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11 Apr 2013 - 20:59100815
Tenth Doctor coat pattern adjustment help.
So I'm making a coat to go with my Tenth Doctor cosplay.

I have a pattern, but it's for a single-breasted coat (and a women's one, but then since I am one it makes more sense ), whereas the original coat was double-breasted.

I would really like to adjust this pattern so that it's more similar to the original (having had no luck finding a good double-breasted pattern), but am not completely sure how to go about doing this. If anyone had any tips, I would be very grateful!
Similarly for making the lapels go down a little further, as they're fairly short - although I could probably have a better go at that, as the fold line is marked on the pattern, but it's just working out what shaping it would need really...

Thank you in advance!

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