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05 Feb 2009 - 21:5610469
Hey there everyone.

Im a Cosplay virgin but ive always liked the idea of fanical-fans, if you excuse the term...

Should maybe have given a little more though into creating an account on here. Hope nobody feels put-out by my presence... Maybe I'll cut my teeth this year?



I am an apprentice computer programmer for the record.
Been awhile since Ive gone hunting for new material (comics). Big pessismist.

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05 Feb 2009 - 22:2010470
Welcome! And not at all, to be honest, I'd like to think that being here and seeing how great people can be would push you towards cosplaying more than anything!

CosplayIsland Staff Member

07 Feb 2009 - 19:5710533
Welcome Hope you feel inspired to cosplay, you should we're all an awesome bunch of people obviously XD

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