Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

Cosplayer: Emzone

Variant: Artbook

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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Showcased 12th October 2014

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

14th July 2014: 90% The costume was about 90% completed here!
[No wig] Photo taken a couple of days before we flew out to Japan!

The headband is still incomplete here as it lacks some minor details and the 6 longer strands. All the bells have not been attatched here. The hoopskirt was also reinforced once we arrived in japan with a collapasable hula-hoop which was hand sewn into the crinoline to keep the shape under all the layers of material and ensure easy movement on stage!

13th July 2014: Flower Orb I used a fabby, super appropriate playboy beach ball as the base and covered it in strips of worbla - this was my first time playing with worbla so I'm glad it worked out in the end!

We stuffed it with bubble wrap and paper and wrapped it up with our tears and prayers - it made it to Japan in one piece! <3

13th July 2014: Headdress The headress was made using a white headband, covered with matching white satin and padded using stuffing to create a base pillow. The individual flowers were then handsewn into place creating two rows and an inner row to help fill it out. Once completed the headband was garnished with some smaller gems and wire details The knots were hand made and sewn into place with the three longer trails hand sewn into the ends of the band. The headband piece was sewn into the wig to ensure it didn't slip off during the spinning parts of our skit!

7th July 2014: Back skirt The back panel was drafted using pattern fabric and then cut and lined. The traingles were caught between the bias which was stitched in the seam once again to avoid any topstitching. The piece itself was attatched to an elasticated waist band which sits on top of the skirts and panels - hidden underneath the belt piece.

27th June 2014: Progress The inner sleeves were made separately to avoid putting too much weight on the outer sleeves and destroying the shape. The tips were interfaced and covered with the flower motif which followed the usual bondaweb/detailing and satin stitching process that all the others had applied. The sleeves were then sewn onto a vest which is worn underneath the main bulk of the costume. The skirts consisted of two layers of pink - one slightly longer than the other so the layering was noticeable. [On the spin image there is only one pink skirt at the time] The outer white skirt was cut following the same pattern and then trimmed into its unique shape with raised sides. The skirts were elasticated at the hem to achieve a good fit.

25th June 2014: Outer top and sleeves The top pattern was made from scratch. The sleeves were gathered at the seam to allow for the puff sleeve. The rest of the sleeve was then added at the join and lined in pale pink. The bias was hand stitched on the inside to hide the top stitching. The inner sleeve was kept separate from the outer top to avoid it weighing the sleeves down.

9th June 2014: Belt The belt was double layered with a slipstitched gold bias trim along the edges. The panel was lined in gold duchess satin with the details bondawebbed on and then satin stitched. The pieces were then covered in their retrospective swarovski crystals individually by hand.

28th April 2014: Bell Triangles The triangle pieces were the most time consuming part of these costumes - the gemming aside. There were cut from pink cotton and sewed together and turned inside out. Then a lobster clasp was threaded onto some invisible wire with a bead threaded through. The whole thing was threaded onto a needle and pushed through the centre of each triangle and then secured inside with a small plastic bead and layers of knotting. The bells were clipped on using the lobster clasp which made for easy removal for transportation.

There were a total of 95 of these on the entire costume and each one was done by hand! [sob]

15th April 2014: Panel Progress The flowers on the costume were cut from pink cotton and were made up of two layers, bondawebbed together, to remove any transparency while keeping the colours strong.

The individual details were cut and bondawebbed into place and then satin stitched to remove any rough edges. The entire flower was then bondawebbed to the panel with a satin stitch outline in a matching thread. The panels themselves were lined with gold duchess satin and interfaced.

26th March 2014: Jingle Bells Clipping the lobster claps to all the bells~~~~

19th March 2014: Pink base We found a gorgeeeous fabric hidden away in a little sewing shop close to my house. The skirt base is made up of two [overlocked!] half circle skirts. We sewed elastic into the waistband to gather it evenly.
Not the best photo since the petticoat is being pushed by both my butt and the wall but you get the idea!

