned a skin top wig since my very early days of cosplay when that was the main type of wig to be sold!

I wasn't going to style it, was just going to pop it on the wig head to see how it looked so I could review it on eBay. But then I just couldn't leave it alone and started hacking away at it...

Basic layering and feathering the bangs and trimming the fringe. But the layering took a while because there's SO MUCH HAIR. Took a hairband (left my hairstyling clips at home home) and just spent ages tying up each layer and cutting it, oh my days, at least it's thick <3

First round of styling so far, I want to try it on before hacking away even more for more layers but I should really be either cooking or doing a maths paper right now and so I'm going to wait til I'm a bit more free before I go trying it on and styling it more. But thought I'd take pictures regardless because it's prettyyyyy~

Really pleased with the colour too! Although this is my 9th blonde wig now... 11th if you include the two Sheryl Nome wigs but I didn't actually buy them, and they're not mine even though I still have them... So yeah, 9th bloody blonde wig. I may as well dye my hair blonde D:

Time Taken: 1hr

I've actually lost track of the number of blonde wigs I've owned and the different shades, here's another one to add to my list!

Bought this base wig. There were two from the same seller which I had my eye on, the other was a slightly lighter shade which is more accurate to some of the scenes in the game. But then in other scenes, such as the wedding one, it's more the shade I bought. FFS Square-Enix, keep it consistent!

I looked at other cosplayers, specifically those with my skin tone, to see which wig looked the best. The slightly darker shade looked best on more tanned people like me so hopefully when the wig arrives, it's true to the colour!

I've bought the fabric for the petticoat and dress. Bought lots of cotton to make a mock up which I will probably also use as lining to stiffen the skirt so it stays in place better.

I can't actually make any progress until Uni is over though so don't expect too much progress from me until late June/July!

Need to buy veil fabric as well as some foam, spray paint and matching gold fabric for the detailing. As well as some blue dye to dip dye the feathers in, need to research what kind of dye works for dying feathers.

This cosplay will be the death of me...

I just... had to... Styled a wig, gotta put it on!

Threw on some clothes in my wardrobe too. Don't have a pink skirt unfortunately, will be making that when I actually get a date for this costume...

Didn't have the right bandages either and couldn't be arsed to put any make up on. I threw this on before dinner and didn't want to make my flatmates think I was a complete weirdo for pratting about like I've just been in a warzone XD

Actually got my wig ages ago, bought from limegreenjelly :)
When I got it I was busy at the time so didn't really get the chance to style it. Finally back at Uni where I left the wig and have a bit of spare time as it's still the Easter holidays for me and I was missing cosplay so thought I'd cut myself a fringe!

Just basic trimming and feathering to get a natural look. Added a touch of Got 2B Glued spiking gel to the tip of the middle bit too just so it stays together. When I come to wear it for real though I will give it a spray of freeze spray so that it all stays in place, but it's a bit pointless doing that now as it's just going to get squished in the bag.

Need to give the pigtails hot water treatment, they're still fairly tangled even after giving it a comb ;_;

I made the wrist scarf out of leftover pashmina from the neck scarf. I try to follow the outfit as close to the original anime as possible but due to the lighting of the scene, it's impossibly hard to decipher whether it's dark blue or black! So I went with dark blue because the fabric just flows better.

Made the black bands on his trousers too which makes me done! With plenty of time to spare, no late nights costume making for once. I can't remember a convention or Expo where I've had nothing to do...

Time Taken: 1hr

No pictures as I can't be bothered to change into the costume and take a picture.

Can't style a wig and not try it on! I looked stupid in my normal clothes though, so I put on the costume (with a half pinned black top...) and thought I'd take a picture!

The comment about lack of make up in the previous journal entry was referring to this picture, woops...

First attempt of wig styling was alright, flicks were in the right place but it was very flat. Because of my big head it just looked wrong, so I added some unnecessary volume to it by back combing it like mad, it's actually pretty rock solid, as proven when I accidentally dropped it and the poof still remained, even I gave it the wtf look XD

It's a bit poofier than in the anime but it suits my face much better!
And yes, it is suppose to be a bit uneven. The left side is poofier than the right because that's how I interpreted the artwork. He has weird hair...

Excuse lack of make up as well, on the day I shall smother my face in bronzer and eyeliner to make myself look just slightly more masculine D:

Time Taken: 20mins

And now my room smells of Got 2B Glued, damn you lack of ventilation!

Yaaay, fully lined (badly) with fur trim all sewn on.

I couldn't think of a splendid way of attaching the fur trim without making the inside and outside look horrid or by gluing it on, thus making me cringe as I dislike using glue to keep things together these days. So I used invisible thread, which I also dislike doing, but it can be non-permanent without ruining anything and you can't see it unless you shine a torch and look really close. Which I hope people don't do because that's just weird XD

I've shortened the front so it's more like in the actual artwork. In the top picture there's a bit of the jacket which didn't get sewn properly when I added the lining but I've fixed that now with just a bit of hand sewing, n00b mistake!

Dad came in and wondered why I added the fur trim, told him it's part of the design, he said it looked awful. Couldn't agree more. Really need a lint roller for this costume, alas I don't want to go buy one so just using good ol' blu tac like the good old days when I didn't know these things existed.

Black top is in progress, it's actually just an old black top I have. I have a million of these from doing crew work so one being cut up into a fabulous boyband shirt isn't going to do any harm. That or I'll do crew work looking like a fabulous boyband member. Going to use some black stretchy fabric (depends what I have lying around) for the long sleeve, I don't want to cut up my long sleeves shirts, they are so useful for the Winter D:

Just the black top to go and the trouser detailing and I am finally done, wahey!

Time Taken: 2-3hrs

Waheeeey, I'm doing more on this cosplay! 3 years later...

I really can't be arsed to make the necklace though so this costume is still postponed til a later date, wahey! But roses are done, I had practise from making a few flowers for Sheryl Nome so just had to alter the technique a bit to make them rose like.

Decided to experiment with different types of fabric, I knew synthetic silk would be a dream to melt which are the purple roses and the red is taffeta as it was the only fabric in that colour. I swear it gives off toxic fumes when melted but when actually putting together the flower it works like a dream because it's a lovely stiff fabric XD;;; Really does not make my room smell nice, the silks and satins I've tried don't give off any smell at all!

Need to fish around for some black netting and somehow find bits and bobs around the house to make imitation feathers. Because I couldn't find any in the fabric shop that were suitable and I'm not so fussed that I want to bother searching online for them.

Time Taken: 30mins

Sorry for the crappy phone photo!


Dear Fiona of the future,
Please never follow your initiative ever again. Follow the design, you have no qualifications in fashion so you're suppose to know nothing about what looks good. Never add ruffles on a long piece of hem if you don't need to ever again. IT JUST CAUSES YOU PAIN.
Fiona of the present/soon to be past.

Frickin' ruffles, I hate them. Especially with chiffon. Chiffon and ruffles, my two worse nightmares. I didn't even need to do ruffles, but thought it looked too plain and horrible in the fabric choice I chose so I decided to add ruffles AND IT TOOK FOREVER.

That's 20 metres of fabric right there on the hem D':
I'll need another layer in the future too orz. Lucky for me the fabric I wanted to use was out of stock when I bought all the fabric so it is postponed until I make it to Fabric Land or some place.

One day this costume will be finished, one day!!

Time Taken: 3hrs

No pictures again, I am knackered and can't be arsed to get the camera out orz...

No pictures sorry, my webcam doesn't seem to work on this laptop anymore (and there is a giant cardboard bow blocking my computer atm... Don't ask XD; ) and too lazy to get my main camera out and pose because it's hard to show what they look like without actually wearing them. Well, they're just normal scarves anyway, everyone knows what they look like! I just wanted to do a test shot of the whole thing so far...

I started the black top but only got as far as cutting it, I ran out of black thread whilst fixing up Rise (Persona 4)... More things to buy tomorrow D: But hopefully when I go in town tomorrow it shall be my last trip before Kita as then I can do everything with ease!

I was going to start the trouser detailing too but again, no black thread. Will probably measure it out and get it cut out and marked on the trousers ready to sew for tomorrow.

I was going to do the scarves for last because quite frankly, sewing pashminas is similar to chiffon, and well, if anyone actually bothers reading my journals I hate chiffon D:

Might get to wig styling to past the time away, I'm just doing odd bits and bobs with the machine atm.
I feel like I'm nearly done but it's all fiddly bits left... Worse part of cosplay D:

Time Taken: 1hr

I'm very nearly done with the jacket. I did a very n00b mistake and didn't buy enough fabric orz... I haven't done that in a long time, kinda sucks D:

There's not enough blue fabric for the sleeves and also the back detailing, when I went back to the fabric shop it was closed!! Damn Easter weekend, why you make shops close early!?

I decided to sew it altogether regardless though however the white and blue fabric is just pinned together as I can't do anything without the sleeves and without having done the detailing on the back.

The black fur is awful, now I know how people with cats sitting on their fabric feels. I need to invest in one of those rolly things that pick up lint and dirt off fabric otherwise it will look like Tokiya got attacked by a black cat XD
I'm glad I went with fur though, looks so much nicer than what feathers would have looked like! I feel like a pimp though...
The black fur isn't actually sewn on. I just cut out strips of it and placed it there to see what it will eventually look like.

No more progress until I can make it back to the fabric shop...

Time Taken: 3hrs??

I've actually been doing some work today! I'm being a good girl!

The white jacket is all nicely sewn up. I decided not to neaten up the inside seams except for the sleeves because it will all be hidden by lining anyway. Decided to neaten up sleeves because it's the only bit that won't be sewn together to the lining due to the lining being longer.

Last picture just shows the fabric I bought~

Have a picture of the bracelet! Thought I'd take a picture before I forget.

Look look look, progress!
Now I know it seems like I haven't done anything at all yet through the lack of journal entries. Because it's completely true XD

I've had the fabric since I first put the costume up I think, I just never could be arsed to make the jacket because I hate collars to no end (hence why I make a lot of dresses!) and so prolonged this cosplay purely because of thought of having to make collars. But I really want this done for Kitacon, as it's the only new cosplay I've got planned, and so the collar must be made >(

Only the collar in the picture is too small because I used a pattern for once in my life (gasp!! I cut out my old secondary school blazer and altered it... I have two, it's fine, my newer one is still in tact for the memories and badges XD) and forgot that the pattern needed modifying... I feel like such a n00b D:

I can't be arsed to change it now though, I'll cut out a new piece tomorrow. I have no white thread (or a limited amount) and left my blue polycotton at Uni so kinda stuck for progress until I have the blue fabric to cut the pieces for the lining. I usually wouldn't line my cosplays and would just make sure the insides are neat, but damn the designs require lining. I'm awful at lining, please do not look inside my jacket XD

For the sleeves I made it so that the white sleeves would be exactly the length it is in the artwork and then the blue sleeves will be longer and then roll up on top. Kinda regretting not deciding to just make it all one blazer length and rolling the sleeves up together. Cba to do that now, waste of fabric XD It would look exactly the same, just that one feels more professional than the other option!

I need to buy either a feather trim or a fur trim too. I really cannot tell what it is. Tempted to go for long fur if my local fabric shop stocks it in black, either way it's not a very manly trim orz.

I bought some fingerless gloves from Primark a while back too, 50p for 2 pairs, wahey! This cosplay is such a budget cosplay...
Also got the studded bracelet off eBay.

Might work on the black top later, that I do actually have the fabric for, and the right colour thread!

Time Taken: 1hr

Oh my days, I stopped writing my report around 2am-ish as I was getting tired and couldn't think anymore. Sewing is like a brainless activity for me so I decided to try and finish this cosplay as quick as possible. Even as a rush job though it has taken be 3.75hrs though 8|


I'm going to go to bed and finish the jacket tomorrow if I can be bothered at all... Or in like... 3-4hrs rather, when I wake up XD;

No picture because webcam's not working for some reason...
And I'm in my cool Disney pyjamas.

Time taken will include previous time I haven't logged yet.

Time Taken: 5hrs

(Sewing all night, this is pretty familiar orz...)

Choker is done, yay! Actually did this last night, but didn't post pictures because I couldn't be arsed... Re-took the picture in natural light though so you can see the true colour of my wig too!

Wig is actually Special-Pleb's Nia (TTGL) wig. I do have a long white wig but I'd rather a silvery or very pale blue wig. Or I'd rather sew in or dye some blue streaks into my white wig but I don't want to spend any more on cosplay stuff. So Charlie's Nia wig will make do for the time being!

I've hemmed the bracelets as well but as I said, I ran out of white lace! Only got 10cm left!!

At some point I should really start the dress... XD;

Time Taken: 30mins

Want to do a new make up test now that I have my first potential wig!!
It still needs to be styled, mainly at the back, needs a trim. But thought I'd pop it on to see if it'd actually work otherwise I could mutate it into a Sasuke Uchiha wig XD

Couldn't be arsed to put on make up when I put on the wig, skin was terrible and I wasn't wearing very Nana-esque clothes anyway XD (Though I did happen to be wearing a stripey top at the time and so I popped on my leather jacket too!)

Excuse dirty mirror D:

The grip won't be visible on the day. I need a hand needle to sew some grips on the back of the headband!!

My wig is also not that yellow, it's just the lighting.

I... Don't have enough lace ;____; MORE PVA-ING TEAR DROPS WILL BE NEEDED, NOOOOO ;_____;

But I did have enough lace for the headband and choker, just gotta buy more for the bracelets. This is sad times ;__;

But yeah, here's the headband!

I allowed myself to be pretty messy and random while burning this because in the reference it's not really perfectly shaped. It's very jagged so I just went crazy with the candle!

I lost most of my hand needles, that or they're back at home, so I need to go buy more so that I can sew on the three little dangly jewels. And to tack down the flower and little pearls inside the flower better. It's all held together by PVA glue right now.

I kinda used artistic licence on this flower because the reference pictures are just so unclear!

Oh gosh, it's scary how close Hyper Japan is ;___;
I haven't actually done any more work until today. Partly because I've been busy, partly because I'm a lazy arse XD
Prepare yourselves for a stream of progress!

I tried so hard to find the perfect lace and failed. However I found some nice scallop lace and a tear drop/circle shaped lace and so I decided to hybrid them together! I just cut out all the tear drop shaped pieces and stuck them on with PVA glue, seems to hold quite well!

I'm going to be uploading more journal things as I've been working non-stop, I'll just say my time taken so far today.

Time Taken: 3-4hrs

Most of the components that I have bought for this cosplay is all girls clothes. This guy is seriously losing man points everytime I go shopping for this guy. Not that he had many man points in the first place.

Just to show the colours of the pasminas I bought for the neck and butt scarf. I was originally going to buy georgette because it flows nicely. But it was cheaper to buy pasminas and it has the same drape more or less, and it's much more opaque as well which is a double bonus!!

Sorry for lack of progress on this, I didn't want to do a test shot until I at least started the main base of the white jacket but at the moment I have blue thread in my sewing machine for Sheryl so I'm finishing her off first before starting sewing for this one. Plus I don't have the right shade of purple thread, damn...

All I have left to buy for this cosplay is black fur (again, losing man points here, or he's just a wannabe pimp XD) and a studded bracelet. Maybe some light blue cotton too but I have polycotton and interfacing so hopefully I can get the same effect with that instead of buying more fabric. I'm trying to keep this as low as possible really as it was originally suppose to be a joke cosplay until it became a massive guilty pleasure XD

Because I feel this tutorial needs to be shared with everyone, it's so pretty!

My flowers will be inspired by this tutorial.
I'll be using curved triangles and will probably be using a candle to burn the edges as my heat gun is at home and don't fancy bringing it to Uni! Will also just be buying economy satin in the colours I need rather than buying white satin and dying it.
As much as I love the two tone effect dying it gives, I'm a poor student XD

>>> <<<

Been looking at several flower making tutorials (as people on my Twitter will know by now... Sorry xD; ) as it seems I will be making a lot of flowers in the future. It's like my hat making obsession!

I was originally going to make this from scratch. Bought the fabric and bias binding for the jacket which was perfect! But then I got lazy and have made too many school uniforms that are similar to this so decided to just buy it... I love school uniforms to pieces, I have just hand made one too many I think!

Costume fits perfectly, I love it! I might redo the patch on the tie but I've already been very lazy by buying this cosplay, I might just leave it XD

Couldn't take pictures with my wig because it's at home home and I'm at Uni right now. Don't even have a blonde or green wig where I could have pretended to be Millie or C.C ;__;

Seriously cannot wait to wear this costume at a con, I've wanted to cosplay Shirley for so long!!

Yes I do need to either remove the crosses from the shoes or buy new shoes. For now they're the closest shoes I have XD


I really struggle taking a decent photo of the jacket because it's so big, so I guess it shall be a surprise! Although the first progress of it kinda shows just how big it is anyway... Just that all the seams are finished now.

Just need to buy some more georgette (or chiffon if I have to...) for the detailing on the hem of the jacket, oh my days it drove my back insane hemming the bloody thing, hemming the trim will murder me X_____X

Going to work on the dress now, lalalala~
But another time, I cba right now!!
If I keep going at this rate I might -actually- get this done in time for Hyper Japan, woooo!

Time Taken: 30mins

Wooooo, everything's attached neatly, now to hem the bloody thing. I think I will do that another day because I'm going to get ready to go out in a sec lolololol, can't be arsed now!

Picture of the back of the jacket! Nice and gathered~
It is so so hard to photograph because it won't actually fit in my room!!!! I mean the bottom hem of the jacket is just over 5.5m... I seriously hope this photographs pretty otherwise I will be gutted with how much volume there is XD;;

The dress will be easier to photograph, I'll hopefully start progress on it soon after hemming the jacket because I dislike changing the thread on the sewing machine too much...

I found the fabric shop in Guildford! MORE EXPENSIVE THAN TAUNTON, WTFFFFF. Actually that's to be expected... I just dislike it XD Reading will be my new Bristol I think, because there is a FabricLand in Reading and it's only a £6 return away, same as Bristol from Taunton! Wheeeey!
Seriously, at Uni it's like I never left Taunton OTLLL!!!
I bought a concealed zip for the dress.
Need to buy some more ribbon because I forgot to bring it from Taunton...

Time Taken: 30mins

Another progress shot, this time taken with a webcam because then I can see myself. I guess this is a picture to show how I'm constructing it. It's a short jacket, all hemmed up. Then the massive semi-circle will attach to the end of the shorter jacket. I can't hem the front of the jacket until I attach the huge semi circle but I should be doing that soon, I'm just trying it on so that I can see whether or not it's properly fitted because once the semi circle goes on, it'll be harder to make it fitted properly!

I had to re-sew one of the sleeves three times because I kept sewing it inside out by accident, I ALWAYS do this to all my costumes. And it's ALWAYS just ONE sleeve XD

I've hemmed all the insides of the semi-circle too, but again, can't hem the outside hem until it's attached to the jacket.

Everything is stitched in a way that you can see no raw edges, basically I sewed it on way when flipped it and sewed it again so that the raw edges are on the inside. I don't usually do this because I'm lazy but decided to do it for this costume because you can see the inside of the jacket and thought I'd remove all raw edges for the whole costume, not just for the semi-circle. Mainly because if something's going to be neat, it ALL has to be neat XD

Time Taken: 3-4hrs
There's a lot of fabric to this costume... It's taking me ages to sew!!

Yes I am in my PJs, it's late and I want to go to bed but decided to finish basting the rest of this costume just so I can get a general idea of what it'll look like!


Blacked out face in second photo because my face was not being a normal face, omg I am too tired for this!! Hyper Japan is in a month though and I have a wee bit of spare time inbetween revision to work on this.

There's only three panels to the jacket, I was originally going to make 4 but I ran out of fabric, although it's already so full already that I don't think I'll need at extra panel! Which is good, because that extra panel will need 2m worth of fabric and I'd rather not spend any more on this costume! :P

Basically the jacket is sort of fitted at the top with just three panels which stops at the waist, then there's a further three panels which is sewn into the jacket which is essentially a giant semi circle. This is so that I can get that lovely flowing effect you see in the movie and so that it looks pretty for photos when I chuck the jacket about or sit down hahaha. I like looooots of volume!!!! Even if it makes me cry to cut all that frickin' fabric out, I hate cutting fabric, it's boring :P

Sleeves are basically trapezium shaped.

Everything is basted or just safety pinned on atm. I left the right coloured thread at home so I have to find a fabric shop in Guildford to find the right colour thread then I can do more work on this...

But yay! 6 months later I have progress!
I started the dress months ago, just not worth taking pictures just yet!

Most of the time taken was spent doodling plans of how the hell can I get a decent flowing jacket with the limited amount of fabric I had. I wanted a radius of 85", I couldn't get that with just 5m. So I settled with 61". I did a lot of Pythagoras, SOHCAHTOA and general triangle and circle equations to work out all the panel lengths. I think without doing this I would have been screwed and would have wasted all 5m of fabric if I had just went in and started cutting without doing millions of equations to get the exact measurements XD
Then again, normal people might be alright with the maths. I was just being incredibly stupid and kept forgetting my BIDMAS rules and so it kept screwing up my measurements :'D (Why am I doing a heavily maths oriented course...)

Time Taken: Not sure, 4-5hrs???

So much!!
I would love to make this out of cotton or something but noooo, I can see no seam lines down the front and I can't make it fitted without lots of seams running down the front and back so I opted for cotton jersey because it's thick and stretchy. But I hate working with it so much ;A;

But yay, little tester!! (And I found a good place for my camera to sit in my Uni room XD This will be forever my new backdrop whilst in my first year LOL) Leather jacket is just one from my closet which I rolled up because Kyoko's jacket seems to stop at the waist and mine doesn't, hence the little zip dangling down because I forgot to tuck it in XD
I have all the leather ready so hopefully I can make it, gotta buy some leather needles though because I left them at home ;A;

Time Taken: 1hr

Wheeee my new wig arrived (my Noel wig is the wrong shade ;A; ) and it is loooovely. Although the eBay seller lied, said it should be 100cm and this is not 100cm because I own several 100cm wigs D: But nevertheless it is gorgeous quality and I luffles it~

Briefly styled it, it's bloody difficult without hairspray so I gave up and I'm going to be patient and wait til I get back to Uni where my hairspray is. But I couldn't help but give it a trim and attack the ends with a bit of styling glue.

Finally, a shade of blonde that suits my skin tone! ... I hope! 8'D
Derpy photo is very derpy because I had to button mash the mouse for it to take a photo, the left click button on the mouse has been dodgy for months now! That and because I was button mashing like mad the flicky bits kept getting in my eye and I was frowning to try and get it to stay. It will stay once I attack it with hairspray XD; (And finish trimming it!)

Do you know how hard it is to style a wig without hairspray!? So damn hard! I decided to just stop cutting and wait til I get back to Uni where my hairspray lies, but I wanted to wear it anyway :'D

Styled briefly with a trim and some styling glue.

Derpy photo is derpy because I had to button mash my mouse to get it to work, the left click button has been dodgy for months now!

Lololol, blue wig on blue chair background, it just doesn't work!

I haven't glued them onto the shoes yet because they're my favourite going out shoes if I want to go for comfort, so I'll glue them on closer to the time :P

But yeah, sewed on all the detailing! The bias binding is fake (it's just a wide strip of fabric, not even cut on the bias XD) because the bias binding I bought was a slightly different shade of yellow. It's all straight lines though so I didn't need proper bias binding, yippee!

All the sewing is now done... Booo that means only prop work left ;___;

I included the time taken in the previous journal.

All the details are glued on now! (On one side XD; )

Including the little triangle on the handle, the triangle in the little rectangle bit and the three circles on the bottom!

Little triangles are foam board and the circles are plastazote.

I need to varnish this side (once I get my dad to open the lid XD), let it dry then retouch and glue all the detailing on the other side and repeat and then it's officially done! :3

Another journal coming right up;

Time Taken: 2hrs

It's not ironed yet, will do that later the time :P

I used knife pleats this time as they look more knife pleats than box pleats. I've been so use to doing box pleats for every skirt I've made that I got confused on how to make a knife pleated skirt at first orz... I got there eventually after my stupid moment though!

And then I realised the pattern was pointing in the wrong direction to the reference picture... Not that you will notice but it's the little details that counts to me, so I unpicked everything and re-pleated it LOL.

I always mess up the second time round. You'd think you'd get better when you do things more than once... Not me :P
I messed up the waistband, wooooo. This is what I get when I'm too lazy to pin things. You don't notice though because the shirt is covering it, and the pattern is already eye-trippy.

My hands are completely black from handling that fabric now... Yeah I don't think it's washable :P
I think if you use alcohol to dye it rather than water then it will stay. But the smell takes several days to get out and I didn't have that kind of time to let the stink go away. Plus I've had enough of toxic fumes XD;

Photoshop isn't working at this very moment so you get a huuuuuge crappy webcam pic 8D;

Time Taken: 1-2hrs??

For once I am doing progress in natural light, woooo! So you get shiny proper camera quality pictures LOL.

Painted all the detailing. I ran out of red and black acrylic and was too cheap to buy more because I've already gone way over my estimation on how much this cosplay would cost (I wanted it under £50 ;___; ) so I am skimping out on paint LOL. I used Dylon fabric paint instead, left over from my Shaman King cosplays :P

Nothing is actually glued on yet, but as they were dry I decided to test it out by placing them and thought I'd take a picture too. I kept touching the guns with my painted cover hands hence the occasional smudge mark, one more layer of paint and I can glue and varnish everything!!

All the detailing is made from additional foam board and fun foam.

I've almost finished the boot covers too, I'll take a photo later tonight when I have motivation to make them :P

EDIT: I forgot to say, you can see the headband metal thing too! It's not evenly painted I know, I was actually using it as a palette for the time being so it will be repainted soon LOL.

Time Taken: 2hrs

IS ALL DONE. Well, all the sewing bits. I've painted all the metal bits (except the chest ones, I forgot about them), they just have to be hot glued on once I get the hot glue gun out again.

I have a million pricks on my fingers to prove why I hate little detailing :P (I swear it took me longer to pin it than it did for me to sew it)

I have actually made both arm bands but I couldn't be bothered to wear both. The clay is still drying on them anyway so I thought I'd try and cause minimal damage if any :P

I have gained so much weight over the Summer holidays ;___; Need to loser that belly fat before Expo otherwise I will look horrendous XD;

I've started pinning the boot cover detailing too. I can't seem to find the other boot cover though, really not helpful :x
I'll try and post pictures of the boot covers tomorrow maybe? Idk.
The beret is now done and painted, just got glue on the metal bit then I can tick it off the to-do list.

I am nearly there, roughly 80% finished, woohoo! :)

Time Taken: 2hrs

I fixed the black boob bit slightly. It was very ill fitting so I just made a new one and it now fits nice and snuggly! THIS MAKES IT EVEN HARDER TO GET ON THOUGH XD

I'm still contemplating on putting in a hidden zip... But atm I cba, I can still get it on and off without so I'm going to make the most of it :P

I actually cheated a little. The black bit was a bodice I made ages ago just to practise making bodices. I cut it up loads and kept pinning it to my costume and then there you have it! There are like a million darts in it though as I couldn't get it that fitted without orz.

One of these days I will sew on the detailing XD;

Time Taken: 1hr

I have to thank BeautifulRose on deviantART for the amazing idea of using tubing to get the movement similar to how it is in the game. I disliked it when people used ribbon even though that's pretty much what it was, I did think of using gymnastics ribbon but I saw BeautifulRose's cosplay and was completely inspired by what she used. So I take no credit for the tubing idea.

To get the metal hoops I bended wire into the shape and then covered it all in DAS clay. WHY DO I HAVE SO MUCH LEFT!? I really hope I use it all up by this cosplay as I still hate that stuff XD

I'm going to work on all the foam and metal stuff tonight and then hopefully tomorrow I can buy some paint and paint everything silver!
Hopefully I can finish off painting Bolverk too. I'm a bit confused about its design tbh. Need to flick through ref sheets again and come up with a design, they keep changing X____x

Time Taken: 1hr

But after the dye job I scrubbed it nice and clean so it's no longer stained <3
The gloves however, are kind of grey and yellow...

The shade of grey seems to change colour depending on the light when photographed, but I did a comparison photo of a little snippet that didn't get dyed to show that is indeed, grey.
A light grey though, I couldn't tell whether it was light grey or dark grey, I have enough dye left to turn it darker if need be but I'm getting feedback first~

I used Indian Ink mixed with water to dye it. Mucho thanks to Natsumi for the advice on that!! <333

Look look, I'm doing something useful!
(WTF IS WRONG WITH MY WEBCAM!? It's so cool though... But I'm worried about it's auto level settings, I don't even have green lighting, it should be yellow! XD)

Anyway, both are made by layering up plastazote and hot gluing them together. Oh hot glue burns, how I haven't missed thee. Forgot how crap mine is too, the plastic around it melted... again XD
I forgot about the hat metal thingy, but that's okay because my hot glue gun needs to recover (and reshape itself orz) before I use it again LOL. I need to stop over working it, or buying cheapy £5 ones off eBay, one or the other :P

Just need to stabbity stab a hole in each of them for the hoops to go through and use the remainder of my DAS clay to neaten it up. Then PVA it all up and finally paint it! I'm going to make all the metal stuff before painting it though. I think I have some spray paint leftover from Steiner or I might just buy some acrylic paint. I don't know how long spray cans last??? I made Steiner exactly 3 years ago so I dunno!

Time Taken: 30mins

I was bored, decided to do a beret test to see if my Noel (Blazblue) beret will work for Sheryl too! I think it does, it's definitely baggy enough! I need to alter it obviously by making the band thingy smaller and sew on some black bias binding as it seems to be edged in black? I need to rewatch it for refs XD
Fingers crossed I can find the right colour jersey or whatever I decide to make the dress out of otherwise I'll be making another beret X_x

I don't suit this cosplay without make up orz...

WANT TO START THIS SOOOOON. Other cosplay plans take priority though, dayummmmm ;;

Yeah I didn't get this done for Japan Expo afterall, couldn't afford it!!

Both boot covers are sewn up and ready for detailing. I just hadn't made the second one at the time I took this picture, that's all.

