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Latest News


2015 WCS UK qualifiers selected!

Article by Annette W (Mighty Odango) posted Sunday 23rd November 2014

The Hyper Japan Christmas market last weekend featured the selection of the new Team UK for the World Cosplay Summit in Japan next year. Join us in congratulating CI members The-Ominous-Truffle and Noa who qualified in their beautiful costumes of Miaka and Yui from the classic manga/anime Fushigi Yuugi.

You can follow their progress as a team over at the WCS Team UK Facebook page as they prepare for 2015's final.


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WCS Qualifiers at the Hyper Japan Christmas market

Article by Annette W (Mighty Odango) posted Wednesday 12th November 2014

The WCS UK representatives for next year will be selected at the Hyper Japan Christmas Market held this weekend. Good luck to all those entering, we can't wait to see who'll be representing us in 2015! If you're not entering, go along and cheer for those who are - and if you can't go along, we'll let you know who qualifies after the weekend is over.


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