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'Do what you want to do, make who you want to make, for Cosplay is a passion that can surpass all others - and make it last!'

'Never forget that cosplay is about fun, so if you are not having fun, you are not doing it right!'

The main reason I Cosplay is to express my love for certain characters, I have always had a passion for crafts and Cosplay seems to roll in my love for Anime, Manga and Gaming into a whole new world of creativity. Cosplay is a passion of mine where I can express my love for these characters and show others how I feel about them.

I have been Cosplaying for many years and I have made outfits from Games such as RPG’s and also Anime/Manga.

In addition I have made my own creations such as a Human Girl Cheshire Cat as well as making outfits from Television programmes such as Torchwood and Doctor Who.

I also have a few articles here and there with cosplay tips, for example MYM Mags have published some of my work in 2012 and I was in the GemuCon con book in 2013. I also like to draw and some of my works have been featured in con books such as Kitacon 2014.

I have had my make-up tips featured in MyM Magazine (Issue 4 page 45) and also foot wear tips.

Some of my proud moments / highlights so far have been:

-Photographed by some super talented people, which has allowed me to start my own Cosplay photo album to show others
-Been part of a Cosplay groups (making new friends along the way)
-Taking part in the London MCM Expo Masquerades (various) - Vampire Rinoa, Pascal.
-Taking part in the Kitacon masquerades - Fina from Skies of Arcadia 2012, Rose from Tales of Zesteria 2016.
-Taking part in the GemuCon masquerade - Pascal from Tales of Graces f 2013.
-Taking part in the KupoCon masquerade - Freya Crescent from Final Fantasy IX 2017.
-Finishing my Aurora Child of Light Cosplay in 7 days back in 2014!
-Entering Gemu's got talent in 2013 and singing my heart out as FFVII Aeris.
-Entering Kita's got talent in 2014 and dancing as Magnet Luka (Vocaloid) with Miku (Jess)!
-Entering CMV at Kitacon 2016 for it to be highly praised - credit to Dom for editing.
-Becoming a cosplay guest for the first time at the Norwich Gaming Festival in 2015 (and running a masquerade) and being a guest again in 2016! Also running Manga Norfolk prior to this at The Forum in Norwich.
-2017 Guest of Reynard City at Nor-Con!

One of my first happiest achievements in cosplay was getting recognition and praise from others as well as appearing in:
Neo Magazine's Cosplay Corner as Rinoa Heartilly.
Neo Magazine 'Cosplay Stars' as Fina from Skies of Arcadia with a long bio.

I am also very fortunate to run a cosplay group AniMedia East along side with my friends. www.animediaeast.webs.com designed to make more buddies with similar interests.

I am very fortunate to have a great teacher in my mum who used to be a dress maker, I thank her every day for the encouragement and support she gives and a great husband who puts up with me!

I'm also very lucky to have some great friends who share my passion and also encourage me to keep doing what I do, because the stress does make me want to put the thread down!

I hope nothing can stop me from making Cosplay and I would encourage anyone out there to have a go regardless of skill.

Always feel free to PM me if you need help or just want to chat!

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Raye-chan - Tohru - 25th April 2020

So it begins....

I've got all the fabric! Just waiting for the right moment to make everything!


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