Basically pinned the fabric around my leg, used chalk to draw out the shapes and sewed it altogether. There's a zip at the back because it's fitted, pretty much the same thing I did for my original Seth (Trinity Blood) boots so nothing new there.

Not much progress but I'm in a massive cba mood right now, I just want to go watch something and relax but figured I should update this so that I don't forget XD

My plastazote from Coscraft arrived, you can see it in the picture! I've started on the armbands and I've glued it together using impact adhesive. I'd normally use hot glue for foam but it's at home and I was all "GOTTA DO THIS NOW OTHERWISE I WILL NEVER DO IT" because I know how lazy I am, I don't trust myself XD
No pictures of armbands yet. I've only done the inner layer, gotta cut out the outer layers but I've gone into sloth mode orz.

Time Taken: 1hr

Bought new skirt fabric! Same material type, just the snaggletooth is twice as large!

We all wanted to match so I opted to buy it all. Went to Fabric Land again the other day and bought crap tons of this stuff. Funnily enough, last time I went and bought snaggletooth the larger stuff was out of stock. This time I went I didn't see any of the smaller stuff xD

Thanks to some amazing advice from Natsumi, I'll hopefully be dying it grey, preferably without dying my bathtub grey at the same time :P

No real progress, I gotta buy the ink first...

Wheeee I'm excited about cos-sing from P4 again 8D

Used DAS air dry clay to cover the edges as obviously it would look crap if you saw all the layers...

Just some comparison photos and then I painted everything white! I'm too much of a cheapass to buy primer as you can tell :P
(But I will probably varnish it because I hate the texture)
Just two coats of paint so far. Letting it dry (and letting me recover from the fumes, why did I do it in my room!?) completely before adding another coat if need be.

Time Taken: 1hr

New beret! It's much baggier as you can tell from the wig head photo.

It looks like a sack on a head. In the reference picture, it looks like a sack on a head. I think I achieved this :P

Sorry for the spack photos, I just had to! I tried it on on my head first, I could fit my whole head under it... I could have done the same with the wig on but it at least stayed on my head without having to balance it on :P
Wig still isn't styled, I need to buy some grips to keep the ponytail up! Hence why it still doesn't look right.

My webcam likes to mirror photos, I forgot about this. So I was wearing it on the right side!

Time Taken: 30mins??

I know these are pretty easy props to make BUT I AM PROUD. FIRST PROP FROM SCRATCH.

All the pieces are glued together using impact adhesive. My bathroom now stinks like hell but the window is open as far as it can with the door shut so hopefully the stink will go away. Yeah, I could have waited till day time to do it outside but I'm a lazy arse and prefer doing cosplay at night :P

Will neaten them up at some point, prime it, then paint. SO CLOSE, YET SO FAR TO FINISHING.

Time Taken: 20mins?

I have no gun discipline yet I know.

All the pieces are cut out! I got the measurements wrong when ordering the foam hence why the handle is glued on separately. However it's super strong and at different angles for each pieces so that will help it be less fragile.

Top one shows them all layered together, bottom ones show each individual layer. I was going to use mounting board as a middle piece but I like it without.

Once the three pieces for each one is glued together I will neaten up the edges and then prep it for painting.

On other news, ventured back over to Bristol to visit Fabric Land yesterday. Bought a zip and some more fabric for the boot covers. I can't find any fabric and I'm running out of time, I make a lot of blue cosplays anyway so I can use the leftovers for other things. Boot covers and a new beret will be made soon!

Time Taken: 1hr

I'm sorry it's just a crappy webcam shot. I'm just being lazy. I'll take proper pictures once all the pieces are cut out.

Little test to see how the two layers look like!
I used impact adhesive for the first time. IT IS MAGICAL STUFF. Only I didn't read the warning labels about using it in high ventilated areas so at the moment, my bedroom stinks like hell. I'm a secret solvent abuser apparently OTLLLL.

The two layers aren't stuck together just yet, they need to be neaten up along with the third layer cut out then I can hopefully stick them together!

MY ROOM IS A TIP AND I CAN'T MOVE WITH ALL THESE BOXES AND FOAM ON THE FLOOR OTL. I can't wait til this cosplay is finished 8|

Time Taken: 1hr

My calculations for the handle was quite off in the diagram but otherwise yeah, this is sort of how it translated to! Now to bulk it up and then hopefully it will look alright. I have no glue to bulk it up though, faaaail XD;

But you get the idea of the base. It's a mounting board base. It's gone up by 50p orz...

And about the beret, I tried it on, and it needs to be way baggier... MY INITIAL MEASUREMENTS WERE CORRECT BUT I THOUGHT IT WOULD LOOK RIDICULOUS AND BAGGY, FFFFF. I should trust my instincts more...

Time Taken: 1hr

Hopefully in an hours time I will have cut out the rest of the shapes and will take a picture of them all layered up so that you get the idea. Or I may not, depends how lazy I am :P

I bought two sheets of craft foam today in town to finally get started on the little diamond shapes, get in!!
Now I need to find my glue gun :| ALL MY TOOLS HAVE DISAPPEARED OTLLLL. (Couldn't even find my craft knife, one I am using belongs to my dad! ;; )

Not sure if I like it... I'll try it on later today when our shop is closed otherwise I could be called down to help out at any time and I'll be sat there awkwardly with a wig on 8D;

This is actually the wig I'm using but it's not styled yet, it's just in a ponytail so far just so that you get the ideas of the bangs and stuff (although the fringe and bangs are pretty much cut, wahey!)

Time Taken: 30mins

They used nylon instead of tulle. Which I much prefer, but it's not as the description told me. Ah well XD

It's not very well laid out because I put it on, fought my way to one side of the room to the other over the junk on the floor OTL. The timer took the picture just as soon as I walked over there without preparing the skirt and stuff. But you get the idea!! XD;

I don't think the picture uploaded is helpful at all to anyone but it's helpful to me damnit XD

I searched everywhere for a pattern to use that was in proportion. I found nothing .____.
So I made my own.

Basically I traced the image from the computer screen onto paper, drew a box around the whole thing and measured the rectangle. Then I continued to measure each important line (if I did too many then it would be ten times more confusing and messy...) so that when I scale it up it should still be perfectly in proportion.

I also measured the length of Noel's arm to the length of Bolverk and divided these two numbers to get the scale factor. Then measured my own arm length and divided this number by the measurement I worked out previously and I got the length of Bolverk.

So Noel's arm length was 5cm, Bolverk was 4.5cm.
5/4.5 = 1.11

My arm length is 66cm (to my first finger joint as that's what I measured Noel's to).
66/1.11 = 59.4cm
This is the length of the rectangle.

Measured the box for my sketching which was 9.6 x 2.5cm. Did 9.6/2.5 = 3.84. Used this figure to get the width of my life size width which was 15.5. So my life size border for Bolverk is 59.4 x 15.5cm.

I did 59.4/9.6 (divided the length of my life size model and my sketch) to get the scale factor for each individual length in my sketch. Scale factor is 6.1875.

Call me stupid but I don't like using angles, I prefer using right angle triangles hence why there are no angles in my diagram.

Progress pictures aren't really helpful to anyone else probably. But maybe it'll help people go about their own way of making it?

Ignore the black dotted box around the yellow box. I was being stupid and didn't think to trace it at the time xD

When I'm a bit more alive and awake tomorrow (hopefully my foam will arrive!) I will take pictures of the different shapes I make.

Time Taken: 30mins

There is a probably much easier way of making this in proportion (LIKE BLOWING UP THE REFERENCE PICTURES AND TRACING... LITERALLY THOUGHT OF THAT WHILST TYPING THIS JOURNAL) but I like maths so it's all okay :P
I'm sorry if this journal didn't make sense. I need sleep...

I'm sorry there's no picture. There's not enough progress worth taking a picture. Unless you want pictures of the sleeves without all the pins :P

But yeah, I've finally sewn on the yellow trim for the sleeves. Had to hand sew it as there's so much fabric! (4-5 layers) I don't want another broken needle to deal with!

So that's the sleeves done, I'm trying to source down all my blue fabric as some of it seems to have gone walkies. Can't make boot covers without it! I can make a start on the beret though, maybe you'll see progress on that later tonight if I can be bothered to draft out patterns. I need to style the wig, wear it and then measure self with the wig on before making the beret though and the wig needs a wash after wearing it at Ayacon - might just style it roughly for now just so that the beret is done.

Also Bolverk progress! I have decided to make them for Oct Expo after all. Going to do my best to get them done before Uni otherwise I can't have them at all.

I've recently bought 10 A3 sheets of 5mm foam board from eBay, I'm pretty sure it's the thickest you can get. I doubt I'll need 10 but 10 was cheaper than buying 9, and I needed more than 5, so I thought why not! They should arrive tomorrow as I ordered them a few days ago and it's definitely a UK seller.

Need to buy some craft foam too, contemplating on buying 6mm plastazote from Coscraft but it's very expensive and out of stock :x Going to experiment with the craft foam I have (2mm) to see if that thickness is alright, but I doubt it tbh without having to layer loads which I'd rather not do as that could look messy. Although 2mm would be alright for the little diamond shaped pieces probably, as well as the toe caps. It's the arm bands that really need to be thick to support the weight of the dangley bits! (They can get heavy)

Time Taken: 30mins

FYEAAAH trailing hoop skirt at last.

Reason why it's taken me ages to upload any progress on Version 3 Garnet was because the trailing hoop skirt put me off to no end. I was planning on making it because all the ones I found were over £40 and I couldn't justify it. However the loooovely Becca (ZombieNerdz) linked me a cheap one for around a tenner and I bought it instantly too!

Thank you lovely <3333

I don't normally post online pictures but I haven't got it yet and with no space in my room as it is, it's unlikely I will be able to get a picture of it anyway XD
Becca has a picture, so I know it looks pretty much as it does in the online pictures :B

I am honestly in no mood to work on any cosplay atm so I'm just here to clock my progress time really so that I can get a semi-accurate time taken time!

I've made some red string type thing from polycotton sheeting and cut slits into the sleeves to thread it through. It looks a whole less plain now! I'd add some red onto the torso area too but I'm unsure how it'll look atm. But I cba to do any more sewing for tonight so I'll decide tomorrow!

All that's really left to do is to make the rosary beads. I'm thinking instead of making it all belts like in the inspiration picture, I'll just make one and buy some cord and beads and wrap it around the obi. I think I have some beads leftover from Seth (Trinity Blood) anyway.

I don't have red cotton jersey, only white. So I'm going to make small feet cover things, much like Belldandy (Ah! My Goddess). Or I might change my mind and wear white tights with no shoes. Or just nothing at all... Life would be a whole lot easier if I had a pair of geta or something! If I find some at Aya on Friday or something then I'll wear them cause I think they're pretty cool anyway :B (and I can reuse them for another cosplay!)

Time Taken: 1hr


Decided to try on the whole costume to see how it looks.

Yes the red underskirt and obi are two different shades of red. Obi is polycotton sheeting (it's heavier!) and underskirt is plain polycotton.


Everything is just pinned together, no velcro no nothing to hold everything together just yet. Hence why my obi is so damn loose (and not hemmed yet). Kimono came apart because of the loose obi too.

Time Taken: 1hr

MY ROOM IS A BOMBSITE. Week before a con... My room is in a tip 8'|

BUT YES. My underskirt, it's done. MOVING ON! (You'll be getting lots of crappy webcam shots as I gotta get the majority done -today- as I'm away Mon-Wed LOL. I'm so disorganised...)

As well as this, I've also cut up my Clow Country Sakura skirt to use for the overskirt. That took about 30mins to unpick all the detailing and then another 20-30mins hemming the bloody thing as it's so HUGE! BUT IT MAKES IT PRETTY WHEN I WALK AROUND :B

Time Taken: 2hrs


I now know why it's quite ill fitting though, the panels aren't straight OTLLLL. It just the back, the front is fine. Paaaah I am a useless seamstress OTL OTL OTL. I discovered this when I was embroidering and realised I had to force myself to sew in a diagonal X_X
Curse you cruel world, I really cannot be arsed to change it now OTL.

Might change this at a later date, but I still have a whole other costume to make so no time for changing things now!

The sailor collar isn't attached yet, neither is the random triangle with the school patch. Still need to sew in the zip for the skirt and modify the shoes but otherwise I am dooone!!

Time Taken: 4hrs

Desperately trying to find a better quality picture of the school patch, didn't think it would be in the artbook (I have it downloaded) but I looked anyway... And here is an amazing page in the artbook with lots of lovely references of not only the patch but the glasses, Yosuke's headphones, Kanji's tattoo and Chie's badges too... PERSONA 4 ARTBOOK, I LOVE YOU <3

With a reference as clear as that, I could work out the line order easily. Although my mum told me what it meant in Chinese anyway, apparently it means high. Might be the same in Japanese, might not be. Makes sense though, considering it's a high school uniform, idk.

Not sure if I like it?? The thickness of the thread is fine and I might go over the gaps in white paint so that you can't see any black. But not sure if I should scrap the embroidery altogether and just paint the patch on or keep it and paint the gaps. Hmmmm, not sure!!

Going to test embroidering the kanji on scrap fabric first but most importantly, I need to know what it is XD. I can't figure out the order of lines until I know the character, I can guess what the character is but I'm going to ask my mum to be sure.
-so glad it's in Kanji rather than Hiragana or Katakana orz-

Time Taken: 1hr

For anyone that's reading this and wants to know where I'm getting the reference for the school patch for, here it is.

Thankfully the girls uniform don't have the kanji under the patch, makes things a helluva lot easier!!

I'm using medium thickness hand embroidery thread for the circle and then for the teeny tiny kanji at the side I'm using thinner hand embroidery thread (but thicker than machine embroidery thread).

For the embroidery on the top it'll be the same medium thickness hand embroidery thread.

Luckily I already had some thinner embroidery thread so that saved on costs! It came with my sewing kit we bought ages ago, never had to use it though so I still have some :3

Bought some yellow cotton (not actually cotton - craft cotton I think? Not as thick as cotton drill but thicker than cotton -shrug-) as well as some yellow thread and decided to get this over and done with.

Yellow tie is two layers. It's a rectangle which goes into a triangle at the ends if that makes any sense at all! I wasn't quite sure how the tie was folded but it looked like it was folded in half, tied around like a normal tie and then it fans out at the end which is sort of how I've tried to make it. It's a bit long but I can pin it shorter once the collar is sewn onto the top.

Sailor collar not quite done yet, gotta switch the thread on the machine so that I can sew the two layers together. But I've sewn the yellow cotton onto it - wanted the tie and collar detailing to match so I just cut one long rectangle again for the detailing.

Time Taken: 1hr

This really is not my best school uniform. Would have been so much better if I had used a fabric like polycotton drill (like Haine - Gentlemen's Alliance) which I prefer for outfits like this but I just didn't have much money on me and I had this black cotton already on hand so I just used this. Oh well, maybe when I have more money I will remake (or buy the costume XD) but it's fine for now.

Has been hemmed since I took the picture, I just put it on the mannequin (doesn't belong to me btw XD - Charlie take it back sometime!!) so that I can see how much off the end I should chop off as it wasn't symmetrical. Thought I'd take a picture whilst it was on it rather than a webcam picture of me :P

Also took a picture of my crappy invisible zip, I think it will look better when I iron the thing! I couldn't go to Fabric Land in Bristol today so had to go to Exeter fabric stores instead... ZIPS ARE AS EXPENSIVE AS TAUNTON THERE, WTFFFF. They can't even use monopoly as an excuse as there are loads of shops in Exeter, woeeeee. (Polycotton is 30p cheaper though LOL)

Hopefully going to work on the sailor collar next, trying to do as much work involving black fabric as possible so that I don't have to keep changing the thread, I'm lazy like that :P

Time Taken: 1hr

I'm a bit of a failtard, and it took quite a bit to get this fitted right. Which is strange, because I've made -plenty- of school uniform jackets like this before. Hey ho this serves me right for not recording down the patterns I make and using guess work every single time LOL OTL.

Basic body shape cut out into two panels, darts going down the front (maybe the back later once I sew on the sleeves) and fitted sleeves sewn on.

There's an invisible zip at the side where hand is. First time using the proper (what I think is an) invisible zipper foot. I'm not sure if it is a proper invisible zipper foot because it just looks like a standard one but I have two slightly different ones that came with my machine so I'm assuming this is the invisible zipper one, despite looking very slightly different to the ones used online :P

Either way I don't think it made a massive difference compared to a normal zipper foot but hey ho, I got my zip sewn in!

I do have the other sleeve but I cut it too small by accident so I gotta cut out another one. Thankfully I still have lots of black fabric left otherwise I'd be screwed :'D

Time Taken: 2hrs???

Added in the pleats, hemmed it and sewed on the little detailing at the front (has some interfacing inside to keep it sturdy).

Just have to buy some self-cover buttons and a zip and it's done!

I ran out of fabric for the back pleat but because it's so full I cheated and sewed the two back panels together and then at the top, I sewed it straight down to form like a right angle triangle (as I made it flare out). So it's like I've made my own make-shift triangle without any spare fabric - only problem is that there's a seam down the middle but it's the back anyway so it doesn't matter too much.
None of that paragraph probably made sense but w/eeeee, it made sense in my head :P

Time Taken: 1hr

Arm thingies are all hemmed except for the join at the middle on the back - that's where the zip will go.

The waistband was a bit bigger than I intended. There's a seam at the front and back because I didn't have enough fabric for one long strip, the pinafores have a strip of fabric with buttons at the front anyway so that hides the front seam - the back seam is accurate. I used some scrap interfacing for the waistband because it's all polycotton and would look saggy if it wasn't stiffened in some way.

Really need to buy a zip at some point. Will do that when I go to Bristol next week as our fabric shop in Taunton sells zips for like... £2-3 for the length I need XD

The white top is just my Alto (Macross Frontier) top but I'm thinking of taking apart all the detailing and just using that. The skirt is already inaccurate, I no longer care about accuracy XDDD (And I frickin' hate collars!) We'll see how I feel closer to the time.

Time Taken: 2hrs

Well this is new, I don't normally draft out patterns. But I wasn't actually sure how to make the arm thingies whilst being seamless at the top (otherwise I wouldn't have to draft a pattern) so I decided to make a newspaper pattern using two pages selotaped together and a marker pen to draw it out.

I worked out the skirt sort of mathematically, but I was being a dunce. I measured my waist and drafted it out in thirds. Did this without a reference picture and then when I had cut it all out I realised her skirt wasn't all equal thirds. I only had a metre (approx) of fabric as it's all scraps so I can't remake unfortunately.

The front panel is just a rectangle.
The side panels is straight at the back and then it curves around into like a quatre of a circle with a diagonal line to meet the front - this helps flare out the skirt.

I haven't yet added in the pleats, I'll do that later.


Quickly cut the fringe and some bangs, mainly because I wanted to put the wig back into storage so that I can use one of the wig heads.

Time Taken: Idk... 10mins??

I'm gonna have little red tie things on the front - bit like Chii's hair from Chobits! As I can't have a thick ponytail without backcombing and potentially causing many a future headaches when I want it nice and straight again, I need something to decorate the head!

Wheee, I washed it with conditioner (Herbel Essences coconut - smells nice now too 8D) and it's so nice and silky now! The ends feel nicer, they're ever so slightly frizzy still but they won't need another wash for a while.

I styled it up into pigtails quickly using hair grips, they're uneven so I gotta do them again OTL. But it's just so much nicer now, not tangled in the slightest~

I'll post better quality pictures when I upload them from my camera. I just couldn't help but camera spack now 8'D

Time Taken: 1hr

It's so prettyyyy and gorgeous~

It's actually much thinner than I expected, considering the other wigs I have from the same seller (Cosplay DNA) have all been lovely and thick. But oh well, it will do. Just can't put it up into a thick side ponytail like I wanted, I'll just keep the hair down.

Going to trim in a fringe and some bangs to frame my face.

I love this wig despite it being a bit on the thin side, it just does not tangle 8D

Wheeee I'm actually pretty proud. It was unbelievably tangled when I got it (Seller told me in advance) but I hadn't the time to detangle it up until now. It's a bit frizzy at the ends but I haven't used the hot water trick yet as I obviously had to detangle the thing first. It looks so nice now~

Took a mixture of finger combing it first to loosen up the curls and then I basically attacked it with a comb and brush (Lost the comb OTLL) followed by more finger combing.

The curls have turned into waves but that's good because Rise's hair is more wavy than curley. As soon as I pour hot water over it I'll put it back up into pigtails and hopefully it'll look nicer :3

Wish I took a before picture, oh well.

Time Taken: 1hr

Not much progress trolololol. BUT IT'S SOMETHING.
I miss styling wigs, not in a fabric mood, figured I'd cut some wigs!

Yeah, basically cut in a fringe. I want to cut in some side bangs to frame my face better but Asuka doesn't have any ;^; When I wear this wig for Shirley I'll cut some in and I will be happy again~

Time Taken: 10mins XD


I'm doing all the bias binding for the dress and sleeves last hence why you can still see fray edges.

Time Taken: IDK ANYMORE, I HAVEN'T BEEN KEEPING TRACK. Lets say 8hrs (Not on just this sleeve btw, that'd be ridiculous XD)

Sorry for the low res webcam pictures all the time, takes too long to resize and stuff on the DSLR! Webcam is just quicker.

So yeah, top picture is everything so far (minus the lining, would look weird with the lining) and then bottom is a better picture of the finished front detailing.

Time Taken: 2hrs

Not really progress I know LOL OTL.

I don't have enough time to make Bolverk and I wanted a prop so I'm bringing my little panda plushie which strangely resembles Litchi's! I've had this little fella since I was little, although he looks quite new because I gave him a little bath a while back hahaha.


I've sewn together both sleeves now (would have annoyed me if I didn't do both at the same time) and thankfully I still have some purpley/maroon thread left from my Clow Country Sakura costume. So I could sew together the lining straight away as well.

Two pictures, one to show the lining all sewn together, the other to show how they fit together and how the colour contrasts.

I can't sew the lining until all the detailing is done though because otherwise it will look horrible, so the lining will go to one side for the time being!

I hate lining fabric... Once Seth is done and after Movie!Diamond Crevasse Sheryl I am never using lining ever again 8|
(Although knowing me, I will go crazy and actually line my costumes XD)

Time Taken: 1.5hrs

I've run out of gold embroidery thread, so for the time being I'm working on the sleeves and lining.

I was being smart with the sleeves!!! I cut out the sleeves and the lining at the same time so that they're exactly the same! I'm really stupid and didn't do that for the main dress, SO LOTS OF WORKING OUT WILL BE NEEDED FOR THAT 8'D
// TT_________________TT

I also did all this without a tape measure because I'm stupid and lost it but I know I'm running out of time so I don't have time to find it OTLLLL. IT'S KAY THOUGH, SLEEVES ARE MANAGEABLE WITHOUT THE TAPE MEASURE 8'D Making the main dress again, maybe not so much.

Literally one panel for the fitted bit, then I cut out random shapes for the other bits lololol, I cba to explain things, will do a massive write up in the description!

Time Taken: 1.5hrs (That's for measuring and cutting out the panels and sewing -one- sleeve)

I can't add in a zip until I finish all the front detailing with lining and bias binding, etc... Basically the zip will be one of the last things I do hence why I keep holding the front and why it looks so damn messy!!

But yeah, the front bit is all cut and pinned in place ready to gun through the machine hopefully tomorrow. Wanted to cut and pin the detailing of the back flappy bits too but I'm getting tired now 8|


Time Taken: 1hr

I've used up around 300m of gold embroidery thread and I'm no where near finishing. That's 1.5 reels... M'thinks I'm going to need at least 10 reels of gold embroidery thread, AT LEAST ;A;

My mum's about to go to sleep now so I don't want to disturb her by sewing away, so this is all the progress you'll get from me tonight!

Time Taken: 1hr

Sorry! Never did post this picture, going to ninja it part way down the journal!

Anyway, I basically used the medium width zig zag stitch at 0.4 stitch length with tension 5 for all the applique.

Numbers are for my own personal use so that if I forget what setting I had it on, I can just refer back here!

When I was doing the bodice applique I was experimenting at the same time. One side is done where I cut out the shapes individually then painstakingly had to cut out the gold detailing perfectly to fit the shapes underneath. This was very hard and time consuming when it's just so detailed.

Second method, well I had already cut out the white bits so I left them there but I didn't cut out the teal detailing so I had less gold fabric to cut - I layered the teal detailing on top instead which made it somewhat easier. The bodice was the most intricate so at least that was done.

I decided to stay with method two for the rest of the applique so have a set of pictures to show what I mean.

(I've pencilled on the detailing but you can't really see it properly)

ALMOST THEEEEEEEEERE. Just got to applique the red dots you see... But after 6hrs of cosplay making today I THINK I'M DONE FOR THE NIGHT.

It takes over an hour to cut out the detailing and then around two hours to applique it altogether... PER SIDE. Hence 6hrs in total.

It's quite messy and not my best applique job but I'm just glad it's done tbh!! Now for more detailing ;____;
This costume is just detailing detailing detailing!

Time Taken: 3hrs


I seriously need to invest in some small scissors when cutting out small detailing like this. I've been using giant scissors because that's all I have ;A;
It's also been hell to draft out the detailing in the first place, once again, my knee has been a good pin cushion 8'D;

Cba to take a picture using my proper camera, takes too much time, MUST CARRY ON SEWING.
(It looks ten times better when not using a webcam though ;/ )

Truth be told I'm not really proud of my applique work on this costume, it's rather messy. BUT I HAVE TO CARRY ONNNNNNNNNNN >:

Time Taken: 2-3hrs


It's just crap progress atm and omg it's so hard to get the detailing right (I'm using my knee as a dress form LOL OTLLLLL, I've occasionally stabbed my knee with needles but it doesn't hurt because I always wear jeans lololol) BUT I AM GETTING THERE!
White detailing not properly sewn on just yet which is why it's not completely flat.

... Less than 3 weeks to go...

Time Taken: 1hr

I was originally going to turn these into actual pigtails but the clips I bought were too small so it didn't work. I actually had no money and couldn't afford larger clips, so instead I just shoved them all between my hair and tied them up normally to create larger and thicker pigtails.

It worked well actually 8'D

They're basically lots of offcuts from my Ash Ketchum cosplay (the original wig was mid-back length) which was sewn onto some black tulle.

I think these took about an hour to make. Can't remember anymore, I forgot to upload this that's all!

Circle of red sheeting (leftover from my Chance! dress) sewn together then I added stuffing inside to give it a more 3D feel and then the little detailings were hand stitched on. Most boring job ever, looks rubbish but atm, I just cannot be bothered with quality anymore XD

Gotta put my hand in front of the webcam like that because otherwise you can't see the earring properly!

Time Taken: I'm going to estimate it will take me about 1hr altogether to make both of them.

I remembered that I used bias binding instead of ribbon for my feathered wings that I wore for my Full Moon cosplays so I just chopped off a bit from that to use for the final bit LOL. CHEAPSTAKE FTW.
(My wings are a bit ruined from storage though, really sad times, I loved them ;A; )

I've also sewed on the button loops.

I tried taking a picture on my webcam but because everything is white it just completely washed it out 8| So no photos until after Expo I suppose :'D

Next up, finishing off the earrings!

Time Taken: 30mins

When I wore this costume to Bunkasai I completely forgot to attach the star onto the necklace! So I wore it without. So here's a picture with it attached now! :3

Can no longer be bothered to get out my camera every time I want to take a photo, so all progress pictures from now on will be via my webcam :P

I've sewn on the circles on the PVC dress finally so that it looks neater overall. I also sewed on all the bows and redid the boot covers so that they were better fitted and I gave them different base shoes because the old pair I used were old school shoes. They were too bulky and looked very unattractive with this style. So I used a pair of shoes I wore to orchestra concerts (not any more I can't XD) that had 2" heels (so I could still dance in them easily with added height) and they give the boots a much slimmer look. Had to sew on the bows too.

As I was sewing all of this the needle went through my thumb instead of the fabric 8'D FUN TIMES. I HATE HAND SEWING.

Reason why the time taken is so bloody long is because all these improvements were done via hand sewing because it was more neatness than actual construction .____.

Time Taken: 2hrs

Hair accessories made with chop sticks and DAS air dry clay. I don't know how stable these will be because I've always had bad experiences with Das (especially as they're so HEAVY!) but it doesn't matter too much if I don't have them because my hair is already being pulled down by the bow extension!

Will be painted gold once it dries. I may have to take some gold paint with me to Expo and paint them Saturday night XD;

Earrings are made using red string and cutting it up to make them look like tassels. They've been sealed with hot glue and then covered with Das air dry clay, I've alsy added a little piece of string so that I can attach it onto the main circular bit of the earring. That bit will be made... Later XD

Time Taken: About... 30mins-1hr? Let's say one hour, I like my timings in rounded intervals.

Making wefts for pigtails because clearly my real hair doesn't work very well so mixing wig hairs with my real hair to add volume.


No pictures, cba and I need to buy some grips to glue the wefts onto. Just here to clock my time.
I've only done one ponytail so far and I'm running out of hair .____. May have to be thin pigtails or cut another black wig I have D;

Time Taken: 1hr

Tbh after hand sewing all day I fancy using the machine right now so I'm glad the needle is lost... I should probably find it at some point though in case it's on the floor and myself or one of my parents steps on it 8|

-has no patience whatsoever-

But hey, I should really be working on my London Expo cosplays first so ummm, going to scoot over and make pigtails using the machine now 8'D;;;
-postponing Noel cosplay-

Time Taken: 1hr

But I'm really bent on neatness for the costume so I want it all to be handsewn so that I have better control over the detailings... I SHOULD JUST BUY THIS COSTUME, SO MUCH EASIER 8'|

But yeah, here's one arm almost done. Got to sew on the bias binding on the top then do the whole other sleeve.

