My Hero Academia

Cosplayer: Fables

Variant: Halloween

Status: Complete

Condition: Ready to wear

3rd November 2018: Ears The only picture I have is a low-quality selfie but here are my ears! They're a short-pile brown faux fur with pink felt on the insides, and they slip into my wig on crocodile clips! I had to handsew parts of them which is why they're kinda wonky. Oh well!

3rd November 2018: Tail My super-soft and super-strokeable tail! This was winged from start to finish but I'm so happy with the result. I eyeballed the shape, all I knew was that I wanted it to have a slight curl and when I drew it out it was much bigger than I realised, whoops. The material is a long-pile faux fur in a colour the seller described as 'toffee'. I picked it because it looked like a good match and it actually matched my wig pretty well.