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UK Eurocosplay and CCCC reps chosen

Article by Annette W (Mighty Odango) posted Monday 1st June 2015

The first UK Eurocosplay entrant was selected at the recent MCM London Comic Con. Please join us in congratulating Lewis of Wrath Creation Studios for qualifying in his superb Lich King costume from World of Warcraft.

Also deserving of congratulations are Felixize and Emzone who qualified for the Clara Cow Cosplay Cup in their beautiful Celes and Relm costumes from Final Fantasy VI.

Well done to all three of them, we can't wait to see how you do in the finals!


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MCM London masquerade entry open!

Article by Annette W (Mighty Odango) posted Sunday 10th May 2015

The MCM London Comic will be running a Cosplay Masquerade on both the Saturday & Sunday of the show (24th & 25th May), and each day offers you the chance at fantastic prizes & to represent the UK in an international cosplay competition!

Saturday is sponsored by Viewster who are offering a prize which includes an £800 cash sum for the winner who will be selected as the UK EuroCosplay Championships Finalist for 2015; second place will include £400 & third place £250.
Sunday is sponsored by Sanrio who are offering a prize which includes a trip to Puroland in Japan for the winning duo performance who will be selected as the UK Finalists for Clara Cow's Cosplay Cup in 2015.

You can submit your entry here - this includes entries for those wishing to compete in the Eurocosplay qualifiers on Saturday.


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