... Don't know whether I'm going to handsew the black detailing onto the dress though, we'll see how difficult it is D;
-That or I'm tempted to take it apart and sew it on to save all the hassle... But I lost my seam ripper 8'|-

Time Taken: 1hr

I couldn't remember the exact detailing of the sleeves so I've just pinned everything in place for now. I was doing this all without the computer being the only reference I had was by looking through the manual and the front and back covers of the game I own... The references aren't that great I can tell you that :P

So yeah, apparently there's a circle ABOVE the yellow detailing. I thought it was below. I'm glad I waited till I went on the computer before doing any cutting to the black fabric :P

There's like a million pins on there because there's a million slits on there to make the curved shape. I hate sewing curves X_________X

Time Taken: Pfffft I dunno, 2-3hrs? A lot of it was done by hand whilst watching TV soooo I got distracted a lot.

Sewn on the little circles on the top of the sleeve. I traced around a button that was around the same size and then cut about half a centimetre away from it and cut slits in it and then hand sewed it on. I wanted as little yellow thread to appear on the back as possible (yeah yeah yeah, I could have done the detailing before the lining but when you're working at midnight you kinda zone out and don't think about these things XD!)

(more pics to come)

The top bit was originally a trapezium shape but then it turned out better when it was a straight rectangle soooo I cut it. There's black iron on interfacing at the top bit (which has yet to be ironed but I've stitched it in place anyway) and then everything is lined with black cotton so that it's neat and has more weight to keep its shape better.

I made the lining longer than the sleeve itself so that it can fold over itself for the black detailing so that you see no seam at the bottom.

(More pics to come)

REEEEEEEEEEALLY want to get this done for Japan Expo so I'm hurrying this >:
If I run out of time then I'll just do long haired version so that I don't have to make the hat. But I really want the hat as well soooo ;A;

Made the pleats bigger, just need ironing now but that'll be the last thing I do as always.

Next up is the sleeves probably. Gotta sew on the black detailing on the dress as well, need to find my hoard of black fabric or buy some more though!

Time Taken: 30mins??

And I mean it when I say a quick hair test!
Shoved the fringe and stabbed the hair extension through the ponytail really quickly to see how it looked altogether. Hair extension isn't finished yet as I haven't added any more wefts to it since the last photo but I wanted to see how everything looked like before I do anymore. Didn't have time to sort out the fringe properly which is why it looks more fake than usual lololol.


My new fake fringe arrived today (lost my old one 8'|), it was intended for Yuuko which I'm wearing this May Expo but I cba to style my hair until I've made all the other hair accessories and stuff. So here's a little test for Homura! 8D

It's actually really natural looking, it looks better when my hair's in the ponytail but w/e.
Can't stand fringes though, bloody thing pokes my eyes all the time 8| THIS IS WHY I LIKE GROWING MY FRINGE OUT!

Bought from eBay... It was the second cheapest one :P
(Cheapest one looked tacky)
Was from a UK seller too, so came pretty much instantaneously :)
From a seller called bixtechltd. Personally never heard of them but they're apparently good if you want fake fringes!

I ran out of hot glue so I couldn't continue. Basically wire structure with the joints completely sealed in hot glue so that it's safe to wear and then I slowly piled on the hair to the wire. Not completely sealed (I'll seal the penultimate layer with PVA before adding on the final layer) because it's not as thick as it is in the reference just yet.

Time Taken: 10-20mins??

My new hot glue gun is so bloody hot 8'|

Bought from

I wore them at Kitacon for a whole day and I was fine so hopefully they won't kill me off when I wear them with this costume :P

I haaaate boot covers. Don't know why I insist on making so many, I just do D|

Yeah, going to start working on this again. Need to redo the pleats on the dress as soon as I find it... WHERE THE HECK DID ALL MY COSPLAYS/FABRIC GO LOL!?
This is what happens when you tidy up 8|

Cut off the excess and started out cutting it better in shape. Since the picture was taken I've also drawn out the pattern for the front ready for all the applique once I've done the sleeves and collar. I did take a picture, but it was crap because it's all in pencil and doesn't show up very well XD Ah well, shall just be a surprise then!

I'm slowly getting more and more excited about this cosplay now that it actually fits and stuff now xD

OTLLLLLLLLL fat arms X_x

Time Taken: 1hr

I've sewn on 4, then I couldn't be bothered to do the last two... I AM THAT LAZY.

She has way more than that but cause I'm such a short ass I had to like, cut out a section of Yuuko's body so that it was in proportion to mine, meaning less buttons. I don't like being a shortass 8'(

Time Taken: 1hr

With the green fabric in the background you can guess I was suppose to work on Seth XD... Then I realised I needed a zip to start her so I decided to quickly finish off Yuuko... Until I ran out of bias binding 8'|



I'd hand make my own but I'm really OCD about having everything matching so I'm just going to buy some more, at least white is a versatile colour!!

More pics to follow in next journal~

I know what you're thinking... What is this shit :P


Basically tried to get the basic shape together and make it fitted. I can't do a lot else without sewing in the zip though so that I know how it all fits.

So for now, I might trim off the excess and then work on the sleeves because I can't go in town till Tuesday/Wednesday.

I -may- need to use a dress form to work out the back... Or get my mum to wear it whilst I chalk it out LOL, SHE'S GONNA LOVE ME. Won't be working on that until I get all the basic shapes sorted though xD

Time Taken: 45mins??


I'm going to call these done, all the applique and stuff will be put in a separate to-do thingy cause I'm a cheater like that :P

Well... I have yet to buy a zip for these bloomers... But other than that they're done 8'D;;

Time Taken: 1hr??


I momentarily couldn't find the measuring tape (although I've literally just found it again LOL), so I decided to take spacky photos of what I've done so far.

... This is it 8'D


The reference looks like folds so I decided to make reeeally large box pleats to imitate this look, I think it works really well :)
My work is so so neat when I decide to actually pin things in place before sewing... If only I were this neat for my other costumes rather than competition costumes LOL, I'M SO LAZY.

I've trimmed it a bit since the photo was taken btw, so the longer bit on the left leg is no more! It's symmetrical now, wahey!

Time Taken: 1hr

This is going to be a long, tiring and painful week of Trinity Blood cosplay sewing 8'(
I always leave things super late OTL OTL OTL.

Bought shirt off eBay, it fits perfectly despite lying about the sizing! Said it was a size 10 but the tag says size 12! Better too big than too small though~

This is actually the wig I'll be using as well, same one as my Panty/Noel wig! I don't have any red hair ties so it's all loose at the moment. Kinda put it on really quickly so you can see loose hairs poking out.

Not actually sure what to wear on the bottom half, I was already wearing these jeans but they're boot cut and I want to make calf length cowboy boots with apples on them and if I wore these jeans then it'd just cover them! I'll draw out a design when I actually find some plain paper aha!

Hurrrr, here's all the fabric I'll be using.

Green cotton as the base, red duchess satin for the circles (it's been in the bottom of my fabric bin for ages so it's horribly creased), white duchess satin for the detailing, white cotton for the bloomers (which is folded inside the duchess satin because I forgot about it XD), teal green duchess satin for the detailing, maroon lining for... lining... and finally gold crepe back satin for the gold detailing (with a semi-matching embroidery thread which I will buy later).

I looove my fabric choices, getting more and more excited for this cosplay now!

Normally I'm all HISSBOO to shiny things but because the duchess satin is rather high quality (at a bargain price too! I love you Brumland) it has barely any shine but enough to pick up and look pretty~

Well hey, she's an empress, if it were some commoner then I'd be less tolerant to shiny fabric :P

Now to get on with the patterning of doom, hnnng ;_;
Not a fun costume to make, at all!

MOST HALF ASSED JACKET EVER LOL. I didn't have enough fabric to sew on the lining so you can see ALL the seams on the inside and this bugs me to no end 8'( One day when I rewear and have enough money for fabric then I shall make a lining for it...

So basically standard blue jacket, I cut up an old school shirt for the white sleeves and collar because it's not like I would use that shirt ever again anyway... It had paint stains on it :P

Yellow button things were appliqued on.
Yellow bias binding is not actually bias binding, it's just random yellow fabric I had and stitched on lololol, there's no curves at all in this jacket though so I didn't need specific bias binding!

This jacket has functional pockets! Waheeey! Then I realised I would be wearing jeans with this anyway so I didn't actually have to make them functional... WHATEVER, I'M GIVING MYSELF BONUS POINTS ANYWAY 8'(

Time Taken: 2hrs

But I didn't make it LOL. It's an old tie that I borrowed from my dad ages ago and he said I could keep it. I didn't want to cut it because it's expensive so I've just pinned the edges back with a safety pin to get the straight edge, it works well :)

The wings are the most half arsed things I've ever made LMAO. Craft foam with felt tip XDDDD They'll be stitched in place but in the picture they're pinned in place.

I couldn't find any blue acrylic and I didn't have enough nail varnish to cover the wings so I drained the life out of a poor felt tip instead, SORRY FELT TIPS, I HATE USING THEM ANYWAY SO IT'S ALL GOOD!

Time Taken: 30mins...??? Idk!

Very half assed job I admit. This was originally my Seth (Trinity Blood) wig until I realised I had cut it too short! Hence why the fringe is kinda blunt and thick because I had to fix it up from her style.

There's still a couple of tufty bits because it was pretty hard to straighten and I didn't want to make the water -too- hot in case I melt the fibres. But otherwise the wig is all done! Sprayed the hell out of it, especially the fringe to keep it in place. Shifted the fringe slightly to the side because Cosmo has weirdass hair and it would look strange it I made it pointing directly outwards... Very strange...

Took a few photos to show how the costume fits me overall and the little details.

First photos hows it's kinda fitted, it could be more fitted but oh well xD
Second photo shows the uniform with the logo on, wahey! It's not actually ironed on yet though because that will be my last job.
Third photo shows all the buttons and button holes done, as well as a close up of the tie.
Last photo shows the back of the tie, first time I've added the little tag thingy. I normally either make fake ties or ties that just aren't long enough for the little tag thingy so it was a first for me, pahaha!

I haaaate self cover buttons, it's a good idea but such a pay to do! Glad I don't have to do that many ahaha!
I used the matte side of gold crepe back satin leftover from my Prologue Sakura (Tsubasa) and Panty (Panty and Stocking) cosplay.

Time Taken: 1hr 30mins

Made a new bow because the last one came out funny because I didn't have enough fabric! This bow is made out of cotton drill because I couldn't find my stash of wadding so it had to be a rather heavyweight fabric to hold up right. I'd rather use something like satin tbh but don't have enough, pah!

Might be wearing this for the Saturday night of Kitacon hence why I made a new bow... And because I was bored and lazy XD;

I should go scuttle off and make my actual planned Kita cosplays now...

Time Taken: 5mins??

Tie is done, so I decided to try it all on and see how it looks 8D

I still have to hold the front panel in place because as I said before - no buttons!! Hence why it looks sorta baggy on me, it really is more fitted than this - honest!

So yeah, the red tie is three layers of red sheeting (leftover from Chance!Kirari/Koharu). Three layers because her tie is weird and seems to have like a second tie forming, I don't know, it's really cool though but a pain in the ass to sew! I found the white ribbon at the very bottom of my fabric bin ahaha, I was contemplating on using cotton so that it wouldn't be shiny... But most ties are silky anyway so I decided to make life easier for myself!

For once in my life (that's a lie, second time) I've made a fully functional tie. Not a fake one. I had tons of red fabric to spare so I thought why not! I wanted this costume to be one of my best school uniforms so I decided to go all out pahahaha! (ALTHOUGH IT'S TOO BIG, PAAAAAAAAAAAAH)

I've worn this skirt so much for other cosplays that it really needs to be re-ironed so that the pleats actually show up... I'll do that when I come to iron ALL my cosplays before packing them!

I'm really not use to wearing knee high socks either XD; I normally wear either thigh high or ankle socks, Kahoko! Why you no wear thigh high socks!? D;

Time Taken: 1hr

Hoping to get this done by Monday after I buy the remaining stuff I need, but otherwise THIS COSTUME IS DONE! HAPPY TIMES, KAHO-CHAN IS GOING TO KITA GUYS!

Sewn together the collar and have attached it to the top! My attempt to make everything as neat as possible FAILED. I knew I would muck up when making the collar tbh xD; Ahhh well, I love this costume too much to sale away anyway!

I have to iron the collar (as well as the rest of the costume!!) so that you can't see that it's double layered but otherwise it's done! Will iron everything when I pack all my costumes~

Next up, the tie! Did I mention I also hate making ties? @_____@

Time Taken: 2hrs

I love coloured tights, Dorothy Perkins had a sale and they just so happen to have grey ones too! So I picked up a pair... As well as some awesome teal tights, hurrrrr!!

As you can see, they're £2 xD

I know they're slightly darker than in the reference but unless I can find a more accurate pair, I'll stick with these~

sewn on the black detailing onto one piece of grey cotton then double layered it and turned it inside out - sewed one layer on the inside of the sleeve then the other layer on the outside so that the cuffs overall have the same seamless look the uniforms have.

Now I can log my time!

Time Taken: Uhmmm... An additional 2-3hrs?? I did some work on the jacket today as well from last night which is why it's taken me so long. Not to mention some of it needed to be hand sewn because it wouldn't fit through the machine XD;


One strip of black cotton with grey cotton sewn on either side. When I sewed it in it nearly gave me a heart attack when I ripped the seams for me to sew it in because I ripped it too much! But then I fixed it by extending the seams so I guess it's even more fitted than it was before!

I decided to go a bit higher than the chalk lines - haven't rubbed them off yet xD;

Picture of everything hemmed and sewn together. I have to hold the front panel in place because I need to buy some buttons still - will do that on Monday when I next go in town.

I apologise greatly for the incredibly dirty mirror xD;;

I did this last night but CI packed up on me so I couldn't actually post the pictures!

So this is basically a picture explaining how the jacket works. A lot of the ones I've found on eBay or on deviantART have the front bits as purely decoration and have a hidden zip at the side - which was a pain because I didn't want this at all so I had to work out the panels mathematically. I was making this at 1am as well so my brain turned to poop and this took so damn long XD

Basically there's the back panel which has darts running down from the top to bottom, then on the left is the panel that fits 3/4 of my torso with a dart running down the side which will later have fake buttons. Then underneath on the right is a panel which fits 1/2 of my torso and both panels are stitched together at the top but then falls naturally. I stitched it together at the top so that it would look neater overall - I can just pop my head over the top, it's very awkward but I do believe it makes it look better.

Since this photo I have sewn on the sleeves, hemmed the whole thing and now moving onto the grey detailing.

This jacket is deceivingly difficult, paaaah! Will be posting pictures with the sleeves and everything hemmed soon. They're crappy mirror photos though but oh well!

Time Taken: 3hrs

My boots arrived a while back and I've only just had a chance to properly wear them out! They're... higher than I expected so they're not as comfy but they're alright, I'll get use to them :3

So here's a little teaser photo without the wig and accessories - Charlie's supplying them for me :3
She's also supplying proper socks and shorts cause these are just make shift ones from my wardrobe XD;

You can see my new sunglasses though, Primark, waheeey! They're similar to my old pair, not as nice because it's cheaper but they're alright :3

I'm still considering taking in the top, we'll see come closer to the time. Gotta see how much work I have left for Kita!


I'm not even done, but you know what, I'm tired, got an early morning tomorrow and it's a bit insensitive to my mum who's sleeping right now to blast away at the sewing machine this late at night LOL. So I'm just doing the final painting/hot gluing.
Only thing I have left to do, sewing wise, is the shorts and I just can't be bothered anymore XD

Doing my final bits of hot gluing now then after this journal entry (should be my last before tomorrow) is the white painting details. Saved that for last because it's quiet XD

I tried out my new glue gun today and it's still a mini one but dayummmm does it hurt X____x It's hotter than my old one, which is good... But bad for my skin LOL.

Time Taken: 3hrs

4 triangular panels sewn together (spotty fabric is lined with cotton) and then I attached the bow on. Just need to hot glue it onto a grip and paint on the detailing.

I curled my hair, woooo! Only some of it curled, cause my hair is gay like that.

Time Taken: 1hr (Not just on the hat, I've been doing other stuff xD)

I normally resize my webcam pictures but I'm just too lazy and busy right now, more sneak peaks to come... maybe!


I'd take photos but I look like a mess right now cause I'm attempting to curl my hair for tomorrow. It's not working out very well XD

Anyway, I still have looooads left to do and I can't find my scissors (I was using them just now, short term memory much!?) so any updates will be mainly text journals rather than pictured journals which I normally do!

I've done most of the bows except the ones on the white dress and for the hat. I can't do any progress on the hat until I find those scissors, pah!

Time Taken: 3hrs

Picture of me with the wig on as Kirari~~

I'm being Koharu for Bunkasai so am using my real hair, but just wanted to see how hard it was to style it as Kirari. It took 30mins to style and it was bloody hard to keep those pigtails in place without chopping them off and creating fake pigtails, paaah. I got there in the end though!

Reason why I'm being Koharu for Bunkasai is mainly because Hello!Project is more popular than Kirarin Revolution over here -shrug-. Plus means I don't have to safely transport the wig.

Although, the wig stays in place better than my hair does X____X I did the full dance with the wig on and it stayed in place, this is why I love wigs ;A;

Yes that is my Haine wig. Kirari has annoying hair that changes colour in every ref (and in the Chance! ref, it's more proper brown than whatever colour you call this) but I'd like to think it's around this colour in the anime itself :'D

Still experimenting with my real hair, pictures to coooome~

P.S. I know it looks blonde in the pic but that's just my webcam changing the colours. See my Haine cosplays for the real colour!

I'm getting there, mark my words I'm getting there X_x

All the pink spots and the bigger red and white circles are just temporary. The red spots are all sewn on and so is the larger rectangle like detailing with the black strips down.

I can't find my pink thread hence why I haven't stitched them down yet. Can't be bothered to find it today either so that's all the sewing I'm doing for today!

Time Taken: 2hrs

Began the detailing, but I got a bit fed up with the foot sticking to the fabric so I googled it. Only to find I was using the wrong type of foot so I've ordered a cheap "Teflon foot". Should arrive sometime next week?

It's really set me back though. Maybe I'll do the detailing for the other stuff like the bows and hat for the time being. I'll make a start on boot covers next week, I hate boot covers XD

Time Taken: 1hr

P.S. Probably not going to use the black circle, I'm probably going to embroider that on once I get my new sewing foot because it's easier. I realise I'm being a bit of a douche and should have piled the fabric on top of each other rather than attempting to sew the black on top. Shup :P
After making the boot covers, if I find I have enough black fabric then I'll go back and redo the circle!

All done! Took a bit of pinning and re-pinning in order to get it nicely fitted. Maaaaan it's fat.

Time Taken: 2hrs


Charlie and I were just messing around...
We had to do this so that we could get the measurements right for the white dress. It amused us.

It was hell trying to get the dress onto the mannequin ;A;

YEEEEES, completed hemming all those ruffles. All it took was two episodes of Top Gear to get me through.

I rather like the lighting in our conservatory, although it was rather annoying when I found that you could actually tell the difference between the two reds, so I've changed the top layer now so the skirt all matches and the bodice and bow are different.

Now onwards, to the white dress!

Time Taken: 2hrs

It's so cute, I love it :3 I think it's a bit bigger than the original but I like big bows anyway...

I had to hand stitch the waist band in place before gunning it through the machine because there was just toooo many layers of fabric to sew through. My dad suggested using a leather needle, we have quite a few... I wish he had come home sooner when he suggested that to me because I had just finished all the heavy duty work T_____T.

The bow isn't actually sewn on yet because I was going to do it by hand (that would be too much fabric even for a leather needle). But I lost the needle. I'm great XD

My cock up with the white panel is very well hidden with the bow, you will never find out about my horrible cock up!

Next up, hemming all those ruffles. I don't like changing the thread too often, so am going through all the red stuff now. This is going to be hell T____T

Time Taken: 1hr

Yeaaaaah finally finished all the ruffles and did all the chiffon ruffles, ribbon and white panel across the front of the dress.

I kinda mucked up the white panel because I was being careless, but this will be hidden by the hugeass waist bow which I'll sew on... when I can be bothered XD.

Now I have the mammouth task of hemming all those frickin' ruffles. The chiffon was bad enough, I hate chiffon. But some of those ruffles have a circumference of over 6m, buuuuuuu ;______; So what, 6x5 is 30m of ruffles to hem ;____; I'm going to have to reel up several bobbins for when I come to hem it. Might do it tonight if I can be bothered, I want to get to work on the white dress but I don't have enough velcro am going to town tomorrow to get some (I would've gone in today but they're shut on Sundays!).
I've got it all measured out though.


Time Taken: 3hrs

I would have continued on but I ran out of thread, boo!

Still got the final layer to go and I need to take apart the top layer and sew on the new fabric because they're different shades! Damn you Fabric Land, they're both polycotton sheeting, just ever so slightly different shades of red! The skirt fabric and the bodice fabric are different fabrics in different pictures anyway so I think I can get away with it. It's just annoying that I have to redo the top layer, thankfully it's smaller than the lower ones!

Time Taken: 2-3hrs

Here's a picture to show the underskirt, just so you can see how it works.

I wasn't originally going to do this and was going to attach each ruffle together by sewing them together under each layer so you can't see the joints. But that takes up too much red fabric and after pausing and rewatching her spin in the dress over and over I think there is some form of underskirt in there rather than a concentric circle of ruffles XD.

Went to Fabric Land today in Bristol after college because Wednesdays are my half days. Dad had a customer who needed to go to Bristol so he let me come along because we know them quite well and they don't mind. Had to buy £40 worth of fabric, FFFFFFF.

Reason why the PVC are varying prices is because the black PVC is a big thicker and higher quality than the cerise and red, because I'm still contemplating on making boot covers (don't really need to but just for continuity sake!) and I'd rather have the thicker fabric rather than having to buy interfacing to iron on.

Random note, the black spotty stuff was called "Spotty dotty fabric", what a random name XD. I'm so mature...

So yeah, here's the PVC, more sheeting, chiffon and spotty fabric I'm going to use. Bought some sequined elastic to make the accessories too! TIME TO GET SEWING... AFTER FINISHING COLLEGE WORK orz.

Stars at Fabric Land were like, massive. Around 2x2 inches which was way too big. So I decided to look in Azuri especially because they were having a sale, and I found this necklace! Perfect size, just gotta find the wire cutters, or something to unclip the silver star from the necklace. It's a shame though, I rather like this necklace (I love stars), so am wearing it for as much as possible until I have to take it apart XD.

Use to be £3, reduced to £2, woop woop 8'D

I would have uploaded this picture sooner but Cosplay Island was being really temperamental with me.

As you can see I have two layers here, both with different patterns. Top layer is what was left over from the circle skirt and I like this more. The bottom layer is pleated and it's not very nice looking so I've taken it apart and will re-sew it as a circle skirt.

This costume is going to be more expensive than I first anticipated, I wasn't expecting to have to buy tons more cotton sheeting X_x Gotta get it from Bristol too because that's where I got it from, fml.

Oh yeah, in this picture you can see I've taken in the bodice so it's much better fitted now. I've also lowered the back because it was very uncomfortable to wear when I first made it! Folds everywhere and it was just very ill-fitting!

I forgot to mention earlier but the original design was a Queen of Hearts costume, just thought I'd throw that in there!

Time Taken: 2hrs so far.

Basically... I chopped off half the skirt XD. I will modify the underskirt once I get the over dress done so that I can get the measurements right. But basically I'm going to sew the waist of the white dress onto this underskirt to make it transform.

I made this dress for my birthday last year, it was a rush job, hence the awful quality XD. I was wearing an underskirt and a waistcoat over it so it didn't matter too much about the overall shape of the dress itself.

Won these shoes cheap on eBay! I love the texture 8D

Ever so slowly I'm getting there! Did I mention I reeeally hate this hat?

Several pictures here. One to show the general shape of the mounting board. Another to show how I drafted out the shape onto the fabric. Another to show how I marked out the detailing (VERY ROUGHLY) and finally the last one to show the detailing so far.

It's very difficult to do this with limited number of pins (I lost my pin case AND pin cushion containing all my pins...) and I have no embroidery thread either. So I've pretty stuck at this stage for a while!!
Since the last picture I have however used a running stitch along the outside just so it stays in place for the time being. It will be hidden anyway.

Time Taken: 2hrs of complete faffing about


After a very long hiatus, the first thing I go back to is the hat!? I don't even know why, I just felt like cracking it, and I hate it. But I managed to get it to sit on my head all by itself! Once I glue the fabric panels on it won't be such a balancing game anymore, I think it's pretty sturdy, but I'm paranoid I might knock it off.

I experimented with buckram, another piece of mounting board, string, etc but in the end, I just gave up, bended the mounting board loads and glued it onto an alice headband. I just want this frickin' cosplay done now orz.

There's shed loads of hot glue on this thing... And I broke my glue gun in the process ;_____;
R.I.P glue gun!! Quite a bit of this costume involves a glue gun... So I'm really going to need one orz. The mini glue gun lasted me a good 3 years as well ;_;

Note to self: Be patient and don't take out your anger on glue guns OTL.

Time Taken: 1hr idk, I may just give up keeping track orz.

All the purple detailing is 100% done, wahey! All I need to do now is sew on the bias binding, buttons and finally, the zip, once I buy it.

I don't normally include the cost of thread in the costs but I had to use all 200m of the embroidery thread (I ran out at the end even!) so I think I'll include that in the costs ahaha xD

Was all done basically with the zig zag stitch at varying lengths (for the intricate detail like curves etc I used a smaller length and around the edges of the hem of the dress I increased the length ever so slightly because otherwise I would have run out of thread!!).

Time Taken: 3hrs

Collar is sewn on (rubbishly, you don't want to see the front just yet!) and here's a picture of the back detailing as well. I got lazier and lazier with all this purple detailing and attempted to try and sew it without cutting out the fabric and just going over the chalk markings... Didn't work :P

I'm saving the embroidery for another day because that just takes up waaaay too much time and I'm lazy and I want to get a drink after a long evening of sewing!

I attempted to start making the hair extensions but couldn't be bothered to hunt down the wire cutters as they weren't in their usual place... Will do that another date, I seem to be making this costume pretty quickly so I'm in no rush!

Time Taken: 2-3hrs

Is all measured and stitched on, just gotta attack it with embroidery thread!

So this is when I decided to completely rip up the side seam (after marking where I want the zip to go - hence the random marks) so that I can add on the purple detailing. I've used a straight running stitch so that I can keep the detailing in place for now (I lost all tub of pins!). Will go over it in embroidery thread at a later date once I sew on the white bias binding.

I only really sewed down one of the detailing and only for some of it too... Because I decided this was a waste of time and thread and decided I'm just going to gun it through the machine later. Well, I'm just lazy orz.

Time Taken: 1hr

Self explanatory, I don't even know why I took a picture. They're quite neat though, I was proud :P

Actually that's a lie, they're not symmetrical and very annoying but I hate sewing in darts so I don't really want to do it again LOL orz.

Haven't tried it on since because it's just too fitted to put on and off without a zip. I should really buy one at some point.

It was rather awkward getting this on and off without a zip and trying to get it fitted etc. I decided to try it on so that I could mark on where to add the darts down the front hence why it's super baggy at the front!!

I was being stupid and did the slit on the wrong side too LOL, it's fixed now! 8'D

Uhmmm, don't know how to describe it, I kinda just guessed the pattern. It's horrible at the back, don't look LOL.

Time Taken: 2hrs?? I can't remember, made this several days ago!

I forgot I hadn't actually posted a picture on here yet.

I basically cut out 8 wings out of Primark sheets (same as the skirt waistband - was cut up from Listen!!Mugi's skirt!) and sewed each pair together. Then I stuffed it with toy stuffing (which came from my Miki (Shugo Chara) hat, ahaha recycling ftw!).

I then hand sewed them onto the shoes. You can see the shoe ribbons too! I couldn't get the perfect matching fabric for the shoes but they do match the gold accessories perfectly!

Time Taken: I don't even know, was watching TV at the same time again, so 1-2hrs??

Pleated skirt which was trimmed to just go over the petticoat. I used Primark bed sheeting for the waistband because I used it for my Listen!!Mugi (K-On!!) skirt but I accidentally made it too short... So I'm using the fabric for this costume instead XD. It's a very wide waistband because of the draped fabric that goes across the skirt.

The draped fabric is also cotton jersey and is basically a big stretch of fabric that's exactly the same length as the skirt, then I gathered it at the sides to be the same width as the waistband.

May I just add that I haaate working with stretchy fabric D; It looks nice, just a pain to work with!

I made the gloves too, will explain how I made them once I take a picture.

Time Taken: 2hrs approx?? I'm really slow with this costume cause I work on it whenever I'm watching TV in the background XD

Petticoat done! Two layers. Was going to add three (I even prepared a third layer) but it was just too poofy! I made the bottom layer longer than the bottom in hope to add lace or ruffles to it, I maaay change my mind and sew the ruffles/lace directly to the skirt itself though, not sure yet.

Each tier is three times longer then gathered in to make it smaller, same as the black petti I made ages ago.

I've started the pleated skirt as well but no pictures yet because it's very very rough at the moment and needs tidying up, not to mention a waistband needed to be made!
Was very hard to make due to it being stretchy material! I hate stretchy material now D;

Time Taken: 2hrs

Did a bit of cutting out whenever it was the advert reel during Got to Dance then sewed it all up when the show was over!

That's bracelets, arm... thingies... and choker done!

For the bracelets I sewed it on the inside first then sewed it again for a more defined look. I sort of did the same for the choker as well. For the arm thingies whatever they're called I just left it as they were because I think the look works well.

Since the last progress shot I also sewed part of the gold bits onto the white top more so that it would drape better. It's not a very noticeable difference when actually on me but it does help with the detailing later on with the ruffles and stuff.

I'm tired, my brain goes to mush and so does all my technical terms XD
Just washed my hair as well so I decided to just take a photo on webcam!

Time Taken: 1hr

Test to see how it all looks so far! It's kinda safety pinned together because I still have no zip, but it looks alright so far!

I used gold crepe back satin for the halterneck. It's a bit big though, but I'll see how it fits when I have the zip. Otherwise I'll cut it in half and shorten it.

I maaaay replace it by using the matte side of the crepe back satin, I'm not too sure yet. I'll see how it looks without flash! (It's such a pain in the neck to double layer so I'm tempted to leave it for now! But I'm very anti-shine, so let's see which side of me cracks first 8D; )

Will be using strapless bra btw! And yeah, I turn a bit flabby during exam season cause I eat when I revise OTL OTL OTL. It will be gone by Kita fo 'sure! :'D

I'm quite happy with the fit at the moment though! I'm glad I went with stretch with non-stretch fabric :'D

Time Taken: 30mins? I don't even know anymore, I get easily distracted when sewing...

