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I have only had experience of cosplay by watching v-logs of the american conventions, hopefully I can change that soon.

The bit about cosplay that I really like is that whilst in cosplay I'm not me I'm someone else, I'm someone who is confident enough to stand in front of a camera whith out covering my face (I'm quite camera shy). Also the problems that I have faced in life, no longer seem to be mine.
I think that what got me started was that I wanted to escape from being me, even if it was just for an hour. And probably what I could aslo say is that I have always liked dressing up and making my own stuff that is personal to me.

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gxgirl-93 - Bunnix - 29th May 2019


started off with the mask. made with foam and a lot of modge podge even before painting it and then more after painting.
I quite like the way that the mask turned out when it was finished and it feels comfortable to wear so I can that it is done and time to move onto the next part.


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