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Meeting cosplayers

Carwyn_Owen - 29th June 2020

hello, i'm wondering whats the best way to meet fellow cosplayers that may be close to me.

I'm looking for some passionate begginer/intermediate cosplayers who would be willing to do a photoshoot :) I'm a novice phtotographer and have always found cosplay a much more interesting model for photography over typical models.

I found this website but it seems to be more wide location rather than central :) any suggestions?

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M.Kesaiyn - 11th April 2022

Hi. It looks like it's been some time and no-one has replied. You don't seem to mention whereabouts you are, and most people will cosplay at events and meet-ups. I've been cosplaying since 2009, but a friend of mine is just starting out. Are you intending on going to any events this year now that things are starting to pick up again? My friend and I will be going to Kitacon and Hotarucon (both apparently still have tickets at the time of writing this).

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Meeting cosplayers
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