This looks better when I'm actually wearing it btw xD

Made out of cotton jersey with a cotton band around the bottom. I did this because I didn't want seams everywhere to make it fitted but I absolutely hate stretched bands so I combined stretch with non-stretch fabric for a neat finish, of course, this does mean that I do need to use a zip afterall, awh snap! Which I haven't bought yet, so will attach it when I next go in town sometime next week.

The costume's a bit messy because I kept changing my mind on how I should make the top! At first I was going to leave the cotton band separated and then use poppers/velcro. But then in the end I just cut the whole thing in half and am going to put a zip in it, it's just easier XD (But sucks because zips are expensive due to the monopoly! -curses-)

I was going to make the skirt first... But I can't make that until I've made the petti I still have a small hatred for tulle so am going to prolong that for as long as possible OTL XD

Time Taken: 1hr

Woooo, it's all attached together now and all the pleats are done! (Although now that I've actually tried it on I really wish I had made the pleats longer... THIS IS WHY I NEED A MANNEQUIN D8 Too much effort to unpick it all and replace!)

I've gained a bit of weight over Xmas but hopefully I can lose it again!

Time for the black detailing!
I'm such a twit, I shouldn't have sewn it all dress shape until I had cut out the black detailing orz. WELL HELLO UPCOMING HARD WORK, TIME TO TAKE A BREAK FROM THIS COSTUME AGAIN M'THINKS ORZ.

Time Taken: 1hr

I've lost my seam ripper for over a month now, man this is a pain.


Reason why I said 50% done is because I haven't done the other side yet!! Yeah, I screwed up the patterning. Because the reference picture -really- confused me, and so I cut the slits too narrowly OTL OTL OTL.

Anyway, I basically cut straight slits (I wore the costume then pencilled on where it should start) and sewed in triangles that were slightly longer then trimmed them.

Yeah, don't really look after my costumes very well, I just shove them on a chair and it gets all crinkled up XDDD. Pleats need ironing anyway so I'll iron the rest of it when the costume's 100% finished :P

Time Taken: I don't even know anymore and am just making up stuff with this costume, let's pretend it took an hour! Because I didn't have a seam ripper, and had to take out loads of triangles because I'm a big fat twit like that. (Forgot which way up the fabric was so I cut the triangles too small for some of them and had to unpick them with big fat scissors orz)

I was being lazy and decided to just buy the hat, because my sewing machine doesn't have a stitch width that wide anyway and I don't want to hand embroider the tick :P

Bought on eBay somewhere!

I'd pose with some Pokeballs but I lost them orz. (I don't even know how I can lose a pair of pokeballs!)


Unstyled obviously, it's kinda long!! Cba to do any wig styling right now though so will do so when I have time~

Charlie and I bought matching shoes from New Look, they just so happen to have a 7 and 8 in the colours we needed! They're not 100% accurate, but they're cool anyway.

Just need to iron the pleats and sew in a zip... Kinda sewed this on a whim cause I wanted to change the thread colour but seeing as the black was already there I thought may as well make use of it!

I think flash makes the skirt look plain grey (not to mention I've resized it by 25% xD) so I took a picture of the skirt fabric close up. I want a bigger snaggle tooth print but it's either really expensive or hiding from me D8, Fabric Land website lieees!
But hey, I got this for £2 cause it was in the off cuts bin, and I have plenty to make Winter Uni Naoto as well!

I basically box pleated, hemmed and sewed on a waistband to it. It's the neatest waistband I have ever made, I am proud 8D
I thank snaggle tooth fabric being reeeally easy to sew with cause it's easy to follow the lines LOL.

Time Taken: 1hr

Those socks are actually knee high socks that were pulled up to my thighs... I do have proper thigh high socks, I just don't know where they've disappeared to D:

Despite being around 4" high they are actually really really comfy! They're not 100% accurate but I don't care, I like this style and wanted to wear it on an everyday occasion anyway~

Plus they were only a fiver, can't argue with that!

I've been stopping and starting this costume for ages now. Started with cutting up an old school blouse (Actually it was brand new and just sitting in my wardrobe oTL, IT WAS A NICE ONE TOO, I just had so many school shirts that some were unworn!) and cut up a piece of black fabric, sewed it on then added darts to it.
Oh yeah, I can't do up the white shirt bit just yet because I've made button holes... But I can't find my seam ripper, I fail so much.

I then left that to the side and made the blue and white bits. I didn't have my measuring tape on me, nor do I have a dress dummy... So I was just sticking pieces of fabric to me and used a pencil on the white fabric to draw lines on where it should go outwards and stuff and yeah, my vocab is awesome, and my way of drafting patterns is very professional hurrr :P

The top and bottom aren't quite attached just yet. I was just putting the whole thing together for photos so that I can see if anything needs changing. Once I add on the black bias binding I'll attach the two together!

Time Taken: 1.5hrs??

Please excuse the dirty mirror, and the stickers. I had this when I was little and stuck stickers all over it.

Tum tum tum headband is done! Although I miiiight make it out of fabric instead of just covering a headband when I get proper glasses because at the moment the glasses won't stay on my head!

Sunglasses are actually pretty perfect but I crushed them in my bag and so they are broken forever, sad times ;_; (Paid £5 for them too and were my favourite pair DDD8) I shall look around for new sunglasses some other time.

This took no time at all that I doubt it's even worth keeping track of it... Cause I already had the headband and fabric herpderpderp!

Not quite use to posing with a full length mirror yet so very bad quality but at least you can see it!

It's actually quite warm, cause it's like baby blanket material LMAO (in my opinion anyway), I shall be nice and warm in this cosplay but also quite cool at the same time 8).

Very quick to make because I was wearing a strappy top and based the measurements on that which saved me from using maths and a measuring tape to work out each length :'D
I love it when I'm very handily wearing something that I could base the pattern off!

Kinda used the same kind of pattern as I did for my Clow Country Sakura cosplay only I extended it into like a bell shape and gathered/pleated it into the band at the bottom.

It's very cosy, I love wearing it 8)

Time Taken: 1hr 30mins

Paid £14.04, bargain if I do say so myself :D

Normally I'd take pictures on a wig head when there's decent lighting, but I'm never really free in the daytime and I just really wanted to try on the wig!! Will take pictures when it's cut and styled, cause I couldn't be bothered to do that either, just wanted to see how I looked, ginge :'D

Who knows, might get really bored later tonight from endless homework and fancy doing some wig styling!

Because I can't be arsed to take a picture on the wig head right this second, have a picture of the stock image!
Bought this from Wig Fever as you might be able to tell, it's where I get the majority of my wigs from nowerdays!

Eeeee I bought it! It's so pretty, I want to reuse it for other cosplays hence why I went with the wavy one. It's heat resistant so went tangle to hell like most long wigs do!

Awwwh yeah, accurate long haired Noel ftw! Can't make the hat till I get the wig though otherwise knowing me I'll make it too small orz.

Such a pretty colour~

I swear I get all my wigs from Wig Fever/Glamour/Fashion!

Styled the wig! Well it was styled ages ago, but I was in a really big cosplay mood and felt like doing a wig test with Rise!

I think I need more of a fringe, cutting time!

Ololol I'm such a dork! I want to smile, but Rutherfor's always all :| ololol x'D

I just did this for 10-20 minutes because I was pretty bored and had messed up hair from trying on a wig anyway so I thought why not! If I had used hairspray it would be completely poofed up but I couldn't be bothered x'D
My hair's too thick damnit! D8

It wasn't tangled either, I just finger combed it out and it was as normal, yaaay :'D
But if I did use a wig then I know I would never be able to detangle it so I think I'm definitely going to use my real hair for this!

The fringe would look so much better if it hadn't been parted down the middle, so when I wear this, I'll wet my hair, blowdry it without the parting then it won't look so weird! I was just too lazy!

Please excuse dirty mirror x'D

I had the urge to style my wig... And I really wanted to wear it to cam whore with it LMAO. So I cut it at super speed (hence it's a little too long) and well, here's the proof I have the wig! 8D

I love this wig, I think I suit this wig and colour and reeeally can't wait to be Kaho-chan <333 I WANT FABRIC NOW!! AND I MUST LEARN SOME LA CORDA SONGS BY HEART NOW OTL.

I think Kahoko is one of the cosplays I'm most looking forward to making for next year! It's one of my favourite anime/manga hnnng <333

I've only cut the fringe and bangs because I prefer it this way, plus I can reuse this wig for Kyoko (Time Stranger Kyoko) if I leave it like this ohohoho |D *shot*
I've seen other cosplayers style their wig like this, I much prefer it to the ones that layer imo x)

Yeah, sorry for n00btastic journal post. I'm just stupidly excited now that Oct cosplays are over and I can get started with Kaho-chaaan *___* (And other 2011 cosplays XD)

If I had it more way I would have made this ten times better and neater but I was really rushed for time with this costume so everything was slapped together quickly.

Pumpkin I was originally going to paper mache, smooth and paint. But no, I ran out of time so I did what I do best, make a hat. So it's a pumpkin hat! Made with buckram and polycotton leftover from the cape loool.

Top is from the MEN'S section of Matalan, awwwh yeah, proper manly it is. I used Dylon fabric paint to paint on the detailing. I think it's really cute :3

Cape is black cotton drill and polycotton layered together with buckram in the collar to keep it up. Bought some black cord from Rolls and Rems in London because I'm pretty disorganized and kept forgetting to buy some in Taunton ROFL.

I won the sandals a while back on eBay and cut off the fabric thingies and replaced them with double layred cotton drill with buttons, double layered because I wanted it extra stiff and sturdy.

Wig I styled in 10-20mins because I was tired and insanely rushed for time. SUPER quick layers (I've had tons of practise with layers now) and blasted it with hairspray then shoved it in my suitcase haha x'D It's under a pumpkin, it's fine.

The trousers were finished off with white cotton turnups, they're just sewn on normally and tacked in place at the top so that they hold in place and look pretty loose.

Belt was bought from eBay which is actually really comfy to wear~

PHEW. Will update the main description section when I get home, right now I am tired and speed typed this journal so it's not a full blown description lolol.

Time Taken: 4-5hrs??

No pictures sorry. This laptop doesn't have webcam and I cba to get my main camera out.

I look like I have bunny ears! Awwwwh.

Sewed two shapes the same then stuffed some wire in them then twisted them around a thin headband I bought from Claires. They sometimes flop down so I have to keep an eye on them.

Time Taken: 1hr?? - I've been working on the anklets, straps and stuff as well

It looks massive on me when sitting down but when stood up it's fine :'D
Here's the top half! Minus the wig, couldn&'t be bothered to put it on.

It's so comfyyyy~! Tbh it doesn't feel like cosplay because it's something I'd wear around college, minus the hat.

I bought some and they are lovely <3

They're only 3.5" high as well, which is what I normally wear whenever I wear heels so they'll be easy to walk in x)

I love shoes, and I love heels~ Bargain price as well! AND THEY'RE NOT PATENT (I hate patent shoes).
Bought from
(Also bagged myself some lovely warm fuzzy boots which I am wearing now. That piece of information was completely irrelevant but I love them and I'm known for going off on tangents anyway herpderp)

... I bought some 8'D

... Not that I didn't have any before, but I didn't have any suitable black ones lolol. I don't wear black trousers anymore since I left school, no idea why, jeans are just comfier? :'D

But these trousers are lovely and have a smart/casual look and were on sale in New Look and I love them 8'D Went in there looking for jeans but figured I had loads so hey, went for something different!

Now all I need for this cosplay is the coat! Shouldn't be too hard~ I would love a pair of new shoes for some height boost as well, but that's just my lame excuse for wanting to buy new shoes ROFL. I've recently bought new shoes for myself so I don't think I should, baww!

Trousers cost £10 but I won't include that in the costs because I didn't buy them -specifically- for the cosplay, I wear them out normally as well xD

I love these goggles, they were a pain to hem but they're awesome 8D

Made from double layered cotton drill, acetate thingy (which was actually for Magnet Rin, sorry Rin ;_; ) and some black elastic.

I basically stuck a piece of fabric to my face and drew lines around my eyes and stuff using a pencil. I was alone by the way so I didn't look too idiotic |D
Then I cut out the shape, cut it out twice and sewed them together. Then before I hemmed the eye holes I shoved some acetate through and used the zig zag stitch to hold it in place. I put the stitch length to 2 or something otherwise I would have cut out the acetate ROFL. Wouldn't want that would we? XD

Then black elastic was sewn on to hold it together.

Time Taken: 1hr

I'm too old for this cosplay ROFL.

Decided to do a test shot with everything I have so far. (Bar the turtleneck, I'm too lazy to dig around my wardrobe for it! I was boiling enough without it thank you very much)
Yeah, don't have any white socks so you're going to have to settle for the socks I was already wearing :P

I think all I have left to do is buy some white socks from Primark and buy (or find) more red ribbon for the sailor collar.

The tie was originally going to be a fully functional tie, but I didn't have enough fabric for that so I had to make it the same way I did for my Summer uniform version, i.e. a fake tie.
It's pretty shoddy. I thought "Yeah, I'm double layering it anyway so I may as well use polycotton" and it kinda sucks 8D, fabric fabric choice alert! Cba to change it.

Now to decide whether to make the hat or not. I mean, I have the fabric left over from making the tie (I cut up a kimono sleeve which was suppose to be for Jeanne but I decided one layer was enough so I took away a layer hence why I still have it :'D). So I could make it. It just depends whether I can -really- be bothered or not :P
I shall decide whether to speed make it closer to the time.

Time Taken: 1hr

As always I decided to make things difficult for myself. The actual top itself was fine, mainly because I was digging through my scrap fabric for some black polycotton and came across a half sewn torso, so I used that XD. I have no idea what I was going to use it for previously, I think it was a fitted jacket but I unpicked the sides to make it bigger and luckily it had no darts in it so there aren't any funny holes across the front :3

I then found some more polycotton and made some sleeves out of them. They're a bit baggy but I quite like the look, will probably keep it like this unless I change my mind - it's easily changeable without unpicking anything!

The making-things-difficult part is the cuffs. I decided, yeah, this is a quick costume, why not spend more time on it?
I decided I wanted to make both the inside and outside perfectly neat. Meaning you can't see any seam joins, you can only see a clean line.

So, I cut out two rectangles for each cuff, sewed them together bar one longer side and attached them separately to the black gathered sleeves, then I hand stitched the top of the white cuff for a neat finish. I will now be prancing around Expo saying "HEY, LOOK AT THE INSIDE OF MY SLEEVES YO! ;D" lolol.

I can't find my mass load of red ribbon, I really need to sort out my fabric piles as I did have it last week then I lost them XD;

The sailor collar will be attached as soon as I make a shiny new tie and replace the black ribbon for red. I'm being cheap and reusing it yes :P It's not like I'm ever going to wear the Summer uniform again! XD Mainly because I've officially lost the top oTL.

Umm yeah, can't think of anything else to write. Couldn't be bothered to find my turtleneck. It's somewhere in my wardrobe I know that!
I can't find my white skirt either. It's in my fabric pile XD Couldn't be arsed to go through it!

Time Taken: 3hrs


Ahhhh I love it <3

I spent ages trying to hunt this down. I was tempted to just get some cotton and embroider it all myself. But then I found this 8'D
Happy daaaays~~~

There's a few loose threads but y'know what, it was cheap :P

I feel the need to scrap all plans and make Kahoko NOW LOL. Must... resist... temptation...

Is cut and styled! 8D

I should give it a final hot water treatment really. But it's too late for that now XD

It's all lovely and brushed and layered though. Have a picture!

Time Taken: 10-20mins

P.S. It's not actually platinum blonde. That's just my shoddy webcam, I can't be bothered to get my camera out because I'd only have to use flash anyway. That or you'll get a tinted orange photo if I don't use flash.

Woooo, I've just completed all the teeny tiny detailing on the trousers. They now have functional pockets (that are really rather neat too 8D), a waistband and nice sturdy belt loops!!

I was so proud of them that I decided to do a MEGA close up or you may never notice them LOL.
Although because it's night with a yellow tinted lamp I had to use flash ;_; And this brought up EVERY stupid crease and loose thread still on the trousers oTL. I need to iron them, and check for loose threads XD;

So anyway, the pockets are just rectangular shapes with the top cut off on a diagonal to fit the hole in the trousers... I'm not making sense but hey! Then I sewed on a panel of fabric onto them because for some reason Yoh has that on his pockets, I have no idea why, noooone of my trousers have that XD

Waistband is one long rectangle. I decided to sew a running stitch along the top and bottom so that they look like conventional trousers 8'D I could have just sewed a running stitch along the bottom but that looked weird on its own.

Belt loops are also rectangular pieces of fabric which were double layered then sewn on. Because I couldn't see the back, I just made two. But the front is accurate, yeah man!

I thought about sewing on a button for the waistband... But decided not to in the end because I couldn't be bothered to go through the trouble of button holes etc when nobody will ever see it!! It's covered by the belt XD
I just wanted a button because all my jeans and trousers have one ;_;

This is the first time I've actually BOTHERED making trousers that are close enough like real trousers and pretty well made too. My Alto and Duo trousers I couldn't be bothered to make a waistband because they would have been covered so I just hemmed it LOL. With Yoh, it's a masquerade costume, I wanted it damn accurate XD

Time Taken: 1.5hrs
I don't know why but like I said in my previous journal... Making trousers takes me so loooong ;___;

Just need to sew on the turn ups (and I found that in the manga, they're white, and in the anime, they're light green. I'm going to go with the accurate white version because I already have all the white fabric already 8D)
Bit too brain dead to do any more sewing at the moment. Who knows, later in the night I might get the urge to complete these trousers once and for all XD

I discovered that I am not so good at making trousers than I am at making shorts, urghhh XD

I can make things perfectly fitted until the trousers fall below the knee then it's all WHAT IS THIS SH**!?

Luckily Yoh rolls his trousers up and I have really short legs so I can sew on the lighter green fabric to hide my shoddy sewing 8D

I keep telling myself I'm going to stop making trousers because I hate making them but I do anyway... I'm buying a t-shirt so thought, if I want to enter the masquerade I gotta make the trousers. Besides, I couldn't find any that were accurate enough, damn you eBay! You've failed me D:
I'm glad I decided to make them in the end, they're rather snazzy~

Just need to sew on the light green turn ups and sew on a button for the waistband. Then sew on the belt loops and the trousers are doooone!!!
You don't want to see the inside, it sucks LOL.

You can see my base sandals too! I need to modify them when I can be bothered to change the thread on the machine LOL.

Time Taken: 2hrs approx
I'm slow at making trousers, they're hard ;_;

First time I made them, they were WAAAAY too big. Took them in a bit, still too big but it was better and didn't fall straight off (LOL). Third time lucky, they fit like this :'D

It took a picture with my shirt normally but it covered the belt and the top of the shorts oTL. So I rolled it up, I don't have any duct tape or any kind of tape handy to do open chest binding at this moment of time so you shall have to live with Simon with boobs for now 8'D

Don't ask about the pose... I was like "Think of something, umm umm umm *getting close to the timer running out -sticks hand up-* 8'D" oTL. I was gonna do a pierce the heavens thing but apparently not oTL.

Shorts are made from polycotton. So I want some interfacing for the top before I hem it. All I have available is white interfacing which isn't really suitable for brown fabric so I'll go in town sometime next week to get some. But otherwise, here's what I have of the costume so far! 8'D

Cropped out my feet... I was wearing girly pink socks LOL.

Time Taken: 1hr maybe?

Ruffles are doooone~~~

I look like a dork yes.

Time Taken: 1hr

I am an idiot lalalalaaa 8'D

Why am I an idiot? Because I cut out separate panels for the underskirt because I thought this was the only way to do it. This makes the lines not go completely downwards. Then as I was sewing it, I had a little PING in my head and facepalmed myself. I should have pleated it... I had enough fabric for it... But I didn't do it. If I had pleated it then the lines would all be facing downwards like it should, ahhhh don't you hate those sudden epiphanies when they're just too late? I know I do ;P
I blame my idiocy on the fact that I'm really rather ill at the moment deeerp *excuses excuses*

Not going to redo it though, taffeta is not cheap stuff and it's an underskirt so only a small section at the back will be seen. It just bugs my perfectionist ways looool~

Recognize the dress? It's my Azu-nyan (K-On!) Don't Say "Lazy" dress that I started making but stopped because the group never happened. I figured the dress was perfect as a base and I'm probably not going to ever cosplay the Don't Say "Lazy" version of Azu-nyan when I'm working on Mio, so destroy it for Rin instead! 8D If I change my mind I can always unpick the ruffles off the dress, sew up the back, etc to turn it back into Azu-nyan, there's not much difference really.
I washed the fabric and hadn't bothered ironing it yet so will do that at some point...

The bodice still needs to be fitted, it was pinned to the top I was wearing for picture purposes! Everything needs to be hemmed too, including the underskirt. Will do that... later.

Probably going to finish off the main part of the dress soon-ish. I wanted to work on my Simon (TTGL) cosplay because the fabric for the shorts had arrived... But there was white thread in the machine already and I thought if I don't make Rin now then I'll end up turning it into a rush job LOL.

For the record:
Crushed taffeta was bought from
Black chiffon was bought from my friend Gwennie, but I'm assuming she got it at the Fancy Silk Stores in Birmingham, they have everything there XD

Still need to buy some yellow... stuff... for the string thingies. I don't know what to use. I don't want to use ribbon, it doesn't look shiny XD Unless they have matte ribbon in my local fabric shop in which case I'm there! That or I'll buy that strange string thingy that I used for my Kaitou Jeanne cosplay.

Contemplating on making a second petticoat for this. We'll see, depends on time because petticoats takes me absolutely ages to make!!

I don't know whether that progress picture makes me look like a giant or a midget... ... ...
I'm just going to shut up now. I talk too much.

Time Taken: 3hrs

Ahhhh I am so proud of this~~~

I love making things difficult for myself. I could have just painted it on, use felt, whatever. But no, I decided to use cotton, a fabric that frays. I wanted to applique it on using the zig zag stitch. This took up a lot of time, but the end result was well worth it! Red detailing is polycotton. White I -think- is polycotton drill. I think it's the same as my Haine fabric so yeah.

I am faaaar too lazy to get up and take a decent photo. I shall take one later 8'D

I had to hack up my Alto (Macross Frontier) trousers for the sleeves of this jacket as I underestimated how much fabric I would need. So my Macross Frontier cosplay is officially retired! (I hacked up my Alto wig for Simon anyway ahahaha *shot*)

The jacket itself is well made... The sleeves however suck because I wanted to experiment with applique-ing the red detailing, I'm never doing it that way again that's for sure, stick with how I made Haine's jacket 8'D

I basically made the jacket as normal (with very limited fabric, I had to cut the panels in all sorts of funny shapes) but for the sleeves, I sewed half of it on, sewed on the red detailing, then finished off the sleeves to save me from hand-stitching it on. Never agaaaain!!! It's not too noticeable but it bugs me XD

Continued in next journal...

Time Taken: 4-5hrs

Pretty much done apart from boot covers which I can't do till I get more fabric!!
Shall be done for the futureee~
Getting fingerless gloves in town tomorrow, just in time for the shoot!

I was far too tired to put any more effort into the costume...

Time Taken: 2.5hrs

Awwww, I was so close to finishing... Till I ran out of mounting board and red paint...
So sticking this up in complete again until I'm ready to actually complete it 100% ;____;

Special-Pleb did lend me some of her red paint... But then I found my own in a box somewhere and the paints are from different companies and different shades and I'm fussy like that XD

Have a picture of the shoe so far anyway!

Time Taken: 1hr

For the Birmingham shoot I won't wear lego on my feet, I would look downright bonkers with just the one lego on one foot! XD
On the brightside, I can walk without tripping over my own lego feet! Still can't move my hands though.

Well don't I feel hardcore with giant blocks of lego on my hands... They are now detachable using velcro. But once they're on it's hard to take off and I have limited movement with them on.

I've started the feet lego... And I'm running out of mounting board ;_; I might have to cut up my Seth hat for the time being... or one of them anyway...

Time Taken: 1hr

Yeah man, this is what the belt looks like with the lego and buckle on it.

It is VERY hard to get the belt on and I can only just about get it on on the biggest holes ;____; Damn lego blocks, they only cause annoyances!

I can build a tower with my lego blocks 8'D

6 down, 6 more to go! I AM RUNNING OUT OF PAINT!

Time Taken: 2hrs

Bought the wig off flames-of-monki as it seemed like the right style for Izaya and was cheap XD

It arrived a few days ago but I only just decided to try it on now. Might trim the bangs just a tad but I dunno, it frames my wide face better keeping it long so I might leave it for the time being XD

Apparently I need more black in my wardrobe... Izaya looks so weird in a white strappy top oTL.

I don't have a pen knife... We use to have one, no idea where it is now though XD So I used cards cause deeerp~

I lost my wig caps so my hair's poking out all over the place ;___;

Costs: Wig £12

The beginnings of one of many DRRR!! cosplays~~ <3


I've made 22 round bits for the lego from model magic. I was originally going to make it out of mounting board so that it can match the lego pieces... But mounting board can't bend very well and so I would have had to either make LOTS of circles to layer up or use a different material (e.g. craft foam) anyway... So I just decided to make them all out of model magic to save time XD

Picture to show how the lego is being made. Literally, it's different shaped mounting board glued together. I really did mean it when I said it was like a jigsaw puzzle XD

It's quite sturdy, so hopefully when I come to do the shoes they will hold.

I'd paint the lego gloves but I've only just made the model magic circles and so I'll paint them all tomorrow once I've made -all- the lego. Should be long enough for them to dry XD

Time Taken: 2hrs again -flails-

I miss the days when I was a complete n00b at cosplay and didn't know how to make things so just left it alone and inaccurate oTL oTL oTL.
This cosplay will be the death of me D:
Thankfully it's all I have left to do ;w;

Finished the earrings. Made from model magic and acrylic paint. I painted the stars on the gloves and belt buckle too.

Currently in the process of making the LEGO! I have seriously underestimated the difficulty of this cosplay, well not really, but I've certainly underestimated how much patience is needed for this oTL. All this lego... It's like trying to fix a jigsaw puzzle! Pictures to come~
So far made the hand lego... Now I have 10 more pieces of lego to make, save me now D:

Time Taken: 2hrs


Oh Fiona, why couldn't you be awesome at sewing all those years ago and make gloves properly so that I didn't have to spend ALL THOSE HOURS fixing them up TT^TT
Lesson learnt, never let 14 year old self make a cosplay then decide to rewear years down the line and find it SUCKS.

I'd love to remake the general shape of the glove but I'm too lazy, it will do XD
It's the fingers that annoy me, so many loose threads... So ill-fitting...

Now the fingers are nicely hemmed and fitted better.

The first version of the star patch was made from craft foam, I didn't like how flimsy it was and didn't want to attach it with velcro. So I opted with fabric, and I chose black cotton drill for the backing for a reason in that I know it's suppose to be some form of armour so this stiffened the patch up. I was going to double layer it... But a single layer of drill cotton worked just fine!

I need a different star template to my braces, so I will do that tomorrow as I cba to get out the paintbrushes and paint XD

The red bits are polycotton to match the braces.


I love/hate this coplay so much 8'D
I think it's because I have to hand sew a lot of it... And I haaate hand sewing XD


I don't know why or how but the braces have taken me absolutely ages to make!!
Again, just making the clasps for the braces have made me watch a LOT of TV.

They're made from double layered cotton drill cut offs that I've had lying around and it makes it feel nice and sturdy, like how a clasp should be like.
Triangle and rectangle are sewn separately, took ages to keep it all neat! ;w;

Now I need to position them correctly, can't quite make up my mind where to put them... I occasionally tripped over them when I had them the way they were in the photo xD;
They're only pinned in place so I can adjust them then sew them on once I make up my mind.

Time Taken: 2-3hrs

Temporary head bow borrowed from Izzy (shigures high school girl) because I'm just too lazy to make my own right now XD;

I lost my alice headband anyway and so I asked Izzy for hers (she's heavily into lolita I instantly went to her XD) and let me borrow it :)

When I make my own it'll be less lolita style, more traditional bow style but BIGGER! That is if I like the look, going to draw up loads of designs and see what I like best when it comes to the shoot with UK-Wonderland.

Wig has been washed out of its hairspray. Might need to wash it a second time and add a bit of conditioner to it as there's still a tiny bit of hairspray in the bangs.
I stored it in a plait so it's still nice and untangled 8D I was expecting it to be in a tangled mess but I forgot that I had already given it a nice little treatment before putting it into storage XD

And here we have me on the brink of losing it because of the number of stars I have painted... Here is also me in my pajamas lolol 8D They have stars on them (Y)

Used dylon fabric paint for dark fabrics and painted each star on individually using my own template. I watched so much TV whilst painting this, and my neck ached T^T But it was worth it as I now have a more accurate Hao cosplay <3
After I painted on three strips of fabric I let them dry and then sewed on a back layer so that it has more weight to them and so that you can't see the yellow fabric seeping through the back on the top layer! Plus there was a seam on either side of the stars judging by the reference so the back layer made sense :P

I would have preferred not to use paint for the stars but I sucked so much at cutting out felt stars that I gave up oTL.

Time to make the clasp things! ... When I find my leftover cotton drill...

Costs: £3.15 1m red polycotton
Time Taken: 5hrs

I have to make this before Tuesday as that's when I'm leaving for the Midlands... MUST GET THIS AS ACCURATE AS POSSIBLE, AAARGH!
Kick me if I'm not posting any progress pictures/journals as that means I'm not doing any work XD

This is the shoddiest costume I have ever made XD
And before you comment on the shortness of the dress... I didn't mean to be that short oTL. I made it extra puffy by tucking in the petticoat as it was too long and showed underneath, this made the skirt shorter, yeaaaah I should have thought about that more D;

The apron is made from a single layer of polycotton, I would have loved to either interface it or double layer it but I don't have any of that lying around and am too much of a cheapo to buy more XD
Which makes it very very shoddy.

