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09 Apr 2013 - 18:32100664
Behind Closed Doors
i hoppe im allowed to do this here but this is to do with a subject that people should know about (domestic abuse )

Behind Closed doors (Please Reblog)

Hi, to every one reading this and who follows me.

Im writing on here today to advertise my mothers new book [ Behind closed doors].

its avalable to buy from amazon books, the book is by my mum [ Diana coombes] and tells the tale of Martha, who is a victim of domestic abuse. She has a daughter and granddaughter but can’t see them as her husband has had a falling out with them. Her best friend Theresa tried to persuade Martha to leave her husband but he is too controlling with her. She visits her daughter without him knowing and this leads to more domestic violence. In the end she snaps and kills her husband and stands trial for his murder..

Recently in our family we have had some one be the subject of domestic abuse and our family would like to get this book out as we feel its a subject that needs to be relised is happening every where , maybe to even some one you know.

Please if you want to take the time to read this book and judge for your self Thankyou so much for reading

Also it would be much appreciated if people could hit the like button on amazon and post this to Fb / tumblr / twitter and again thankyou so much for your time


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