Female Romulan Commander
Star Trek (TOS)

Cosplayer: Ranma1-2

Variant: The Enterprise Incident

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

23rd October 2018: Attached red jumper sleeve and side panel Good job I have the serger. I was able to cut through the red crochet top and overlock the edges to stop them fraying. I hand sewed the sleeve and side panel to the top part of the jumper dress like the real screen costume. Thumb loops added too, these hold the sleeve half covering the hand at an angle. Ready for a test wear to see how it was all coming along. Addition of basic wide elastic for the belt, temp pinned just for the test pic.

23rd October 2018: Base jumper dress I found a suitable chunky knit jumper dress to use for the base. I tried dyeing it with mocha to warm the colours up from momchrome grey. The dye only took slightly, so it has a slight sepia tone. Better than it started. We can only try.

6th March 2018: Basics 1. Found a knitted mini dress which is acceptable as a start point. The plan is to colourise the chequered type pattern onto this using fabric paint and airbrush. ummmm.

2. Managed to source a red crochet top, this will be cut up and sewn on to give the red sleeve and side panel.
3. Bought Spock ears, since Romulans and Vulcans are the same.
4. Already have some thigh high boots.
5. Already have a Romulan dispruptor gun too.

Wyrdsister avatar

Wyrdsister - 7th November 2018
Looking as slick as ever!