The white part of the sleeves is double layered polycotton.
The bow is made from polycotton drill (didn't have enough polycotton leftover). It attaches using velcro.

I still need to sew on the collar, I thought about making it... Then decided not to because I was lazy and I haaaate making collars!!! Will make it eventually though XD

Time Taken: 3-4hrs

At first, I wanted it to have just two panels only because after having watched the video over and over that's what it appeared to me... But this didn't seem to work, so I made the sleeves separately afterall.

It seems to drape really funny so I'm going to see how I can fix that before hemming everything.

Despite it being really short it's really comfy!! I like wearing it, and it makes my legs look longer, bonus! 8D

I do have red tights, I just couldn't be bothered to put them on just for the photo.
By the way not the belt I'll be using for this costume, I have a more accurate belt... Somewhere...

Time Taken: 1hr

Wooo, that's all the blue bits done! I just need to hem it, but I need to buy more thread for that.

I would have finished off the puffy sleeves but I wanted to have white edging... And out of all 12+ of my bobbins none of them have white thread in them oTL. I can't do any more work till I free up a bobbin or buy some more xD;

The torso has darts to make it fitted, has a zip at the back (which needs to be bought) and then the puffy sleeves sewn on. The skirt is a circle skirt.

I thought I'd need two petticoats or something... But the black petticoat I made ages ago works perfectly enough, yay for not having to break my neck over making another! 8D

Time Taken: 1hr

Waheeey, I can wear this out with some form of accuracy now!!

Okay, so it's not accurate at all - but it'll be fixed up for when I do the Winter uniform I swear D'8

I took my old pair of school trousers (which I also used for Summer Casual version of Naoto~) and took them in so that they were slightly more fitted. Then I stitched up the ends and hand stitched the white lines down the trousers.

It's quite funny actually, the trousers are too long for me in the first place (trousers never fit me right cause I'm so short oTL) so I actually had to fold them up just like Naoto 8'D
I thought I had some grey fabric... But I can't find it - I think I threw it out... So my trousers are inaccurate D:

I will have the chain for the shoot - I'm borrowing Special-Pleb's from her old Sora costume because I lost my own oTL. (I had one when I was a wee little kid, apparently I lost it years ago XD)

Shirt is my old school shirt - age 11-12, woooo 8'D

Time Taken: 1hr

Waheeey, finished hemming all the ruffles.
I started off doing a double roll, but then the ruffles didn't drape nicely, so I did a single hem and it doesn't matter as it's the shape I wanted and you can't see the edges on the inside anyway.

Now I can't do anything until I buy some blue fabric :|
(Unless I decide to make the bow out of cotton drill to match the dress, I haven't decided yet)

Time Taken: 30mins

Dress is fully hemmed and the ruffles is all sewn on. Just need to hem the bottom ruffles, aaaaargh. There's 360" worth of fabric to hem... That's just over 9 bloody metres. I think I'm going to use hemming web to hem it - otherwise I'm going to need 2 bobbins worth of thread just to hem the thing XD.

Time Taken: 1hr

Totally wearing the wrong bra in the photo, hence why you can see my bra straps xD;
And my hair is covering the front ruffles =w= I put my hair there to cover the bra straps, not the bodice XDDD

Went out to buy some more craft foam and felt today, so finished the top hat!

Surprisingly this came out worse than the top hat I made for my friend which happened to be my first one, God damnit xD
See, told you I get worse and worse after every costume :P

Made from cardboard, craft foam and felt with hot glue to keep it together.

Costs: £4-5 approx (This included the alice headband, felt and ribbon)
Time Taken: 1hr

Wig in the photo is for picture purposes only!

Dress is complete! Just gotta hem the bodice and sew on the ruffles x)

I underestimated how hard it was to make that bodice backless, but I got there in the end! Not too tricky, just thought I could cut out the patterning first time but I had to pin it in place once I tried it on to get it perfectly fitting xD;

You can see my petticoat under this - you won't see it once the ruffles are sewn on though :P

Yes that is a guitar, I don't play bass XD But I wanted a cool instrument to pose with *dork* (I wish I could play bass though - I can play bass on Rock Band if that counts? :P)

Those aren't the shoes I'll be wearing, I'll be buying some more accurate ones from Primark sometime when I go into town!

And I do have the blue tights already, I just really couldn't be bothered to change into them XD

Time Taken: 2hrs

Random note: Loool, I always take pictures as Mio right after a dance lesson when my hair's been in a ponytail making my bangs kink. It's also partly due to me putting my bangs behind my ears as well, Mio will never have straight bangs, never! XD

Old picture is old, but I took down my Mitsuki costume which was what the petticoat was originally made for. So I figured I should have some where on here to reference what it looks like :P

100% hand made, pretty damn shoddy but it was my first and it works XD
It shapes better than those rectangular petticoats that's just gathered up as well, much much better! It gives a proper bell shape.

And it can withstand something as heavy as my cotton drill dress XD.

It's a three tiered petticoat as you can see. Basically they're long strips of rectangles all at different lengths, gathered into each other.

Not including this in the time taken or costs but just as a reference, it took me around 6-8hrs to make and it costed me £2.85 as there's 3m of tulle in that skirt. See, why buy a petticoat that costs £15 when you can make one for under £3? ;D

Pictures of the dress to come in a couple hours time~ I've made the skirt, gonna make the bodice in two ticks~ (IT'S BACKLESS! NO ZIP FOR ME AND I CAN FINISH THIS DRESS IN ONE NIGHT IF I WANT XD)

My fake fringe arrived yesterday 8D It's so silky~

I'm happy with how alike my hair looks to Mio's now with the fake fringe... Only I don't have the super short bangs... I'm not cutting my bangs that short nor can I be bothered to buy extensions for it XD
I just got back from my dance lesson when I took the photo so my real bang's kinked a bit from being in a ponytail! It won't be like that when I actually cosplay Mio.

Next time however, MAKE UP ON LEFT CHEEK! It's a mirror image so it looks right but it's not :P

Costs: £5.99

So here's to see what the fringe looks like... I'll need a real one someday but for this time round, it doesn't matter cause the crown hides the mesh 8D. But for other fringe cosplays... I'll need a real one ;w;

You better live, version 123780432 8|
I need to find the crown chain things... I lost them D8 (That or I might have hacked them up for something else, I dunnoooooo TT^TT)
Yeah, reuplaoded this journal again cause I forgot to upload the pic... I also deleted the first one and thought I clicked copy but I didn't... So I retyped this journal as well LOL. I'm such a dorkface 8|

First of all, Happy Birthday to my friend Maddie! She's not a cosplayer, but I don't care 8D

I have a bit of a track record with breaking and remaking Garnet's crown. I've made what, 8 versions now? This one's a bit broken as well, but I thought "NOOO NOT ANOTHER ONE! I ONLY HAVE ONE MODEL MAGIC PACK LEFT, DON'T LET ME PART WITH IT! *clings*" so I decided to save this little one. Especially seeing as it still has some life in it!

Some bits had fallen off completely, some were dangling off. I hot glued the dangly pieces back on and glued the snap back together (the whole crown is held together with craft foam which makes it flexible and stable at the same time). However for the pieces that had completely fallen off, I didn't want to cook some pieces of fimo, nor did I want to crack open any air dry clay just for these tiny pieces. So I went for hot glue moulding.

I used the same method as the main crown - craft foam backing so that there was a skeleton. Then I slowly melted hot glue over the pieces and wanted for each bit to cool before I went onto the next one so that it looked separate - if they were hot then it would only merge together into one gloop.

Here's a picture of the hot glue attempt!

Once painted it should blend in nicely ^_^

I don't have a fringe anymore sadly, however I've made myself a clip on fringe from Takuto so I'm going to wear that 8D It fooled tons of people at Midlands, so time to fool tons of people at May 8D


Random note: Dress is too big for me, God dammit I've lost weight 8|
Random note 2: The bottom part of the hot glued spike thing looks a bit spazzed up cause the first time, I let it touch the headband when hot... So I redid it... Second time I touched it with my finger and thought to myself "FML 8|"... I couldn't be bothered to do it again so meeeeh XD

Lol, my hair! My Sakura wig will make me look less of a spacktard when spinning because it's shorter, much much shorter than my real hair! (And thank God! XD If I had a wig as long as my hair and I span round then that poor wig would be tangled within minutes...)

So I sewed on all the gold detailing. All made from crepe back satin, the shiny side is used for the random gold panel with the gems on. And the matte side is used for all the trim! It looks so neat in the pictures... Shame it doesn't look so neat IRL LOL.

I did think about hemming the chiffon... However I found it would have look weird and worse if I had hemmed it... I'm thinking of burning the edges but I'm not too sure because it's white? Or I might just leave it because it looks fine in the photos :'D
And yes, the chiffon is actually attached on now, rather than shoved down the back!

I'm fully aware I don't have the line of gems on yet... I need to figure out a way on how to attach them on xD;

Time Taken: 5hrs

Okay, so I decided to get a full body shot after all. Because I decided to hem the dress once and for all and I had to try it on because I took in the bodice a bit as well at the back. So I thought "Meh - may as well take a photo!"

Time Taken: 30mins

I've painted every gold gem now! Waheeey! Also painted the gems on the front bodice ^_^

I'm tempted to paint the cord itself gold as well because I was messy with the painting. But not today because I've already washed the paint brush loool *lazy*

I also cut the white chiffon in half for the random dress tails she has. I can't sew them onto the dress until I do the gold detailing though. And I can't do the gold detailing till I buy the right colour thread lol! XD;

Time Taken: 1hr 40mins

Apologies for webcam photo once again. Really cannot be bothered to go get changed into costume and so there's no point in getting a full body shot. Excuse the unflattering enormous hoodie as well :P

Woohoo! Got the necklace done and painted 8D

It's made from cord, model magic and acrylic paints. I have to hold it in place because I haven't made any sort of snap for this yet.

Time Taken: 20mins

Excuse the webcam picture, I can't be bothered to get the camera out just to take a picture of a necklace...

Uuuurgh, reason why I haven't worked on this costume for ages? Because it's so boring to make!!! It's driving me insane, I want a more exciting costume to work on =3=

So here's all the little gem things, all hand made out of model magic. I did try looking on eBay to see if they had anything to save time but they didn't... So hand-making it is =3= I gotta wait for them to dry then I can paint them.

And to the right of the picture you can see the gold cord I'm using - which I will be wrapping around in fabric to make the gem string thing and the necklace.

Costs: 5m gold cord - I can't remember, I'll estimate £2.50, seems logical xD
Time Taken: 3hrs =3=

You can tell I love using =3= a lot now, it's so cute :'D

I'm really pleased with this, on the outside, it looks really clean and well sewn (unless you look up close at the seams or check out the inside of the costume ROFL).

But yaaay, all the black details are sewn on, and the zip is attached so it's a proper jacket now *_*

All I have left to do is to sew in darts at the back to make it more fitted and add that random strip thingy she has at the back... I don't know what it's called but it looks like a clasp made from fabric XD... I re-read some parts of the manga to double check! (Although with my luck I kept picking up the volumes with her not wearing her uniform, jeeeez! - Yes I use my mangas as ref rather than saving them to the computer, although saving onto the computer would be much much smarter!)

Cost: I can't remember how much the zip costed... It was a 12" zip so I estimate around £2.40-ish... Our fabric shop is overpriced.
Time Taken: 3hrs DDDDD8

Random note: Ignore the dangly black thread on my dress... There were a lot of loose threads when making this costume and a lot of it kept sticking to my dress >_>;;

Yaaaaawn, I'm sleepy! >w<
I've been a bit of a twit and forgot to sew on the black fabric before sewing the whole jacket together, so I'm having to hand sew the sleeve strips. Still gotta do 3 more black thingies on the sleeves then I';m done with that! After that I'll cover the edges with bias binding and then finally sew on the zip and voila! All done 8D

... This jacket looks terrible on the floor, I assure you it looks much better actually on me :/

Time Taken: 3hrs

Waheeey, I've glued on the buttons for my boot covers as well as glued them onto the actual shoes, I've tried them on as well and I love them <3

I've also started doing all the details on the armour, I'm not so good at handling the glue gun anymore now =_=;;

Costs: 3 packs of buttons (10 in a pack) £5 (I only used like... 16 though!!)
Time Taken: 2hrs

... Well at least the base of it... I can't do the black details or the collar until I go and buy a zip so that I can get the jacket fitted correctly >_<

This time it wasn't made from an amalgamation of three school blouses, it was made from leftover polycotton drill I had, lovely and heavyweight but not as heavyweight as normal cotton drill!

I have to say I'm really pleased with the fitting of this jacket... Because I actually took precision in measuring myself rather than taking rough measurements and then sewing random lines to the fabric, nope - I actually planned it out LOL (Waaay, I'm becoming less lazy in my sewing!)
This puts my mind at ease because once I'm done with this school uniform, I can get one with the Ashford uniforms from Code Geass and not go into a major panic over it 8'D *has wanted an Ashford uniform for aaages, but really does not want to buy it online*

The sleeves are much puffier than my mock up, and they're more fitted towards the bottom... You'll see when I post pictures. I'd post pictures now but my computer doesn't seem to want to accept the memory card from my camera right now :/

Time Taken: 2hrs

Random trivia: I have no idea what happened to my mock up of the jacket... It just randomly disappeared xD

I was working on the majority of the armour bar the hat armour (gotta make the frame of the hat first! XD) today. And this includes that God damned floating fence of hers, seriously, why does she have it!? It's frustrating to make @___@

It's a bit smaller than in the reference picture... Because I didn't have enough craft foam to make it full size ;w;

The fence was made using chicken wire for structure and craft foam sandwiching it for the detailing. I may slot in something else to make it even more secure, but haven't quite decided yet.
Plus I don't want to cut out any more chicken wire strips... it hurts ;w; *mourns over scratched hands*

I think I've left my hot glue sticks in the hotel at Minamicon... Because I have none and I remember taking a full pack to Minami... So I gotta go buy some more before I can do any more armour making >_<

I just had to make that floating fence didn't I...

I remade the arm armour as well! I've noticed extra details since I made my first one, and I accidentally burnt one of my originals anyway, it's very unnoticeable but it was annoying me so I went ahead and remade it :P

Time Taken: 2-3hrs approx (I was faffing about all day xD)

I've come to discover that my sewing machine really dislikes sewing lycra, but hey ho - got there in the end! Decided to scratch the idea of making cotton drill boot covers and just use the lycra (which was suppose to be for Haine's socks... Sorry Haine ;w; ) - because I was too lazy to sit around pinning the cotton around my other leg when I have half a metre of lycra ready to use XD

I made sure the lycra matched the shade as the rest of the white fabric though, which is does, so I got lucky :3

It's not done yet, it needs to be hot glued onto the shoes which is why it's fitted so awkwardly. But before I do that I need to wait till my buttons arrive from eBay, then I need to do all the gold detailing - and then I can glue them onto the shoes!!

I also haven't pulled them up properly, I was lazy! XD

Time Taken: 1hr
Costs: I can't remember how much the lycra costed ;w; I'll look at my receipt later...

Jesus Christ my hair looks long now xD;; I lose track of how long it is!

Yes it's as short as it looks... It's around 12" long I think!
However, it covers my butt, so it's fine for me :P (I'm wearing tights and I have that long ass train and lace train behind me, it's fineeee!!)

It's your average circle skirt but then folded over so that it's all puffy. I used knife pleats to sew it to the hem. Then I made a waistband for it so that no raw edges could be seen. Finally I used elastic to hold it up, I thought a zip would lose the effect and would be pretty damn useless anyway for this kind of skirt.

Costs: 1.5m White polycotton drill £5.99
Time Taken: 1-2hrs

WAHEY! First ever home made tie. And even with something as simple as a tie was I incredibly picky LOL. I decided "No, I'm not going to sew the tie, I'm going to make it accurate and give it the seamless look using hemming web" WHY FIFI WHY!?

So yeah, bought 20cm of yellow cotton (the same fabric as my Jeanne obi!), cut out the shape of a tie and then began the long boring process of carefully folding it over and making sure it's all nice and neat. Gooooosh xD (Would have been ten times quicker if I had just used the sewing machine... Would have been less painful too because I burnt myself XD)

Costs: 20cm yellow cotton £1.20
Time Taken: 30mins

I already had the hemming web, dad bought it years and years ago and a while back, gave it to me because he found it in the garage somewhere xD. Still works apparently!

This blouse looks nothing like it did originally XD

It's 3 times smaller, seams down the front and sort of fitted (a bit too fitted in my opinion, it doesn't fit me unless I bind TT____TT I know that's accurate but I was hoping to use it for normal use as well LOL, dayummmm!)

I think I did just as much sewing as if I were making it from scratch tbh LOL. But hey ho, I like this colour and it's very comfy! I was really worried of going wrong though, because if I went wrong then it would have been a waste of a really nice (possibly expensive) shirt!

The trousers are my old school trousers, need to make them more fitted too. Hopefully won't need as much modifying as the shirt LOL.

I found the yellow fabric I knew I had... it's in shambles xD. So I have to go back to the fabric shop to buy some (Wait woah, that means I'm actually spending money on this cosplay!!)

Time Taken: 1-2hrs

I know Naoto doesn't wear glasses with this outfit... But I don't care, I wanted to wear them anyway xD (I can see better too! Which makes a change, I only ever wear them during lessons so most of the time I'm walking around blind XD)
And yes I do have a wig... It's upstairs on a wig head... I couldn't be bothered to tie my hair up and put it under a wig cap!


... The dress however, isn't *flails*
I decided to wear the whole costume to see if anything needed fixing up. And a lot needs fixing up, but I'm only going to concentrate on the bodice because I'm lazy and running out of time xD.

I hope to flooring at Minami is level ;___;

Time Taken: 2hrs

Still gotta make the armbands, make belt loops to attach the wings and make that blue ribbon thingy she has, then I'm doooone~

Laaaa, still working on this! Cutting it reeeeal close though, it's taken so long to work on this tutu!!

It looks done in the picture... But when I tried it on it was waaay too big, beyond ridiculously big on me LOL. So I've cut into a section and will be sewing it together... Some other time xD

The line through the circle is the tacking thread... You won't see it though because the over skirt will be... Over it.

I'm nearly there with the bodice and overskirt too, will post pictures of it... some other time xD

Costs: 6m pink ballet tulle £11.70
Time Taken: 5-6hrs

Lol, I was being a bit of a pinhead when making this. My original plan was to make a bodice and extend it to one long train - basically like my Garnet cosplay. I didn't do this though, I made like a waist cincher type thing and extended it therefore I can't attach the armour onto it ROFL. So I gotta alter it so that it's a proper bodice now xD (Good thing the train is reeeeally long so it doesn't matter if I alter it!)

So... I went through 5-6 designs on paper to see how I should make it. In the end I made it into an egg kind of shape and tried to make it as full as possible without it draping too much over each other.

I completely remade the train from cotton drill because my original one wasn't full enough in my opinion, so I'm much happier with this one :3 (This means I can use my old train and make a second boot cover, waheeey 8D - I think I've done enough sewing for tonight though orz)

When I sit down it makes a circle kind of shape 83
This is the shape I was after in the end result so waheeeey!!!

Costs: 3.75m white cotton drill £15
Time Taken: 1-2hrs

Errr, still need more fabric dammit!! Gotta buy more for that poof of a skirt she has! Whyyyyy!? D:

Decided to take a picture with it on my wig head so that you can see what it looks like on the wig rather than my black hair looool.

Here you go xD

I'm actually really proud of this feather headdress thing. I was really worried it'd look stupid and would look like I'm wearing a big ball of feathers on my head, but it turned out really cute! 8'D

I started off with a strip of wadding, hot glued long feathers faced down first then over the top I used cut feathers the other way up so that it sticks out. It's then hot glued onto two clips at the side. All the feathers are marabou feathers which were leftover from my Arina wings!

They're so cute x) I love faffing about with them!!
I'm a bit worried about the gold crown though, I'll keep this one for photoshoots but I -might- either take it off for my skit OR make a substitute crown for dancing around in in case it falls off, I'll see whether it's stable or not but prancing about in it 8D LOL

Time Taken: 1hr

Apologies for rubbish focus in the picture xD;;;

Hurderpderp, I was going to make the patch yesterday... I couldn't find the white nor black felt though which was kind necessary ;___;

So today I went and bought some~
I made a template using scrap paper and transferred it onto the felt separately. I couldn't get a decent reference of the patch so I used a bit of artistic licence with it :'D

This took so long X____X It shouldn't take this long... But it did X___X
And those stars... Worse stars ever LOL XD I drew it perfectly on paper but when I transferred it over to felt it spazzed up completely xD. I think I'm in need of tiny scissors rather than using my giant ones...

Costs: 65p each for the black; white; and blue (got a lighter shade of blue! The ref pic on my phone was too dark XD)
Time Taken: 30mins-1hr

Modified the tie and blouse by sewing on ribbon and glued the felt on (was going to sew the felt on but I was laaaazy)

... Yeah that's it xD;

I was going to work on the patch today but couldn't find my pile of felt I usually have which included the white and black felt I needed! I bought yellow, green and blue felt specifically today just to work on this patch! TT_____TT Back to the fabric shop tomorrow...

After all that I'm done 8D

Costs: Blue; green; yellow felt - £2.10 total
50cm yellow ribbon - 21p (I think I only really used around 30cm though!)
Time Taken: 30mins

Forgot to upload this photo xD;;

Close up of the SEES armband for ya~


Costume is all done, waheeeey x)

Sewed on the silver buttons onto the skirt... They don't show up very well though T^T

Made the SEES armband - leftover red cotton drill from Meroko and did the outline in pencil first then went over it in permanent marker.

Bow is made from the same fabric as the armband... I think I went a bit overboard with the size xD;;;


I think that's it! x)

I hope to make an evoker in the future, I -really- want one for Minami but we gotta see if time allows me to!! I've got the outline drawn out, it's a start! :'D
And in the future if I can ever be bothered I'll modify the boots so that it has accurate straps... But I need pleather for that and sadly I don't have that lying around xD (Yes, Mitsuru was pretty much made up of scrap fabric LOL)

Time Taken - 1-2hrs
Costs: Wig £22
2 Silver buttons £1.02

TROUSERS! OMG. I couldn't figure out if Alto had baggy, flared, etc trousers... In the end I went for baggy but not so much. It makes me look fat enough as it is LOL XD;

With trousers I never know how to describe the process of how I make them. Because really, I take a pair of my own trousers, measure the length of the seams and then go from there and take it in if need be (Sometimes I get it perfect first some and it doesn't need taking in x) Alto's trousers however... Had to be unpicked and redone around 2-3 times?? I couldn't decide whether I wanted it baggy or not! D: )

I bought a blue zip from Fabric Land and made a little flap to cover it loool (Trousers are funny to make, how mature am I? XD)

And for the first time ever, I made pockets!!! Measured the shape of my hand and cut around it to make some kind of oval shape with one straight edge then cut a slit in the seam of the trousers (This is inaccurate, I wasn't looking at the ref pics, DAYUM! I don't want to change it now, it'll look messy =___=) and sewed it on.

The blue detail on the shirt is just leftover fabric from the trousers (I bought loads so that I can use it for Simon from Gurren Lagann 8D)

All I have left to do is modify the tie, sew on the blue circles onto the blouse and make the school logo for the blouse pocket! Oh yes, and the oh so manly hair tie he has lolol~

Time Taken: 2-3hrs? (I faffed about a lot with those trousers =___=)
Costs: 1.5m Blue cotton drill £6
Blue zip £1-2 I think? (Gotta check receipt sometime...)
Red tie £3

La de la de laaa, that shirt was MASSIVE on me. It's like all they did was sew two rectangles together making a SACK! Seriously XD

So I modified it, I wasn't originally going to do the seams because most shirts generally have seams going down the front anyway, but this one didn't so I went nuts with the detailing 8D (Well not really, but it's accurate I'll give you that >8D)

I also took it in at the sides, it's less sack-y now, yay! ^_^

---Journal continued in the above---

Boomchakalaka! Costume is done! Well almost... Need to do some final tacking, sew some poppers on and voila!

So exciteeeed~!

It's pretty comfy too. The top was made purposely big for the baggy look, I'm not actually wearing a turtleneck underneath, it's just random white fabric sewn on - because I think it makes the sleeves look better!

There is a zip in the middle with a fabric panel to hide the zip, which I'm pretty sure is accurate compared to the reference pictures!

The white collar does up using a popper... Which I need to sew on 8D;; That's why it looks really wide on the collar area.
And I need to tack the white sleeves on because in the photo I just slipped them on!

Costs: 1m black cotton drill £3
18" zip £1.50-2 (approx, I bought this ages ago!)
Time Taken: 1.5hr

Will take a picture of the full costume on once all the little details are complete and fringe on the wig is cut!
But for now, I shall update this costume to complete :P

I no longer give a damn about the accuracy of this wig. I tried to go for 100% accuracy and attempted to do a french plait, however the wig soon became unmanageable and turned into one knotty horror and the majority of my styling time went into detangling it =_____=;;;

So it's just your normal plait now ROFL.

I hate long wigs so much...

It was so lovely and silky, now it's all horrible and knotty ;___; I'm so glad real hair doesn't do that LOL, my real hair would be a nightmare otherwise! XD

Costs: £22
Time Taken: 1hr

Random note: When unstyled this wig goes down to my kneeees! 8D
Random note 2: Pictures will be shown once I find time to cut the fringe, probably next week once I have more time to myself!

Yeah man! I'm actually doing something with this costume, started with the trousers because... Well I dunno, they're funky trousers man!

They're made from cotton drill and complete guesswork. They're not 100% accurate but I did the best I could xD; All I can say is that they are TIGHT around the calf area (this is accurate though lolol) and that crotch flap is annoying LOL. I know I need to make a waistband... I'm just ridiculously lazy xD; (MAKING TROUSERS IS TORTURE I TELL YOU! THE ALLITERATION PROVES IT!)

Overall I'm happy with my trousers, they make me feel hardcore lolol |D

Top half is for picture purposes only, I will be making the top from scratch when I stop being a lazy bum! (It's pretty damn obvious they're different shades of black...)

Time Taken: 1hr
Costs: 1.5m cotton drill £5.25; Trouser zip £1-2?? (I bought this ages ago xD; )

Random note: This outfit is so unflattering on me lolol.

Hell yes, I've -kinda- got my cosplay motivation back! Mind my cosplay motivation for my MAIN cosplays *coughSethcough* hasn't returned just yet, so I'm playing with simple things at the moment~~

Soooo, I decided to finally get a move on with Mitsuru~
I had lots of black cotton drill (And I mean LOTS!). It's perfect for making pleated skirts, and so this is what I did. I spent ages trying to figure out how her skirt drapes actually, but it looks like your normal pleated skirt tbh. I haven't had a chance to iron the pleats in which is why it sticks out quite a bit, but I quite like it like this, I may or may not keep it like this!
I don't actually have a zip readily available though... So it's held together with a safety pin until I go out and buy one x'D (I need to buy the silver buttons too)

The blouse is probably the blouse I'm going to use, I don't have time (nor can I be bothered lolol) to make one that's 100% accurate >_<;

The ribbon was for picture purposes only. I'll be making a bow I'll have you know XD

The boots were suppose to be for casual wear but they hurt my feet too much if I wear them for too long ;_; So they shall be for cosplay purposes instead! 8D (I think they're pretty good for Mitsuru actually!)

The wig is for picture purposes unless I can't afford a proper wig in time, in which case I'll just wear this one until I can afford a longer one!

Time Taken: 1-2hrs
Costs: 1m Black cotton drill £3
Long black boots £10

I love making wings, it's so much fun! But so very tedious when you're working with non-stretch fabric I've just discovered >_<;

It's made out of wire, so I can bend it into any shape I want and it can be raised if I want it to. If I made it out of something sturdier then I wouldn't be able to bend it into my suitcase ROFL!

The fabric I used is chiffon, I traced the shape of the wings and then sewed it together (stupidly the second wing is very ill-fitting. Why is it that the first time I do things it's often great, but when I try to do it again it fails miserably!? XD I should get better not worse!!!)

Costs: 1m Chiffon £2.75
Time Taken: 1hr approx

Yeees, I just did an order on for the remainder of my Sakura cosplay!
Now I can start my wings! 8D *shot*
I mean... finish the base dress of course.... *shifty eyes*....

2m Crushed Chiffon £7.98 (for wings!)
2m Hi-Multi Chiffon £5.50
1m Crepe Back Satin £2.75

I'll add on £3 to the costs as well because of P&P =_= (Yes it's £3.95, but part of the fabric bulk was Princess Tutu wings. So I'll spread out the total costs to her~~)

I'm one step closer to making that darn floating fence... Bought 2m of clear PVC pipes (Yes, I also bought some for Hao. It's cheaper if I combined the shipping so I bought them altogether!).

I have a feeling this cosplay is going to kill me...
I said to myself I would get to work on her hat this weekend as well but clearly I haven't done that LOL. Ooooh dear...

Costs: £4.59

It's been over a year since I last worked on Hao. And well, I wouldn't really call it progress but I'm just logging how much I'm spending really.

I bought 2m worth of clear PVC pipes so that I can attack Spirit of Fire to my back without being too obvious there's piping there. (Yes I still intend to make him! I bought the fabric for it years ago and still have it! I can't exactly use that shade of pink for anything else, so may as well keep it for Spirit of Fire!)

Costs: £4.59

My computer wouldn't accept my memory card last night, so I'm having to upload photos now... After the Expo! (Which was amazing btw 8D)

I basically restyled the wig (used a round brush handle to wrap the hair around, hairsprayed it bit by bit along the way and used the hairdryer on it so that it would heat-set it in place). I only used light sprays of hairspray though which is why the curls didn't survive throughout the Expo (it did not help it was shoved in a bag as well!)
Ah well... Wig needs to be washed anyway because it got seriously tangled ;___; (You'll see why when you see the Negi-Ramen photos!!!)

I also made the choker. I was lazy, so it's a piece of ribbon with velcro on it :'D

I sewed on ruffles where places were missed out as well. Like on the waistband of the skirt.

