Mini update - costume filters

We've deployed a small update this evening, mostly little bug fixes and tweaks, but we have a couple of new things...

Firstly on your costume list you're now able to filter by Planned, In Progress and Complete once again! Thanks for your patience while we got this added back in.

Secondly, you might notice on this filter there's a few new fields. When creating or editing a costume, you can now set the costume 'Condition' - whether it's 'Ready to wear', 'Needs repairs' or 'Retired'. This is a completely optional field and can be left as 'not set' if you prefer not to use this feature, but can be used to help you organise your costume list even further and keep track of which costumes are ready to go for that spontaneous convention! (Haha, well maybe not in 2020....)

Let us know how you get on, and as always if you find any wobbly bits of the site, ping us at