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MCM Comic Con London & EuroCosplay 2015 Finals

Article by Annette W (Mighty Odango) posted Tuesday 20th October 2015

As you probably know, it's MCM Comic Con London this weekend, and it's going to be a bumper weekend on the cosplay front.

On Saturday, the 2015 EuroCosplay Championship Final will be taking place at 17:30 in the Gold Theatre, featuring amazing cosplayers from all over Europe including the UK's own Kaldorei Cosplay and Wrath Creations.
On Sunday, selections for the UK representatives for Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup will take place at the masquerade at 15:00 in the Gold Theatre.

For more info on EuroCosplay events and how to watch the live stream, click "Read More"!


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MCM Comic Con cosplay updates - Clara Cow, EuroCosplay... and more?

Article by Annette W (Mighty Odango) posted Monday 21st September 2015

Some news from the team at MCM Comic Cons!

As well as the Eurocosplay finals on Saturday, the Sunday masquerade at MCM Comic Con London in October will be holding the UK qualifiers for Clara Cow's Cosplay Cup. Aside from being part of an international cosplay contest it is also a chance for the pair of winners to check out AnimeCon, a very enjoyable event in the Netherlands.

From next year onwards, there will only be a single qualifier for Eurocosplay. This is likely to take place at MCM Manchester Comiccon in 2016, so plan accordingly!

Finally, there are whisperings that there may be qualifiers for another international cosplay competition at MCM London next May - stay tuned, we'll let you know!


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