Costs: 20p for ribbon (I think? This is approx)
Time Taken: 1-2hrs?

I'm incredibly bored and don't want to sleep, so I figured I should update this :'D

This was originally kept to my LiveJournal only because it wasn't that much progress, but may as well log everything here anyway!

Making the dress took far too much time, but at least now I'm improving on making fitted things! TOO fitted in fact, I am in dire need of a zip for this dress for it is a killer to take off XD; (I can just about get it on without hurting myself LOL)

Anyway you can see what the dress looks like so far and how my bodice armour looks all painted (it's been painted for ages now, like I said previously I'm not happy, it needs a respray).
Since that progress photo I've made one sleeve, need to make the other then I'll post another photo! ^_^

Costs: £1.75 for green thread
Time Taken: 2-3hrs


Took a before, after and wig in action photo to show how it looks. I know you wouldn't be able to see it flicky underneath the feathers but I wanted to save myself styling it again, so it's like a 2-in-1 wig! : D Needs the extension if I want to do Ahiru, I have all the wefts saved, I'll make the extension a clip-on when I actually come to do Ahiru in the future!

Have to say this was a beast to style.
At first I cut it terribly and I was really worried because I kept cutting it shorter and shorter because I kept faffing about with the layers too much. In the end I gave up, bought myself a circular brush from Poundland and began flicking it then neatened it up with the scissors afterwards. It worked! ^___^

I used TRESeme freeze spray and a hairdryer on cool setting to achieve the flicky look. As well as using a downwards action when cutting the wig. I have to say I'm pretty proud of this, it's not perfect, but nothing is ever perfect when it comes to my costumes so it's the best I can do :'D

Costs: £22 for long pink wig
Time Taken: 2hrs

I love you Primark. Thanks to Primark I am now in ownership of some red tights <3 (I went in there for something else though... Which I could not find >_>;; )

Costs: £2

This tutu is slowly killing me I swear. Which must be true because I think I've said it a zillion times already.

I've finished double pleating three of the skirts. Didn't do the fourth one because it wasn't as long as the others so I'm using that as spare fabric. And I am so glad I did that because my new method meant more fabric. And so I'm likely going to need another 5m of tulle :| DAMN YOU TUTU!

As you can see I've tacked it down at the edges to make a good pleated shape, I did this because the tulle is just so stiff that it refuses to do it on its own. And I've only just researched a bit more (I'm slowly learning more and more about the anatomy of tutus the more mistakes I make LOL) and found out that if I want to make a classical bell tutu it's okay to have the softer tulle. ... ... Shoot me now, please :| Now to go for the pancake tutu look or just deal with it I don't know. I'm now giving up on authenticity and I'm just going with the flow now XD

I won't actually buy more fabric for a while, because we're suppose to be wearing tutus for our dance show in May and if I happen to get a pink tutu then I could just use that rather than forking out on more EXPENSIVE tulle :'D *CHEAT* Though it does depend when my teacher plans on adding the embellishments to the tutu... Seeing as Minamicon and the show in May are VERY close together. So I may have to end up buying more tulle anyway, that or prance around in a professional glammed up tutu ROFL.

I shall stop rambling now because I'm done angsting lolol~

Time Taken: 2hrs

Two days have passed since I've had these shoes... AND I LOVE THEM EVEN MORE!
They make my legs look skinnier *O* <3333

Ahem, so here is one boot cover I've made so far. I don't have enough scrap fabric to make the other one. Another trip to Fabric Land is needed but I can't afford to go till probably after Midlands Expo! So I'll be stuck with progress for a while (Maybe I should get to work on the green jacket or hat... Naah 8'D)

These boot covers were the most painful boot covers I have ever had to make (Then again, I've only ever made 3 before, this is my 4th). Once again I insisted on making it out of the matching fabric of the costume, which happens to be non-stretched fabric. So once again I had a bit of difficulty, but this time it wasn't just a bit. It was VERY difficult because they were thigh high!

I cut out 2 long rectangles at first and covered the actual shoe part first. Pinned it, and sewed it together. Easiest bit done, the hardest part was getting it to cover my leg! The front bit was pretty much straight all the way up the leg, it was the back bit which would no doubt give me the most problems, I spent ages pinning it and drawing on the lines where the zip would go. This actually took me around an hour or two (computer distracted me) because I didn't want it to crinkle much so it took a while to make it perfect.
They still need to be fitted at the bottom, I did that after the picture was taken - I took the picture while I still had it on because I needed to see if it would fit before doing any adjustments!! Least they fit well around the upper calf area 8D;

Time Taken - 2hrs
Costs - 2 22" zips £4.90 (They were £2.45 each X_x; Stupid overpriced local fabric shop...)

P.S. No that is most definitely not the skirt I will be wearing. It's a pleated skirt I made for Kahoko last year, for picture purposes only.

I love this hat, it has cute buttons <3333 (Manly right?)

Wasn't originally going to buy the hat but out of curiosity I attempted to eBay it anyway (Actually Special-Pleb did, I am useless with fashion so she helped find it for me : D) and when I saw just how cheap it was I had to get it! Plus it's cuteee D:
Doubt it'll fit my head with the wig on though, I shall be playing balancing games with this hat at Expo!

Costs: £3.50


My only problem with these shoes is walking down stairs... Scariest thing ever when wearing these shoes DD8
Now I can make the boot covers providing I can find the leftover polycotton drill lying around... I dumped it somewhere and can't remember where I put it 8D;

Costs - £21.51

Wahey! Did more work, realized I had seen all the episodes of Got to Dance before so it was safe to do something at the same time... I chose painting xD

I bought two bracelets from Primark today which I personally thought were the PERFECT size <3 (I was looking for hairclips not bracelets, so it was a lucky find!). Took a while to paint actually because it needed at least two layers to cover comnpletely and it was hard getting the smooth texture, didn't help that I dropped one of them on the carpet by accident xD;;
Bought them and painted them gold (same gold paint as the necklace) and decided to paint the egg crown I made a while ago from Model Magic.

Costs: 2 bracelets £4
Time Taken: 1hr

Third time lucky? xD

I took apart the tutu and it's now in 4 long strips once again. I went for a different method this time and the strips aren't as wide so hopefully it'll give me the nice bell or pancake shape I want!

Rather than gathering it into a 4:1 ratio I decided to double pleat it instead as advised by other Tutu cosplayers! And I have to say I much prefer the double pleats look <3 Now in the long boring process of hand tacking the pleats in place, and this is just one layer! *flail*

Time Taken - 1-2hrs

Before you say anything about the tutu, it is not finished yet!! I still need to trim it to neaten it up and sew it together which is why it's still in a puffball state and rather untidy!
Pictures is to show the bodice and skirt and it just looks weird without the tutu so I wore that as well! (And my pointe shoes loool)

But yeah, I've managed to get the shape of the bodice, just need to buy an open end zip, all I have are dress zips and they're not suitable @___@ (Not to mention it's for another cosplay so I can't use it xD). I'm awaiting to buy more boning because I don't have enough which is why nothing is hemmed yet and the skirt isn't attached to the bodice. But hey, you get the general idea!
Yes there is a low back, yes the bodice does stay up on its own... with great difficulty xD (That's what the boning is for though!) I'll also be sewing in loops once I hem it for clear bra straps so that I can turn it into a halter-neck if I need to, nya ha, initiative!

And why the srs bzns face? Because I am feeling the pain of not having worn my pointe shoes for over 3 weeks and wearing the wrong socks at the same time! Oh the paaain. (It's actually more painful with thicker socks, because it makes them feel even tighter! They're tight enough already X_X)

I will fix the tutu once my exams are over xD (I have however, added elastic to it. I broke 2 needles in the process... So I decided to hand sew it instead loool)

Time Taken - 1-2hrs

This took forever to do Q.Q
I kinda half like it and half don't. I like how BIG it is! However I cut the sides too short so it doesn't drape as nice at the back, but I don't want to waste any more fabric because it takes a LOT of fabric do I'll just put up with it :'D

It's not hemmed yet because... there's too much fabric and I want to do something else xD But here's what it looks like so far anyway~

Time Taken - 2hrs

Loool I started this... But then ran out of fabric =_=;;
I bought 2m of polycotton drill from FabricLand in Bristol and that still wasn't enough... Will have to wait a while before I can work on it again >_<;;

Costs: £8
Time Taken: 30mins

Wow, it has apparently been a whole month since I worked on this! Doesn't seem that long ago tbh xD;;

This time round I have pictures and have done the modifications I said I would do in my previous entry.
I've made it fit better, although I literally hacked the bodice small and re-sewed on the skirt to achieve this loool, which is why the time taken bit is far longer than it should have been. I've also hemmed it and gave the bodice the 'V'-shape look.

Cannot be bothered to sew on the straps - because that would involve fishing around fabric piles to look for spare yellow fabric which I cannot be bothered to do :'D

Time Taken - 1hr 30mins

P.S. Please excuse the mess on the table, haven't tidied up from Christmas yet >o>;;
P.S.S. In the picture the skirt isn't hemmed yet. I took the picture when I was trying it on to see if the bodice fit properly and thought I may as well take a picture as well to save me from trying it on again :'D

Woohoo! More update 8D

Cuffs are now sewn - ribbon with white polycotton sewn around the edges and then it's held together with hooks and eyes.

I will now be putting this in complete because the choker is an eBay job lolol~~ (That or I may just buy some black velvet and use that as a substitute, because I really cannot be bothered to make it perfect anymore =o=)

Time Taken: 30mins

Really getting a move on with this costume now, I just want it done and dusted so I can move onto other costumes!

I caved and decided to buy some dylon dye (Tulip Red) for the gloves and dye white ones I got from a pharmacy. Luckily for me it's actually the perfect colour so saves me from making shoddy non-fitted gloves from cotton drill, winnnn!

Costs: White gloves - £1-2
Red dye - £3???? I can't remember, I bought it ages ago and only now could I be bothered to dye them xD;;

Here have some progress, finished the other boot earlier xDD Then opened presents and forgot about it lolol~

Time Taken: 1hr

Trivia: Second boot is not as neat as first one ;_;
Trivia 2: Couldn't be bothered to put on the whole costume :'D
Trivia 3: I'm sleepy but too hyper chatting away to people :'D

Getting there slowly! Here's one boot done, just need to make the other one which err, can't really be bothered to do right now because they get rather tedious if you ask me!

I made it in two parts, the part that actually covers the shoe is really just a funny oval-like shape which needed to be fiddled with to shape the shoe so that it was as smooth as possible. Then was the ankle cover which was a trapezium shape and it folds over each other to give it the baggy look.
The little strip across that resembles a belt thing for the shoe is sewn on separately. After everything was sewn together I hot glued it onto the shoe.

The base of the shoe is actually my school shoes I use to wear when I was at secondary school! I don't wear them anymore so I could use them as boot covers : D

Time Taken - 1hr

Trivia: These shoes boosts me up to 5'5'' 8D
Trivia 2: With my top hat AS WELL I'm like 5'9''-ish 8D

Bought some Stargazer eyeshadow the other day that was on sale in New Look, decided to try it out :'D

I think I need some fake lashes because it looks like they don't exist loool, stupid short eyelashes >o>
I added a bit of colour to my cheeks and lips as well but my bangs are kinda covering the tint in my cheeks, and excuse the fact that I had just taken off a wig so I have... wig-hair? xD

I need to get more facial make-up as well, making my face slightly less tanned would make me happy because Seth is vampire and vampires do not tan!

But yeah, enjoy make-up test 1 |D

Cost: Red Stargazer eyeshadow £1.50

Waheeey, wig was bought about a week ago and came super quick! Styled it couple days later and here's the result : D

Pretty basic styling. Fringe and bangs needed to be cut in and then I tied it into a ponytail (thankfully the wig isn't actually all that long so it didn't go SUPAKNOT on me so it was a treat styling this wig!)
Only thing I'm going to moan about is that the wig is a bit on the small side for my big fat head =o=

Time Taken - 30mins
Cost - £18 approx

Picture shows a before, after and worn image : D

Oops! I started the dress ages ago but didn't actually log my progress in! (I logged it in my LiveJournal though which is likely why I forgot to type it up here as well)

I haven't actually made much, I've been busy. But it is enough progress to write about :'D
I've made the bodice, added the zip in as well. It's a bit longer than it needs to be but that's just so that I don't have panic attacks when I sew on the skirt part which is also in progress - I've cut out a couple of panels thus far and need to cut out more, that's just me being too lazy to do so xD;

I think the bodice can be made even more fitted but otherwise that's the bodice done.

I am still contemplating on fabric choices, particularly for her tail things that come off her straps and for the wings. I've got some fabric softener though so I'll see how floaty the cotton becomes once I soften it up and if it's still rather sturdy then I'll just go with chiffon because the tails really do need to be floaty!

I've also been working out proportions... I'm going to make it slightly inaccurate because for one thing the length of her dress and tails changes in every picture! It doesn't look good when it's like Wedding Yuna length so I'm making it slightly shorter xD;

Pictures to come when I've done more than just a shoddy little bodice and panels 8'D

Time Taken: 1hr
Costs: 6m gold cord - £3
10m white cotton - £20 (LOL I'm not using it all. But I did buy 10m so I'll work out the real costs once I figure out just how much I'm using xD; )

Well well well, I decided to do some sewing again. The bulk of yellow fabric was annoying me, so I decided to hack it up and turned it into a simple dress. Because the fabric is rather thin I had to double layer the torso, thankfully I had already done this when I made my Mitsuki dress so yipee! Less work for me! Course it's shaped differently so I'll have to fix that later, I can't be bothered now xD;

The dress part was also double layered but I didn't think it was necessary so I cut out four panels and sewed them together to make a circular skirt (fabric was already in dress shape so I couldn't make a proper circle skirt the usual way!). I'm undecided as to whether or not to buy some lining or not, we'll see. For this reason I am leaving it unhemmed for the time-being.

All that's left to do is make the straps and add them on with the bows and as I said previously, shape the bodice into a V shape and hem the skirt.

Time Taken: 45mins-1hr
Costs: £4p/m I think???? Can't remember!

I don't know what brought me to making a second tutu, because I didn't actually mind the first one. But I couldn't remember what colour tulle I had actually used to I just went ahead and bought 5m of BALLET tulle and the colour turned out to be much more accurate. So hurray! 8D

I cut the fabric into thirds and then cut out a metre from each third and sewed them together, so altogether I had 4 pieces of tulle altogether.
I started off with the shorter layer and gathered it using a ratio of 3:1 (so every 3 inches would be gathered into 1 inch).
The longer layers were gathered using a ratio of 4:1. Reason behind the different ratios is simply because I didn't have enough tulle!

Progress pictures (2): I sewed the layers the right way, then wrong way, right way, etc as demonstrated in the photos (I don't know what word to use, good thing I took pictures!)
This was all sewed into a strip of white cotton, because I didn't have any pink cotton and found it pointless buying pink cotton specifically when nobody is going to see the waistband of the tutu itself!

The final progress picture shows what it looked like before I tacked the tulle down and completing the waistband. At the moment I've sewn the tulle together near the waistband and I'm likely going to pin it down part way as well because it still doesn't stick up enough. I mean invest in a hoop for it too.
It's not a perfect pancake tutu but it'll do for COSPLAY.
I need to make two more layers anyway but need to go back to Bristol to buy the tulle I need xD;;;;
Oh yes, and I need to buy elastic so that I can easily slip it on and off. I also need to make a basque (i.e. tutu panties lolol).

Time Taken: 5hrs
Costs: 5m pink ballet tulle - £9.75

Harharhar, I've bought more solvents I mean... spray paints for myself. Just ordered 4 cans of gold spray paint for the armour. It's called Aztec Gold for Ford cars (yes, it's car paint. I only ever buy car spray paint because I can trust they're good lol!). Now I can guarantee I won't run out of paint when spraying the rest of the armour!

Err yeah, that's the only progress I've been making lately... as well as buying all the fabric.

4 cans of spray paint - £21.96 (£5.49 each)


I think Thursday evening I will be having one lovely lie in at Fuyucon, because I've been so sleepless lately! (Although the main chunk is college now cosplay, but stillll!)

The kimono is finally done, not the most professional kimono in the world. Far from it, it's very very messy but parts of the costume hides the areas where I was too lazy to hem it i.e. the obi hurhurhur |D

I also picked out the double layered sleeves and made them one layer so that they draped nicer. The main body is still double layered though. I've finally added the little panel on the main body and man it sucks lolol, it needs to be ironed but I really cannot be bothered anymore x'D

I also added the velcro for the cross and to close the kimono itself, because I like having fastenings on all my clothings lolol~

The purple sashes are almost there too! I spent a whlie working on them last night however ran out of red string so I had to buy some more. Bought some string for the obi too : D For the purple sashes they've been extended to be more accurate, yeah I cracked a bit and couldn't handle the inaccuracy xD;
One thing I did forget was red ribbon for her boots. Luckily I have the afternoon off (as always) tomorrow so into town once again! (You don't know how much I love having a college close to town centre <3)

I think that's all the updates for now! Phew!

Time Taken - 3-4hrs
Costs - 3m thin red string - 90p
5m thick red string - £4.50
1m purple polycotton - £3

Waheeeey, finally got my butt round sewing the rim onto the actual hat bit and making the bunny ears.

No pink bits on the ears... mainly because I can't seem to find my felt in ANY colour let alone pink! Must solve the mystery of the disappearing felt someday...
Lets just say this is a cross between manga and anime Meroko, because in all the artworks in the artbook Me-chan doesn't have pink bits on her ears =P

Ears are made from fleece with craft foam inside it to hold its shape.

Time Taken: 1hr

Almost there! I've sewn the white bit onto the red skirt now and I've quickly chucked the costume on to see how it looks. And I'm not wearing my kimono the dead way, I'm quite obviously taking the photo in a mirror so it LOOKS like I'm wearing it the dead way =P

Just need to do more work on the kimono and then it's just the little accessories to go! I AM DETERMINED WITH THIS COSTUME GOD DAMNIT!

Time Taken: 30mins

And my pleats aren't behaving very well once again. This is what I get for just chucking the costume on =P

No picture today, too tired and lazy!!

Lets just say it's a rectangle of fabric sewn and ironed to keep it in place. Made from cotton.
... Yeah that's pretty much it xD;

Time Taken - 30mins
Cost - 50cm yellow cotton £3

Uuuurgh, if I don't get this done by Fuyu then I will tear my hair off. After a bit of planning it's really not a hard cosplay at all - it's just down right annoying with all the details that need handling!

This annoying detail includes the sash. Gunning the fabric through the machine is fun - hand sewing the red knotted details is not so fun. Mainly because hand sewing little details drive me insane lolol. But yes, in the picture you can see I've started one, will do the other half at another date. I also decided to double layer the sash so that it's a heavier weight and so that you don't see the hem, though I did realize that the thread was a bit too light. I really cannot be bothered anymore x'D

When I've sewn on all the "knots" I'll hem the holes, it would be silly of me if I left it fraying away :P

Must buy more purple fabric for other sash...

Time Taken - 30mins-1hr
Cost - £0.60 for 20cm purple polycotton
£3 for 6m red string thing (roughly, can't remember exact cost p/m!!)

Oooh yes, and the sash is shorter than I imagined it would be. This peeves me off greatly! Alas it would peeve me off even more if I sewed on an -obvious- extension!!

Wahey, did more work. These ruffles and little details are driving me insane though. But at least I get to gun fabric through the machine rather than endlessly painting little squiggles on a 3m long skirt. So I'm not going to complain as much x'D

I need to do more ruffles on the front and then that's it. The collar isn't accurate - I may change it depending on how I'm feeling. But if that's the case I'm going to need a trip to Fine Fabrics for some black cotton because all I have is polycotton. I'd rather use a heavyweight fabric rather than have to interface it, because I'm lazy like that =P

Time Taken - 2hrs? Lost track! (Ouran was distracting me lolol)

P.S. It looks way better on me than it does on the floor X_x; But I cannot be bothered to get changed for it is freezing! Not to mention my hair is still wet from my shower and I do not want to put it up in pigtails =P

It's a start!

The black skirt was taken from my Tomoyo cosplay - it was a black pleated skirt from polycotton so it wasn't really proper pleats. The checkered skirt is also polycotton and made the same way as a pleated skirt. Again, due to its lightness it doesn't really give proper pleats - it worked for this costume though.

The white detailing on the black skirt were what took away most of my time away. I could have gone for the pretty/impressive method of embroidering it all. But no I went for the lazy/unimpressive method of painting it with acrylic paint, just because I had loads left over from GCSE Art! While it's not as impressive as embroidery it still looks good in my opinion, I did lose a bit of my sanity though.

The checkered skirt is actually sewn together with the black skirt.

I decided to make a start on the blouse too. I used some leftover polycotton to make the ruffles at the bottom of her blouse. It's a different shade of black to the actual blouse but it will do - I'm not going to nitpick about a casual costume. If it shows up in photos then photoshop will be done LOLL.
I'll modify the rest of the blouse when I can be bothered - but it's nice to have a before and after image!

Time Taken - 6hrs
Cost - Nothing!

Dear me I look scary in my progress photo lolol~

I forgot I had no talent in making neat gloves with non-stretch material damnit. Soooo at the moment it looks like a horrible mess, hopefully it'll improve! I remembered exactly why I hated making gloves so much, ahahaha how I love to torture myself :)

Panels are cut out, I'm just sewing the panel inbetween each finger now... 1 down. 7 to go, with two thumbs!
This makes me want to do more ruffles, I had more fun making ruffles! (Just hurt my neck, t'is all =P)

Time Taken - 20mins?


College seems to be preventing me from venturing into town at the moment, therefore I cannot buy any roses. (Although I do have some red roses and some fabric... I could hand-make them. But I won't because I'm lazy and a cheat like that |D)

Though with the dress all made in a couple of hours I'm starting to lose the will to collect materials for the accessories ORZ. The sewing bit was fun, the nitty gritty details is not so fun ;_____;
Alas, it would drive me up the wall if it was inaccurate for it is such a simplistic design...

Useless journal was useless |D
(One glove was in my box full of crafts, I knew that one was there. The other one was in my drawer full off old stuff. In case you were wondering x'D)

I quite like the colour of this wig, and it's -really- thick too. Perhaps a bit too thick at the front but ah well. I'm glad I went for a longer wig because I like being able to cut wigs to suit me, so I've added slight layers at the back, the longest reaching about shoulder length (Which is actually accurate, it's my personal touch and it's accurate - wahey!) and the rest of the hair was pretty much the same. The raised bangs were blasted with TRESeme freeze spray as were the antennae, although I kinda failed there...

Closer the time I may give the front a feathered frame for prettiness because it looks a bit too thick. We'll see :)

Time Taken - 30mins
Cost - £16.50

P.S. Excuse dirty mirror xD;

EDIT: I've found ONE glove. Bloody typical that is - now that's just plain annoying >_>;;

Wheeee, I'm really proud of this dress! It's my best made costume (because it's so easy lolol) and I really want to wear this more often!
But PAAAAH, I've searched high and low for my gloves and can't find them. If I have to buy a new pair I won't be amused... they'll crop up eventually though. I hope.

It's lined with black polycotton I found in my fabric bin and it's so much nicer now that it's lined. Plus I didn't have to hem it, SCORE! (I'd line things more often but I'm lazy lolol)

I used thick black elastic at the top which was covered with white fur to keep it up. The lace was just sewn on as it is, it's pleated/gathered a bit for a better fit. Ribbon was just tied around.

I sewed on a piece of ribbon for the straps, the second black bit is my bra turned into a halter-neck - because I like to cheat like that 8D;

Time Taken - 2-3hrs
Cost - 20cm long white fur £2.14 (I think???)
1m black lace £2.98

Unfortunately it's still held up with a safety pin at the back... I kinda forgot to buy myself a zip 8D;;

Felt like working on some cosplay after a tiring day of guitar playing. Seeing as I recently bought some fabric for Haine I just HAD to work on it straight away.

I have to say I love it! Although it's a bit static so it clings to my legs every now and then, if I have enough money/time then I'll probably line it to prevent this.

But it's very easy to move around in and very quick to do! I pleated the top to try and get the same look the dress has, however I'm thinking of switching to elastic so that it stays up better. Will buy some tomorrow : D

Also needs hemming at the bottom and that's the base done! Yay ^_^

Time Taken - 30mins roughly

Fear mah dancer's calves, orz.

Yaaay, all the little accessories are done : D
Now to get the main costume done itself xD;;;

Most of the red bits were made from fimo, the earrings were made from fimo too. I had a fimo day today : D The earrings have double sided sticky tape stuck on because I don't have my ears pierced, nor do I ever intend to get them done. Strangely enough they stick on really well. And the earring looks a bit fragile so closer to the con I MAY add some hot glue to reinforce it - all I did was press the fimo to each other firmly and I fear they may break TT_____TT

I also gave all things gold a second coating. Just so you can't see foam underneath the first layer~

Time Taken - 1hr
Cost: £1.95 (Christ, fimo is expensive now...)

I has obi material too, may get to work on it if I can be bothered tonight xD

It's a start, I've bought the fabric for the dress : D Well not all of it, I completely forgot about the fur (I knew I had to buy something from the top floor of the fabric shop, I just couldn't get my mind around it though! Grrrr). But I have everything else x'D

The fabric I chose is not accurate at all, but it's still really nice! The ribbon isn't accurate either, but again, it's nice : D

Writing up journal now before I forget the prices (i.e. lose the receipt loool). Depending on my mood I may start tonight when I get home! *At my shop*

75cm brown fabric - £6.74
3m gold ribbon (totally do not need this much xD) - £1.77
Lace - already had it! May need to buy more but hopefully my scraps bin has enough loool
The black thing on her shoulder... I'll just pretend it's a black bra strap heh xD;

Woohoo! Just bought more fabric off eBay~ (While it's cheaper over at Fabric Land the shipping cost overall, even with group order, would still be more expensive than eBay)

4m of white polycotton will be coming my way within the next few days. I can finally make progress again 8D

Cost - 4m polycotton £7.50

I can be badass too with kitty hat and gloves avec Mickey Mouse top..... maybe not.

Made the ears much bigger because the inaccuracy was seriously annoying me (I can't live with an inaccurate costume after all...) It's a much better improvement and it looks better now, in my opinion. Looks cuter too |D *shot*

Time Taken - 30 mins

Cute kitty gloves ftw~ I love wearing them (even if they do make my fingers cold) and staring at the kitty emblem for hours on end........ Well maybe not.

Added the top bit (I still don't know the technical term) which was made from sew on medium weight interfacing (I really couldn't be bothered to get the iron out, so I used the sew on stuff instead~) and at first I used polycotton but I didn't like the look of it. So I used really pathetically flimsy cotton jersey instead. It was a pain to cut and pin but I got there eventually and although the weave is different it's matches much more so I'm happier. The blue bits is polycotton.

Time Taken - 2hrs of much faffing about!
Cost - FREE! (jersey, polycotton, etc were all remnants from my fabric bin~~~)

Woohoo! This costume is almost complete. Just have to redo the black top to make it neater, finish off the hat and I should be done. I need to remake my wings as well because they're not very accurate (I'M PICKY!) buuuut I'll do that another time xD;
Taking pictures of the gloves was difficult... Better photos when I feel like taking full body shots xD;

........ The kitty gloves...... Are so adorable D8
Seriously everytime I look at them I'm like "D'AWWWWWWW" XD;;;; I'm so unmanly.

These gloves are nice and comfy, HOWEVER A PAIN TO MAKE (as always. Gloves are my most-hated things to make). I bought a pair of cotton gloves out of laziness and hacked them off and made them fingerless. Believe it or not it actually took a whole episode of Bleach to hem them x'D;;

The kitty emblem is made with layers of felt which were glued together using fabric glue and the eyes and mouth of the kitty was drawn on using a fine liner. Went for manga version because I thought it'd look weird by sticking a piece of pink felt loool (There's a difference, I flicked through a load of references and found that in the anime the kitty's mouth is open whereas in the manga it's closed. Shock horror!)

I'd finish them off tonight but I'm too tired >_< And sleepy Fifi means burning self with the iron. Which I would rather not do : D Ah yes... And I've only turned one glove fingerless *shot* I've made two kitty emblems though!!!

The kitty emblem isn't actually sewn on yet.. I'm lazy |D

Time Taken - 1hr (Kitty took precision!)
Cost - £1.69 for gloves and I already had the felt from my fabric bin.

P.S. It's not -actually- yellow. It's white but my light has a yellow tint. Blame artificial lighting.
P.S.S. I like overusing the word "kitty" because it's a cute and fun word to say *shot again*

Cat, I'm a kitty cat. And I dance dance dance and I dance dance dance *shot*

Start of the hat, I know it's not entirely accurate. But right now I just REALLY want to get this costume done for I've dragged it on for almost a year now and it's driving my insane aaargh xD

Unlike my other hats this one doesn't have a rim! Instead it will have that belt thing he has, unfortunately I don't have the right colour blue so I couldn't make it (I do have the right colour for his dangly things though! But I couldn't be bothered tonight xD).

Time Taken - 1hr

Photo taken on webcam, because I couldn't be bothered to get out my camera XD
And yes, I know my fringe is super duper long xD I'm trying to grow it out but I'm probably going to have to trim it just for Fuyucon >_>

I am just exceedingly lazy with this costume 8D But I've re-jigged my costumes about for Fuyu and have finally come up with a plan with minimal effort. I'm going to wear this for Fuyu so that I don't have to start a whole new costume because I still have quite a bit to do for other costumes!

Black top is complete, well actually I'll redo the white strip. I didn't want to use the zig zag stitch because it'd be blatantly obvious there's a messy stitch there. Buuut I guess I'm going to HAVE to use it because it looks terrible without XD

Time Taken: Very little time, about 20mins

asbdsdalhguiw I was fine with my Steiner armour alright? Bursting with confidence I went ahead and spray painted my Seth armour just like I did with Steiner, guess what? IT CAME OUT INCONSISTENT! AAAAAARGH [Note to self, let father handle these matters from now on. He knows what he's doing]

The arm armour is -okay-, might give it another spray once it's dried a bit. THE BODICE ARMOUR FRICKIN' SUCKS! It's not even fit for human eyes therefore the first coat will never be seen here on Cosplay Island =P I'll ask my father tomorrow if he can help me out with it lolol~

But here's progress on the arm things! It's not very consistent and the lighting blanks out the real colour on one of them buuut it's something.

