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Cosplay sort of started by accident from my love of the X-Men one Halloween and now it's sort of becoming a thing. I've met load of lovely people through it and I love meeting up with them at cons :-)

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Newdles - Dark Phoenix (Jean Grey) - 11th May 2011

Wig issues

So, the costume's done - I've taken a sort of 60s/70s feel to the Dark Phoenix BUT I am a student and therefore always trying to save money. As such, I'm trying to use a short red/brown wig and two ponytail extensions with it instead of shelling out on a long wig. Is is truly X-Men blasphemous to do a version of Jean Grey with pigtails? Any thoughts, guys? I'll also upload one of my initial 'Yay, I has dress' shots with a short bright red wig - see what you think :-)


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