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Hyper Japan

Article by Annette W (Mighty Odango) posted Thursday 24th July 2014

Hyper Japan starts tomorrow! With a variety of cosplay guests and panels, plus the Hyper Japan COSParade on both Saturday and Sunday, there's plenty to keep cosplayers happy.

The European Cosplay Gathering qualifiers are also being held on Sunday, so come along and see who'll be our UK representatives next year, following the UK's stunning showing in 2014!


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MCM Scotland masquerade signups!

Article by Annette W (Mighty Odango) posted Tuesday 22nd July 2014

Signups for the MCM Scotland masquerade (6-7th September) open tonight at 19:00 BST - if you're one of our cosplayers who lives North Of The Wall (or is popping up for a visit) then sign up quickly, as places in MCM masquerades are often filled pretty swiftly!


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