Cost: Spray paint £5.49
Time Taken: 20mins, most of it was shaking the can XD; [Gold spray really is harder to mix >_<;]

The can lies, the gold paint was supposed to be lighter. HOWEVER it's a more accurate colour which makes me happy <3

I've burnt a bit of my arm armour... DESPAAAAAAAIR! *goes hang self*

I've coated it with three layers of PVA now (as well as the bodice armour - I haven't forgotten about that yet!). I'm going to see what it looks like once it's spray painted. If it's obviously burnt and aggravating then I'll remake it. (Have to buy some spray paint sometime next week...)

P.S. The despair bit was a Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei reference. I'm not emo... honest! XD

Time Taken - 1hr [it takes a long time to wait for each layer of PVA to dry!!]

And if you were wondering why the heck I was burning my craft foam - It's because some of the hot glue wasn't smooth therefore I used a lighter (too lazy to turn on cooker xD) and heated up the hot glue, I was too busy staring at the hot glue to melt and didn't pay attention to the craft foam itself. DESPAAAAAAAIR *hangs self again*

Apologies for another journal - I didn't think I was going to do any more on Jeanne tonight but apparently I had the urge to play with more craft foam - and play with more craft foam I did x]

Measured my arm, cut out a rectangle, cut out more rectangles for the raised bit, hot glued it on, hot glued velcro on... ... ... That's it 8D

This will be smothered in PVA and acrylic/spray paint later. Need to find time to fire up the oven for fimo but there's still 2 months till Fuyu! I'm in no rush for fimo making just yet ^^;

Time Taken - 30mins

My thumb has gone numb from hot glue burns |D

Been having a craft foam day today lol!

I spent ages studying Seth's design. Most of the time taken was pretty much mindlessly staying at the artwork, trying to get every little squiggle correct! I -think- I've succeeded but nevertheless I'm very happy with the design!!

Craft foam with hot glue for the details... yeaaah that's it xD;

I did a bit of maths to work out the correct proportion. Measured the length of her arm and the size of the armour. So I can proudly say that the armour is -perfectly- in proportion to my own arm, because I'm a perfectionist like that ;D [*cough* And because I'm a maths nerd *cough*]

Decided to give two pictures so you can see my messy pencil markings too lolol. The hot glue appears to be really messy, and it is because controlling that darn glue gun is fiddly! But her design isn't perfectly straight so I can let it slide 8D;;

I've covered it with a layer of PVA so far - got to let it try and add on the next two layers then I can spray paint. My favourite bit >8D

Time Taken - 2hrs
Cost - A3 craft foam 80p

I still lack white polycotton, so I worked on the accessories instead~

The cross was the easiest accessory to work on therefore it shall be the first to start lol! [Although is has caused me great pain - I sliced my palm open, received good ol' hot glue burns and GOT FREAKIN' ACRYLIC ON MY CAMERA *mourns* I'm sorry camera ;_;... Yes the camera is what I care about the most! XD]

The base was made with two layers of mounting board glued together then the raised edges was stuck on craft foam. The detailing was done in hot glue. I also sealed off the edges with hot glue [but that failed miserably orz]

All I have left to do is MAYBE coat it another layer of acrylic, paint the little blobs red and then stick on the red gem in the middle. And then fix velcro on the back so that it can be taken off easily~

Time Taken - 1hr of faffing about xD

[I know the top blob is missing - I ripped it off because it was a bumpy blob. I decided to leave it because I can always add on the blob at a later date - I'd still be painting it red anyway!]

I probably shouldn't really be working on this costume because it isn't really much of a priority until AFTER Fuyucon. But it's really fun to make and I need a breather xD;

The top hat structure was entirely made from craft foam, cardboard and hot glue lolol. It's supposed to fit my head WITH my hair pinned up and a wig over it so it's a bit big on me without it! The red fabric WAS fitted until I sewed on the black and white ribbon/ruffles but I'm not desperate to change it right now.

Most of it was sewn on the machine apart from the rim which was hand sewn because it was way too fiddly to machine sew it >_<;

All I have left to do is sew on the bunny ears then that's the top hat done : D

Time Taken - 2hrs

Uuuurgh, my fringe needs a trim. It's so long now X_X

Bawwww, wig was slipping back D; I took a few shots - but they turned out blurry. Then I took some more but didn't realize my wig slid back while I was running back and forth to the camera D; Ah well, you can see I've trimmed the fringe now, it's supposed to be the correct length but like I said, the wig wasn't pinned back therefore slid back on me >_<;

So anyway, here's my jacket mock up! I've learnt my lesson and so I decided to make a mock up version by using an amalgamation of three school blouses [yes, three - one for the torso, and two for the sleeves XD]. I -would- use this as the real thing however the colour is a bit off, it's not a perfect white therefore it bugs me xD

I will be using this mock up as a pattern for when I decide to buy some more white cotton drill ^_^ [Now that I look at the photos, I need to add some darts at the front to make it more fitted orz]

Time Taken - I wasn't really paying attention, three nights xD [Because I suck at jackets!]
Cost - Nothing! 8D

Oopsie, socks were slipping down too >_<;

Nurrrr, watashi wa baka desu. It took me this long to think of a way to make her impossibly shaped kimono top!? I'm writing this here because I KNOW I will forget otherwise.

Cut the kimono in half and sew the floaty bit under the obi onto the red skirt so that it looks like it's opened up even though above the obi it's clearly closed.

Baka baka baka baka. This has solved many stress-related experimenting and I'm sure other Jeanne cosplayers have done this - all that time trying to figure out how other Jeanne cosplayers solved this problem D=

Anyway - won't be able to work on Jeanne for about a month due to lack of polycotton still. Awaiting group order from Fabric Land! But by the time the fabric comes I would have forgotten |D

On other news - my dad has some strong double sided tape which I could use for Jeanne's earrings, yaaay xD *refuses to get ears pierced just for a bloody costume*

I've also bought some mounting board and craft foam so I'll start that cross... sometime.

Photographic proof that I'm actually working on it [and killing my neck at the same time orz]

Unfortunately I've pretty much run out of tulle. So I decided to take a photo! The first layer I half machined it and half hand gathered it and in the second photo you can tell the difference - part of it isn't gathered as well. The part that isn't gathered as well is the machine bit >_<;

The second layer will be strictly hand-gathered, so this will be a long and tiresome costume to make >_<

I'm contemplating on using proper ballet tulle for the 3rd and 4th layer so that it gives it the strength it needs and so I don't have to gather as much. We'll see when I buy more normal tulle to finish off the second layer =P

Once again watching more episodes of Bleach is the only thing keeping me sane xD;

Time Taken: 1hr+


Much nicer fit now. I'd put it on but I look terrible right now 8D; - Next progress photo where I complete something I will don the whole costume. But for now you don't want to see my ugly mug 8D;

Anyway, ruffles are 100% complete, I changed the zip so that it's grey. Much more accurate! The red zip was annoying me a lot and I didn't feel very safe in it - so I destroyed my Riku [Kingdom Hearts 2] cosplay for its zip, cut it, used a lighter on it to stop it from fraying and sewed it on here~ I am so much more happier now that it's more accurate! ^_^ [It's not 100% accurate - I can't get the seams right... But I'm not going to be picky about the seams LOL]
R.I.P. Riku cosplay. I shall remake you one day.

I've started the top hat as well. Basically cut out a piece of cardboard for the top and the rim. I'd do more but I need red thread >____<;;

Time Taken - 1hr

Geeeeesh gathering this tutu is making my neck cane more than sewing ruffles on my Meroko costume! I am very very thankful for the Bleach DUB for keeping me sane. [Bleach seems to be the one anime that keeps me sane when cosplaying <3]

I somehow think that 5m is no where near enough tulle to make this tutu - so I'll be buying 5 more metres at a later date. For now I still have quite a bit left to make a second layer!!

I started off doing a straight stitch on the sewing machine but found that it was more effective to hand sew half way through... Which is why it so freakin' long >_<;

Time Taken - 2hrs [it was more like 3hrs altogether but I got distracted constantly lol!]

3 more layers to go, Cosplay Lord help me X_X

P.S. Will probably have to remake leotard... it sucks so bad xD Luckily I still have some of that white stretched cotton drill left over! [Although I will need more fabric for the circle skirt in that case >_<;]
P.S.S. Getting used to my new pointe shoes now <3 They haven't soften up yet though but I can at least couru en pointe~ [But I was always able to do that... shhhh!]

Getting there! I decided not to do the top ruffles tonight because I am seriously running out of thread [used it all to fill up a bobbin]. So can't do more till I buy more red thread. At least you get to have a close up of what the ruffles look like. I also made the back bit smaller bit you can't tell in this photo.

I usually copy the seams however for this case I had to add in darts because I was using non-stretch material! And yes... the darts are different lengths 8D;; I cannot be bothered to change them lolol.

Time Taken - 1hr

My neck will drop off after all these ruffles...

This is cosplay is way more time consuming than I thought.

For the skirt I measured the circumference of my hips and multiplied it by three. Then I made BIG pleats, it was fun but a real pain in the neck to add the waist band on. The good thing was that I didn't have to iron them so I was able to double roll the hem~ I used cotton drill for the skirt.

For the belt I used normal black ribbon, a metal circle thing which I cut off from an old pair of jeans that no longer fit and the ruffles is polycotton doubled over so that it's opaque. The ruffles took the most time to do X____X and when I got near the hoop I had to hand sew through goodness knows how many layers of fabric! But it's over thankfully!

For the boob tube it was mainly done through guess work. I made it in a rush so that I could show off the skirt so it's not done yet. I need to add darts at the side so that it's fully fitted and then make the back smaller. The ruffles I will do another night X______X

If I can get better stockings then I will, but if I run out of money then I will live with these I guess. The shoes I'm wearing in the pic are the shoes I will be modifying~ I cannot be bothered to do anymore tonight xD;;

Time Taken - 3hrs

3m Red cotton drill - £12
White polycotton - Already had it
2 6" red zips - £2.80
1.5m black ribbon - £1.31 [Need to buy more >_<;]

Must tone up arms, uuuurgh >_<; And get rid of stomach podge! [I'm sucking it in in the photo hurhurhur] I'd say I'd try and get rid of my dancer's legs but I physically can't X_X

Working with craft foam armour reminds me of how much fun I had when working on my Steiner [FFIX] cosplay, I'VE MISSED IT SO MUCH! *_* My fingers disagree though, my right thumb especially is suffering from hot glue burns, guu~!

I made the bodice the same way I would with normal fabric - three panels and glued them together with white polycotton scraps to hold it together securely. The raised details are from hot glue and I've left gaps for the blue/green spots which will be added on later using good ol' tulip 3D paint which I will buy from the local craft shop sometime.

Now that the base is done I can have fun covering myself I mean... the bodice in PVA >8D
Time to go buy some gold spray paint, more money spending X_X

To attach it onto the dress there is velcro on the back, yay for velcro! 8D

Time Taken - 1hr
Cost - Two pieces of A3 craft foam £1.60

P.S. Yes I realize that one side do not have rings on the edges, I forgot to do so before I took the progress pic >_<;

Who wins most awkward bodice of the year? Well Kraehe however I'm not doing her, so I'm going to say Tutu!

The leotard is made out of stretched cotton drill. I needed a stuff durable fabric and so I thought this was the best choice. Me being me I decided to go for accuracy therefore the leotard is pretty much backless! AWKWARD! The front panels are held up with boning [I need to buy more sew-in boning =_=;] and on the day I wear it, zillion amount of body tape for extra security!!

Lolz, stick on bra. I could just cut up a bra and sew it into the leotard however I feel much safer with the stick on bras! So I'm going with them~

I bought some tulle at the wonderful Fabric Land~ The normal dress netting tulle, they DID have some proper ballet tulle but I decided to be cheap instead hurrrr. It IS much stiffer however the dress netting tulle was fairly stiff so I went with that instead. Will get to work once the leotard is 100% complete [I'm lost the will to do anymore tonight!]

Cost: 1m white stretched cotton drill £4
5m pink tulle £4.80

On other news, my pointe shoes have broken. TYPICAL! I've bought some new ones though so hopefully they will break in before Minami. On the other hand I can use my old pointe shoes as soft/flat shoes yet they will still look like pointe shoes hurrr >8D

This costume has reminded me of why I hate patterns... THEY'RE USELESS >8O Well actually they're not, however I'm too stupid to understand them so I prefer calling them useless instead 8D

When I did cut out the shapes it gave me a very very funny looking kimono, so I altered it by myself till it was right for me.

So here's the base done. Because it's made out of polycotton I'm going to have to line it, reason why I didn't use a thicker fabric is because I want the floaty feeling polycotton has. Even if I double layer it it still gives me a nice floaty feeling as proven from my Tsubasa Sakura cosplay ^_^

Time Taken - 2hrs
Cost - 4m white polycotton £4 [THANK YOU FABRIC LAND <3]

P.S. Yes I know I need to shorten it. Leaving it long for now in case I do something stupid! I always shorten things right at the end~

Wow, it's been 4 months since I last did anything on Jeanne. I'M SORRY JEANNE FOR NEGLECTING YOU TT______TT

Made from cotton drill. This is the third pleated skirt I've ever made, I have to say I'm getting sick of making so many now! Alas the girls I like just so happen to also like pleated skirts so I'm stuck making them for now. I was originally going to start on Meroko first seeing as it's easier and quicker however the red zip I had was too long for Me-chan! So I started Jeanne instead ^_^

Was made by measuring my waist, multiplying this figure by three and then adding a couple of inches for seam allowance. I then folded the pleats in, they appeared to be box pleats so I gave them box pleats [when will I get the chance to play with knife pleats!?]. I then sewed on the waist band [which gave me much difficulty, no idea why because I've never had difficulty before!] and then I ironed the pleats like mad.

I have to say this is my favourite pleated skirt I've made so far <3 It's actually the correct length for once and I didn't cut it too short for once, YAAAAY 8D Although when I'm not actually wearing it it looks extremely short, that's because I have short legs though. It's decent on me >_>

Time Taken - 2hrs roughly, wasn't keeping track
Cost - Approx £6

I do actually have white fabric, but for now I need a break so I MIGHT work on the kimono if I can be bothered later this evening~

I swear I'm a masochist... I've spent hours and hours trying to find reference pictures of Seth seeing as she has her arms and shoulders covering quite a few details, she looks different in every single artwork aaaargh! Why didn't I cosplay Asta, or Esther even!? I CAN SEE THEIR DETAILS CLEARLY >8O

Sooo I made use of the mounting board I bought and made half of the base of the hat. Why half? Because apparently it's so big it needs 2 A1 sheets of mounting board O_____o Sadly I only bought one sheet so I'll be going off to buy more when I next go into town! Even the hat was a pain to plan out. I was sat for quite a while on paint working out the proportions and scribbling down notes [on paint |D] so that I could work out how big it would be on my head.

I'm holding it in the photo I know, I don't want to glue it onto my headband until it's fully decorated in case anything needs adding to. But I do have a black headband for it ^_^

Time Taken - 30mins
Cost - £4 for A1 mounting board
£2 for black headband

Might work on the armour tonight if I can be bothered, I have tons of craft foam at the moment xD!

This costume proves why you should always save every scrap of fabric you cut! I managed to find the perfect colour blue after discovering I still have a bit of light blue from my Haruhi Suzumiya costume 2 years ago!! Had to dig through the depths of my fabric bags though, at least I remembered I had some! I also digged through my drawers to find some yellow felt, god knows why I have some though O_o

This costume has also reminded me why I hate circles. I hate cutting them out and I also hate appliqué-ing them. Since I suck at hand applique I decided to do a normal full body photo rather than an up close one, otherwise it would show my bad stitching AND bad painting to boot 8D;

Yellow felt was glued onto patch. Patch seems to be a little too far down my jacket, I really cannot be bothered to fix it though. Perhaps some other time when I'm feeling more OCD, at the moment I cannot be bothered to go into OCD mode even if it is driving me insane xD At least I got the yellow part perfect, it has the exact number of rings hurrrr~ [Although I did glue it on wrong, urgh!]

Gold snap is made from craft foam painted in acrylic and it is secured onto my jacket with buttons. However I may change this to velcro sometime, that or make the button holes smaller O_o

Time Taken - 30mins

5 months later and I FINALLY make more progress eh? Yes I'm taking my sweet time with this LOL! I have no set date anymore so I can 8P

Took me ages to sew on those white strips on the sleeves actually. And even then they weren't perfect, gaaaaah. I took so long with them that I just couldn't be bothered to make them straight nor equally spaced - so much for being a perfectionist!

I would've finished it off completely however I didn't have any giant buttons I wanted to part with [i.e. I didn't want to cut off my blazer buttons ROFL] nor did I have the right colour fabric for the blue patch. Sooo it may be another 5 months before I finish this completely 8P

Have a progress photo anyway! [I look hugeee, blame the L t-shirt xD!]

Time Taken - 1-2hrs [With much procrastination]
Cost - FREE! They were scraps of polycotton I had lying around from past cosplays~

P.S. I also bought the perfect pair of jeans, couldn't be bothered to get changed though sooo I shall wear them in my next progress photo!

My wig arrived on Friday! Only just managed to style and try it on. People weren't kidding when they said it was for people with small heads X____x I only -just- managed to squeeze it on! If only I had short hair again, then I could wear whatever wigs I wanted to D8

Those curls were a pain to style, the left one would just not stay in place [i.e. the one I'm holding in one of the photos] - right one is perfect though!

Wig is lovely quality, I love it to pieces! It's so thick too *___* *must.. refrain... from cutting up and styling it into something else...*

Cost - £18 [Got discount >8D Reason why I bought it NOW]
Time Taken - 10-20mins

Time to tone up mah arms and stomach X____x; [Although the angle in these photos magically makes my stomach look alright 8O I won't always be at that angle though X_x;]

I know that if I don't write this down now then I will forget and be all "OMG I NEED HELP AHHHHH". If I write it down on paper I'll lose it, and if I write it in a word document there's a chance I'll forget about it |D

My original plan was to construct it out of PVC pipes because then I can make it completely detachable. However the problem with this is that although they are very light with 6 tubes it is bound to become heavy and bring down my costume.

Therefore my new plan is to make it out of layers of craft foam for the connector followed by more strips of craft foam which will be inserted into the middle of the connector seeing as it will be double layered to get the thickness. This will make it nice and light yet still detachable!

To make it float I asked on the thread and they showed me some CLEAR PVC pipes, ZOMG! Never knew they existed 8DDDD
That made me happy, so I will construct it like wings by making a backpack harness to go under my costume which will then have tubs connecting to the floating fence and because it's clear hopefully it won't be so obvious.

My only problem is sourcing said clear PVC pipes! I know they definitely exist in America but must go hunting in the UK shops first ='D

This will be one beast of a prop X_X

I swear I have a horrible habit of making skirts a tad too short, but on my body it looks proportionally correct so I guess that's a plus. So long as it covers my butt I'm happy LOL. But yeah at first it was right by my knee, so I cut it shorter, now it's just above mid-thigh but that's the length Kahoko has it so I guess it's all good!

I really cannot be bothered to take a picture of... a pleated skirt. Everybody knows what they look like so yeah xD

Time Taken - 1hr 30mins [to make the skirt altogether]

Title is completely irrelevant - but these May Expo costumes seriously have made me drink a helluva lot of tea than I do usually - I'm starting to drink at least a mug or two every day whereas I used to drink none at all >_>; At least it's keeping me awake *thumbs up*

So after hours of mindless painting I have finished painting the fleur de lis pattern on the hem of the underskirt.

But first, the havock that underskirt has given me! It was far far too long at first, so I cut it - only I cut it too short and now I cannot find that cut piece to sew it back together! SOOOO I tried on my smaller hoop skirt, it sucked and I didn't like it resized because it draped differently. So I sewed on the tulle onto the hoop skirt and tried to somehow fit the underskirt on without showing that it's drastically too short - thankfully after much alterations it fitted. Just don't lift up the overdress LOL! I wouldn't be surprise if I lost 126743280 hairs over this costume X_x;

Another thing that's in progress is that barrette, which makes me happy because it's nice and simple to make. YAY! FINALLY A SIMPLE TASK! OH I LOVE SIMPLE TASKS <3 Running around the house looking for my bottle of PVA was not fun though, I never did find it in the end, I settled with sucky fabric glue which worked I guess - I couldn't be bothered to wait for it to dry completely though so it kept sliding whenever I tried painting it lolz. Hot glue would've been far better but I'm too impatient to wait for it to heat up AND I JUST WANT TO REST!

Needs more layers of paint, glue velcro on the inside and onto a base barrette then the barrette is dooone! All that's left is to remake the arm armour things, or rather find my old pair. And find those gloves...

Long journal is super long - my stream of consciousness gets more rambly when I'm tired and loopy after hours of cosplay work xD;

Time Taken - 3-4hrs

P.S. YG&T magazines came VERY handy in the end - it has lovely thick paper which makes amazing stencils ohohoho. Those magazines were good afterall! :D But alas even though the stencils were good I still spilled paint underneath - will tidy it up when I can be bothered with some good ol' white acrylic.

{First of all, Happy birthday Izzy! xD}

AHAHAHA! I OWN YOU STUPID DRESS! Managed to get the embroidery all done and dusted. I did it spread out throughout two weeks probably - my neck and back will never be the same ever again...

And because I need to collapse no pictures today, sorry! xD

Time Taken - Well over 10hrs!!

The bodice sucks so badly, if I haven't lost the will the live then I may tidy it up BUT IT WILL DO FOR NOW AND THAT'S THAT! Working on cosplay all day seriously does make you lose the will to live X_x

So anyway I've worked long and hard on the bodice, for some reason I couldn't make it properly >_<; In the end it's so short! Luckily the skirt comes up to the waist anyway which hides the bodice's shortness!

Since I made the necklace this morning I've added one of the ribbon things on the bodice. Made from two pieces of ribbon, which were attached to chains I nicked from the necklace decoration and threaded pearls onto using beading wire.

No this is not what the costume will look like! It will be much neater, I pretty much threw on the costume quickly, took out camera without bothering to look at how bad the dress looked, took pictures out of excitement and took it off because I was dying in that costume D8 Excuse the washing basket eheh heh...

So this is what it looks like so far par the wig. [Lost my wig cap and wig is upstairs, too lazy to run upstairs in a hoop skirt!] The skirt needs to be sewed onto the bodice so that the elastic doesn't show [the elastic is mainly there so that it doesn't pull the bodice down too much - it gives it a gathered look but not a very nice gathered look in my opinion!] Then I need to double layer the bodice and insert boning in it. Finally I need to attach another pair of straps, attach the pearls on [I was holding them if you couldn't notice] and finally sew on the roses! [WHICH HAVE YET TO ARRIVE IN THE POST! HURRY UP D8]

Time Taken - I don't know anymore >_<; I'll estimate another 1hr or two.

Muwa ha ha haaa, I have defeated you evil necklace of doom!

I thought this would be a nice easy job, taking away all the accessories on the necklace and threading the pearls through the chain and using hot glue to keep it in place. Guess what? THE PEARLS WERE TOO SMALL TO THREAD THROUGH THE CHAIN >8O
This made my task much much harder and in the process, gave me back ache from being hunched over for ages xD

So I began by removing the random tangly bit of the necklace leaving me with the chain only. I had already made the silver sphere thing from model magic so I used beading wire to attach it onto the chain. After marking out where I wanr each pearl I began painfully threading each pearl onto the chain using beading wire. Believe me it took me ages because I had to make four knots on each pearl so that I know for sure that they're secure and won't fall off.

For the added chain the decoration had several chains for me to strip - so I ran around the house looking for tools and stripped apart the chain and attached that onto the necklace with beading wire!

It took a lot of hard work, but it was worth the effort. It would've been so much more accurate if the beads were threaded through... but it's better than making a necklace out of beading wire LOL!

Necklace base - £1.50

Time Taken: I'd say well over an hour but less than two.. so 1-2hrs xD

*chugs tea for more caffeine*

It took me *looks at clock* around 2-3hrs, but I got there eventually X_x
After threading around 425 beads I'm finally done, yes - I had to thread 425 single handedly, BELIEVE ME IT WAS HARD WORK! *twitch*

At first it stressed me out, after a while believe it or not but it became strangely relaxing and enjoyable - perhaps because I was watching some good ol' Bleach at the same time! Until when I was trying on the shorter bead I dropped it and half the beads fell off. So I had to pick up the 100 scattered pearls on the floor and re-thread them. There was another case of me holding the thread in my mouth, I looked up something on the internet, forgot I had the thread in my mouth and opened my mouth to breathe and scattered beads across the table/floor again >_>;

I was not amused with my stupid mistakes! BUT I GOT THERE EVENTUALLY! >8D IN YOUR FACE! I would've gone for the manga version, but I couldn't figure out where the other short beads were attached to! THOSE BACK REFERENCES ARE USELESS! OI HAINE! WHY ISN'T YOUR HAIR IS MORE WINDSWEPT WHEN YOU RUN SO THAT I CAN SEE THE BACK OF YOUR DRESS DAMN YOU >8O To prevent a few headaches I decided to just stick to the coloured ref 8D; But now I have... 375 pearls left over... I CAN USE THEM FOR ANOTHER MITSUKI COSPLAY! |D *slaps self* finish Haine first >_>

If you haven't guessed threading all these pearls have turned me into the crazy pearl lady.

Time Taken - 2-3hrs
P.S. Couldn't be bothered to wear the whole outfit, however I needed to wear the hoop skirt at least otherwise the pearls would've looked sucky xP
P.S.S. Heeey my hair's already grown back to Haine length again 8D, I never notice how long my hair gets until I actually take a photo O_o

Oh shoot, just when I thought I had bought everything I needed and didn't think I'd have to spend anymore money... I STILL HAVE TO BUY NECKLACES XD;

Random notes in this journal basically~
Half of the bodice is done. I discovered with a bit of experimenting that the fabric I'm using works in the same way as ribbons do - you can light the ends with FIRE and it prevents fraying! So I can get that lovely effect Haine's bodice has without evil/bad hemming ^_^ I love you fabric <3

Took me months to find some. In the end I spent a few days looking for roses everyday for quite some time and found the perfect size/colour! Comes in a pack of 12 - reason why it took so long was because I was looking for cheaper options, seems like that's not happening ='/

I don't have the time to faff about with making gloves right now. So I'm risking buying some on eBay which are 22" long which is pretty much what I need and pray with all my might that they fit me ROFL! If not then I'll practise the piano and violin for 2hrs every day to get piano fingers LOL [I'm joking - I'd die if I practised that much D8]

I made the circular thing ages ago when I was making my Garnet crown. I still need to paint it!! But that's done at least, just have to buy a chain from Primark. However the other accessories such as the pearly necklaces and upside down cross I still need! I have the pearls to thread onto chains. Need a trip to either Primark or Claires for a cross necklace to destroy. Bye bye money >_<;

Gloves - £4.15
Roses - £9.49
3m Blue ribbon - £1.95


Well at least the bodice is pretty much finished! [Just gotta change the thread on the machine and do a running stitch down the middle - can't be bothered to do it by hand xD]

I am such a low embroiderer, it's taken me another disc of Ouran just to do the other half of the bodice! RAWR! I'm glad it's over though! Just gotta sew through metres of endless leaves for the hem... not fun! I also gotta figure out how to get rid of the pencil markings... might just go with simple soap and water 8D; Because attempting to rub it off with both friction from my fingers and a normal rubber does not work >_<;

Time Taken - 2hrs???

P.S. GOD DAMNIT IT'S STILL TOO BIG FOR ME! Luckily I haven't lined it yet so that lining should make it smaller 8'D
P.S.S. The embroidery is not symmetrical... that seriously annoys me but I'm not THAT OTT that I'll go over it again >_>;;

Sigh, I regret the day I decided "MY OLD COSTUME SUCKED, LETS REMAKE IT! 8D" >_>; It's the stupidest thing I've ever done in my time of cosplay! But alas I've made that decision and I'm not going back because I have to admit - the dress looks so much better and it's far more accurate than my first attempt. But the embroidery still kills.

I managed to get that V shape the dress has, yay! I decided not to fill in the leaves like I did with my previous dress mainly because I didn't know what to fill them in with! I didn't want to do swirls like I did last time so I just left them empty, they look alright anyway and a lot of other Garnet cosplayers just leave them blank. However I couldn't help but add swirls to the bottom leaves because they were big leaves and looked too plain!!

Using an embroidery hoop is so hard... it gets in the way! But I need it so that the embroidery is tight - sometimes I don't use it though haha! I need to get a move on, I wish I had an embroidery machine for this job - it'd make life so much easier LOL! [We actually do but I don't know how to use it -_-; The God of Cosplay LOVES making me do things the hard way...]

Time Taken: God knows xD Let's see *tries to calculate time taken in head* roughly 1-2hrs? I got through quite a lot of anime doing this!!
And because I deleted my previous journals have a cost list:
Rings - £2 each so that's £4 altogether
Embroidery thread - £2
Boning - £1.50
Chains - £3

P.S. I had my haircut! I have Garnet bangs and a fringe now! Hopefully when May comes my fringe will grow out so that I can get it into a Garnet hairstyle ^_^ I'd love to just use a wig but what's the point when I can just use my own hair? I'm not getting a wig just for a fringe LOL Nor am I paying £10 for clip on extensions sigh...
P.S.S. I dropped my crown a few weeks ago -_-; IT'S SAFE THOUGH! AHAHAHAHA! Craft foam kept it together <3 Need to repaint some cracks and glue it back onto the headband though T^T I'm so glad it's safe though <3

Oh my gosh, now I understand why people say maths is TORTURE! I could not handle all this maths involved in making a proper domed shaped petticoat. [I previously just gathered a long piece of rectangle - the shaped bugged me to no end so I'm redoing it!!]

This took AGES to work out - the tutorials I was working with I simply... could not understand! I was just sat there trying to numb my brain out and work it out for myself - hopefully I've got the calculations right now. Heck now I have it right I'm a tad ashamed that this sort of Maths made me struggle LOL!

