Leonardo da Vinci
Assassin's Creed 2

Cosplayer: PapercutPerfect

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

23rd April 2011: beard.... So I look more like this guy at the moment. Road to El Dorado... possible cosplay...? xD
As soon as I find a wig (I'm way too fussy with them), hopefully I'll start looking more like Leo!

16th November 2010: Leonardo... So today I'm swapping Leonardo from 'planned' to 'in progress' 8D He's being made for the London Expo May 2011.
I already have a hat like Leonardo's, so I may just use that instead of making one, I'm not sure yet. I'll have to make sure it matches the fabric I choose for the cape.
Also I'm a little puzzled how to do a convincing beard >_< I've heard to use clippings from the wig and stick them with liquid latex, so I'll try that first...
I also just ordered some dark grey fabric and some white lace for around the collar ^_^
So excited!

MadameLapin avatar

MadameLapin - 16th July 2010
oooooh, that costume is amazing! Never played the game myself, but all the art I've seen for it is lovely. I can't wait to see this, I know you'll do a great job ^^

VampiricAngel avatar

VampiricAngel - 16th July 2010
ohmygosh <3<3<3
Mega excited to see this one 8DDDDD
Leonardo is absolute love!

Chariflame avatar

Chariflame - 16th July 2010
You'll make a great Leonardo! Oh man, I NEED photos with you. :'D And thank you very much for your kind words on my Ezio costume.

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 16th July 2010
OMG thats gonna be awesome just finished the game wish he'd had more screen time then just giving him the codex's

ember329 avatar

ember329 - 17th July 2010
Good to see a fellow Leonardo!! ;p

Lisu-chan avatar

Lisu-chan - 17th July 2010
*hands you a codex*
I'm so excited! 8D

DarkNyte avatar

DarkNyte - 15th October 2010
Hay bloo long time and all that OMG you have to do leonardo plz plz plz plz *Begs with puppy dog eyes* PLEASE!

ember329 avatar

ember329 - 16th November 2010
You're doing him for May now?How exciting!Can't wait to see progress!

Lisu-chan avatar

Lisu-chan - 2nd December 2010
You should be excited~!

About the beard;
I've never seen results of your method, have seen bad results with crepewool and ok ones with painted on beards (as he has little to no beard, I guess) unless it's the Brotherhood version of course. It's why me and my Leonardo decided on using make-up/facepaint, instead of hairy versions.

The only pre-made beard that might work (so far I could find) is this one http://www.maskworld.com/english/department/larp/beards-wigs--D-190/--D-1900/professor-real-human-hair-beard--6048 with a little styling...
Perhaps you didn't need any opinions or help, but I figured I'd comment anyway! XD GOoooood luck!

... avatar

... - 3rd December 2010
Awwh this is going to be wonderful! I really hope I get to see it in person! <3

VampiricAngel avatar

VampiricAngel - 11th January 2011
Only just noticed that this is now in progress instead of planned.

ALL MY EXCITEMENT. Srsly, I cannot wait to see this in May 8D <3

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 11th January 2011
ahhh awesomeeee cant wait to see im gonna be doing ezio in may to have to get some photos for sureee

Emzone avatar

Emzone - 11th January 2011
oh now dis looks fun to shoot *w*
Can't wait to see this as always 8D

Zomboi avatar

Zomboi - 21st January 2011
I cant wait to see this at expo XD

FusionRose avatar

FusionRose - 27th January 2011
Looking forward to seeing this at expo hun! You're gonna look epic x.

ryaoki avatar

ryaoki - 17th February 2011
Ive fallen in love, if i ever get round to doing ezio, GUESS WHOS MAKING MY ARM BLADEE!

Captain_Marvelous avatar

Captain_Marvelous - 14th April 2011
aww that bag is wicked! I got one like that from primark actually I bought several! but its perfect!!!!!!!!! :)

Uni avatar

Uni - 16th April 2011
I'm so happy right now! Can't wait to see how this turns out! : D
<3 Leonardo!

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 16th April 2011
Looking forward to seeing this.

naurarwen avatar

naurarwen - 16th April 2011
This I cant wait to see. Shame your not doing Manchester Expo my boyfriend and I are hoping to go as Desmond and Altair and may have another friend going as Ezio.

