Riza Hawkeye
Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Cosplayer: Amy-Lou

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

10th November 2019: Wig Styling The wig is a Coscraft Yoji in Pale Ash Blonde. Heat styled into a zig-zag side parting and trimmed up in front then tied in a ponytail.

27th October 2019: Belts The main belt is made of buckram wrapped in the grey suiting from earlier. The brown holster belt is cut down from an old bag strap that happened to be the right width for some dungaree clips which hook over the belt studs.
The belt studs are jean button rivets. Originally they were going to be attached onto the front panel, but they stuck out too far and let the dungaree clips jiggle around. To shorten them they now pass through holes in the front panel and one is attached to the main belt, the other is attached to a scrap of leatherette glued over the back of the front panel with a fastener on the other side so the belt can easily undo.

14th April 2019: Details Added some oversized rivets to the straps. The straps are sewn to the skirt down the inside edge and topstitched up the outside edge to match.

20th October 2018: Details Managed to find a grey suiting that matched the bias binding.
Used this with interfacing to make the strap details and had to sew them a couple of times as the arrow shape liked to distort when it was going through the sewing machine.

10th September 2018: Skirt Finished Cut out the skirt and picked a length for it between the knee and top of the boots.
The split ends just below the crotch and is slightly angled so it will always hang with a space between.
Edged with grey bias binding all the way round.

26th April 2018: Skirt Pattern I’m basing the skirt pattern on the top of the trouser pattern up to the front darts, but leaving out the side seams and keeping the back darts so it will lay flat until the hips.

Made a copy of the altered pattern on paper and tested it out on some scrap fabric to work out the angle for the extended front and back edges.

14th April 2018: Boot covers All finished, with some elastic underneath so the boots can be swapped out for different covers.

8th April 2018: Boot covers Decided to get some short plain boots with a chunky sole so I can reuse them for other costumes.
Making some pleather covers to extend them to calf length.

27th March 2018: Back to the Trousers Finally going back to this costume!
I dug out what I'd done of the trousers so far and they could still fit me, so I've finished them off (I am so excited this pattern has pockets). Leaving the waistband for now as I want to sew the overskirt into the trousers.

27th June 2013: Trouser Fly Woo, second zip fly ever and it went perfectly!
These have turned out to be super easy as long as I wasn't tempted to skip adding the big loose basting stitches that hold the fly in place whilst you sew the zip in.

17th June 2013: Starting Trousers I'm using the trouser pattern from Vogue 1132 as it hit all the key features: high waist, wide waistband, simple flat pockets and wide legs (I also really love the jacket in this pack).

I'm using a dark blue cotton drill, which should make for a smart uniform. I was going for the darker Brotherhood shade over the royal blue of the original series and this was the closest I could get.