Tsubasa - Reservoir Chronicle

Cosplayer: Emzone

Variant: Dream dress

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

WCS 2014 qualifier

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12th October 2013: Set The set design was drawn in pencil on three pieces of MDF wood board cut to size and painted by us. We managed to achieve a time of one board a day. The boards were supported by three triangle feet - two on the front and one large one on the back to prevent them from falling. The centre board connected to our pvc piping curtain rig to keep it upright.

11th October 2013: Glass orb The glass orbs we used in our performance were a form of sugar glass - safe for stage use and performance. We illuminated the orb using a push light from B+Q and slipped the feather inside using a small dab of glue to hold it up. We practiced the smashing of the orb to check it was achievable with both hands and wether or not we would need to add thicker gloves under Laurens costume ones to protect her hands. We wore safety specs for this.

The orb smashed easily and the pieces were more or less contained.

11th October 2013: Audio, curtains and progress book We decided to make our progress books from scratch . The pages were hand stained using tea bags. The book was covered with two pieces of light card and the front was covered with brown leather with a feather attached. My feather had glitter on it whereas Syoarans' cover had a plain white feather and the edges of the book were weathered.

We recycled the paper patterns from my wings and used them to cut the shapes out again from some white matt material that saved on hemming time. These were partially stitched and fabric glued to the curtains.

The audio for our performance was mixed from two songs split into 4 sections. The sound effects were sourced from youtube with minor reverb adjustments and the voices were by myself and Ciarán Plummer.

11th October 2013: Wings For the wings pattern I sellotaped several sheets of paper together and drew out the basic pattern of each wing. They were lain out and numbered for one side, using the material Lauren located, the patterns were then cut for both sides of the wing - doubled up. The fabric was so sparkly - but then I started becoming very sparkly too...

The wings were backed and turned inside out using a sparkly embroidery thread. We attempted shaping the whole wing using wire at first, which didn't work so well so we decided to only wire frame the top part of each wig and allow the bottom side to hang loosely. This worked much better - and saved time too!
The wires were then attempted to a piece of wood and sandwhiched between spare offcut sheets of worbla and another piece of wood to secure it. Lauren spent a whole night doing this!

They were given their final adjustments and then had the material slipped back on. We covered the wood with remaining strips of duchess satin and spare beading to make it more presentable. The whole piece was given straps made of duchess satin to allow easy slip on for our performance.

11th October 2013: Wig Similarly with Syoarans wig - we added low lights to the scalp with sharpies to give the wigs more depth. I then sewed two wefts either side of the wig to replicate her two pixie flicks. I accidently sewed the peg into the wig on the top left image! -- and on with the styling~

10th October 2013: Gold trails and attachment I had two different types of gold spray paint - using an trim I had originally intended to use for the trails down the dress I tested the sprays. We decided to have the two gold trails detachable due to their weight and length. This was achieved by using a standard necklace clasp - hand stitched to the front and back center of the dress on the chest bias. The image of the progress book shows the examples of threading we tested. We ended up using the lower glass beads, closest to the spine of the book - sprayed gold.

For our performance these trails were unclipped and left due to their length, it was a risk I would trip over them while moving on stage. The necklace was also removed due to it's fragility to prevent it slipping off while performing.

9th October 2013: Panel gems and zip fastening Ultimately I made the 8 gems by hand using fimo, oven set them and then gave them 4 layers of primer to smoothen the surfaces. These were then sprayed with gold. The stones were then hot glued into place carefully while the bodice was fastened with an invisible zip in the gap between the bust and chest lining - and the gold was fastened with two small hook and eyes hand sewn into the inside courtesy of Lauren

8th October 2013: Resin attempts For the stones on the front panel we attempted to craft them from resin. A larger and small gem were made using airdry clay. They were then placed within appropriate sized containers and we poured a mixture of alginate on top and left them to set. This was done 8 times. Once for the larger gem and 7 times for the smaller ones. We then mixed some crystal glass resin and attempted to cast the moulds. While it worked somewhat for the larger gem - emphasis on somewhat - -- it did not work on the smaller ones and we had a collection of frothy, reacted gems. We also attempted to cast them using the packaging some other gems I had ordered had arrived in - this also did not work.

We now know that crystal resin cannot be cast in alginate moulds and must be set in plaster or silicone ones.

7th October 2013: Front panel We trimmed the gold edging of some fancy ribbon to use as the bias trim for the front panel. This was hand cranked through the sewing machine carefully to achieve a careful stitch. The panel was made from duchess satin. The top trim that circles the bodice was made from the same material and stitched within the fold.
I found some clear faceted gems and sprayed the backs gold and they were hand stitched into place round the panel. The layers were sewn to the bodice.

6th October 2013: Dress hem Next up we had issues with the hemming proceedure of the dress itself. The fabric was far too silky and light to actually be hemmed properly. The top two images show the hemmed edge. It was messy, heavy and bulky and in the larger aspect gave the dress a frumpled appearance. It didn't hang nor sit the way we wanted.
So we decided to invest in an overlocker. The bottom two pictures show the dress with a rolled hem courtesy of the overlocker.

6th October 2013: Dress pattern Starting off with the base pattern - I revised several references and decided on the straight cut top but sloping arm holes and back.The dress itself is made from silky satin.
We separated the layers within the final construction to keep it light and flowy, The front consisted of a top layer and underlayer, and two layers of circle skirt that embraced the back made of dress lining. All in all to keep it flowy and to ensure my dignity on stage. The back train of the dress is about 3 meters long and doesn't fit in my living room. The back of the dress was kept as a single layer to allow it to float easier.
The bodice is fully lined.

The first and second image are of my practise pattern - I used cheap dress lining which is why it looks so horrid! XD

4th October 2013: Reference Manga reference for the length of the dress

Lady Bahamut avatar

Lady Bahamut - 16th October 2013
Amazing work! You've really put alot of thought into every aspect of the costume :O

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 17th October 2013
Fantastic costume. Gutted that I didn't get to see this in person.

Congratulations on being selected for WCS 2014 ♥

TheStarlightFairy avatar

TheStarlightFairy - 23rd October 2013
Gorgeous costume and wonderful skit! Congrats on being selected for WCS, you'll be amazing <3

Pandora-Chi avatar

Pandora-Chi - 1st November 2013
Really really stunning work! I really love how the dress drapes <3 Congratulations!

Raye-chan avatar

Raye-chan - 1st November 2013
You make a lovely Sakura! <3

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 30th November 2013
Loving the new photos. You both look great.

J-Po avatar

J-Po - 2nd January 2014
beautiful pictures

Tsuchinoko avatar

Tsuchinoko - 27th February 2014
Such wonderful pictures, you both look great! =)