Chandra Nalaar
Magic: The Gathering

Cosplayer: eternal_aranel

Variant: Japanese art

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

13th October 2011: so far Still alot to do, But i have the basuc skirt shape, all lines just needs the ribbon and proper fastening. white top is done.
Just the little details to be added and the armour....oh joy

13th October 2011: wig finished + test So proud XDDD

It took a week, 3 wigs, fuck tons of red dye and half a bottle of vodka to make my bathroom not look like a murder scene, but I have made the most awesome wig ever. Don't think I suit her very much but dear god I am proud of this wig!!!!

Also orange contacts that are Uv sensitive! Could amke some cool photos!

8th October 2011: wig 1 Stage one of the epic fiery wig!
So I started with a lovely curly pale pink wig and have gradient dyed it to a fiery red. I think it fades nicely...might give it another touch up| near the tips.
My plan once its dry is to sew it to my rapidash wig so that it will fade to pink then red then have the yellow and orange underneath. Like her fiery mane D
Trust me to pick silly characters with silly hair on fire that is difficult to replicate xD

29th September 2011: start Going through a bit of a shitty time atm. Mostly my own heads fault...
Completly destroyed my creativity and will to do stuff.....but not for this Cosplay
Must be because magic is such a big part of my life and finally get to show it some love.:)

So rant over.]lmost finished the top. Got ahold of some lovely white leatherette for the top layer and sleeves.
Also got everything I need to do the wig!
Really excited for this!

27th July 2011: Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff!!! The first volume of the manga is out!!!
Which give me sexy sexy reference images!!!!
Doing this for October Expo with ma Jace :DDD

Anggul avatar

Anggul - 2nd December 2010
Yay for blowing things up! =D

You're aware I absolutely have to cosplay Jace Beleren now right?

eternal_aranel avatar

eternal_aranel - 3rd December 2010
YEeeeeeS!!!!!!!? Doooooooo it! I'm plannning normal Chandra as well if that makes a difference ;)
But a Jace would be amazing to seee

Kitticus avatar

Kitticus - 25th August 2011
Wow. I have never actually seen the MTG Manga O_O. But i REALLY love all the artwork on the cards and the game itself. Looking forward to this DEFINATELY ^^

Zelvyne avatar

Zelvyne - 6th October 2011
Looking fantastic so far ^_^ can't wait to see it finished.
And best of luck when you do her card artwork version too.

Felixize avatar

Felixize - 8th October 2011
Whaaat I had no idea there was a Magic manga, the things you learn!
This is looking super so far, though! I really can't wait to see you finish her! :D

Debbie Ella avatar

Debbie Ella - 9th October 2011
Love love love!

ToroSonyCat avatar

ToroSonyCat - 13th October 2011
Looks great so far! I love the wig :D

Angel_of_Algebra avatar

Angel_of_Algebra - 14th October 2011
Needs more wigs! I will now be disappointed if each of your cosplays does not have more wigs than every single one before it. Put together. More wigs! Also you are crazy.

P.S. Needs more wigs.

HowlingSilverWolf avatar

HowlingSilverWolf - 28th October 2011
OMG I can not wait to see this costume cus it's looks amazing. Plus I'm a massive Chandra fan, nothing adds charm to a girl like fire!!! ^^