First I measured how long I wanted the petticoat to be from my waist to my feet. Easy figure - 1m!! [Yes I'm short >_>] I then added a few cm for seam allowance. After that I worked out how many tiers I wanted - I decided 5 tiers would keep be sane [that's the only reason LOL!]. Divided this by the length which gave me 8" plus seam allowance. Next I took my 5m worth of tulle and cut 8" strips and sewed them together - this took AGES! AND I'M STILL NOT DONE! I've only done 3 strips, oh Lord help me now!

Took a break and figured out the ratio, I used 1:2:4:7:11 because it was suggested in a tutorial I found [and because I was lazy and couldn't be bothered to work out my own XP] - this totalled 25. Following this I calculated my width which was 5m with how many strips I had which SHOULD total 5 - multiplying the two figured together will work out to 25. Easy figure! It's the exact same total as my ratios therefore it makes it so much easier [I LOVE YOU TUTORIAL WHOM GAVE ME THE RATIOS! 8D] - it's easier because I didn't have to do any maths to work out how much fabric each tier would need - 1st would need 1m, 2nd would need 2m, 3rd would need 4m, etc - simple maths ^_^

This sounds soooo easy now that I've written it out. HOWEVER GRASPING THE CONCEPT ON HOW IT WORKED I COULD NOT HANDLE FOR SOME REASON! I think my brain was on stupid mode >_>; [I also ignored all tutorials and did it my own way 8D; Resulting in dead tulle... Lesson learnt!]

Time Taken - Oh God knows! I'll estimate about 30mins without all the stupidity in the middle =P
Have a picture of what the mess is like! 8D [And the beginning of the super long strip - so far 15m long! And this is only HALF the amount of tulle I have =P

Deleting the other petticoat entries now because they're irrelevant, bye bye journals! [Instead you get a SUPER long journal instead! 8D]

Okay I would have just done one whole journal if I knew I would be working solidly haha! Yay! Blue ribbon is all done and added! However in the coloured version she has TWO long ribbons rather than the one I have... I would've done two but I ran out 8D;

Now that the costume's coming together nicely I'm starting to love this costume ^_^ Few months back I hated it because it was going badly XD; MUST FIND SOME PINK ROSES SOMETIME FOR THE FINISHING TOUCHES!

Ahhh... now bedtime x]

Time taken - 30mins

This took long enough, decided the fabric was WAY too shiny so I used the matte underside which still has a bit of shimmer to it - a nice kind of shimmer... kinda like glitter! ^_^ I like it and it's a lighter colour which is more accurate =]

This meant... that I had to unpick EVERY stitch in the freakin' skirt and sew it back up again LOL. But I didn't mind, it looks so much neater and worth the hassle, despite how angry I got 8D

I hemmed it as well, if I have time I might fix the train... I wanted to get it shaped like Haine's but it doesn't look right IRL so I'll change it back to a curved train to match the white train, but otherwise YAY it's done! ^-^

One thing I have to complain about is that the blue underskirt only JUST fits over my hips! I have to squeeze in loads to pull it up xD, although I can still pull it over my head effortlessly, so when I can be bothered I always put it on through the head since it's easier haha! Hey good thing is it doesn't need elastic to hold up since it sits on my hips xD

Time taken - probably about 1.5hrs

Wow, long time no update! I've been so busy trying to get the bare bones of Garnet done that I've neglected Haine [partly because Haine's dress made me angry because it gave me SO much trouble... and it still is 8D;]

So basically I neatened the skirt up a bit, it's now smaller and fits me better, sewed on some elastic as well to gather it at the top ready to attach it onto the bodice. The bottom is hemmed which gave me much trouble! Honestly if you see me do not look at the bottom, IT IS HORRENDOUS! I'm too much of a n00b to fix it as well 8D;

I arranged the fold as well [like I said in the previous photo is was pinned, I finally found an arrangement that I could be happy with ^_^]

I have all the pearls ready, plus clear non-stretch beading wire ready to string the pearls. Just need to buy some pink roses from Poundland [or any other shop which sells plastic flowers...] and attach them onto the skirt ^_^

I'd do the pearly bits now BUT I need a zip for the bodice otherwise I can't try it on D'8 Izzy's buying it for me tomorrow though, still I won't get the zip till I see her at school Monday D'8

The skirt's inaccurate I know, it has a little train at the back when it's not supposed to... but I liked it and wanted to keep it in 8'D Once I fix the blue underskirt I'll see whether or not I need to shorten the white skirt or not~

Time Taken - 1hr probably... hemming 5m of fabric is NOT fun! D8
P.S. yes it's supposed to show the hoop skirt underneath, there will be blue underneath... I'm redoing the blue underskirt though so I can't wear it ^^;

Lalala top all made. I need to ask Chaaarlie for her red tie or find some scrap red fabric. I also can't be bothered to put on my stripey socks so lets just say Misa just came out a ballet lesson 8D;

Photoshoot is tomorrow so will have the full costume on then and will take lovely photos then ^_^

It's still a little wet so I can't wear it, or else I'll get grey hair xD

I might have to go over the green bits because the flash makes it look terrible... but from a distance they look okay 8D;

Time Taken - 1hr

[MAN it looks WEIRD on a wig head! Maybe I should invest in a black wig JUST so it looks okay ROFL! (jk)]

Cutting the craft foam out was way harder than I thought! I was too stupid to think at the time that I should have drawn it out PROPERLY on the craft foam and ACTUALLY follow the template I had made - cutting it out before hand would've helped as well because I had tons of trouble cutting that b*gger out!

But after murdering my wig head with my craft knife and scissors and PVA + hot gluing it to death, it's all done! It's now attached onto a black headband for security as well. PAINTING TIME! *runs around trying to find white and black paint*

Photo has been photoshopped because of dirty mirror lol xD; Sorry about bad lighting, even with flash on it had bad lighting so you shall have yellow/orange filters 8D

Time Taken - a painstaking 1hr!

Yaaay, this took me ages I swear but I'm glad I'm finally complete! 8D I had some leftover Model Magic from making my Garnet crown so I decided to make random props/accessories, one being Princess Tutu's pendant ^-^

It's not the neatest in the world but for my first, cheap, method I'm pretty proud.

The red parts are model magic, gold is craft foam and the blue is a plastic wallet sheet thing haha! CHEAP!! [12p! 8D] Because I was being cheap it's the most accurate colour in the world, but it'll do, it's a pretty blue though - it makes up for the inaccuracy! I've learnt that if you sand model magic it fails badly, DO NOT USE SAND PAPER ON MODEL MAGIC! Everything is hot glued on, I did try using PVA but it didn't work as well...

I haven't attached it to my gold ribbon yet, will do so later as soon as I figure out how to attach it safely without making it fragile 8D;

Price breakdown:
Model Magic - For this... I'll estimate 50p since it's only a small fraction!
Plastic sheet - 1p [The whole A4 wallet was 12p, I only used a teeny tiny fraction though!]
Craft foam - I estimate 15p since I didn't use much.
Ribbon - 50p

Time Taken - AGES! [With procrastination] Probably around 2hrs, I could not figure out the gold bits LOL! [Okay that might be a very unrealistic time, I'm too tired to think anymore xD]

Whelp, basic shape of the crown is finished. Made from model magic, it's such a weird substance. It's so... spongy! It's really light as well so it should be alright on my head ^_^ The only downfall with using model magic was that it dried fairly quickly so it was hard to alter without creasing it - this can be easily fixed by sanding it though.

I built it on craft foam because from past experiences with Garnet's crown, some bits are VERY flimsy! As soon as it's completely dried I'll glue it onto the craft foam and cut around the crown using my trusty craft knife. After this I'll coat it with PVA for added strength followed by acrylic attack! [i.e. Paint it silver] I also have a black headband so that it can sit on my head nicely ^_^

Tip: DON'T buy plain headbands from Claires, I learnt this the hard way T^T THEY HAVE STRANGE HEADS FOR SOME REASON! Get them from New Look, they're cheaper and actually sit on your head properly ;]

Headband - £2
Model Magic - I only used 2/3 of a packet so I'll say £2-3

Time Taken - 2hrs

P.S. I made this waaay too big for my head so a LOT of altering had to be done hence all the creases XD

Righteo, finally got this sucker sorted! Well almost, just have to hem it and sew in the boning which should take very little time. Annnd embroider it, which will take 13247894358432 hours!

It's pretty much constructed the same way as my old cosplay, but poofier!! I had a bodice pattern, some pieces I blended together [ie. the two back pieces] and lengthened it because I wanted the one piece look rather than a bodice and a separate skirt sewn/gathered on. The zip was stolen from my old Garnet cosplay because I'm too cheap to buy another x]

Lucky me, I JUST had enough fabric to make the overdress! Woohoo! I have enough to make her arm warmer things as well ^_^

Time Taken - A whooping 3hrs!! I think... with much procrastination in between X_x

I'd show pictures but I'm too lazy to get the camera out xD

Yaaay! Wig is styled! I WAS going to buy a new one and sell this one because the colour is too pale, but then I saw other cosplayers use a paler wig and thought it looked alright so I decided to go for it! ^_^

Styling this beast of a wig took more effort than I thought, it was time consuming at least!! The good thing is that it was a pleasure to work with despite being so long, it didn't tangle much at all! Glad the price was worth it! :D

I need to sew/glue in some wefts in some areas so I'll do that when I decide to tackle this wig again, I also need to spray her bangs more because it's only a thin layer of hairspray - NEEDS MOAR!

Time Taken - 45mins
Cost - £33.50 I THINK [MONEY EATER >O]

P.S. Parts of the photos are blurred out because my room is an ugly mess 8D;; More of a mess than usual because I recently had a load of packages arriving for me and dumped them in my teeny tiny room... My room needs a tidy up sometime soon xD;]

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I have boots as well... I WON THE BID! IN YOUR FACE OTHER BIDDERS! >D

Cost - £8

Went fabric shopping at Trago Mills today and found a load of black fabric CHEAP! They stated it was 100% cotton but it's way too thin but I bought it anyway since it's pretty damn cheap - for a little casual cosplay I'd rather keep it all cheap to polycotton would have to do. It's a short skirt anyway so the pleats should stay in a LITTLE.

This took ages to do. Sat down for probably about an hour with 3m of fabric pinning the pleats down, then sewing them in place, ironing them like mad [which was hard being polycotton] then hemmed it all and added the waistband and zip [whilst puckering up a little section when sewing the zip LOL Not noticable because of the pleats though, yay!]

Was going to finish it today but I've lost all the black ribbon ;-; I'll go in town next week and buy some more then... And I'm still too lazy to make the red tie lol.

Time Taken - 2hrs [had dinner in between]
Cost for skirt - £4 roughly [didn't use ALL the black I bought today]

P.S. yes I am randomly poking my cheek xD Random pose is random >_>;;
P.S.S. Eep, short skirt is short @_@ I must wear shorts underneath on the day m'thinks ^^;

Yeaaaah, worked for about 2hrs solidly whilst singing along to the Hairspray soundtrack. Cause I'm cool like that ;D

I was scrolling through my pictures trying to find a basic cosplay [when I should be doing some homework] then I found Tomoyo. Then it clicked that I could do Tomoyo! So I ran up and down the house trying to find materials, old cosplays I can hack up, old clothes and discovered that I had practically everything I could to make her shirt and collar. Info on how I made it are on the "Information" section.

Time Taken - 2hrs

P.S. The fabric was all folded up so it needs an iron >_< Sorry!

Hurrah! This took longer than I anticipated, and it's strangely fustrating but fun at the same time [yay for unintentional alliteration xD]. Some of the pompoms are a bit loose though so I'll need to secure them better, I need to hide the grips somehow as well... I might literally sew the curls on if I can't find a way of hiding the grips but for now... I'll leave it ^_^ I have till May so it should be alright =]

Time Taken - 1hr+
P.S. The wig looks dark brown but that's because of the lighting. My first shot of the wig is a more accurate colour and even then it looks different in real life!
P.S.S. Many thanks to Special Pleb who got me 30 pompoms! Although I only used 9 for my wig there will be 21 more on my dress, I could just pluck one off and replace it on my wig if one falls off LOL. Gotta love Hobbycraft for supplying the most random things 8D

Well it's about time! I ordered it back in November, had a few issues but finally the seller has sent it to me to the right address ^_^

Unfortunately... it doesn't look like how it does in the pictures >_< But meh I'm alright with it =] I shall style this after my Midlands cosplay ^_^

Urgh, I felt like giving up! I don't know why but the top was harder to make than it looks! D'8 I tried to make the sides seamless since the reference pictures were annoying and had no seams for me. This wasn't too much of a problem, just did some problem solving and it worked out, however I didn't have enough fabric to get the flared out look I wanted so INACCURATE ALERT! It looks like the jacket falls on a straight line at the front, I had to make it slightly diagonal due to lack of fabric for the flare, making me muck up the hem LOL. Next problem was the hood, I made it waaay too big so I had to take it in a lot, it's still too big but it's oversized in the reference anyway. It's a funny shaped hood, it falls funny because the hood is attached down the middle of the jacket! Geesh!

I still need to make the sleeves, kinda ran out of fabric for it! Who knew one base of a jacket would take one metre!? Ah well, it's very snuggly and keeps me warm! Yay for pure cotton 8D *hasn't used 100% cotton since great saiyaman*

Time Taken - pfft I dunno, 1hr maybe
Money Spent - £8 [cotton, fleece and ribbon!]

Picture - Lol, I had to get the right angle to make my belleh look okay. So unflattering! ;_; I need to work out D8< And yes I WILL bind on the day, I'm not gonna bind every time I try on the jacket cause I'll run out of duct tape LOL!

HURRAH! I've started! Didn't expect to start so soon to be honest, but I got bored - didn't feel like working on Takuto, I felt like getting electric shocks instead [no that's not the real reason xDD]. So after endless cutting and sewing I've finally finished the underskirt! BOOYAH! Now to either paint the fleur-de-lis pattern or start the overdress - I'm a bit panicky about the overdress. I don't know if I'll have enough fabric or not! ;__; It looks like I will but if all else fails... HACK THE OLD GARNET COSPLAY TO PIECES >8D

My neck is soooooore from all that sewing X_x, I hate hemming D<

Time Taken - 2hrs
P.S. Lol, unflattering picture of myself xD. I also need to learn to clear the space when taking progress shots >_>;

Almost finished the overskirt! Just need to hem it and add in the folds [the folds in the picture are a test and pinned into place, yeaaah I need to make the folds better before I actually sew them into place 8D;]

What a failure I am, last night it took me around 5hrs altogether to cut out 4 little panels LOL! No joking, everytime I cut out a panel I just went off somewhere, piano, computer, I dunno and left it until hours later where I started the next panel... and the process carried on that way until I got 4 panels xD; Obviously it didn't take that long to sew!

I should've taken a picture of the overskirt flat but didn't want to take the pins out in case I lose them 8'D so yeaaaah it looks pretty horrid right now but it'll get better as I progress 8'D

Time Taken - 1hr

Almost done with the underskirt! I kinda went OTT with the train and it stretches 2m long. Yeaaaah I'm gonna shorten it a bit xD; [But long trains are fun! If only it were accurate *mopes*] After I shorten the train I have to hem it all, too much fabric D'8

I was going to make the white dress today as well but procrastination took over and I have coursework to do, darnit xD Next time!

Time taken: 30mins

YAAAY, finally get to work on this cosplay! And I already regret it LOL! Working with measurements is a tiring job, for me anyway. The fabric I've used hates flash because it looks hideously shiny with flash, but looks alright otherwise ^_^ It feels so soft and is nice and light and floaty! Hopefully I won't overheat, yaay 8D

I admit I've only done 3 panels so far, I can't be bothered to figure out the measurements for the final panel because I want an uber long train [God knows how Haine can dance in the dress but hey, that's manga for you!]. I love prancing about in this hoop skirt, why didn't I get one sooner!? 8D

Time taken: 40mins

Righteo, that's all the rib-knit work made. The duster was basically one big panel with shoulder seams!! In the reference pictures the duster's lines can't cut out in shape but instead stretched over so I tried to mimic it, I hope I've suceeded... The armwarmers again were a rectangle and folded over to look as if it doesn't have a hem at the top.

At the moment nothing is hemmed, instead I'm going to use bias binding, just gotta go hunting for the right colour sometime! ^_^ I can't really sew on the fasteners until I've added the bias binding either. In the picture I'm wearing the black top too, I can't be bothered to wear my shorts though - it's too cold! And it's look silly without the skirt which I haven't made yet lol xD

P.S. Yes I know my hair's too long.

Phew!! Got everything done! I've made the chaps, cut out the lining for the sleeves and helmet and so all I need to do now is glue it together which I will do tomorrow morning [or perhaps after this journal if I'm in the mood]. I have spray painted the base of the gloves as well so they're no longer silver and cream but instead all silver! Since it's still wet as I literally did it an hour ago I'm going to HAVE to glue the extension tomorrow morning along with the bolts. I have the whole night to think about whether or not I should glue on the gloves to the elbow armour, yay for last minute decisions!

If I am not tired after this journal then I might paint on the black details. If not then Steiner can just have brand new shiny armour instead of rusted armour [although then I don't get the nickname "Rusty" ;__;]

This has been a long and tiresome costume, but I'm fairly happy with my first craft foam armour result!! [technically second as this is a remake but meeeeh, I never debuted or finished the first attempt ;P]

SEE YOU ALL IN SEVERAL HOURS TME! ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz [One day I would like to rewear this and make the additional sword, shealth and painted details on the belts!!]

Most of it's done now, yaaaay!!! I'm not going to make the sword and shealth, too much hard work to do in one night! I'm not gonna paint the details on the belts either - that takes well over several hours and I only have... 40mins LOL! Unless I'm nice and energetic tomorrow evening then no detailed belts, orz.

The gloves will be spray painted tomorrow evening as it's dark and moist so I can't go outside!! My boot covers have been spraypainted, I love the look of them 8D My elbow armour have been spraypainted as well, they look terrible! But I'm leaving it otherwise it's not accurate, raaawr!

I've made the trousers, they're pretty baggy I must admit, but fitted at the top! ^_^ I don't have enough mesh so I'm just leaving the trousers plain, it's driving me nuts now but I'll calm down by Sunday!! Butt belts are made from my leftover Hao material, because they're the perfect colour! The main belt is made from two mahoosive belts from Primark, yes I needed two in order for them to fit around the armour.

No pictures, still have work to do! I'm just taking a break by writing this journal ohohohohoho, SEE YOU AT THE WEEKEND!

MAIN TORSO ARMOUR IS SPRAYPAINTED! My dad did it though, he didn't want me to suffer the evils of solvents, but I stood around and watched anyway... for half of it - he says I'm only allowed to spraypaint small things like the bootcovers and elbow armour ;__; Ah well, I'm grateful 8D

Bootcovers and elbow armour officially have one layer of PVA glue on. This new glue I bought is thick and runny! Lets see if one layer will do it :)

I also bought two belts from Primark today, gonna get painting tomorrow! I'm gonna be so booooored orz -_-. Sometime I hope to buy some grey fabric for the trousers, I NEED TO HURREH! [No picture today, me ish lazeh!]

- If you haven't noticed yet, yes I like to keep track on every update. Hence why I'm making journals everyday up until expo because I always leave things till the last minute ohohohoho -

Well I was supposed to do another entry yesterday but meeeeh. So yesterday I did another layer of PVA-ing. It's very smooth now another in some areas I think it'll need 3 layers. I also made a start on the bootcovers yesterday, yes they're my orange converses!! They're the only shoes that I can slip on and off that are NOT my school shoes!

Today my dad has been a great help, I LOVE YOU DADDY!
He got me some builders gloves, they're huge!! I just gotta add on the thingie... sleeve thing to make it longer. You probably have nooo idea what I'm talking about but hey, I have a small vocab when it comes to clothes 8D;;
He also helped spray paint the helmet because he wanted to test it out, some bits where I didn't cover it properly look horrible but it's only in the tiny edges, otherwise IT'S PREFECT!! 8DDD I hot glued the feather and black mesh - the black mesh doesn't look right so I might add a layer of black polycotton underneath.

I've made some elbow armour, they look ridiculous and nothing like what it's supposed to be in the reference picture, I CAN'T GET THEM RIGHT AND I HAVE NO TIME TO FIX THEM TT___TT They shall suffice!

That is all I have done so far, ouchies... So many hot glue burns ;__;

Boooyah. Took me two hours roughly but I managed to seal the armour and helmet with a layer of PVA, one of the shoulder armours and half of the collar has two layers. Being the idiot that I am I forgot to water down the PVA so the concerntration is 100%, this makes it a tad lumpy. The plus side is that I only need to do 2-3 layers and not 7, WAHEY!

Here's a picture to show how I did it all in one go without getting glue on the carpet and tiles, yes I used a hover thingy with string and attached it to the ceiling ohohohoho.

The hat and wig combined seriously felt like it was pulling all my hairs out at the front! [In fact I DID pull a few hairs out urgh, the paaaain!] So I finally caved after doing the intro of the dance and took apart the hat. I cannot dance properly with all that pain going through my head!

So I took out the fabric stuffing [I was being cheap!] and replaced it with a quatre/half a bag of toy stuffing, it is so much lighter now! But there goes most of my stuffing, d'oooooh.

BUT, IT HAT DOESN'T MAKE MY NECK DROP OFF ANYMORE! YAAAY! 8D Although it still makes my wig slip back, I can't put 100% effort into the headbanging bit of the Honto no Jibun dance without the hat bobbing up and down =/ I might actually sew the hat onto the wig LOL XD

Lol... I feel so manly XP

Yaaay, I'm making good progress!! I've finished the main armour!! Attaching the leg armour was humourous for both me and the family:
Me: Okay this is the last time I'll have to put it on! 8D
Dad: *shuffles costume of me with great difficulty*
Me: Oh yeah, forgot to measure where the craft foam needs to go... *puts the armour back on straight away once dad sits down* DONE! *hangs upside down to get armour off*
-One of the key happenings during the making of the armour xP-

So anyway the leg armour comes down to roughly by knees, I made mahoosive blobs of hot glue for the bolts. Then finished off bolting/blobbing the torso armour [and stuck my hand on the wet bits leaving many cries of pain... I did this three times on the same blob!!] and then I shouted with glee 8'D

Now here comes the boring bit, sealing it with PVA glue ;___; I think I'm only gonna do 3 layers to save time, I only have one more week! D'x

Took a lot of measuring but it was well worth it as the bottom half of the torso armour fits perfectly onto the top half first try, yay! ^_^

I don't really have time to make the waist fitted so I'm leaving the armour looking like a mahoosive cylinder ohohohohoho.
I added on the extra details like bolts [made from hot glue, you can probably tell] and raised pieces of armour/the joint bits - yes my vocabulary is lacking. I have started doing the leg armour as well - for comfort and practical reasons it's going to be fully joint to the armour. I was originally gonna have it joined to the armour and tacked onto the trousers as well, but that isn't practical as well and may cause the paint job to crack later on.

I'm done cosplaying for the night, I've run out of craft foam! D'x Need to buy 4-6 more sheets go go go!! [possibly more hot glue sticks too damnit]

P.S. Guess what? I CAN SIT DOWN IN IT! 8DD But I have to keep my back uber straight - I may as well just stand up! XP

Scrapping the chicken wire base was a very very good idea. I got a lot done, yay! ^_^

The top half is complete, that includes collar and shoulder armour. This took a lot of planning and running up and down the stairs to look in the mirror then returning to my work station aka the plug [needed for glue gun, most of my stuff was downstairs and I couldn't be bothered to lug it all upstairs - plus it's good exercise running up and down the stairs! XP]. The torso is basically a mahoosive rectangle with arm holes with another two rectangles to rest on my shoulders it's not visible though]. The collar is also one long strip and glued in place. The shoulder armour is two pieces and overlaps, the bottom bit being smaller than the top bit so that there's a small gap when glued together - this is accurate btw!!

To make the armour smooth without any bumps when joining the pieces of craft foam together I lined up the two pieces together, attacked it with hot glue then stuck a small piece of craft foam over the glue and pressed like hell til it stayed.

Costume trivia: I now know why you never see Steiner put his hands down by his side - YOU PHYSICALLY CAN'T!! I know why he does a funny walk/run as well, because of his armour - yes I have to do his funny walk/run in order to move around D'x. I also cannot sit down or crouch.
[Yes blurry photo is blurry, my hand was all shaky due to only holding it with one hand!]

I swear my cold/sore throat has driven me to insanity. I've scrapped my old torso armour and starting again - told you I've gone insane! With only 2 weeks to go I wasn't making much progress at all, I lost my motivation because I just wasn't happy with it at all! I felt the need to redo most of it, so here I am - cutting foam crazily trying to get it done in time!

Making the armour without a base is very very hard, I've struggled loads! But it's better than letting the foam go bubbly. 1/3 of the torso armour's pieces are cut out and labelled ready to be glued together - I'm awaiting it to be glued together first before I do anymore just so I can get the proportions right. So much maths involved in this costume! But it's worth it as it allows me to save up on foam - seeee Maths IS useful for something! 8D
As I am exhuasted I shall be doing more on Steiner, TOMORROW! [and possibly seal my helmet - I've been procrastinating way too much!]

Btw, I'm still keeping the helmet. I like the helmet, it's pretty accurate and it took too much time and effort to make it so I certainly won't be dumping that for a while!

I have no major coursework deadlines coming up, therefore I must make use of all the spare time I have and GET A MOVE ON WITH COSPLAY!

The bag was basically made by sewing two panels together then getting a long long strip of fabric for the strap. Easy peasy! A very convenient prop I must say, I can use it as a normal bag! :D Although them hem on the strap is awful in some places, but shhh!

I discovered that I have enough fabric to make a second visor for my hat, yaay! I'm ill and exhuasted now though so I probably won't be making it til tomorrow [although knowing me I probably will make it today if I get bored XD]

Again, rubbish webcam picture alert.

To be honest I'm not 100% happy with the hat but it was so hard to make that I'm not remaking it! [plus the fact that if I remake it I won't have enough fabric for the bag...]

I started out by measuring the circumference of my head, divided it by 2xpi and made two semi circles. Since I got my measurements wrong the first time because I forgot to times pi by two I added another panel to make it bigged. I sewed together the two semi-circles and voila, it was the shape of my head!

I put that to the side then started out with two circles with the circumference of 50". Realised this was far too big so I gradually made it smaller and smaller [such a long, boring and tiring process!]. I think the end result was 40-45" in the end. Sewed the two giant circles together and cut out a hole which equalled the circumference of the other piece of fabric, later I made the circle to look more like ovals so that the hat wasn't devouring my head so much! I stuffed it with spare fabric and normal stuffing [I used fabric because I didn't want to put them to waste, see I recycle! ;D].

Finally I made the visor, added wadding to it and attached it to the hat. I accidently made the visor too small, d'oh! Maybe if I have enough fabric leftover once I've made the bag I'll make a bigger visor ^_^

Through my stupid mistakes along the way I can't dance about in the hat anymore, I can walk around easily, run, skip but after a while... it falls off or slips! So I'm gonna have to safety pin it to the wig or something T^T

I was thinking 'Oh shoot! Expo soon, can't do more on Steiner until Miki's finished!' so I decided to get a move on!

Finally got the chance to hack off the sleeves on the t-shirt and make it look like a waist coat, I actually hemmed everything very neatly, go me!! I never hem things neaty! 8D

Shorts are shorter than I expected, that's because I only bought 0.5m of fabric and once I hemmed everything it was rather short. But it still looks alright so I'm not complaining! ^_^ I'm getting the hang on making trousers/shorts now, I can make them without messing up now, yay! I'm being a cheat and wearings black shorts underneath as well, mainly because I'll freeze to death on tiny polycotton shorts and need extra warmth! D8

Yes I know the progress picture is terrible, I had to use the flash because of the bad lighting in my room - this leads to making the wig look like a horrible party wig D8

But anyway here's what the wig looks like so far. It's a tad shorter than how I would've liked it but I can fix that by adding in wefts. The little antennaes are horrible to work with and won't stay in place!! I keep on forcing them to stay backwards but it keeps on redirecting themselves to the right of the wig, raah! But I'm not too bothered, it's an improvement from my previous wig where the antennae's just flopped down! [Although it's probably due to bad hairspray rather than the actual wig!]
In addition I've made the wig flick out slightly [it's also an attempt to make it look longer than it really is XD] - I wanted to make this wig as accurate as possible! Although if it doesn't look right on my head then I might wash it out - the funny thing is that it's rock solid XDD
The wig is a lighter shade, way more accurate than my previous wig! ^_^

All I have left to do is to trim it, glue/sew in the wefts and continue to flick out the sides and back.


Oh my gosh... I cannot believe how hard these gloves are to make. Honestly they're the hardest things I've ever had to make since I started cosplaying - mainly due to the fact that they are made from NON-STRETCHY material and are supposed to be FITTED! I think I've succeeded in trying to make them as fitted as possible, but oh you can see the edges fraying because it's too damn hard to hem! T__T Anyways I think it has taken me... 2hrs just to make ONE glove, and that's just the base! I'm way too tired and hissy to carry on making the details [although knowing me after I finish writing this journal I'll probably carry on and make the details because there's only two days left til Midlands!]

Times like these are when I hate taking progress pictures with my camera... it shows up too much detail even when resized down to 15% of it's original size XDDD

I am seriously dreading making the other glove ;__; Gotta get cracking tomorrow!!
[To be honest I'm not 100% happy with the glove I've made because of the fingers, but I don't have the time to make a fourth glove xD;;]

To be honest I just wanted to try this out this journal feature, and since my blue wig arrived today I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to show it off!

Here's my Miki wig, the fringe isn't styled yet as I only really just popped it on once I saw it had arrived!! [I'll blast it with the spray nearer to the expo], it's so blue!! I love it!! I seriously want to have the tips of my hair to go electric blue now! 8DD

Along with the wig yesterday I also bought a black t-shirt and so I shall hack off the sleeves and turn it into a waist coat type of thing when I have time. Back in August I bought the blue material for the hat and bag and also material for the shorts... I'll get started on them once the Midlands expo is over xD

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