Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)

Cosplayer: Emzone

Variant: Noah's Ark

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

2nd place ECG Prelims 2017

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

10th October 2017: Arm pieces I spent a while working out the structure for these pieces! They are fully lined and involved some intricate turning to ensure they were tidy both inside and outside! The arm piece is built upon an inner layer to ensure the top puffs kept their shape and wouldn't need adjusting throughout the day. The material was carefully gathered to ensure maximum fluff and requires no inner stuffing to hold its shape. The applique details were handsewn into place and the outer lace was sandwiched between the layers while stitching the piece together. They require no glue and feature no elastic as they are fitted to my arm.

4th October 2017: Shoes and leggings The shoes were bought as base pumps, the bottoms painted white with several layers of acrylic paint. The lace applique details were hand sewn and the handmade rose added.

The leggings are a piece I wish to revisit. The first batch were made sewing white and black lycra strips together to create the pattern and then fitting it to my leg. The top featured a band of lycra with gathered lace. I bought a stocking clip and attached it to a piece of elastic which was then sewn into the bottom cuff of the under shorts made to sit under my skirt. The white legging was basically the same but simpler XD

2nd October 2017: Neckpiece The neck piece is fully lined and buttons up at the front. I used some lace to create the button holes and layered up the gathered lace at the bottom to give it a full fluff. I used the rose coutil to line the piece to help it keep its structure and avoid slipping while worn. Buttons were hand stitched into place.

20th September 2017: Skirts I attached my pre-ruffled ribbon to 5 organza circle skirts and overlocked the join.
Each skirt was shorter than the last, the final skirt was something like 4inches long to give the skirt the tiered effect. I then spent another night gathering tulle to match each skirt. The skirt is made up of 10 layers. Tulle sandwiched between a crystal organza ruffled layer. I had to hand stitch the last 2 layers because it was too thick for my sewing machine.

16th September 2017: Rose skirt The roses were added to the skirt at the end but here was a photo before the skirt layers were joined which shows the placement! They were hotglued onto the second outer layer which was the gathered tulle. Stitching doesn't hold so they had to be glued to keep them in place.

This is another area I intend to revisit. I have a good circle of roses on the outer top layer but I would like to add more into the other layers of the skirt to make it more full!

12th September 2017: Roses The roses are handmade. I spent an ungodly amount of time cutting circles out of my white crepe fabric and hand burning the edges to seal and curve them. Each rose is made up of about 30/ish petals give or take. The first 10 are sewn into place to secure the centre and the outer petals are arranged by hotglue to help the flower open up.

10th September 2017: Corset First time I've made a corset!
I read up on internet tutorials and researched a tonne before diving into this.
I used plastic boning and made the pattern from scratch. It took me a good 5 attempts before I settled on the final pattern.
The corset is made from 3 layers. An inner piece of plain coutil sandwiched between my duchess satin outer and lined with a rose print coutil to help soften the boning lines. I learnt a lot creating this and I am so pleased with how it came out. I know there is a lot I can improve on but I feel incredibly satisfied with my first attempt!
The applique pieces were handsewn to the satin layer before the corset was sealed up at the bottom with hidden stitch and ribbon bias.
The corset laces up at the back with the white rivets pressed into the panels.

3rd September 2017: Ruffles I ruffled 300 metres of white ribbon for the underskirt.
I have nothing else to add. I sewed my soul into it somewhere.

1st September 2017: Doll references! A mixture of anime and manga refs