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I have been attending Amine Con's and Events ever since 2005, but I never cosplayed until 2006 because I was overloaded with courseworks at university and had no sewing skills. What convinced me to start working on my first cosplay was going to Octobers Expo back in 2005 as I was with a group of friends in cosplay and they were having so much fun that I felt realy left out. I choose Osaka Azumnaga Daioh as my first cosplay because I greatly lack the knowledge in sewing and since I was living in an uni accomadation with no fabric/wig shops around, I wanted to keep my first costume simple.

My favourite cosplay will have to be Sakura from Tsubasa (Clow country/coins artbook costume) because it was the costume I wanted to make ever since I started the cosplay hobby, but I thought it was too difficult so I pushed it back for more then 2 years. I finally have the courage to make it after completing Ashe's wedding dress in May 2008.

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Ichigo-Chan - Sakura - 29th July 2015

Fabric choices

Fabric choices ranging from polyester, cotton and duchess satin which I will use the wrong side to hide the shininess (mostly from my spare pile), there is more red then what you see in the photo at over 8 metres?

Lilac is left over from Victorique Gosick, purple is supposed to be for Karen Mermaid Melody which I have not got round making her idol dress yet, deep purple was brought by mistake back in 2008? and never used it, white is left over from Rachel Alucard. The only fabric which I had to buy was yellow though I will need to purchase more white unless i can find ny left over in my mountain of fabrics.
Finally, I don't know why or when did I purchased over 8 metres of red???


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Ichigo-Chan deleted a costume (4 years ago)

Ichigo-Chan deleted a costume (4 years ago)