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07 Apr 2013 - 10:19100539
Christine Daae long brown curly wig commission needed URGENTLY

I'm looking to commission a long brown curly wig to use for my Christine Daae costume from the musical Phantom of the Opera.

Ref pics of what I'm looking for:






Please DM if you can help I need it by mid July at the very latest.

Thanks so much everyone x

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16 Jun 2013 - 10:12104098
Possible wig website for you
HI there, have you tried the historical hairdresser in the usa? She has styled my Disney Giselle wig and Scarlett O Hara BBQ Drss wig, with beautiful ringlets. She does lots of other styles for the best prices I have ever known, shipping can be pricy but well worth it. I think I paid around £60-£70 for both wigs and they are good quality. There was another company at the time I made gielle's dress that were charging 3 times as much for a wig that didn't look half as good.

Hope this helps


Tracy The Pink Princess
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