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Advice on Face Paint & Sweat

Mr. Sat-Ash - 1st July 2018

Those who have seen my Mr. Satan cosplays will know that instead of stick-on moustaches that never stay on and restrict the ability to open my mouth be it for blabbering on or pulling a dynamic pose or gurning like a goodun for the camera, and in lieu of growing natural facial hair that can be turned into the Mr. Satan moustache ("in lieu of" here meaning "due to the fact that I'm incapable of"), I instead use face paint to slabber on a moustache that will both be easily visible and recognisable, and won't restrict any movements of my mouth.

But here is the rub:
Due to varying factors, including a skin condition and the medication for said skin condition causing the retention of heat; my natural hair being thick and a trap for heat; wearing a wig over said heat trap; and most importantly, the fact that I am a fat bastard, I frankly overheat and sweat, not like a goodun, but rather a biggun.

As such, I get hot very easily and sweat a lot, and this constant perspiration naturally tends to cause any facepaint I'm wearing to run, streak and/or smear, thus ruining a lot of the intended look, and worse, can drip onto and stain my costumes.

Therefore, I beseech advice from those who would have more of an idea what they're doing. What can I use to combat this? What sort of sealants and such do I use to stop running and smearing?

The paints that I use for the moustache (and all-over face paint, when doing the rare cosplay of Kinkotsuman) is Snazaroo's black Classic Face and Body Paint.

So, how do I go about keeping the moustache from running, when my sweat starts running? I've heard that things like Mehron Skin Prep Pro are good to use, but as I've already made clear, I have no idea what I'm doing and need advice on this.

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Mr. Sat-Ash - 1st July 2018


I'm a big bugger, and sweat like Niagara Falls, which plays hell with my face paint.

What do?

Furthermore, I'm looking to get supplies bought by the end of this week coming, to ensure it all arrives on time, so any advice ASAP would be greatly appreciated.

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Amy-Lou - 5th July 2018

PAX Paint sounds like an option for you. I haven’t used it myself, so I can’t give any tips on using it.

The problem then would be getting it off again! Make sure you buy a specialist remover or you’ll have that tache for a while.

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delusional - 6th July 2018

I know you said you've had issues with stick on moustaches, have you tried using Pros-aide? It's what TV & theatre use to attach hair and prosthetics and generally doesn't sweat off (unlike spirit gum and other temporary fixes!) Considering it can stay on under hot stage lighting and such, it's possibly worth a try! You can get it in the UK easily off Amazon, theatre shops or Coscraft. Sorry I can't help with the paint option, I've only ever used bodypaint once!

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Cospepper - 22nd August 2018

I've found Snazaroo runs/comes off especially easily. You could try looking on theatre makeup websites for other body paint companies such as Grimas, Ben Nye, or Mehron. They're more expensive and a little harder to get in every shade but are generally better quality and should stay on better since they're often designed for theatre and lasting under hot stage lighting etc. I'm not sure which would be best for sweating (my main concern with body paint is allergies so I've never looked into sweating comparisons) but one of them might work better!
You could also try fixing/setting sprays like Mehron or Ben Nye or even makeup ones like Urban Decay. I've only ever tried Mehron's one but it helped keep my Shadowhunter rune body paint on, however my sensitive skin isn't a fan of setting sprays so I can't really recommend which would be best.

I also second the suggestion of using prosaide instead of spirit gum for gluing prosthetics - I covered half of myself in gems for an Emma Frost cosplay in the summer and it worked great! You need a special remover to take it off but I had no trouble.

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