Black Butler

Cosplayer: Fables

Variant: OVA Green Dress

Status: Complete

Condition: Ready to wear

Showcased 5th September 2019

3rd November 2018: Lizzie's Wig! As I was styling Lizzie's wig I remembered to take a couple of step-by-step photos, so you can see how the pigtails have changed.

3rd November 2018: Dress and Jacket So I took a long time on this jacket! It's only small and something that a lot of folk could put together in much much less time but I was determined to get out of my habit of rushing everything I make. The jacket is made of a cream brocade and I lined the whole thing, and added facings made of that same brocade. I had to wing the pattern because I didn't have one to hand that matched enough-- if the collar was right the jacket fit and cut was wrong or vice-versa! So the collar doesn't sit quite right, but even still I'm proud that I was able to come up with the pattern myself. The collar is made of brown cotton that can also be found on my skirt and hat and has interfacing on the inside. I also had to adapt my sleeve pattern to add the big 'puffs' that Lizzie has although lining the sleeves was definitely a tough thing to get my head around. I also included a picture of my skirt in-progress. I sewed blocks of green twill into one long run and the black stripes are grosgrain ribbon that I pinned and sewed in place. Along the hem of the skirt once this was done, I added a long stripe of brown cotton and rolled the hem. The skirt isn't lined just because it's already quite heavy!

3rd November 2018: Gloves and Sleeves I wanted to add a picture of my gloves because even though they don't match the reference (they should be brown) they're really pretty and were a nice eBay purchase! All of the colour-accurate gloves were completely wrong-looking so I settled for 'inaccurate but nice' instead.
I also included a picture of my sleeve cuff, purely for the fact it's the first time I've fully lined sleeves and added facings and I'm just really proud of them! I hope I can get faster at stuff like this as I keep trying.

3rd November 2018: Lizzie's Hat Lizzie's hat started life as a 'steampunk' costume hat from Ebay. I pulled off the design that was glued on and replaced it with a 'cover' made out of brown cotton that I'll be using elsewhere in the costume too. On top of that I added some green ribbon tied in a bow to help it match up with the reference. The ribbon that ties under my chin is glued underneath the hat itself and I can cover it with my clip on pigtails!

22nd June 2018: Ordering Fabrics After asking for some help from my squad (because I’m clueless with fabric types) I was able to get some really awesome suggestions of what to actually use!

For the Jacket I’ve actually moved away from the reference slightly and I’m going to use a pretty, cream Brocade because I wanted to fancy things up a bit~ I’ll line this and use plain Cotton and Interfacing for the Collar sections.

For the Skirt itself I found a really nice Olive-coloured Twill to do the job! I’ve never used Twill before but I like the feel of my sample so that should be easy to work with. My waistband section will have some soft interfacing in there too, I’m going to add the thin skirt stripes with a plain matte grosgrain ribbon, and the panel along the bottom will be the same Brown Cotton from my Collar.

I bought a cheap hat from eBay which I’ll also cover in that same Brown Cotton- it was easier than trying to find a super accurate tiny hat!

I haven’t ordered it yet but I’m thinking of a Cream Pleather for the spats (on suggestion from the GF who has made spats before), the Pleather will likely be rigid enough to stay up which is what I want!

Most of my fabric has been ordered so I’m itching for it to get here!! In the mean time I’m likely going to make some mock-ups, especially for the jacket.

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 10th September 2019
Congratulations on the showcase. Excellent costume.