19th March 2014: Sakura panel details~ For the flowers in the panels of the dress!
We bondaweb joined the fabrics together then applique stitched round each piece to keep it in place. The crystals haven't been attached here but we used SS6 on the outside and SS10 on the inside!
It seems to catch the light nicely =D

17th March 2014: Panels / Dress patterning Today we've been doing some work on the panels for the dress.
Pictured is our patterning fabric with our satin panels pinned into place.
Hopefully later on we'll have some more progress pictures of the applique on the flowers all tidied up with the bias trim~

14th March 2014: Bias prep Cut out loooots of long strips of duchess satin to turn into bias binding...

Good news is we've probably turned about 60 or 70 metres here!
Bad news is we have 3 more metres of fabric to cut up....

10th March 2014: Crystals We're still slowly gathering together pieces for our Championship costumes - last week the batch of 35,000 Swarovski crystals we ordered arrived!

They are SS6 and SS10 in size across a various selection of colours. Pictured here is one packet of Jonquil Yellow in SS6 (approx 1000) - they are TINY.

We decided we needed a few more. This now puts our total bling count up to 48,240 crystals.

19th February 2014: Sakura Crown Sakura's Flower Crown.

We tried a number of techniques including using individual petals and different coloured dyes/amounts and spreads. These are the ones we're most happy with currently!
The flowers were pinched using a small hand stitched circle in the centre.

These are only the bases - there is still much more to be done but it's a small step forward!

You can find our tutorial on how to make your own Cherry Blossom petals [part1] here!

Banana for scale.

Kei Lin Sama avatar

Kei Lin Sama - 25th March 2014
I love those little crystal sakura blossom motifs. Great progress so far. You're going to be a gorgeous Sakura!

Fizzykat avatar

Fizzykat - 20th August 2014
so amazing! your performance was beautiful as well!!

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 22nd August 2014
Such a gorgeous costume. Well done hun ^_^

Amy-Lou avatar

Amy-Lou - 22nd August 2014
Beautiful costume! That pink base fabric has such great movement, the performance really showed it off.

Moonchild avatar

Moonchild - 24th August 2014
So so so amazing! Stunning costumes and beautiful performance <3

Carmina avatar

Carmina - 27th August 2014
Love the artwork! Gorgeous costume.

TheStarlightFairy avatar

TheStarlightFairy - 31st August 2014
This is such a stunning costume, I love how it moves <3 You and Felixize did the UK cosplay community proud!

Exelia avatar

Exelia - 13th October 2014
So glad this got showcased! Such a pretty costume <3 and of course I loved your performance too. But my favourite thing was all of the bells ;)

iggie avatar

iggie - 13th October 2014
Such a beautiful costume, so flowy and detailed <3 and a Wonderful performance!

InfiniteJester avatar

InfiniteJester - 13th October 2014
Congrats on the showcase! Your costume is truly beautiful :)

MoonLily avatar

MoonLily - 14th October 2014
Such a gorgeous costume! The showcased is totally deserved. :3

BladeyCakes avatar

BladeyCakes - 14th October 2014
This is so pretty! The flow of the layers is just stunning, I'm never over it!

CrystalNeko avatar

CrystalNeko - 14th October 2014
I loved this costume and chasing you around mid-practise trying to fetch those bells for you... :P
In all seriousness, I'm so glad this got a showcase! I love the way the costume flows so much and both you and Lauren did the UK so proud, still in love with the performance <333

Violet Kestral avatar

Violet Kestral - 15th October 2014
I don't know if I ever said it, but I think this is absolutely gorgeous =)
Love the swish and I think you both looked awesome on stage

Siouxsie James avatar

Siouxsie James - 17th October 2014
Absolutely stunning :)

WhiteWraith avatar

WhiteWraith - 5th November 2014
Such a gorgeous costume! Your performance was great :)

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 11th January 2015
Beautiful costume. Loving the photos.