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I'm a member of Team Savvy Cosplay, Heroes Alliance UK and Tolkien Cosplayers UK.

My cosplay/costuming life started out in the late 80's/early 90's when I did Viking reenactment in Lancaster. I was a Viking archer for the 'Croix Du Norse' (Cross of the North), the Lancaster branch of the Regia Anglorium Viking Reenactment Society.

I've been cosplaying since 1990 and have attended over 100 sci-fi and fantasy conventions. 2008 was my first year at an anime event. I've created over 50 costumes either for myself or as comissions.

I've worked professionally in Manchester Palace theatre as part of the warbrobe deptment. I've been the resident judge at Showmasters events. This includes Collectormainas

I've enjoyed the challanges that cosplay presents and all the people I've met though it. I hope to be part of more groups. I also plan to make even more challanging cosplays like Safer Sephiroth from FF7.

To show how far I've come and how much costumes have changed over the years I have posted some of my older costumes. The first one made in 1989. Cosplay was very different. Not so much was put into serious competing or photo shoots. So the quality of the costumes are low in comaprison with todays cosplays. Budgets for cosplay back then was very little. So most of them were done under £50. Also the photo quality isn't great. I wanted to share with you some of my favourites over the years (also that I've lost several dress sizes since then. LOL!). These are mainly mainstream Sci-fi based.

I'm able to do chest binder commissions. PM me.

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After much research on the fabric I decided to purchase a jacket instead of making it. It proved most cost effective that way. Plus, I found a really good replica that matched the screen accurate one really well.


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