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London: Calling all Game of Thrones cosplayers!

Article by Kat B (Delusional) posted Friday 28th March 2014

Short notice I know! But if anyone has a Game of Thrones costume ready to go and can be in London on Monday evening (31st March), then check out this post here by Mighty Odango. The BBC are looking for Game of Thrones cosplayers for an event with The One Show, it looks like this could be a lot of fun!


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New year, new name?

Article by Kat B (Delusional) posted Tuesday 18th March 2014

Fancied changing your username, but didn't know how or who to contact? Well now all members can change their usernames themselves! So if it's something you've been thinking of (or if I haven't got back to you…) then the power is now all yours.

You'll find the option to do so within your Account Settings, when you edit your profile. Enjoy!


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