No thanks avatar

No thanks - 17th April 2011
I have to ask! are you planning on wearing this again after this may expo? If so we have a good sized Assassins creed group with no leonardo going for kitacon 2012/May expo :D that would be awesome if you could make it just for a few photos?

naurarwen avatar

naurarwen - 18th April 2011
This is looking really good. The books are absolutely fab. I have still to try and do boot covers for other costumes but its not something I've tried yet.

No thanks avatar

No thanks - 18th April 2011
Yes! Thank you :D i'll let you know closer to the time. also. Good luck with the beard! haha xD

J-Po avatar

J-Po - 23rd April 2011
im scared at how good you are XD your amazinggggg

No thanks avatar

No thanks - 23rd April 2011
xD Bahah! That beard looks good so far! :D and the idea's you have for it sound good :D

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 23rd April 2011
That beard~<3 Looking forward to this 8D

BladeyCakes avatar

BladeyCakes - 23rd April 2011
This is looking fantastic so far! *w* Leonardo love~ <3

Lisu-chan avatar

Lisu-chan - 27th April 2011
Teehee, it's coming along nicely! What day will you be Leonardo?

No thanks avatar

No thanks - 29th April 2011
Darlin' gunnah need a tut on how you did those sleeves! they look great!

Newdles avatar

Newdles - 29th April 2011
I agree completely - those sleeves are the shiz! :-P

Lisu-chan avatar

Lisu-chan - 1st May 2011
The sleeves ROCK! I'm getting so excited now~! 8D

- avatar

- - 3rd May 2011
Slow down waoman! you have zee rare talent to work fast and make a damnnnnn fudging job of it!!

Lovvvvvve the sleves...no wait, i love the hole thing :) looks spot on

Nomes avatar

Nomes - 3rd May 2011
Wow. It looks amazing!

Uni avatar

Uni - 4th May 2011

....You look amazing.

naurarwen avatar

naurarwen - 4th May 2011
Wow this is looking absolutely amazing. Can;t wait to see the whole thing when its finished.

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 8th May 2011
Wow, this is brilliant! You look amazing!

Illulyn avatar

Illulyn - 15th May 2011
Ahhh I love me some Leo~! This looks soooo awesome <3

No thanks avatar

No thanks - 16th May 2011

So much win

SnowmanKline avatar

SnowmanKline - 17th May 2011
wow this looks epic. nice job ;)

Numta avatar

Numta - 17th May 2011
Your Leonardo is truely amazing!

Megitymeg avatar

Megitymeg - 17th May 2011
Loving the progress, this is amazing *__*

Sherbet-Lemon avatar

Sherbet-Lemon - 17th May 2011
This honestly looks so good so far cannot wait to see the finished version :)

J-Po avatar

J-Po - 17th May 2011
love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No thanks avatar

No thanks - 17th May 2011
Marry me? LMAO

Creative-Stitches avatar

Creative-Stitches - 17th May 2011
fantastic! :D

Captain_Marvelous avatar

Captain_Marvelous - 17th May 2011
I know what I hate...and I dont hate this! in fact im completely in love with it! well done!

KiraraYumi avatar

KiraraYumi - 17th May 2011
This looks totally perfect! Excellent work! x3

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 17th May 2011
You've done it again hun! You've made another amazing costume. I love it. Can't wait to see it in person.

Lisu-chan avatar

Lisu-chan - 18th May 2011
Brilliant~! Can't wait to kidnap you!

- avatar

- - 18th May 2011
This was soo fast and soo damn good. STOP BEING AMAZING WOMAN.

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS, you suit him and his derpness so much

This Little Nephilim avatar

This Little Nephilim - 22nd May 2011
looking good can't wait to see it

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 5th June 2011
The complete costume's awesome! I love the prop, and the hug photo! (I wrestled with my controller but missed the hug in the game too!) XD

FuriePhoenix avatar

FuriePhoenix - 2nd August 2011
this was beyond awesome!

FairyPorchQueen avatar

FairyPorchQueen - 8th September 2011
The detials on this is gorgeous!

No thanks avatar

No thanks - 20th September 2011
So yeah i think this is definitely happening at kitacon even if you cant make it to kita, your still coming. just to do this with me. so we can prance around together <3