Pokemon Sword and Shield

Cosplayer: CrystalNeko

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

7th November 2020: I did a costest!!! I really like how it looks! But... The dress is a little short on me after hemming it ahh. I've also run out of fabric so I'm going to have to turn it into a top and skirt combo oooops, the cardigan hides all ahaha, you won't know the difference!

7th November 2020: The buttons are sewn on!! I didn't want plain pink so I got fancy buttons haha. The brown buttons are literally just pleather glued on... It works... For that cartoony effect

5th November 2020: I cut the pom like a wig to try and make it as natural as possible! I think it's quite cute!

5th November 2020: I want to show you my chaotic pompom before I gave it a trim! Because premade pompoms (especially of this size) are super expensive and I already had the fur, I just made the pom myself. It's a circle, gathered and stuffed. I've also finished hand sewing the details onto the beret!

5th November 2020: I levelled out the dress and took it in so that it flares out far less!!! Everything is overlocked and fits me nicely so it's ready for hemming, fastenings and the collar!!!!

But... I'm done for the night. So I'll continue tomorrow!

5th November 2020: I bought the beret off eBay and for now I've pinned the felt... I'll hand sew this on probably tomorrow!

5th November 2020: I used McCall's M7373 as a base but took in the flared skirt part (I took it in even more after this photo!)