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Ever since starting attending Events and Con's in 2000, I've had an interest in CosPlay and Costuming.
I started Costuming in about 2005, with a Charity group who mostly did Doctor Who costumes. After about 6 months with them, I moved to another group who are primarily Star Wars costumers.

Even though originally not intentional, I have ended up mainly doing Costumes that are unique in the UK. Also, from a fair amount of research, I am pretty confident in saying that both my DoC Reeve and my Jedi Corran are the most accurate in the World :D

For the most part, my costume building skills are limited to prop & armour building, with the bulk of the fabric based building being done by my mother. Due to this, unfortunately I doubt I will compete using any of my costumes at any point in the foreseeable future......

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Tony-Jay - Green Arrow - 21st April 2014

Bow Upgrades 01

After Kitacon, I worked out that there were a couple of things that need sorting on my bow.
The first was the string. For Kitacon I used a length of 1mm white elastic for the bow string. This has now been replaced with a length of 3mm black elastic.
This means that the string should now be seen in photos. The string is also stiffer and my arrows will now knock in place properly, helping me set up the bow faster for photos.
An unintentional bonus is that the string now makes the limbs move when I draw it, adding to the realism.
I did a quick check on the string tension, and even with the thicker string it still only comes to about 3lb, well below most "con safe" levels.

The second thing I have done is add an arrow rest. It is a small hook that was part of a set my mother picked up for hanging pictures. It is bigger than real arrow rests, but as it doesn't "lock" the arrow in place it will be easier for me to remove the arrow after photos.


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